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@TheKarmiDance @GU_Music @patricebaumel @MisstressB It was awesome. Glad to see new people. They should have had a…! @TheKarmiDance @GU_Music @patricebaumel Men. The label of men. Men and male djs.maybe now is a good time to think about not what the record review has been, but what it needs to be now and what i…
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @FutureTiming I’m glad he’s popular and just hope that people can see we have the best candidates we’ve had for years. @JohnMComedy Worried about the sexism. @KSeattleWeather Still feels cold. Saw on Friday or Saturday night we will get down to 42 possibly. Ughhhhhhhhh @FutureTiming i'm in love with elizabeth but i'm worried about the sexism in america. it's still too sexist for a w… @andrewweathers gross.
@NormChambers The worstttttrtrttt sound ever. Sound pollution for dicks @mistercounts @AllieGoertz I really think the worst offense is sweet home Alabama in all it’s racist glory.
@binchytroll He blocked everyone.
@realDonaldTrump You waste our money golfing.. (\__/)    ⠀  (•ㅅ•)  _ノ ヽ ノ\ __ / `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ (  (三ヽ人  /   | | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ    ヽ___>、___…
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICAI’d hug any bear but in reality I wouldn’t and I’d just leave them alone and hope they are happy and I just want them safe from harm. @ErikAnd86377112 @KristinLaidre Oh no I wouldn’t in reality, I wouldn’t put them in danger like that and wouldn’t w…'d totally hug a polar bear if i could @tabsout You don't hate tapes until you run a tape label
@carlcraignet Surgeon is in the house, yeah.Still think it’s funny. Butt-I-geeeeeeg. lol butty-gig. Butt. @ElliotAdamson Eating glue is my mood also. @abergermd So glad there are other nerds out there wanting no midi sync
@WANDAGROUP @leftblankuk Yep, out the womb, we are given a gun and some milk. @versingseattle From Seattle lol @dontbeafraid Lol moving on up. Rapidly rising. Lol.The 5 year old in me can’t get over a candidate called Buttigieg.
@softcoresoft @d_hansen mention in the press release you were 'interested in AI' too please.i love 108 bpm. it's suffocating. @profgenius this is like the 'english way' for toast. slight charcoal vibes. @residentadvisor this is such great news. @editaurus yea. also can you get me one of them please. @214isJAlvarez for sure. it needs to be everywhere.future of cars looks amazing (but also like tron).'ve sold 'peggy gou - once' every single day for a week. yesterday it was 3 copies. @ninjatune @mistercounts Oh that’s interesting. I could try that.Other than the cat video, this is the best content on the interwebz. do you like your toast?🕺😸💃🏼🐱 @silkbeard oh no that's terrible. i'm so sorry. :( @garekjondruss he did a lovely job.
@ickyrainbow if you eat a lot of veggies/fruits throughout your day you'll add some more water too. :)Have you heard ‘Anthoid’ by Leash on #SoundCloud? #np @_noncompliant_ honestly, this is what they're hoping happens. @editaurus i know right, it's hard. @TheKarmiDance yea, really sad. the building is a marvel. @TheKarmiDance @_noncompliant_ he's really really really smart though, so i think instead of asking firefighters an… @AFP photo, with ravens flying above the burning Notre Dame feels like the end of the world
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @chuckpee Yes! Its amazing! Enjoy.
My view right now. Should I feed him or continue his suffering??? #catsofinstagram #mowmow#cat #catface Neumann - Perfect Taxture [Tax Free Records] @FabioMonesi Monesi - Ancient Gate [Wilson Records] @sk33mask - Tr… @plant43_ - Three Dimensions [Cultivated Electronics] @DWolfers - Deep Magic Begins Here [Clone Jack For Daze]…'s (maybe?) all the stuff I played for record store day:!!!! (they can all be found in our record shop also! :p…
@_morelian it's so good for you. mentally and physically, to get into nature. put your hands in dirt and all that.… @_morelian when i was living in london and ventured out of it, you'd see all these little plots of nicely done land… dj only brand new 2019 music today at #recordstoreday so much great music already this year. only into the 4th month! wow.Albums I've been listening to a lot : The Connection Machine - Painless (gland input is so beautiful), RX-101 - Dop…'t tell me animals don't feel. Don't have emotions. #Cleopatra, the 54 year old matriarch of Kenya #elephants ha…
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @mistercounts i reported him like i have many many times.
@kiernanlaveaux one of the most beautiful cities. enjoy! @Apartment_rec I feel like you bought Seattle artists before?
@kpspector Wow. 🙏 😊 @zwickelicious Sooooo so true. @zwickelicious So so sad. I say this as a Seattle native, I like more people I welcome them, but really wish we co… @zwickelicious It was called that when it was a garage though I think. Most of capital hill was garages. I don’t ap… @zwickelicious Lol @ limited edition lifestyle. Omg. @KeithZastrow @evan_greer Transphobia much?Music + kids is possible! @carlos_HghTght @djhavingsex I am a put hella lettuce in or on my burrito. That extra crunch is the best.
@nickmcdonnough @_noncompliant_ It’s really because republicans like to fuck little girls. If you kill all the adul… @terminal313 One of the best @terminal313 Raddddthis also from 2005. which was apparently a great year of music. Voltaic - Numbering of how great this was in 2005; $tinkworx - New Tokyo (Acido Records 003) @PotholesInBlog @cometcoming @shabakah wow the art.
@FutureTiming she went out with tom cruise, defo fuzz. @FutureTiming anyone called candace, penelope or claire is a cop. @FutureTiming is that the chick who played DJ on full house? isn't that her?so so so many amazing records to buy: (MEMBERS ONLY) @ checkout gets you 10% off! @versingseattle i liked this. i would have loved to have seen them ask the dance/ electronic community too, but i u…
I will never tire of a good “poacher killed by animals’ story and the new one delivers on many levels.That’s right kitty, it is all over for men.
@WANDAGROUP @marveIousnature I know. It’s really hard to see even 1 owl. 🦉 @Stonekettle @TheKarmiDance We have been the monsters.Hello friends. I'm starting a digital label to release not-so-club-friendly techno and probably ambient/concrète ty…
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @djchloeharris do they still do it with wizard of oz on mute?
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @gregorywawa omg exactlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy @PJSMAGIC i'm very very very very happy with this. much better than pf. @kingkroba thank the universe!!!Do teenagers still listen to Dark Side Of The Moon high on acid?
@tracitheaggie @AnnieBG55 @AbbyJohnson @Alyssa_Milano @UnplannedMovie or 'IT IS OKAY' in our minds, even after havi… @kisielk @tedjamesbutler Oh lol.
@TheKarmiDance awesome. i do that when i go on walks. it just makes me very sad. thanks for going back. @TheKarmiDance thank you for doing this today. <3 @d_hansen omg yes. @WANDAGROUP More than 1/2 of my life has been listening to Autechre. 🥶 @danletson @wonja Hago!!!!!
@_jakemuir FM radio was pretty popular. @_jakemuir Oh no - nowhere near. I don't use spotify, but I always assumed it was mainly for soccer moms on the sch… @_jakemuir there was thing called "napster" ;p