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Marco Giannini @djmarcogiannini North West, England

@wearestickyheat 04/04/2020 w/ Prosumer & Lucy Ironmonger. Joshua Brooks, Manchester ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Trying to contain three kids in one room while my wife has a sleep in upstairs. It’s like herding cats! @DJPAULETTE My sister @Luminilulu and brother in law @Rich_Attwater were in the @TheRefugeMcr last night, every twe… else spot the Andrew Weatherall tribute in the crowd during the Crystal Palace vs Newcastle game on #motd February chart action of @junodownload w/ tracks by @erolalkan @PaulWoolford @prins_thomas @craigbratley
I rated Hunters (2020– ) 8/10 #IMDb for people, mainly DJs. This is for both the UK & Ibiza - dont just message “got any dates I can play”. How…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniAmazon Prime > NetflixWas it a lobster?
Retweeted by Marco GianniniAt Leeds Met we had a drink like that called the Wobble (or something like that), all I remember is that it was pur… @posthuman I always go straight to Bandcamp these days when buying records @posthuman I paid £40 for a special edition of the new Unkle LP last year that didn’t even come with a download. @bernishaw @berniespofforth That takes more effort than the spoon twirl though.Brand new mix incoming...’s 2020 and there are still record labels that haven’t grasped the concept of the download link with a physical vinyl purchase. @youngvulgarian @WJFOrchard This is a fact!maybe one day we will talk about how Rasputin by Boney M is both an undisputed banger and an objectively deranged song
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @mrgarethbrooks happy belated birthday mate"war is on the run..." new music en route...on vinyl by some of our closest friends & family members...
Retweeted by Marco GianniniA taste of what’s to come in just 6 weeks... 🎫 >
Retweeted by Marco GianniniDublin: The mighty @TheProsumer joins us at BR x @AVAFestivalNI for the next hr.
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Is the UK still racist today? Definitely, 100%. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @Live_Ade I went to the Hello Nasty tour at your place of work. @lhpEYFSmarkie @LuntsHeathSch I know a little girl that is keeping her fingers crossed that Ozzie gets to stay over at her house. @SamuelJJack @AyoCaesar Where did you get this stat from? @MazbWhite @JimMFelton She said “close the borders to everyone”, that implies she means everyone including skilled… @JimMFelton I’d be interested to know where she thinks all of the radiographers and GPs that she refers to originat… @Sacha_Lord @AngelaRayner Personally I think Angela should’ve gone for the full leadership role, but as that isn’t…
Looks like I’m going to see @elvanatribute for the second time this year next month 🤟 @BenPearceDJ latest is out now on gen release and is from our boy @mrchrismassey who has collaborated with some ace talent f…
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @Waajeed_ I love doing warm up. It suits my style of music. I’ve been booked for gigs and requested the opening slot..@Leftfield - Phat Planet
Beyond excited to be having a party with this ace human! Prosumer headlines our soiree with @wearestickyheat at Jo…
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Billie Eilish is short for William Eyelash.
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @r_byrne Probably a lot of indie music. I do remember doing a mixtape for 5th Avenue when I was 17 because I was fe… @r_byrne Pretty much for every girlfriend I had during the 90s.Katie Hopkins = Blocked ✔️ Julia Hartley-Brewer = Blocked ✔️ Dan Wootton = Blocked ✔️ Piers Morgan = Blocked ✔️ The…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniThe DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall, has died aged 56. In this clip, he talks about his first meeting with Bobby…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniThat’s it, I think I’m done with running until spring! Every night I get my running gear out, then every morning I… are precious few who refuse to play the godawful fucking game most creatives think they have to play. If noth…
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@stan_chow Socks & shin pads?OK my favourite weatherall story told to me by sean johnston... someone was giving him grief across the decks all n…
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @residentadvisor The world has lost a musical giant. A genuine legend.Nooooooooo #RIPAndrewWeatherall - the term legend is bounded around far too easily, but in the musical world Andrew… most rock and roll thing you will ever see 😂
Retweeted by Marco GianniniAnyone know ANY justification for @coopuk stores in particular to be stocking the S*n? The Co-op claim on their web…
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This time next week we'll be opening the doors to our first Supernature on Sunday for 2020 and so flipping excited…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniSpotted! @Lukeyjones @flightclubdarts I’ve got two words for you.Proving that it takes more than an amber weather warning to keep Mancunians in, I’ll be closing off the weekend at… like the Scum have moved their attention to Katie Price now. Less than 24 hours since Dan Wootton cried croco… Like really. Hours after Caroline Flacks death being announced and they are now targeting Katie Price.…
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @DJPAULETTE Didn’t realise you were in Leeds as well. I drove over, I could’ve given you a lift back.How on earth did we end up with a press that does more to scrutinise the lives of people like Caroline Flack and Me…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniJust stop buying tabloids...
