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Funk/Disco/Weird Stuff DJ. Mid-mornings & The Late Lab @jazzfm. Co-host @whatgoespod. Resident @spiritland & @thejazzcafe. Voice of @bbctwo. Sings @wahwah45s ☘️

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@Sarkbeard Let’s be honest, better days out are hard to come by these days!Happy Birthday to the utterly perfect 𝗣𝗮𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗥𝘂𝘀𝗵𝗲𝗻🎈 We're so excited to be welcoming Patrice onto Midmornings wi…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinToday is Patrice Rushen’s birthday and I have the honour of wishing her a happy one IN PERSON (remotely obvs) this… @hushy1 Don't get me wrong, they were an excellent snack so thank you for the tip. Just wasn't ringing any major mushroom alarms. @Sarkbeard Thank you! And they were 🥰 although I'm not sure whether any mushrooms were involved. @WottyC Yes! I keep forgetting to wear contacts.
@iancleverly Thanks! They’re ancient but still going strong @Foolkiller82 They were smart putting the snack shop at the end. Stops me dropping everything and storming off halfway through. @kippermitten Recommended by @hushy1! The mushroom resemblance is minimal tbh @djsantero I’d say they’re worth the trip but I have the palate of a small child 🤷🏻‍♀️ @Polly_Philllips 😭 @kozmikray @jazzfm Yessss glad you liked it! Such a heavy track. @LeonDoggyDogg @timeasley He’ll never admit it but he’d definitely faded slightly by the time we reached the bathmat aisle @Polly_Philllips Is there anything on earth more depressing than this chair? @iancleverly Great minds! is hell, but at least there are snacks 🍄 to see @theQuietus talking about ‘Southern Journey Revisited’. We featured writer/director Tim Plester…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinCheers Duncan! Great to have you listening! @DJAFrankenstein great show this morning 😊
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinLet's get you in the #MoveOnUp mood with Moody Scott's funkilicious '(We Gotta) Bust Out Of The Ghetto)' #MoveOnUp
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @djsantero That’s brilliant! Well done. Sober DJs do it better! @Pedro_sneakgras Yessss welcome back!
@AWeltch @tfwrail This thing writes itself! @AWeltch @tfwrail Ha! There’s an ad campaign idea in there somewhere 🤔 @PositiveLad The peach ones are 👑Start the week with a podcast! Check the thread for links to the music mentioned in the show!
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @jsmithjason1972 @jazzfm Cheers Jason!TFW you speak to one of your heroes and they exceed all expectations for how brilliant you're hoping they'll be. @christinapiril1 I searched your site and couldn't find anything? @71Pipes Any excuse to play Betty!!!Welcome! ❤️ have some jazz-funk and sexy saxophone sounds from the little known Joe Thomas in order to kick-start your week…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @eops @WhatGoesPod Have a brilliant day! 🥳 @baz48 @jazzfm Thanks Barry! Catch you there!Join us on @jazzfm at 10! birthday to the brilliant & talented @eops! Raise a glass and go check out our podcast @WhatGoesPod!
@TonyMinvielle @jazzfm Yessss always loved them! @WottyC Stew! Amazing idea. Might have to fire up the slow cooker. @popsdavenport Young talent 😢You may be cool, but you are not Jo Wallace at the 100 club in 1978 cool. Listen to our fabulous interview with t…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @sarahundart @nimppari Haha I literally took a photo of one I found yesterday & sent it to Tim asking what it is and whether I can bin it
EXCELLENT bday djing from my pod pal @eops right now! He’s moved seamlessly from Mulatu Astatke through Sault throu… @SHOSKY1 @DettoriJane Ahh thank you xLovely to see @spiritland reposting my David Bowie mix, seems a lifetime since then what with Lockdown and everythi…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @ellyp73 🥰 my all time fave @nimppari Haha you might live to regret that! @Flashio God I hope he comes & plays again soon! Regret missing him at the LJF last year @thenananicol Tbf I aspire to be fabulous enough to pull them off one day. @MiriMiriGreen Well that’s clearly treasure!! @nimppari Exactly 😬 not made much progress except for binning a drawer full of ancient cables! @DonMega71878897 😂 it me @NewsMurray 😎This is me at my desk. It's a bit closer to how it looks IRL than I'd like to admit 😂 I'm available for…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinWelcome back hideous earrings! Hell will freeze over before I part with you a giant clear-out this morning ahead of moving house & now I’m just sat in the middle of a pile of a load o… @feverttradio Haha it’s nice to know households across the country are smelling it today! @samward4b Dusty solidarity 🙏 @mysterylesson This looks heavenlyHappy birthday to my number one 🎷 Gary Bartz that dusty radiator first day with the heating on smell
If you look outside tonight you can see Saturn (top left), the Moon (bottom left) and Jupiter (top right).
