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@objectblue_ wonderful! congrats to you both.tonight i deejay at monkey loft with @osunlademopeloa @Pezzner LIVE sets! can not wait. seattle is so good. @gabrielszatan circles????? yoooo. circles 100% @hdt_hugh the pepper spray in was beautiful.
@gorditaguayaba you should leave it in parks and video people encountering it.Spiders don't have muscles in their legs; they move them using a hydraulic system powered by their blood pressure.…
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @Jenn1fer_A Yea fuck this.Raving in the woods with friends is truly the best thing this music life can give. 💕 @JimmyMaheras @TijanaT Wooooof! @rrose1921 They are my favorite!!!
@emilypothast @AmazonFCHannah soooooo creepy/weird. @Ocean_State211 @dominicholden @chavez145 if you are female you still have a target; it's just either sexually charged or belittled. @hdt_hugh massively. proper suicide watch while guards sleep. rad. @hdt_hugh he 'suicided' really really well. @_jakemuir yes. it's scent/ownership. @aclosedfeeling ewe. @carlcraignet @DJsComplaining impossible to keep up with the amount of complaining. @rrufiange @umairh same. i understand. carry on with positivity. hopefully it some way it will help us all. @rrufiange @umairh do they? i feel like you're giving them too much credit. @NickyBandini awesome!!! <3 @iZueL_ @franklindecosta they're having shitloads more fun than techno twitter tbf. @PGBBNS @fifimellersh We’d have to get rid of all the cops guns to learn from the uk. @olintechno This is me every day. Omg. 😮 @ivybarkakati where is this? vot is this? @chuckpee amazing. growing evidence everywhere of it needing to happen.Please get this human a show helping animals. What a amazing person!!!
@DVATW What a sad man you are. @paulconstant LOL fucking dildo. @livwutang today. @gkayacan @AmelieLens we have to use any argument we can. the environmental one is good for people who can't seem t… wake up and @AmelieLens rt'd your vegetarian thread and to loads of people doing the 'not all flights' and 'not… @gkayacan @AmelieLens i don't understand your comment. as djs and producers we never talk about what we eat. we tal… @gkayacan @AmelieLens because we can choose many. we can choose to talk about veganism and vegetarianism because it… many good songs and i won't be able to play long enough to play them all. <3 @ScottiWike @JoaquinTasis @nytimes some say i win, others are attacking me. <3 have a good day sir. @Sting90659779 @csr_rpr @FBM2005 @nytimes ok. you can't reply with any thoughtful comebacks. you're brain is mush. good luck. @Sting90659779 @csr_rpr @FBM2005 @nytimes right, you are laughing at israel denying congresswomen entry because you… @csr_rpr @FBM2005 @Sting90659779 @nytimes So many conservatives want a dictatorship. Scary times. @Sting90659779 @nytimes Well your post made me instantly think you’re racist, so maybe the way you talk? Maybe try… @Sting90659779 @nytimes Oh it’s your racism I’m talking about. They’re fine. You just got sucked into the conservat… @Sting90659779 @nytimes Yay racism is fun! Did I do it right y’all???? @JoaquinTasis @nytimes Which instruments will they play??? @DeeJayBRS Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery. @kashanacauley @NathanBrownArt Why wouldn’t the shooter just shoot the dog? Glad we’re doing this instead of gettin… @emorwee @emilypothast @ZonkerBrainless @notcapnamerica @KamalaHarris Omgggggg hahahaha so good @emilypothast Frightening
