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Make 1k happen for this man! @helvegen931 discussions can happen and still be kind??Live Let's keep this a peaceful, kind place.'t wanna ever hear ya'll talking shit on kpop stans, they're heroes ;_; @missrage your house is so beautiful, can i just sayyyy, everytime i watch your cooking streams, or see your updates on ig i diiiieee <3 @iamBrandonTV whaaat, shuuut up. you're amazing! i'm the fan :) you're such a wholesome and positive force in this industry. @iamBrandonTV Once you make this list, I'd love to see it too so I can find some more dope folk to support! 🥰 @Cheffak420 @Method No, you're just dumb. Since when does saying black lives matter mean that others don't? If all…'all. I am FLUMMOXED. ABSOLUTELY FLUMMOXED. I had a goal of $500 this morning, thinking folks would be worn out af…
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@MCroft07 @MNFreedomFund @WeAreTiltify Amazing work. 💛 @JefferyCarmine @Methodsco Jesus dude, stfuHOLY SHIT! @cypheroftyr is on the road to $100,000 for the The Bail Project!
Retweeted by djarii @JordanHanz Right!? Crazy how many shit cunts in my dms arguing with me for reposting a bunchaa shit. Gtfo u racist curs @JordanHanz U furkin betcha @Illuminauaughty @RandallTelfer Yeah, it sucks, there are a whole lotta opportunistic assholes, but can we please s… @JordanHanz Seeing alllllll u biitcheesA Christian way of explaining Black lives matter to someone who keeps saying All lives matter. Thank you Carl Lentz.
Retweeted by djarii @bob86448907 @RandallTelfer Jesus Christ. Unfollow me.An example of white privilege. You keep saying “it’s horrible that an innocent black man was killed, but destroyin…
Retweeted by djarii @AnneMunition You're fucking awesome Anne.There's nothing wrong with deleting your black square now that you've received more information.
Retweeted by djariiWe're hearing asks from the community that posts related to Blackout Tuesday use the hashtag #blackouttuesday, and…
Retweeted by djarii @ArtMcginley @CrankGameplays @LilNasX Shut the fuck up.Just now in LA. Cops show up to a store that requested help against looters and immediately put the black store own…
Retweeted by djarii @XiangLin1022 You are very unpleasant.How to #BlackOutTuesday! Please RT ✊🏿
Retweeted by djarii @XiangLin1022 It's a great irony to lecture me about my sexuality and then have the audacity to tell me my thoughts… @XiangLin1022 shut tf up @RajjOfficial 💙💜💗 @RajjOfficial 💛💛💛💛💛 happy pride rajj ☺️happy pride month. remember who and what you owe it to.
Retweeted by djariiRemove #BlackLivesMatter from your #BlackOutTuesday posts. Remove #BlackLivesMatter from your #BlackOutTuesday pos…
Retweeted by djarii @StaceyofGotham @EmStreams @FredStreams Followed * @StaceyofGotham @EmStreams @FredStreams Followers and I'll have a read. Thanks! 💛 @EmStreams @FredStreams Yeah absolutely, though only when hashtagged wrong. Problem is, when so many people post it… @shob0t @EmStreams @FredStreams I suppose on one hand it creates conversation about an important topic, it is a dec… @EmStreams @FredStreams You know I thought a while about whether it was right to post a square.. Deffo a lot of mix… my fellow LGBTQIA+ people, remember those who fought for your rights. Fight for theirs. #BlackLivesMatter forgive me as I forgot to immediately mention the BLACK TRANSWOMAN that started it all for us Marsha P. John…
Retweeted by djariiJust made THIS! use it! #Blacklivesmatter
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With June now here, that marks the end of this month's challenge. It has been an amazing one. In the next few days…
Retweeted by djariiall #BlackLivesMatter 🤎, queer ones too — #PrideMonth2020
Retweeted by djariiRIP Breonna Taylor. I'm sorry they keep forgetting you.
