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I’m a lucid dream researcher – here’s how to train your brain to do it:
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡The first full-color image of Mars snapped by Perseverance (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Normalize using words like colleague , classmate , acquaintance, neighbor, client. Not everyone is your friend.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Deserved! Moira is THE moment. Schitts Creek was that light-hearted, easy/watch that got me through 2020. With a p… is disability day of mourning after a year where ableist policies and callous disregard for human life kil…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡tweets like this are always so frustrating bc most of us do check in on our friends? checking in on ur friends does…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡"We teach black and brown kids obedience and other kids curiosity." - Amirah L. Saafir, PhD
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Happy 38th Birthday Lupita Nyong'o 💕
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡This is the first time in history that the Golden Globes for both Best Actor and Best Actress in a Motion Picture (…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡help me understand something. you think something...decide that it’s a universal truth & inherent condition...then…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @Afromanticist @lenubienne I love this photo of Douglas listening to his grandson.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @Afromanticist And with Harriet Tubman (aka Araminta Ross)
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡This train is right on schedule. Brandy came out 94 I was very inspired. I came out in Feb. 97. So Everything in di…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡She looks amazing! ✨🤎
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @ohhhhkilla I love Black parents lolOne nonviolent red flag in relationships is your partner sabotaging you or your work under the guise of playfulness…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @IzmsHasRisen THIS IS THE MF TWEET! “Experts on skills they don’t have.”Because these people are experts on skills they don't have, on ambitions they could never carry, and they couldn't…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡The “bin” they are paid $30 for is around one ton of fruit.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @nickystizzy No literally! 🌊🔥Andra Day is the silent slay of the music industry. She minds her business and collects accolades.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡When I want to really DREAM dream, I play @solangeknowles’s “When I Get Home” and @kelelam’s “Take Me Apart” on loo… and @Kehlani agreed with a tweet stating @4everBrandy is a huge influence on them 🥰 📷 @ChunxSwae
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡All of these women have said Brandy is an influence, from their OWN mouths and there’s still a bunch of bitter quee…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡This album truly changed me.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Only niggas discredit their legends. White people keep their rock acts alive every decade.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @hoodopulence Lol that’s what get me. Arguing against a singer about who influenced THEIR singing. One word: Crack.“wHaT dOeS bAdUiZm hAvE tO dO wItH bRaNdY. HeR fAnS lOvE mAkInG uP sTuFf.” Meanwhile, the creator of Baduizm:’t they tired of discrediting black women to be “cute” on Twitter
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @hoodopulence You’d think one would have one degree of insecurity or shame around having n uninformed opinion, but… @AscendedKee @officialtaygray @iamMelsmith 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾I would literally form an black popular music podcast with @iamMelsmith @AscendedKee and @djordxc but the world wouldn’t be ready.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @Decodnlyfe1
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Brandy’s debut album inspired Baduizm. Never Say Never set the tone for the teen pop craze (as said by Britney AN…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡What I don’t appreciate though— to Brandy or any other legend, is the act of Black people diminishing the legacy of… deny Brandy’s influence on R&B is to not know music. Simple. Anybody w/ an ear my love.. anybody w/ a working ea…— whoever was the first person to decide it was a smart idea to dump waste/trash in our oceans.. girl, fuck you!… gives too many people a voice. I miss when y’all used to feel worthless.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Every artist? No. But she 100% has a legacy and trying to discredit it because yall’s lil stan pages say so does ab…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡This. The caption. The video. Me. AF. Wow! 😭 My homebody ass is wine drunk watching a documentary about coral reef… beads to my locs and I’m kinda fuckin with it.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Lmaoooo this is amazing bc that linguistic style isn't actually a question, but being interpreted that way really d…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @lawrencesmurray I love a good documentary 🙌🏾Angela Bassett. That’s it. That’s the tweet. 💕 #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Andra Day looking stunning in Chanel 🤍 #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡The beautiful Regina King in custom Louis Vuitton 🖤 📸: @JVELOZZ
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @KingBobbyDeal @nickystizzy Even when watching, no one wants the person who hasn’t ever played as their partner. Lo… NOT know they were siblings— although they share a face. Never made the connection, but BRAVO dammit, bc .. YES… @arjaythefifth @boys_luh_Rich Same. @KingBobbyDeal @nickystizzy Lies!!!!! Cus I’ve literally asked and MF’s be like “you ain’t finna mess up my game” W… @alucardgoodz 41 years MOISTURIZED! 😭🙌🏾I hate to hyper-focus on age; I don’t measure time as it is and often forget my own age, but lisssennnn... to look… half past Wine:00 PM. Let me get under this bottle chile, and find me a documentary about marine life, while this mask dries. 🍷 @Of_Noble_Mien Game CHANGER! @off_BAMBOO SOOOOO much! I can never thank this app enough. @PJGallardo2 I need to know where.. ASAP!WAITTTTT— 🤯 withholding your happiness until that special person materializes. If you’re not careful, your whole life coul…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡tracee ellis ross at her first mugler show, spring 1991.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Takes One To Know One. 🦈❤️
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡9AM in Dallas.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡I honestly can not think of a worse solo a capella performance of the US National Anthem than this. I don't think…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Chile these white creators of "Jazz" films...
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Lil Kim can never get enough flowers. The mountains she moved in the worlds of Hip Hop & Fashion, simultaneously, is literally unmatched.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡
Let’s unnormalize referring to a group of black students gathering on a white campus as HBCU-ish. It’s not.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Damita Jo has always been a stunner but this face right here? NO CRUMBS LEFT. And this is post performance!
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @MathewNoKnowles First, she doesn’t get “a lot” and we give what we give because sings like this:
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Jojo is not good because she’s white. She’s good because she’s good. Period
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @MathewNoKnowles So album sales qualifies her vocal abilities?lol this is a side effect of y’all “giving a lot” to these internet music critics, who lack a formal background in… ratio here says enough. Jojo doesn’t receive “a lot” of anything, and what she actually does receive, she deser… list truly goes on and on and on... the GOAT 👑
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @arjaythefifth Dead ass! 😂 @arjaythefifth Her attempt at rationalizing lmfaooo 😭 “but wasn’t the actress..” 💀 the innocence. @jg_major Sameeee lmfaoWait. I didn’t know Angie was that much older than D. I’m careful with naming someone as a “predator” because that…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡I love when SCIENCE drags y’all’s ignorant, queer-phobic asses. People love to argue what’s “natural,” meanwhile Na… love this music shit
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡I fully embrace both my masculine and feminine energies. Don’t bring your hyper masculinity around me.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @jahh_nae Same! I don’t say a word but shake my head and laugh. 🥴🤧😂I know somebody who front justtttt likeeee disssss
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡You can tell she honestly didn’t know. It’s the confusion on her face... 😭😂. Bless her heart. @KingDaniel912 @KeKeWyattSings That’s what happens when your hot takes are ill-informed, projected, and emotionally…’s caping ass @KeKeWyattSings ? Ms. “wHaTaBoUtThEjEwS” (who’ve received reparations) since according to her no…, up until 2009, R&B knew itself. Through every decade. Even when hip hop came into the picture. EDM came in and…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡there’s so much life in death. beauty in tragedy. ying in yang
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @unCHELLtered TERRIFIED! 😭😫🤧I have questions. Scared of answers
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @unCHELLtered Hashtag- me too, dammit. 😭A DREAM! ✨ @unCHELLtered EVENNNN— her agility never faltered. