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Marco Giannini @djmarcogiannini North West, England

Promoter & resident at @wearestickyheat - Party #1 drops Friday 11 October. Tickets & details in the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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@scottbroadhead Scott, Bette Lynch has hacked your TwitterBrexit preparations well under way, as the Government prepares for the 31 October departure.
Retweeted by Marco GianniniJust a few more days until Under One Roof! RT if you can 🥳
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@Luminilulu It’s boring is what it is.So El Camino was super disappointing. Didn’t feel like a film, more like a mid-season filler episode that didn’t go…
We might be 4 months away, but early bird tickets have now SOLD OUT General release are available on @skiddle
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @sprechenmusic label party Friday 11th October at @yes_mcr in Manchester with Justin Unabomber, @GinaBreezeDJ,…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniTickets now on sale on @skiddle @residentadvisor & @seetickets - 50% of early birds sold out already! Tickets >>>…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniSo here we go our first party at @thisisgorilla on Saturday 1st February with @feedelity (#Lindstrom) @nghtgnts
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@artworkmagnetic I can read this tweet [gets paranoid wondering whether only I can read it and I’m being lulled into a trap]This is where we’re holding our launch party on the 1st February - we’ve loved @thisisgorilla since it first opened…
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So @LondonMarathon that’s 14 years of applying for a place in your ballot and still not secured a place. There won… @firstmcr £2.5K minimum sponsorship for a charity place, so I can’t really go down that route.🥳 @_UnderOneRoof 17th Oct @yes_mcr Raving for adults with learning disabilities but everyone welcome. Carer tickets…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniNot normally one to ask for help but Rachel's dad had bad news recently. Cancer in three places - treatment is the…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniAutumn, specifically October. @Man_Power_Music US Office says no.
@sprechenmusic label party Friday 11th October at @yes_mcr in Manchester with Justin Unabomber, @GinaBreezeDJ,…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniLindstrøm a great 4/5 review in Mojo! @feedelity @MOJOmagazine
Retweeted by Marco GianniniThis & the party we're having at @yes_mcr on Friday with them performing live + disc jockey sets from Justin Unabom…
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@lukeunabomber Or Narcos, if dogs playing football isn’t your thing. @lukeunabomber Soccer Dog @BBC6Music Dave Lombardo on Disorder, when @Slayer covered it with @FINALLEVEL - He shifts gears about 4 times, get… @Sacha_Lord Woodward has got to be the first out of the door. Solskjaer is obviously doomed, but if Woodward comes… #WoodwardOut #MUFC #WTF @stan_chow I love Solskjaer, I really do. But he’s not the right manager for us, he should step down so as not to g…, we’re not even a mid-table team this season #NEWMUN #MUFC #WoodwardOut #bbcfootball #SuperSunday @stan_chow Bandcamp is the only decent one by all accounts. Spotify the worst.Pep’s leaving City at the end of the season. @Millea1982 @EmmaKennedy @_DHOTYA GAME OVERWANT!!! @Biro_Finstock The Megawhatnow?City fans crying that the league is rigged in Liverpool’s favour this season. @scottbroadhead I like 10” singles, 7” singles can go in the bin though..@McDonalds it’s great that you’re including a book in your Happy Meals instead of a cheap plastic toy, but why do…
@Luminilulu It’s relentlessWhen you try and leave a WhatsApp group. Why won’t they let you leave without a massive “MARCO FINDS THIS GROUP IR… @Mike87_MUFC Just to clarify by the way, I think Poch is ace. It was veiled dig at the real problem at our club which is Woodward.Spurs are going to sack Poch, then we’re going to get him, in this form. He won’t be able to turn United around and… you see there’s a 20th anniversary edition of Surrender by The Chemical Brothers, with a load of new remixes,…
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@Bethanyrambles @HelloCVH They’re now handmaidens so I guess they’re not permitted to point out how spectacularly bad an idea this was.This married couple have clearly never watched @HandmaidsOnHulu #TheHandmaidsTale @RobdaBank But blue passports apparently, don’t forget we get blue passports.Need to get that branding right 😎
No joking here, United are finishing 10th this season. @ThatLiamGuy I’m rocking the comfy pants look right now @DJPAULETTE @IamAndyBuchan I wore a sweater to a gig last night. Regretted it after 15 minutes.And in other even more incredible news, today marks the day that the heating was switched on in the Giannini household #content @WJFOrchard I kind of get the logic though. If we need to eat less red meat, then it’s better than a full fat burge… @scottbroadhead @wearestickyheat @thisisgorilla Cheers dude. @STRANGELA_y @wearestickyheat @thisisgorilla Me too. Its one of my favourite venues.After years of faffing I’ve finally bitten the bullet & am launching my own night @wearestickyheat at…
Anyone else think this dog looks like @RichardDreyfuss in Jaws?
