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Happy birthday to #MichaelGira of Swans! Gira took the moniker 'Swans' as it described the sound he wanted best, sa…"There's never been anyone exactly like you before, and there will never be again. Only you. And people can like yo… up on @KEXP, it's your last chance to win tickets to catch Best Coast at the @ShowboxPresents Mar. 4th! The…"Our mission is to make you dance, and if you're not gonna dance, just stay at home and listen to the oldies statio… #OTD in 1948, it's Tony Iommi, guitarist, composer, and co-founder of heavy metal band Black Sabbath! Ranked N…
Just played a twofer there: @TheEnglishBeat covering @smokeyrobinson; today is both Dave Wakeling (of The Beat) and… chance to win a pair of tickets to see Best Coast at the @ShowboxPresents Mar. 4th is coming up! Listen in to… up on @KEXP, I've got some new psych rock from French band Dharma Bum! I had the chance to see them perform… played 'Shangri-La' from @EOBOfficial! I just love that track! Coming up on @KEXP, I've got new music from…’ album ‘Livin' on a High Note’ came out #OTD in 2016! Staples has shared stages with #MLK and Souther…'s no secret I'm giving away tickets today to see @BestCoast at the @ShowboxPresents Mar. 4th on the Afternoon Sh… in to @KEXP at from 2-6 PM today for your chance to win! Good luck!“I’M YOUR MOM!” No, I’m not but I sure dance like her 💃🏻 Dance with me at @kexp 90.3 FM 1-…
Retweeted by Kevin ColeHappy Birthday to #DrDre! Before going solo (1992), he formed #NWA with rappers #eazye #icecube & others. Later the… the final hour of the afternoon show you'll hear new music from #pearljam, @thickinbrooklyn, @MoctarMdou,… in 1991 #throwingmuses released #therealramona. It was the last album before the departure of #tanyadonelly, ca…
Remembering #BobStinson, founding member and lead guitarist of the American rock band #TheReplacements, whose blist… this hour on @kexp, new music from Grimes, @annaisaburch, @AlgiersMusic, @drivebytruckers,@adultmomband and… tribute throughout the show to acid house + electronic music pioneer #AndrewWeatherall, who passed away yest… Tributes, birthdays and musical triumphs! Plus new tunes from @_georgiauk, @caribouband, @Grimezsz,…
Andrew created some of my favorite club mixes from the early '90s including tracks from #PrimalScream #neworder
SONS - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) via @YouTubeGreek-Sudanese artist @Marina_Satti and her all-female vocal group Fonés pull from traditional Greek music + contem…
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Thank you for tuning in to this special #ValentinesDay edition of the Afternoon Show on @KEXP! And thank you all so…"She'll go to a concert in Boston and a few months later I'll go to the same one here in Seattle so it still feels…'s #Valentines request: "I love the song Future Me Hates Me by The Beths. Discovered via @KEXP. Uplifting song a…! Me! Dancing! A great request from Tyson for Los Campesinos! "It builds so slowly and quietly and then just EXP… G happened to be driving through the cornfields of central Illinois when they heard Tracy's request for Princ… played another song I'm loving on this #ValentinesDay from #Seattle artist Rudy Willingham! Keep sending in yo…
"But then I think about my good friends/ And how they always love me when I'm feeling down." This is such a beauti…"He will always be my muse!! My inspiration! This song somehow seems to describe him... like the way he would talk… Chip's 'Hand Me Down Your Love': "I will always associate it with my wife, who not only helped lift me out of a… great request via Fu: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' song 'Phenomena!' On the song: "Ever since I first heard that so… played a #Valentines request from Phillip, who loves 'You Push I'll Go' from Baby Dayliner because 1) It’s a g… @nelsonja @kexp @phoebe_bridgers That's a great one! What about this song or about Phoebe Bridgers is it that you love??Today's #SOD comes from #PNW duo @xxRocketshipxx! Check it out, and absolutely subscribe to @KEXP's Song of the Day…'s Friday, and I'm in love! It’s #valentines, and it's lovely to be celebrating it here on the Afternoon Show on…"Life is too short. Don't waste it on bad feelings and bad energy. Just breathe and take it one day at a time." - O…
Retweeted by Kevin Cole❤️❤️❤️ but gratitude for those who shared their stories w/ us today on #MusicHeals. It takes a great deal of coura…"As a stage III cancer survivor working for a cancer institute, I understand first hand how music heals. When I was…
Retweeted by Kevin Cole"One of my favorite memories is renting a limo to see #GreenDay at the Tacoma Dome on what would be one of her many…"Music got me through the tough times. My daughter would lay with me and we’d watch my favorite songs on YouTube. M… hour left of this sonic group hug ❤️"Our last concert was #BeachHouse. He wasn’t feeling well, but pushed through just for me." - Sean, requesting "Tak… next on #MusicHeals: Beyond Cancer, we'll be hearing from #JustinHiltner [@hiltnerj]— the first openly gay man t…"Life is too short. Don't waste it on bad feelings and bad energy. Just breathe and take it one day at a time." - O…