@runawaytonight @noctuarysf Hahaha omg 😂 @Pessimistdnb yea i used my home computer plugged in. :) every bit does help. @labnorth it's not for everyone for sure. even a meal a day without makes a difference. :) if you ever want to try… @AnguraNoori no worries. thank you. awesome. @AnguraNoori rad. thank you. !!!! no rush. @kangding_ray thank you for this. really. i'm not trying to upset people or make anyone feel bad. even a meal a day… @kangding_ray i totally know what you mean. i don't think there is anything wrong with communicating and sharing th… @tomdiciccomusic makes you feel different. great job! @AnguraNoori this is amazing. i'd love to know more about vegan vinyl production!!! where is this? @drift1974 @franklindecosta no? @drift1974 @franklindecosta men are scary. @franklindecosta someone get rid of this guy already jesus. @214isJAlvarez @DJThreeOFC same. same. i like to give the artists/label money.Agrippa has got some fire imo. wooop! @214isJAlvarez @DJThreeOFC i use bandcamp but this time there were some songs not on bandcamp :( @DJThreeOFC @214isJAlvarez i'm going to try this. thank you! @tilliander @SHFTD_AVN since i was 14. my mum hit an opposum on accident and it just killed me. that moment i becam… @DJThreeOFC @214isJAlvarez thank you. :( i wish i knew this before. i guess i need to stick to djing with records lol @Rose_E_Kross a-team is mine. been with me since i was 6. better than led tho tbf. @SHFTD_AVN also!!! -- if you are interested in being veggie/ vegan i am super open to helping in any way i can. fro… @SHFTD_AVN you're doing more than you think even just by trying and thinking about the poor inhumane treatment they… @214isJAlvarez its so annoying. i know the names of the songs. and the mix but not the artists. like now i have to… there a way to get the artists names on beatport downloads? (sorry i never use beatport and did and ugh) @iZueL_ generally people do that because they don't want to change or interrupt their lifestyle. i get it. people d… @iZueL_ and to go even further, there are people who say, only eat local, totally good. but also being a vegetarian… @iZueL_ partly because meat takes more energy to produce, but also because cows tend to burp up a lot of methane. @iZueL_ The researchers found that vegetarians had roughly half the food-related carbon footprint of meat eaters. .… @iZueL_ yea gov. don't listen. @iZueL_ i mean a lot of the meat industry is catered to by the gov so there's pushback always. basically they proba… @jelrgreen @214isJAlvarez @shaunwhitcher can't wait to see you both! @drift1974 also, you know that not eating animals everyday is beneficial. just don't eat dead animals at every meal… @drift1974 yea no, farming doesn't. farming is good for the earth. shit piss and animal yuck fucks up the soil and… @iZueL_ i don't really understand the context? because that doesn't make any sense.anyway, food is the one thing ya'll never address when you talk about how djs and artists can rework their carbon f… artists need to come out talking about it and everyone else needs to chill out. sure you like to eat dead anim… am obv a animal rights person so i get it if you hate me for caring about animals, whatever, but i hope you do re… a crazy idea (not really) but do djs/ producers know that they can massively help the environment if they becam… americans/ canadians are making some of the most interesting (to me) music right now. thanks for coming to my ted talk. @eliranderson the best.Topdown Dialectic : again as usual soooooo good.this weekend i get to dj in the woods with dan bell and @214isJAlvarez i'm pretty excited. @tltrostle it is lazy. there are so many adjectives out there; find those instead lol. @noctuarysf @carlos_HghTght i mean i understand the branding but i'm also really really tired of branding.this album is superb. not really ambient, rhythmic but not really beat music either. so good. (helps support his ca… @TheKarmiDance @jbillinson they're the best. a good juicy tomato and all the little ones are incredible. @noctuarysf @carlos_HghTght it's just happened in seattle carlos. @underthespire @joemuggs Looks like he’s trying for don jr facial hair @214isJAlvarez @runawaytonight @JimmyMaheras Seattle rules. Our secret. @zwickelicious @pastorlocke In reality, what makes you so cool that you can scare women entering a public building? Scary men are scary. @BrandyLJensen This is brilliant @zwickelicious @pastorlocke Hi! I’ve had a few abortions in my life and I’m glad I did it and happy I did it and wo… @ZonkerBrainless @Independent and you pretty much do have a disease. it's the mind. the mind has been fucked.
@jodyhice Rapists and nazis sure do!