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Funk/Disco/Weird Stuff DJ. Mid-mornings & The Late Lab @jazzfm. Resident @spiritland & @thejazzcafe. Voice of @bbctwo. Sometime singer for @wahwah45s. ☘️

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@71Pipes @Yazmin_Lacey @jazzfm Yesssss!!!On today’s #LiveMusicGuide w/ @DJAFrankenstein: - @chelsrc celebrates the 60th anniversary of John Coltrane's 'Gi…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinMe, about to spin the new @Yazmin_Lacey track on @jazzfm! @rodeobars @jenbren1976 Everything caked in dust and pigeon shit. It was amazing. @rodeobars @jenbren1976 Jamaica is defo on my list too. And so many iconic parts of America. When I was in Clarksda… @jazz628nccr Excellent choices. I've always been curious about Hawaii. @PeterPlaySheff That sounds incredible! I worry I'm too high maintenance for that kind of holiday. @Joeyoneear That sounds DREAMY. Worried I'd forget to actually swim (rather than float) and lose what small amount… @Beesandthings16 Good answer! @hushy1 Hahahahaaa. I'll defer to @timeasley on that one. How about you? @hushy1 Looooool NO. Just fantasising.You people - a question. If you suddenly came into some money & decided to use it on a dream holiday, where would y…
@AnIdiotKing @eops Tbf @eops is a king at this 👑ages 14-25: i would like to listen to more bands ages 26-??: i have listened to enough bands, now i would like power
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinOh mates, playing records might seem pointless and a distraction but when the right record is played at the right t…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @TheWrongtom Perfect @TheWrongtom That’s so good. Which end?I don't do this often but please, please, please RT this as much as you can. My 2 best friend were killed by a drun…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @HMRCcustomers Hi -trying to change my password for Self Assessment as my old one isn't working but when I get to t…‘Got any ABBA?’ seems to be the Clapham boys’ quip of choice
@CaigerRob True. There’s something so tragic about those stained cups though, like a missed connection! @djsantero ‘Hang on, I’ll play some for you.’ @nickcarpenter True 😎 @tinaedwardsdj This is the thing - there’s no time for all three so might bump the other two for tea @AWeltch I know!! I’ll still be thinking about that cup of tea on my deathbed 😞 @nickcarpenter I’ve learned a harsh life lesson @hushy1 It was a PERFECT cup of tea as well. That’ll go down as a major life regret. @BoutiqueBoomBap 😂 I need this in my life“Aw that’s a nice calendar! How old are they?” “Thank you! 6 and 4” “I bet they’re a handful!” “Oh no, they’re not…
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Just got home from radio job. About to go do DJing job. No time to drink the beautiful cup of tea I just made. Need to sort my life out.One for @DJAFrankenstein
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @eops YES YES! This is in my bag for tonight 💅 @71Pipes SO good @jenbren1976 I don’t want to activate all the other neighbours too 😞
@LifeBurp *exactly*Welcome to a time of night I like to call #hammertime when my upstairs neighbour starts up her self soothing routin… C of E are just a bit over it & are self sabotaging like when Ireland didn’t want to win Eurovision anymore? LOVE seeing all your Smiley #illustrations, who's got some more? This awesome art is by the incredible…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinAll my regular emojis are either neutral/neggy except the four on the left cause I’ve been sending some combo of th… @timeasley @ShaneTaylor22 It’s very annoying though when you’re showing your girlfriend things on your phoneAmazing, what a brilliant sport Chris Packham is about this @fesshole fun
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @hushy1 @jazzfm Much obliged as always!Gotta love those seldom heard weird and dusty grooves that feature every week on The #LateLab @jazzfm from midnigh…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinJoin me at midnight on @jazzfm for the Late Lab! Seldom heard weird and dusty grooves from Billy May, Free Youth, L… @hushy1 Haha the sad part is that's not even true!Where's this guy when you need him #taxreturntime on how to be sober ini the rave, with advice from all the fabulous DJs and promoters I got to talk to! DJ Anne…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinWhat a joy it is to work at #bauertowers when I step into the lift and @MagicAtMusicals is playing a song from the… today’s #LiveMusicGuide w/ @DJAFrankenstein: - @CMartinjazz presents 'A Celebration of Jazz Vocalists' (24-26/…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @TimmyHara Hiya!
