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@NotThatHilary I thought that was a tinder profile at first @timorousme It’s a texture thing #pass
@kurtgraser This is my concern for two weeks from now @GriffinClubMerv @CluckTrent Next 2 weeks is what I have my eye on and will inform how I go about my summerTrump will just keep firing people & replacing them with toadies, until Defense Secretary Dean Cain gives the order…
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmI always wondered what the third guy from Nirvana was doing since Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl are amazing humans and…
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump all Mainers concerned with an overpowerful government are concerned about this. #mepolitics
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm“Daddy changed the world.” ~6 year-old Gianna Floyd about her father, #GeorgeFloyd. 🖤 #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmThat video of George’s daughter saying her daddy changed the world just broke me right in half.During this time of protest, I know we could all use an uplifting story. So I want to tell you about El Negro Matap…
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm1 Of 4 Ever Made: A 1970 Dodge Hemi Coronet R/T - A Rare 425 HP American Muscle Car Link:
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @TheMaineJess @TheMaineJess Even on our very home town Hilton
@MojoCaster @brentdanley Which explains why everything is falling to shitI feel depressed. Not sure if it's diet, lack of sleep, or the six inch nightmare projector I beam into my face all day...
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmIf you hate looting wait until you hear about civil asset forfeiture
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @timorousme entropy for a thread on the Reichstag fire and how the Nazis used it to consolidate power and eliminate all civil righ…
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @Donald_Booker That is such a deep troll it’s hard to imagine he had anything to do with it.*chef's kiss* @universalhub
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmThe U.S. Constitution doesn't self-activate. A President can literally get away with anything if the other branches don't stop him.
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmI want this dude in my squad
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmAt least Glee got canceled before we had to hear them cover "Fuck Tha Police"
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmDear World: we may need you to issue a statement calling for de-escalation, restraint by security forces, steps tha…
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @wallydubz It appears it was a success
Fuck it. I'm gonna get stoned and draw stuff.
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmThis coronavirus halftime show is lit af
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @BereftOfTheDial @USC trash already deleted her account too @MacDickson18 i still wanna get this one though: are finally happening for infrastructure week at least. @normavela @MicahsGlass i’m sure they do -i expect that’s a given across the boardCurbside drugs RULE
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @MercurialMiss @BereftOfTheDial Also how the catholic diocese works with sketchy pedo priests @alexsteed @brentdanley @WichitaState @Wu_Shock this is the sticker right? @SamCousins It’s also the basis for the plot line in the Running Man @SamCousins @timorousme @Donald_Booker ziiiiiinggggg! @Donald_Booker @timorousme ive driven through REALLY remote parts of upstate NY and have seen several large compoun… @timorousme Who knows what crimes were being committed behind that tape. @Kurtmiltonbaker @hollynunan Totally not surprised you know it - i’m on my second play through since finding it this morning. Top Shelf. @Kurtmiltonbaker Also i think @hollynunan will definitely dig it.I think this is a record @Kurtmiltonbaker might really enjoy. The Rats - has ruined the word decorated @alexsteed Also SaddamThey really shut down an entire city’s internet and cell phone service. No social media activity has come out of DC…
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmMeaningful art has returned to Soho, at last
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmNina Simone telling it #blacklivesmatter @MicahsGlass Ah gotcha - I’ve had the same problem with my hydrangeas the past few years. Refreeze kills the flower buds. @MicahsGlass Well that’s a hopeful sign - is there any way to make some sort of wind break for them? Even temporary? @MicahsGlass Do you have any other plum trees? I think they’re like cherries and need other trees to bear fruit @TheMaineJess Same - I got diagnosed in 2008Cuck the Police
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @TheMaineJess Hippie speedball - adderall/bong hit @TheMaineJess Post wake n’ bake?
In less than one week, the US military went from doing flyovers for healthcare workers to shooting them.
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @MicahsGlass It is in stand your ground states#OtD 31 May 1927 Donald Trump's father Fred Trump was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Queens, NY. Despite Donal…
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @TomiLahren @JohnCooper4Nash Coming from a disgusting excuse for a human being that’s pretty rich. @edwardtheartist @timorousme That totally worked!!! Thank you! @timorousme Oh I just can’t play it in front of her. I have a whole office/studio in the basement as an option thoThink About Things has been banned by the Mrs - @timorousme I guess beating something to death isn’t a way to win people over. @AnthonySabatini Now we all know how you compensate for your tiny dickWhen President Faiure McPutinbitch took over, I fully expected this.
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmPlease make this the new “This is Fine”
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm
Huge crowd at Municipal Services Building. They’re trying to take down Frank Rizzo statue
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmI remember I could spend all day at Tower Records... #GenX
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @cheriethemainer Know exactly what you mean2020 is pretty bad But at least Coldplay hasn't come out with another album...
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @cheriethemainer My jaw was clenched as well @NotThatHilary Recommemd a hot tub much more. You can keep it cooler in summer and also it’s amazing in winter. @talldrinkowater Sounds like typical camp behavior @tanyaemery It came up in my insta adsSometimes people create wonder too
@broadbandito Jane stop this crazy thing! @timorousme I think the klobmentum was stopped right in its tracks since her less than stellar past on these issues has been highlighted @CurtFletcher The chocolate metal flake is a great touch @mikeshepherdME @DSMacLeod As a dad joke connoisseur I approve of this message.Imagine wanting four more years of this shit.
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmSoup? You mean hot cracker sauce
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmWe’re all going to watch a Kardashian house being looted someday 😀
Retweeted by Greggplant Parm @jakks I concur but the Plot’s moving along faster than I’m comfortable with. @techgurl247 Just watched it 3 nights ago so yes @techgurl247 I don’t know but I wanna get off this crazy train2020 giving off series finale vibes
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmIf you don’t believe we are all one closely connected human family, imagine that one person in Wuhan China breathed…
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Retweeted by Greggplant ParmMore than a 1000 new fonts just sprouted up in Creative Cloud (no watering necessary...)
Retweeted by Greggplant Parmit just keeps getting weirder and weirder @kurtgraser Hope you have a great birthday brotha! @alexsteed I can now. @alexsteed I can actually hear that aviI just… @cheriethemainer Ive learned it’s safe to assume there’s always a grift in it somewhere. @GriffinClubMerv @mikeshepherdME I was all set to start my early summer evenings off there after work but alas... @broadbandito with no protection @GriffinClubMerv @mikeshepherdME Their happy hour was a decent deal @cheriethemainer ding ding ding!Vote-by-mail means that people with low income jobs, who usually can't get the day off to stand in line to vote, ca…
Retweeted by Greggplant ParmIf I ever get killed by police please burn everything you can in my name.
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