"Music was my lifeline during treatment for breast cancer, and @KEXP beamed that out to me daily. Today I’m healthy… is dedicated to celebrating the healing power of music, as it aids those facing cancer. Sadly, most of us h… Laura requests "This Woman's Work" by #KateBush for our #MusicHeals: Beyond Cancer special. This time las…'m sharing some of this conversation on the Afternoon Show now. Listen: | 90.3 FM |… just played #newmusic from Drive-By Truckers on the Afternoon Show, and coming up I've got new Torres (my song of… released “Scratch My Back” #OTD in 2010. This project worked as a song exchange where each artist wou…“Let’s Stay Together” by #AlGreen hit No. 1 on US singles chart #OTD in 1972, and remained on the chart for 16 week… played a new track from Ed O'Brien (of #Radiohead fame)! Keep an eye out for his solo album release... Coming…
I just played #newmusic from the Irish group, Pillow Queens (@PillowQueeens). The song was "Brothers," and @KEXP ju… released their 10th studio album “Animals” in the US (UK release: Jan. 23rd, 1977), where it reached No.…, cofounder/keyboardist of #TheDoors, was born #OTD in 1939! A musician, singer, film director AND auth… #Seattle: if you like this song of the day (#SOD), you can catch @torreslovesyou at the @tractortavern Tues., M… me on the Afternoon Show today for musical celebrations and anniversaries for some of the greats: #AlGreen,… Song of the Day is @jonahmutono's "Circulation," a @truepanther single that reflects on his native country Uga…
Retweeted by Kevin ColeWe are saddened at the news of the death of #LadysmithBlackMambazo founder #JosephShabalala. May he rest in peace.… hour on @kexp music from: @StretchandBob + #M19, @pongoklassic, @WireHQ, #hotsnakes, @SH0PP1NG, @francq__ +… in 1985 #TheSmiths released #MeatIsMurder. In 2003 it ranked 295 on @RollingStone's list of the 500 greatest al…"Music is a great blessing. It has the power to elevate and liberate us. It sets people free to dream. It can unite…
No Valentine? Never fear! Come down to the @kexp Gathering Space this Friday for a free live session with… new music coming up on @kexp! ✨Tune in for ethereal pop with toxic effects from Estonian indie artist… Thursday #KEXP hosts Music Heals: Beyond Cancer, a day of programming dedicated to the power of music and the… for The Afternoon Show on #KEXP! Birthdays include #badbrains, #dangelo and the late great #thomasedison! Danc… loved this session so much! Thanks for sharing a clip and for joining me on the show. Please come back!!! ❤️❤️❤️┏━━┓┏━━┓ ┃┏━┛┃┏┓┃ ┃┗━┓┃┃┃┃ FIRST AVENUE Anniversary Kickoff ┗━┓┃┃┃┃┃ ┏━┛┃┃┗┛┃ ┗━━┛┗━━┛ @HeartBones2
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@kmalikovamusic Congrats!This is the Joaquin Phoenix Oscar speech everyone will be talking about tomorrow
Retweeted by Kevin Cole.#JoeStrummer said “The future is unwritten.” The highest temp ever recorded on the Antarctic continent was 65 F on…
@suomynona @FirstAvenue :-)
.#thefutureisunwritten #joestrummer #TheClash can't help but to think of the @kinggizzard lyrics, "There is no Planet B\ open your eyes and see," when I see th…"The House is on Fire" by Katie Williamson (on IG as @kmawdesign), another #InternationalClashDay: #ClashForClimate King County Conservation District (@King_CD_WA) is holding the 1st election in US history where you can v…'s another one of the fantastic posters for #InternationalClashDay: #ClashForClimate! This one comes from Jelis… music from Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, who has been fighting for environmental causes since he was 6 years ol…
#NowPlaying per listener request on this #InternationalClashDay, it's "Rebel Waltz" off of Sandinista! Are there an… have several incredible posters created for @KEXP’s #InternationalClashDay: #ClashForClimate to share! This one… on @KEXP: "The Cool Out" by #TheClash. Now in #Antarctica? A record-breaking high-temperature.…"Hand in hand/ the arid torpor of inaction will be our demise." Lyrics off of "Kyoto Now!" by @badreligion. The son…’s #InternationalClashDay, easily one of my favorite celebrations here at @KEXP, and this year has a special them…❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing/listening. Together we can create a better world!'s finally here – join us today for #InternationalClashDay as we #ClashForClimate. Tune in to KEXP all-day to he…
Retweeted by Kevin Cole @dubhead77 It’s a great day! Congratulations! @skybluebint Revolution Rock!Shameless plug of one of my pieces of work. Ceramic tile #InternationalClashDay
Retweeted by Kevin ColeToday is #InternationalClashDay
Retweeted by Kevin ColeHappy #InternationalClashDay! #JoeStrummer said “The future is unwritten.” Tune in to toda… music on the Afternoon Show? Yes please 😋 - @Antibalas: 'Fu Chronicles' drops TOMORROW on @DaptoneRecords! -…’s been a party today on the Afternoon Show, as we celebrated the lives of these musicians— all born on this day!… on @KEXP, I'm celebrating the life of #BobMarley— here on what would have been his 75th birthday. As one of th… is the big day... #InternationalClashDay is upon us! Our Gathering Space is covered in this series of pos… next: @_girlinred_'s killer #IcelandAirwaves performance just dropped on @KEXP's Youtube, and I've got some mate… in 1982: #Kraftwerk topped the UK singles chart w/ "The Model / Computer Love", where it stayed for 21 weeks.… @ACertainAbbie @carolineplz @agcook404 @pcmus @kexp Before the tour, @Carolineplz went to #Disneyland for the first…