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Retweeted by Marco Giannini @Rich_Attwater @AcidGrandads I’ll need to see examples of your previous work. I’ve become kind of attached to my bog standard name. @Rich_Attwater @AcidGrandads Is it better than Alan Fantastic? @Rich_Attwater @AcidGrandads You have my attention...
@kerryjeanlister @tom_wainwright Fair do’s... IMO it’s the greatest. @kerryjeanlister @tom_wainwright I’m embarrassed for you right now Kerry. The Office is IN-CRED-IBLE!It’s half term again for many schools around my area which brings huge pressure on families , if there are any fami…
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @tom_wainwright @kerryjeanlister As if! @AcidGrandads Mine isn’t. I’m so unoriginal that it’s just my name. Although I did once flirt with the name Alan Fantastic. @mrgarethbrooks Basically never bring just one. @lowy72 Had to step in for a DJ tonight who brought one USB tonight when the venues decks were knackered and the link didn’t work. @jamajestical I go as far as the freezer sometimes.DJ’s always, ALWAYS bring two USBs! @kerryjeanlister You’ve not watched The Office though. I’m actually jealous that you get to watch it with fresh eye… @lolapop1 @kerryjeanlister A rare example where the remake is better than the original @kerryjeanlister It’s only the greatest sitcom ever made.I had my first Taco Bell tonight and my word it was depressing 👎Wow, this @ChemBros #surrender anniversary boxset is an absolute thing of beauty! mixtape is from @mrchrismassey and is a live recording from his 'Slave To The Rhythm' Fri after work social at…
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @gideonlfc It was a great idea TWO YEARS AGO when we tweeted it... 🙄
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @ManCity Roses are red, Manchester is blue One day FFP Will come and get you
Retweeted by Marco GianniniRoses are red Manchester is too Without oil money You’d be in league two.
Retweeted by Marco GianniniWhy is she getting so out of breath by merely talking? Admittedly rubbish, but still talking all the same. @agirlcalledlina Why is she getting so out of breath just talking?Pep in may 😂
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @realclaireheron @robynkonichiwa Claire, reckon you’d be up for doing the Sunday at @Parklifefest ? I could be up f… on the other hand is all correct. If someone is toxic, I’ll bin you off with no notice. I’m nearly 42 I’m too old to waste my time with ppl wh… you’re not. at the top of my list of acts that I really REALLY need to see live sits @robynkonichiwa I hope she does a fu… @chimneywarehous I bet that lift tasted bloody amazingWhenever you see any list about countries that have an amazing standard of living, you can guarantee that Norway is…’s new manager addresses the playing staff.........😊
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @nalaknip Roses are red Pork is a treat Happy Valentines my dear I’ve bought you some meatLive For Love EP is out todayyyy on Me Me Me 😍
Retweeted by Marco GianniniDenise LaSalle - My Toot Toot
Glasto pre-2001 when you’d pay a farmer £5 and they’d jib you through the fence... alledgedly. @SecretDJBook Sheaf Street is an AMAZING venueTour dates Spring 2020
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @mcnultycop Let’s agree to disagree. It’s Friday night. @mcnultycop She’s not actually done anything wrong. Her seat reclines, she’s entitled to recline it. @MarinaMarraco @fox5dc He’s in the wrong. Say everyone moves their seat back, then if she doesn’t she ends up like…’s in the wrong.