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@goblinodds @eigenrobot admittedly the wrestling was some of the finest slapstick I have ever seen @QueenOfTheWilis big F @bara @eigenrobot idk I skipped it the first time around @eigenrobot tried to watch it last night and boy howdy how right you are @rsnous oh you were probably referencing that, huh. whups @rsnous macbook pro lineup was like that for years @AntiqueBlueWale wow that... is really interesting, no one has ever connected ADHD with my eternal struggle to use… @thebookofthief @default_friend @jmrphy A distinct possibility. I see value in finding a way to get the advantage… @sadmoonanalog @sadmoonanalog a sense of satiety all out of proportion to the size of the meal hard to describe, really. every ce… @jmrphy @default_friend alright some cults have managed to pull that off, with reasonable success I'm not sure ho… @sadmoonanalog it was just about the best thing I had eaten in my entire life and no digestive discomfort at all,… @jmrphy @default_friend the "arranged" in "arranged marriage" as it exists in the real world, is an ellipsis for "a… @jmrphy @default_friend it's not a semantic quibble, and that you would dismiss it that way doesn't fill me with co… @default_friend @jmrphy ok. what part of the difference between the two, do you think puts this plan on the arrange… @default_friend @jmrphy What Justin is doing here is going to be matchmaking, not arranged marriage. Not that ther… @default_friend @jmrphy This comment was flip, and perhaps overly dismissive, but it still serves as a summary of m…
@sadmoonanalog This has had profound and overwhelmingly positive consequences for my physical and mental health.… @sadmoonanalog At this point, I eat meat of some sort basically every day, steak once or twice a week, burgers, sus… @sadmoonanalog It took some practice to get over the 'ick' sensation of handling raw meat, preparing steak and so o… @sadmoonanalog So I started to, here and there. A turning point was at EMF camp in England, 2018. As happens at th… @sadmoonanalog I had an... exciting summer, in 2015, which I won't go into here. It lead to some profound shifts in… @sadmoonanalog Quickly noticed that eggs and yogurt and cheese were the only foods that actually mattered; carbs we… @sadmoonanalog I was quite thin at this point, and as it went on, I would get into these dumb cycles. I would miss… @sadmoonanalog I retain a lot of philosophical grounding in Hinduism, although the best description of my religious… @sadmoonanalog I maintained a vegetarian lifestyle throughout my twenties, and went full-on vegan around 30. Some… @sadmoonanalog I was also forbidden dairy products from the age of six to about ten, after my acupuncturist (!) dec… @sadmoonanalog Alright, here we go My parents are devotees of a sect of Kashmir Shaivism, so I was raised ovo-lact… @selentelechia neutral evil is having only hardcovers and having them all rebound in the same brown leather like so… @selentelechia chaotic evil @viddymalchick @selentelechia true neutral @brazen_cabeza @selentelechia strong chaotic neutral energy @selentelechia organizing books by color is lawful neutral I prefer a loose melange of topic, format, and telling… @tqbf that is definitely a sentence @MorlockP @literalbanana Roughing It, great read @literalbanana I'm reminded of the time Mark Twain set Tahoe on fire (because you turned me on to that book) @generativist have you played with Haiku at all? (I haven't) @BenWinegard are you kidding this is aesthetic af panels on roofs are kinda ugly though @thebyrdlab dang weight belts make even more sense now, thanks for sharingthere is no amount of risk which our government is willing to tolerate its citizens volunteering to undergo this i… @FemoidVerdell @Shayan86 time will tell Q happened because a bunch of unsavory types got kicked off 4chan and ende… @bog_beef @venusianfriend I've long thought about doing two 'political compasses' where the axes are "biology male/female" an… @default_friend @thehankrose nbd I like to explain these things, both out of an irrepressible pedantry in my own n… @abbey_titcomb @alt_kia @radicle_xyz oh bravo! @mattsteinglass @AliceFromQueens confusing ignorance and stupidity is a rookie move, bluecheck @default_friend These conversations happen in public for a reason. Often, the point isn't to persuade the person t… @FemoidVerdell @Shayan86 They haven't, though. What's happened is they've been cut loose from