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Writer of comics like Big Fucking Hammer ( and BattleArc 2088 ( I'll letter your comics real nice, too.

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Prince of Darkness (Carpenter, 1987)
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @AshcanPress @OttoSchmidt72 @AlannaWrites @shanera8 @Marvel Whoa!!
best con moment hands down
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicNeed a super-80s montage with some GLOW babes? Then you better preorder GLOW vs the Babyface #1 at your local comic…
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicCheck out these birds🎃 Officer characters have resting improv face
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My man a Goof SUN (1971)
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicEric is awesome shit with @peachchild and @megan_mb
THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE @RyanDunlavey @rusty_game “Look at All Those Idiots” is a classicClowns to the left of me, jokers to the right Here I am, stuck in the middle with me
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @MDesaad Big fan of Due South as a kid. I think it was the mountie costume.Happy Friday from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! Preorder your copy of GLOW vs the Babyface #1 at your local com…
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevicthere is a whole folder of these that ive labeled "switchlings"
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @LonnieNadler Holy shit @zacksoto Fuck yea!!reply to this with your favorite amv
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Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @ales_kot @OliverSava A classic.
I haven’t done an interview since 2016
@keithpmsilva I was living in that hole from my earlier tweet!Saw a board propped over a hole with the words CAUTION: HOLEThe adrenaline is PUMPINGHot DAMN Green Room is harrowing!
Here's my regularly scheduled order to PREORDER GLOW vs the Babyface #1 written by @Aimee_Garcia and @TheAJMendez,…
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicThis picture is a pretty handy format for mainstream nerd, nerd nerd, and scumbag nerd
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The mountain’s back... it was so brokeGood party party
I missed the ten-year anniversary of the greatest tweet of all time
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🙏 @beckyandfrank Yesssss. Congrats Becky!!I am 100% down for new Peter Milligan AT ALL TIMES @aubreysitterson It ain't bad! Just felt more subdued by comparison, which is wild because it's ALSO gun guys with swords and muscles. @zacksoto For real! I wasn't really aware of his stuff until last night.I was reading a trade of the original PROPHET and after four issues of Dan Panosian art, #5 is entirely penciled an…
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicEverybody cut loose Loud goose Untie a young boy’s shoes Spread your wings Steal a fuck ton of things
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @lesliestaysup So goooodGot a cool thing in the mail
Pre-order this! It's going to be so good!!’t forget 🔥 #October3rd
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicI don't know who needs to hear this but
All week I've been thinking about the "My name is Judge!" sound bite from Arrested Development.Only $338 until we get to 50% of our goal. Here's your last chance to snag the single issues and Si Se Puede swag.
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @Doncates A+Man, @BBW_BFF does an incredible job unpacking Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Finding out the significance of the… fashion from a 1984 issue of Japanese fashion magazine anan. Scan by Styles Hair Design Koenji.
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @inkskratch Hahah I LOVE that movie.READ SLIMEPUNK yeah.
@lisa_sterle @emteehall @GreenwillowBook That sounds awesome!It's mad funny when smark-ass wrestling fans say shit like "he's a solid worker" as if they were assistant managers… @TandrewTan @Nick_Hanover I liked it tho! @losthiskeysman So, like, all the children?? @Nick_Hanover @TandrewTan Me too!! I loved it @TandrewTan Haha, I was just revisiting this one the other day!
@beccabeean more like "lovey davey"What really sold me in the El Camino trailer was the return of Badger and Skinny Pete.Saitama is Taguchi Japan confirmed. @McLeanSix It’s good tho! The Wondershowzen guys doing a southern gothic Twin Peaks 👍Hey! Need someone to letter your comic? I’m great at that. Check my portfolio and hit me up:
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicDug last year’s Vader’s Castle. Looking forward to this one! on The Heart, She Holler at 2am on a Saturday night was a great idea. That show should not be watched in daylight.Hey! Need someone to letter your comic? I’m great at that. Check my portfolio and hit me up:
Good evening. Here's a surrealist biographical short film about Uncle Luke based on La Jetee.
@ryanklindsay @JackHeathWriter Congrats, Ryan! @rusty_game Constantly scrambling to retrieve all his thrown Batarangs like that Chris Rock "bullet control" routineExtremely good read -- just three great creators having a chat. Clip from JOKER (2019) @HenryBarajas' new Kickstarter WITH A QUICKNESS. a gif of @peachchild and @megan_mb is only 21 years old?
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @losthiskeysman @kennykeil HOLY SHIT
Fuck yeah, got rejected. WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS WEEK ROCKS @lentilstew @ZackDavisson DESTROYS THE ART 😂 “I’m sorry, I physically cannot read this book because the translator is credited on the cover” @losthiskeysman my queenFLEABAG is gr8
This must be one of those "one of those days" that Limp Bizkit sang aboutI am dead. This killed me. Please enjoy this perfect video by our dream team editors on how to order our GLOW comic…
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @bigredrobot booooooEagerly anticipating that ECCC artist alley rejection letter... @beckyandfrank I mean, I also don't know how to wrestle but--! @ryanwriter WOW.Haha, why am I blocked by Simon Gotch on Twitter??Spending my work downtime writing some Big Fucking Hammer (!) instead of playing Spider Solitaire over and over.Hi, friends! @megan_mb and I noticed that a lot of people looking to pick up GLOW vs the Babyface #1 by…
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Wanna work in comics? IDW is hiring an Editorial Assistant. @hellocookie @marinscos @HMHKids Congrats!!!!!!! HEY. Come work with me! San Diego is pretty cool, and you'd get to see me every day!
Retweeted by Danny DjeljosevicI must be loyle to my colonel.
Retweeted by Danny Djeljosevic @JasonCopland If they gave me one, you're DEFINITELY getting one.