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinPlaylist sorted, Ready to go! Like a kid at Christmas, Best get some sleep. Maiden Voyage, @jazzfm Saturday - 6am.
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinSome might say that Brit-Pop follows thunder Go and tell it to the man who cannot stand shine Some might say that…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinThe #Serpico OST LP will be at @flashbacklondon tomorrow for #RSD2020 and all good Records Stores around the world…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @hushy1 You’re an enabler! @deanosborn42 @timeasley Omg I would love to but he’s VERY elusiveI’d like to think I’m a sensible person - just clearing out my wardrobe & I’ve found three nearly identical stonewash denim jumpsuits @ItsMarkWebster 😂 @Mod71 @curtisstigers @jazzfm Love that one too! And I agree!!! 🙏 @ItsMarkWebster @jazzfm Haha I do the same. My poor neighbours! @FarnhamWood Yesss the perfect mood for today! ❤️Just simply... Fantastic! @jazzfm @DJAFrankenstein
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @joemccjoe @jazzfm Ahh thank you Joe ❤️ @71Pipes So stunning!!! @DJAFrankenstein I just wanna live this life forever 🎶🎶🎶 yes sublime version 🔥🔥🔥🔥#windparade #jordanrakei
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinRoberta Flack on @jazzfm with @DJAFrankenstein. Perfect for a truly autumnal day.
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinPotentially interviewing an absolute LEGEND and personal hero soon 👀 watch this space! @AuthorWelland @jazzfm @JeffYoungDJ 🙌
@CeddChad @jsmithjason1972 @jazzfm That means a lot ❤️ it’s kept me sane too! @hushy1 @jazzfm Thank you Hushy as always! See you there!Every week, I tweet about how brilliant The #LateLab on @JazzFM is. And every week, @DJAFrankenstein proves me righ…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @WolfgangYehYeh @timeasley John Carpenter! This changes everything! I didn't know it'd be scary 👀 @SammyStein111 @jazzfm Yay! All aboard!!TONIGHT IN THE LATE LAB! Cannonball Adderley takes us back to school, Danny Steward takes us to Hawaii, after that… @calexico65 Ahh Jim. Many thanks ❤️Preaching to the converted here, I suppose, but on the off chance you follow me and like great music chat then defi…
Retweeted by Anne FrankensteinI remember staying up late to watch the Mercurys in 1996 and having my face melted by @CourtneyPine1's performance.… @calexico65 @Nndroid @Dorianlynskey @eops @TheWrongtom @WhatGoesPod @jasonsputnik @RamrockRecords Bis! Shampoo! Count me in!Hear how cinematic soul journeymen Surprise Chef reveal to Anne Frankenstein how they went about recreating the fee…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @jasonsputnik @RamrockRecords Someone else has recommended! Definitely will investigate @calexico65 Ah yeah I do too. It was an enlightening chat, good to get context from him on why it provokes so much ire @labisiffre hi Labi - I’d love to get in touch about an interview, what’s the best way to reach you? ❤️ @Nndroid hi! We’d love to chat to you on the pod, thank you! Can you DM me your email address & we’ll book it all in? @calexico65 Thank you Jim! Exactly what I was getting at!My two favourite things! @RamrockRecords @WhatGoesPod @eops This chat brings me so much joy..@WhatGoesPod @eops @DJAFrankenstein celebrity 2nd cousins, drag queen bon mots and a host of weird musical genre c…
Retweeted by Anne Frankenstein @PimlicoBand @eops Thank you guys! Miles!!! Should have brought up the B word when you were on the pod!NEW POD! this episode is a TREAT. Eamon and I argue about Britpop, we’re in vox pop mode at a socially distanced gi…