feedback: they're ge… @default_friend @thehankrose I also found your tweet confusing, though I put it together when I thought about it b… @default_friend @thehankrose I would have said "outlier" Minority, used as a noun, refers to a natural category wh… @rogaharvey @thingskatedid yep Kovid Goyal has been told repeatedly and has decided to be an asshole about it @visakanv this is what they took from us @akkartik @fistlosopher > a computer geek who likes Ministry slain @mitotic @powerbottomdad1 legitimately good advice propanolol prolly even better if you can score it, but phenibut you can buy online @skfmo yes, slightly, no. @sn_fk_n ah bonds might be better than just a savings acct. but not by much, interest rates don't exist anymore i… @enkiv2 exceptionally cursèd content @sn_fk_n "aside" for like, five years or more? index fund @StarAdvertiser I'm not ratting on a monk seal so you can kill it I don't care if you've got 20 large @femtoduino @generativist oh neat! The pitayas I had in Guanajuato were just dragonfruit Wikipedia says those are… @PereGrimmer @nmgrm Internet is more hydra than black knight, even now @femtoduino @generativist are pitaya different in Mexico? ones I had were just dragonfruit @goblinodds it is definitely a thing I no longer give a shit about no one will care once they realize that you ca… @poiThePoi @chrismlizama @AliceFromQueens America's "second wave" was just the regions which were untouched by the… @SilverBecky1 KILL IT WITH FIRE @SilverBecky1 would... not @SilverBecky1 would (morels are v tasty even if they look like brains) @BenjaminABoyce @primalpoly Psi provider though (not Ε) as in ΨΦ, the best fraternity @SilverBecky1 more foods should look like sci-fi movie props imho @SilverBecky1 yes! and that's good! @qorprate @0x49fa98 this country has been eating the seed corn for decades now it's particularly threatening becau… @OneAyeKing a perfectly ripe dragonfruit is sweet and crisp, with tiny little seeds but absolutely no flavor, at a… is so visually delightful I wish someone would breed it to taste like something @daiyitastic someone who is explicitly free of the need to ship new features could concentrate on the other factors… @daiyitastic I agree that code review as-practiced isn't a good candidate for a specialized job I'm picturing like… @eigenrobot the superior philosophy should be established by alternating rounds of debate and MMA this is why I'm a Platonist @hbdchick F @sonyasupposedly a broiled Welsh rabbit is immensely superior to cheesy toast, bit more prep but not much I remain… @MartinaMarkota Getting someone to act a fool on camera isn't grounds for defamation. But some of the things SBC is… @MartinaMarkota Defamation suit is a possibility, but entrapment per se isn't something a civilian can do, it's whe… @alanaktion @alt_kia yes or you can replace all of that with seeders and leechers which is better @alanaktion @alt_kia The "D" in DVCS is distributed, not decentralized. Important distinction: 'remote', and hence…
@turrible_tao @fire__exit @AffairsHuman you did good on tekwars back inna day I think you've got it in ya @turrible_tao @fire__exit @AffairsHuman wheres your podcast tao what are you waiting for cmon @meta_meg ...nice? @daiyitastic it’s interesting that code review is to writing code as editing is to writing prose, and yet, we don’t… @alt_kia I remain annoyed that gittorrent never caught on perhaps its time has come @visakanv if you're going to use the word "web", best to index on the invention of the web, or prepare for a lifeti… @salehczk @workingjubilee @visakanv Seconded (heh. 'second'ed) @LeakedTarget @AliceFromQueens it is emphatically justified to separate damage caused by an infectious illness from… @LeakedTarget @AliceFromQueens ...and the increase in overdoses? The range of responses from the Australian to the… @LeakedTarget @AliceFromQueens True. But we can't even spitball those right now: research on 'long COVID' is untrus… would ever have guessed that an invite-only platform called Clubhouse would induce a bunch of FOMO, status jock… @BrianTHeligman @themadstone @dwallacewells Maybe your phone lasts two years? iPhones last a lot longer than that… @LeakedTarget @AliceFromQueens Does it? This is 3,265 excess deaths. A 20X QALY adjustment seems reasonable since… @skfmo nah just leave the QT blank @AliMCollins nah @Dr_Memory ...Finkelstein though? The author of "The Hølocaust Industry" is hardly a central example of, well, anything.