Thrilled to be interviewed for @Mixmag about sober raving by the brilliant @ScarlettOMalley. Trust me on the MDMA t… taking names and melting faces [sic] writing about women - here are some words used only of women, which you might avoid or at least interr…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinI'll be sharing a brand new track from this album in around 15 minutes on @jazzfm! #lockin @71Pipes @jazzfm Hahah obviously! @Jockxford @jazzfm @djhistory Hope you enjoy!You can listen too at!
Stumbled into a trad session & am now weeping with nostalgia (sorry Tim) @Carriagesband @timeasley 😟 @glegg_derek @timeasley Thanks Derek! @ambeernectar @timeasley Thank you love x @dfa2066 @timeasley Ahhhh thank you John! We’re both young at heart! @jasonsputnik Thanks Jason! @citizenhelene @timeasley Thank you! ❤️ @kinsave @timeasley 🥰 @Lupalupine @timeasley Thank you! 😚 @hushy1 @jazzfm I’m trying to find a way to slip that in but he’s having none of itThis taxi driving is blasting @jazzfm. Tried to engage but he’s having none of it. Seems like he just wants me to s… can’t believe how old I am. Thanks @timeasley for consoling me. @71Pipes I had a chat him the other day. Keep your ears peeled 👀 @71Pipes True true! I'd love to see him and Sheila battle it out! Him and Ginger would probably just have killed eachother @TimmyHara Haha I'll take that thank you!I'll take it! @ColdRFusion Haha thank you! It was intense!Thanks magical studio screen! @jazzfm @rodeobars Thank you!! Hopefully one day Rasputin will get the band back together.This was an experience! morning yes please
@Clumsychops @jazzfm This has made my day - I feel the same way!I've taken to listening to @jazzfm whilst driving & am delighted by the abundance of fantasy scenarios it provides.…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinThis guy does not live in Ireland...
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@beardpwr81 Sending good vibes your way my friend. This too shall pass! ❤️ @KarenStewart 😦Huge congratulations to our #1 soul boys @thisisthemilk who went straight in at #1 in the itunes R&B chart this wee…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinMe, in my teens: This radio station is playing my jams. Me, in my 20s: This bar is playing my jams. Me, in my 3…
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Just showed my son The Matrix. He loved it. "Are there any sequels, dad?" "No, son. They were happy to make just one great movie."
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @Martin2Smoove Ugh. It’s the worst. One of my workplaces recently changed the toilets to unisex... within two weeks… 🙏
Enjoying this classic on my way to @TheBluesKitchen #imhip @BlossomDearie1 @officialronnies @TheWrongtom 🙈 @djhistory @jazzfm Thanks Bill! ❤️I was on @DJAFrankenstein's excellent show on @jazzfm last night. You can check it out on Listen Again:
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinAt 13:30, @DJAFrankenstein will be joined by George Nelson to talk about his latest book, which focuses on showcas…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @71Pipes Definitely got an Amy vibe! EP hopefully on the way, trying to get her in for a session too! @AnneMur34951280 @djhistory @jazzfm Thanks Anne! Glad you enjoyed it. @TheDJohnsonR3AL God I remember having this on that Small Faces tribute album, got it for my birthday when I was 11. Blew my tiny mind. @suddiraval @djsantero Hiya - unable to DM but I’d love to help 👋
'If there is anything I'd enjoy before I die, it'd be not having to see your fucking horrible bastard face wanderin…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @hushy1 @jazzfm Thanks Alan! His picks are 👌😍Every week @DJAFrankenstein plays the most weird & wonderful music you don’t hear anywhere else on your wireless di…
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