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I write quiet horror and tweet on behalf of Ed Kurtz. cat mama. fanatic of cheese, pearl jam, and wandering. she/hers

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tagged by @JoshuaRexAuthor, here's three themes that are recurring in my work: - grief - bad relationships - the f… @JoshuaRexAuthor yes!! @CoreyFarrenkopf @CemeteryGatesM thanks, Corey! also looking forward to reading yours 😃 @franhealy hi Fran! hope you and yours are well 💜
@SuzJay11 oh hello, sweet kitty!! 💜💜 @SuzJay11 thank you! I had to throw the camera at Ed to get the pic because I wouldn't have gotten it 😂🤣#OonaToona was a bit excited for treat time! @COQuinnWrites @CemeteryGatesM thanks, Cindy!! @thisjustinl @CemeteryGatesM thank you!!! @EvaRoslin @CemeteryGatesM thank you!! 💜💜 @rjacksonjoseph @CemeteryGatesM thank you!! @TiffeBrown @CemeteryGatesM thank you!! @EmpireOfBloodRW @CemeteryGatesM yesss!! @constantvoice @CemeteryGatesM thank you!! @elleturpitt @CemeteryGatesM thank you!! @JerryBloomfield thank you so much!!I also want to give a shoutout to my beta readers, whose constructive criticism helped me take this story to the ne…'m super super excited to announce that my flash fiction story "heartwood" had been accepted by @CemeteryGatesM fo… please!! @lancehenriksen OMG yes yes yes please!!!excellent article by @timwaggoner @dreadmedia it's a miracle humanity didn't die right there and then
@mattneilhill too late, we've already jumped in! Ed's a bit of a completist (not alwaysa good thing) @GoshDarnMyLife Ed just said that up until he saw the newer Star Trek movies, this movie is the one he's been the angriest at. @LairdBarron @anthonynsmith and how she just gets up and runs away afterwards as if she had a splinter taken out of… @dreadmedia hahaha I know right?! let's poke this clearly dangerous hostile thing. @nosubstance @LairdBarron oh he did...and so did I! @PauljGarth @LairdBarron it's a great cast! but yeah, the stupidity is strong with this one. @E_Ferg26 @LairdBarron LMAO Ed said that was the scene that almost made him walk out of the theater the first time he saw it!!! @LairdBarron @anthonynsmith we're about to watch Covenant now...I guess we'll go in without a helmet or mask like t… @EvaRoslin I can understand the hate for it... @PRMcDonough I might be live and rage tweeting about it soon... @PRMcDonough that's next up - first time for both of us!okay, now he's got me yelling at this movie too. @NBWordSmasher they're awful! they don't wear helmets or masks - wtf?! @dlbowman76 hahaha Ed just said the same damn thing!!watching Prometheus and Ed is unreasonably angry at this movie. (ps I showed him this tweet and he says he's not… @JoshuaRexAuthor 😮😮 I haven't but I know they were doing the re-release of the vinyl. I wish MTV would release the DVD of the show already!!
@EvaRoslin May the Schwartz be with you! @dlbowman76 I'm curious to see what the fuss is about @EvaRoslin I love that movie so much! @todd_keisling yesssss!!! @dlbowman76 I've never seen Prometheus, that's for tomorrow night :)watching all of the #Alien movies, currently on AVP and I'm having the damndest time trying not to get all Michigan… @CoreyFarrenkopf @DaniTrussoni @TheLincoln @NadxiNieto omg how cool!!saving to read later... @SladeGrayson no such thing.
💜💜💜💜 @theJessMcHugh @CemeteryGatesM congrats! I'm thrilled you got in 💜
@CoreyFarrenkopf @SouthwestReview that particular front is quiet at moment, but hopefully it will change soon? 🙂 @GordonBWhite @EllenDatlow @Pseudopod_org a great story!a great new story from @CoreyFarrenkopf - check it out! @CoreyFarrenkopf @SouthwestReview that was wonderful!for real @YouTube can you not interrupt a @PearlJam video with an iPhone ad RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of a… @LucyASnyder oh my, the ending of Nanette...we were both in tears. @DeathGingerPunk hahaha! bull butter is the only thing I remember at all from that mess. @jmridenhour and now I've got Deep Red on 🙂 @DeathGingerPunk bull butter! oh wait, that was Atlantic Rim. nevermind, carry on... @jmridenhour great choices! I'm a huge fan of Goblin's work. @pmcnamee67 that's a great idea! you gotta do what works for you :) @PRMcDonough one of these days I'll get around to watching those!#amwriting ... work documents to the CARRIE soundtrack. if I was writing fiction I'd use this soundtrack too. what… @franhealy listening to the new album right now and I live it!! your music has helped me get through so much and I… @Hexpubs thanks! it's really wonderful (not that I'm biased or anything...) and the next book in the series is really great too! @SaxonAudio omg that would have been perfect!!
heads up for the #audiobook fans! #EdKurtz #Boon @PRMcDonough @ctrlaltcassie that's awesome, congrats!!! @mewelke @GordonBWhite this is true, you can always fine tune and finesse afterwards (says the girl who needs to ge… @GordonBWhite I've never actually seriously attempted a novel. I like the sound of NaNovella!hmm. #nanowrimo2020 to do or not to do? I haven't done it in a couple of years...November somehow is always a busy… the word to stay far away from this publisher. #EdKurtz is one of many authors screwed over by this guy b… @farahrosesmith wonderful news, congrats!! @BrianKeene our Oona Toona is a headbutter, but I kinda wish she would perch on my shoulder.
seeing this made my day! have you gotten your copy yet? available now at the @NightscapePress store! @nickdayonline oh yay!! I hope you enjoy it! and omg that cup 💀💜we went to a couple of our local breweries today for the first time since this shit hit. it's an activity we really… of 5 stars to As Summer's Mask Slips and Other Disr... by Gordon B. White
@emmastraub much love to you and your family. I've met your dad more than once at Necon-a delightful human being and a superb writer.
#EdKurtz is ready for season 3 of #StarTrekDiscovery @SonequaMG 🖖🖖 sweetie made me cheesy scrambled eggs with homemade salsa on the side and fresh squeezed oj and I still wonder w…
4 of 5 stars to Oona by Brooke Warra
That's no moon.
Retweeted by doungjai gamI also want to mention (and should have in the first tweet) to go check out Cassie's Etsy shop, there's so much fun… @pauljessup @ctrlaltcassie that was the inspiration, yes! I 💜💜 Toricompleted my first embroidery project today! I bought the kit from @ctrlaltcassie and added a few things in (the om… wish I had thought to put on some kickass eye makeup before this pic.
BROKEN SHELLS is on sale for only 99c for a limited time! Buy the ebook edition and add on the @audible_com narrati…
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@MikeH5856 a shit choice of font.
@nickdayonline I just bought it! @TheKaufmann yes please!!!omg y'all! this Twitter account tho 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 reminder that my short story collection, NOW THAT WE'RE ALONE, is only 99c on Kindle and, you know, it's S…
Retweeted by doungjai gam @johndharvey_com I've not seen it but I've heard good things. @johndharvey_com I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume the one you like is a drama? this will probably not be the second one... @hildy9595 I'm enjoying it!
I'm making Ed watch HUBIE HALLOWEEN with me. as far as I'm concerned, this is payback for the 20 minutes of Acapulc… to @GNutsofHorror for letting me know about this! titles to look forward to reading this fall, including… @GNutsofHorror no I haven't, thanks for letting me know about this! @fabulousraye excellent!! 💜💜 @NBWordSmasher Ed says thank you! and it is such a great title :D