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@thatpetewoods @Harlan You are awesome. @RobManess @Harlan @usminority @opslens It’s almost like racists like to protect other racists! @actual_anna Dude shitty Kroger is my go to. Lol.Is every good snowboarder called Travis? @KasaiRichardson Holy shit this is scary. @me24168937 @poly_polyc @SeamusHughes Makes you aggressive and thoughtless. Good if you’re trying to kill people. @Yuwantokno1 @aiki14 @Lizbiz55 @SeamusHughes Are you actually sticking up for a guy who treats people like shit??? You do you, I guess. @actual_anna Oh it’s so gross. I prefer the shitty Kroger brand or pellegrino. @lalalandnow @altUSEPA Yea it’s always republicans. They’re the morons who want to burn the earth.
The future is bright. @GinOnDiamonds I want one. So cool. @tjr_ defo crazy. wanted heaters are wanted heaters tho.100% | Pixar SparkShorts if this doesn’t make you cry, you are dead. @tjr_ You gonna sell it?going through another minimal phase. this one is just fire. that synth is killer. Terrence Dixon - Return Of Steve…
@blackmadonnachi Did you say ‘why yes, of course’ while being fanned by naked bodies, drinking champagne.Rip Karl. You were a genius. I hope choupette is ok. <3 @KSeattleWeather Yay. Sweet water from the sky. @WhitneyCummings Mow Mow and Frankie. Go!!! @jeffderringer This should be very fun! @abergermd Not saying you shouldn’t have your own needles but I’m from the dj era you didn’t need to bring your own… @TheStranger Jesus Christ no.What disgusting humans do for ‘fun’.
On Valentine's Day, Curiosity shot some rocks with its laser on #Mars to learn what they're made of. It still blow…
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICAHumans. @rickygervais make this fuck known. Please.
I’m overly meticulous when it comes to cleaning a mirror.caught mid snuggling
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @seanmorroww @miseryconfusion Awwwwww awesome. Love simic.Your support means more to me and cam than any of you will know. So much love to you. ❤️ 💕 💗 @mgeddesgengras Thank you so much ☺️
@lecanardzero Thank you. It’s been really hard news to take after he’s been doing so well. @PhilipSherburne Thank you. I’m in shock. @_morelian Thank you! 🙏❤️ @chinchillaah Thanks Ceci 💕 @mmachinewwoman Thank you 🙏❤️Thanks to everyone who has shared Cam’s gofundme or reached out to me. It’s all really sad and I’m having a hard ti… @_noncompliant_ Thank you 🙏Thank you 🙏
ya'll rally and give money to people for gear why not help keep someone alive for as long as possible! am i negativ… unfortunately has had cancer come back in his leg and it's shit. and here's our gofundme. help keep him here. w… @tgrs yes. thanks <3 @silkbeard thank you @stayearly thanks. @fitzroybaggers yea. rough. @mistercounts <3 @AudaciousBass thanks. @ambivalent thanks. it's hard. @frozenreeds even that is perfect.crickets from people you think are friends.i'm tired. defeated. confused. shocked. angry. annoyed. and sad.We got some bad news about cam and they have seen some new cancer is in femur. @HE_VALENCIA @deepblak Ya same. We’re very happy we got to release some aybee material... we’re waiting on more.... @deepblak @HE_VALENCIA I love this interaction 👏 @greekdiner Thank you 🙏 so many men are utterly awful. @HE_VALENCIA It’s cool. You’re right though, not a lot of biggies. Some good Mexican food. Most strip clubs on the… @HE_VALENCIA Have you been to Portland???We waste so much time, money, and music on idiotic, sexist men. @greekdiner Who dat?
@carlos_HghTght @lycheefrut @noctuarysf @basilionichols @vxpowl Misogyny isn’t something that goes away because you… @emilypothast This is hilarious.Happy Valentine’s Day. 😘😻💕🌹 @blackmadonnachi You’re such a good human.Algorithms bring us together ♥️ #romance
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @_jakemuir Mainstream world is full of shite. @EiderdownSounds I wouldn’t let them play anything that sucked while I was there. But honestly I don’t know who this fuck is. @matrixsynth Not sure anyone ever needed to do this.Who the fuck is this Ryan Adams guy????
Dinictis was a cutie. @ashleyfeinberg @eliranderson This is amazing!!! @emilypothast @SurlyAmy @apollo18 Rip. You did a great job. @noctuarysf @posthuman been lucky to see the dancefloor with it. glad you like. @posthuman i played the shit out of this. he's got quite a few bangers. @medtechRobin @syblades @PPact what a little cutie. poor little susie. @AlexSteffen @TheStranger now if we could only get the politicians and corporations that own the world to do something.
@PPact All the men in this thread should get vasectomies if they don’t want us to have abortions or health care. @ericd307 @PPact Fuck you. Get a vasectomy if you don’t want us to get abortions. @Minchia201 @PPact Fuck you. @ProudOvoid @PPact Can you fucking read???? @dontbeafraid Like why wouldn’t you just do a live set?A pet beagle, distraught after losing her litter of puppies, has adopted a baby possum. #9News
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @NatGeo Protect them now before some fat ugly rich asshole kills him for “fun”. @bug_gwen @apollo18 Lawn is the worst invention in landscaping. @1djhelix Gross vats of dead animals imo.
@frozenreeds he was trying to make skinny puppy's remission. lol. @ioiflower @WeAreElektron @sequentialLLC awesome. instruments (or songs) that end up like that rule.When I type 'white' my fingers type 'shite'. They're not wrong though. @KSeattleWeather @NWSSeattle Finn Hill right now. @PederMannerfelt james bond is eyeing you guys from afar, jealous of your drink.My new 12" as Tilliander is out now thru @Clonedotnl Four tracks of techno for your mind.
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA @ioiflower @WeAreElektron @sequentialLLC weird! cool!
#DYK? Ravens can talk & have the chops to make 100 or more sounds? Ravens can mimic human speech & imitate other bi…
Retweeted by Chloe Harris / RAICA
@LoneGuardsman @kittypurrzog @glennbeck North Dakota is flat as fuck. Come at us when you get the steep ass hills we have. @residentadvisor and he doesn't look a day over 24.Meet Craighead - the teeny tiniest wolf we've ever known! The feisty Mexican gray wolf pup (now 9 months old) weig…
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@jaclynmkendall I love it. It doesn’t smell. Doesn’t go all over the house. Isn’t dusty. Cats love it. You can see… @jaclynmkendall Try diff litter. (I’m sure you have). I use pretty litter and it’s amazing. @KasaiRichardson What??????? Is that a thing in the south??!?!?? @kingkroba Awwwe you want amazon to ruin nyc!!! It’s fun being a corporate city!