Retweeted by Marco GianniniThree records in at @Electrikbar and we’re already onto ‘Live to Tell’ by @Madonna 💗 #onedeckwednesday
Retweeted by Marco Giannini£10 early bird tickets! little video over on @BBCNews about the possible impact of #brexit on UK festivals (and then inevitably…
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Not even a minute in and Fred has already broken his #kitkat the wrong way round #Snackmasters 🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Marco GianniniDoes your @Spotify playlist look as gorgeous as this latest from @MondoNews ? Just in time to meet @Winter at…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniThe line up for our first party officially drops on the 11th October, but if you heard @djmarcogiannini on…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniThat TV license advert that’s playing on BBC 6 Music about students needing a license at uni 😬
Retweeted by Marco Giannini#wearestickyheat A brand new night coming to #manchester in 2020. This is a night with a focus on…
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I agree with the op on Reddit: I'd be up for the whole movie in @LEGO_Group form. @edgarwright
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @BBCNWT @RibenaUK @vimto @BorisJohnson “It’s not about whether I prefer Ribena or Vimto, it’s about delivering Brex… battle for 10th place is on tonight at Old Trafford #MUNARSGood to see Old Trafford has got Soccer Aid back
Retweeted by Marco GianniniOh no, I’m well and truly addicted to Fallout on the Switch! @KONNYKON_ Fortunately the ‘never play any tunes by the acts on after you’ rule has always stuck with me. @HelReynolds “Thanks for drafting that press release, I’ve rewritten it as I wasn’t happy how you wrote it.” @KONNYKON_ I heard a story once of a DJ playing Sound of Da Police when they were warming up for KRS-ONE 🤦‍♂️ @_DHOTYA Needless to say, that escalated very, very quickly. @Mr_Dave_Haslam @sethtroxler *including Wanna Be by the Spice Girls 😉 @FoxMeat33 @VCM1234 @masiavelli Precisely, and if he’s such a good mate, I’d be having a few words with him.
Seeing as @TheSimpsons have predicted historic events involving Trump, maybe the show needs to create an episode wh… @masiavelli Yowser if you can have £160m in the bank and still end up with a shark tattoo that looks like that, I’m… @David_Leavitt “Honestly I didn’t do it. This is fake news”. @NeilSummers_ Gender reveal parties @PD39dontpanic Basically that.I was supposed to take part in the Kirby 10 Miler race this morning. Sadly when I woke up though, I realised that t… @Sacha_Lord Can’t wait for Homobloc 🤘 @BBC6Music @BatForLashes ✅ 80s movie ✅ comedy or a film about a group of friends going on an adventure ✅ 90 minutes… you think of successful slogans for brands people often refer to Carlsberg’s ‘probably the greatest beer in th… you heard Kate’s new voice? It’s fuckin mad, all from right at the back of her throat, gurgly, flat and loud,…
Retweeted by Marco Giannini"I do like it but don't you think perhaps it's a little ... you know... a little bit too penisy?" Architect: "Don'…
Retweeted by Marco GianniniI have moved on from this climate thing... From now on I will be doing death metal only!!
Retweeted by Marco GianniniI am looking for a Glasgow based Metal guitarist, or indeed any guitarist who is able to improvise and totally SHRE…
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @Femi_Sorry @snb19692 @ElspethElspeth “I’m going to report you to the anti-democracy police...” room next door - Boris Johnson at the UN
Retweeted by Marco Giannini @JDTwitch The home of The Glimmers as well isn’t it? While you’re there give them a tap on the shoulder and tell th…
@simonbinns @SmythsToysUK gig of the weekend tonight at @flightclubdarts from 6pm. Expect #BANGERZ and then more #BANGERZ work Liverpool. Manchester take note. @JimboOfMancunia Absolutely no idea 💡, easily compilation of the year. Massive thanks to @laurenlaverne for having this as her compilation of the wee… @BoskyJim Amateur. It’s not even cold. @LEVIS is it still possible to get the 508? They were the best jeans you ever made and they’re no longer available online. @MalyndaHale I was just waiting for her to say that she was drunk, or stressed, or on medication as these people al…