Retweeted by djarii @MightyMouse @Method Welcome to the team :D to announce I have joined @method stream team as a content creator. I look forward to sharing my passion fo…
Retweeted by djariiThis is not a political issue this is a human rights issue. This is systematic racism and oppression at the hands…
Retweeted by djarii @powrdragn I was in year 6, he was the best teacher in the school. Everyone wanted to be in his class, it was awesome. @GeersArt Genuinely think this is a problem. These people create an environment where others fear saying anything,… pride month y’all !! dont forget that marsha p. johnson, a black trans woman, threw the first brick at stonew…
Retweeted by djariiI was gonna stream today, but I don't think I can. I'm gonna be back tomorrow. <3That white people think the Civl Rights movement was exclusively Rosa Parks sitting politely and MLK being ~peacefu…
Retweeted by djarii @scotty0890 #BlackLivesMatter @scotty0890 - by simply peaceful protests? Women, LGBTQTIA+ and people of colour, particularly black people.. You need to listen to THEM. @scotty0890 You're being incredibly ignorant, and I don't have the time to explain over and over again why all live… for thought
Retweeted by djarii @scotty0890 Being sorry it happened isn't enough. Use your God damn priveledge to stand up for the people that need protecting. @scotty0890 If you don't think it happens all the time, you sir must be living life with your eyes closed. @scotty0890 You're being counter-productive to your cause then, if you really wanted everyone to get along and be e… @scotty0890 We shouldn't try and manipulate this situation into all lives matter and make it about us, no one is qu… @scotty0890 This isn't an isolated issue though, this is the black struggle. It happens all the bloody time. Black… @scotty0890 If one house on your street is on fire, do all houses really matter when it comes to extinguishing it?… @scotty0890 All lives matter is the equivalent of closing your eyes and ears and refusing to listen to the black st… @scotty0890 It IS a white black issue. The fact you're so adamant to fight against that already shows you are a par… the white, white-passing, & non-black friends in my community out there chasing social media clout during this…
Retweeted by djarii🖤 #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by djariiplease watch. please listen closely. if anyone has any information on this man / a link to his go fund me please le…
Retweeted by djariiThis was written by @scottwoodssays. Read this this morning and I will not forget it. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by djarii @ChocolateKieran Happy Pride Kieran 💛💛💛 @FlorinHarsa @mrcbishop Eh.. The point went over your head. Change doesn't happen over a cup of coffee, it is foug… @ThePrenti @scotty0890 💛 good stuff @ThePrenti @scotty0890 Seen this image doing the rounds. Puts things very simply. 👍 @scotty0890 Don't make the fight harder by demanding 'all lives matter' - they do, but right now, black people need… @scotty0890 Listen, nobody is saying all lives don't matter, but whether white people matter or not isn't up for de… @mrcbishop Always 💛#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
d&d live at'Godforged' Episode 2 starts in 30 minutes! Having just met, the party heads toward the town of Karburn, but there…
Retweeted by djarii @OldLady_Gamer @TheJoefudge @Strippin @ShayneHawke @breebunn The hardest of all slayers...Today's stream like last week is going to be a Dungeons and Dragons sesh with the Cockslayers over on @TheJoefudge
No stream today ^.^ pulled all weeds in garden and made it a much nicer place to relax. about to cook some nice foo…
@okaydrian Love u buddy 💛Live 💛 @okaydrian #BlackLivesMatter 💛💛💛💛, what?
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Gonna show my everyday makeup routine (but a non rushed, nice version lmao) Live 💛 @PatchyPeter97 Not sure what creative stuff I can launch from my regular makeup hahaaThinking of doing a chill kinda makeup tutorial today on stream. Should I do a creative makeup, or maybe a 'regula… @AlexGlavind Lady doesn't have a symmetrical face D:What's fun to do in WoW these days? 👀Oh man my headache yesterday was absolutely brutal. Ended up watching anime in bed and just wallowing in my pain 😂…
had a headache so finished earlier today, cya tomorrow <3Also behind * 😭😭Live My room is like a sauna.. I'm sweating behond my knee caps 😭😥 Come console me pls.
@bozzvid @RageDarling Of course!! @JordanHanz @RageDarling I love you with my whole heart Jordan. You're my favourite little butt hole in the whole world.Was magical to get to paint and teach another person. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and supported! Look how am…'m live! I'm going to be teaching @RageDarling how to do a Demon Hunter body paint! Credit where credit is due,… @JordanHanz Dude I get the same feels like if I leave a window open I'm terrified Lady will yeet out of it and I'll…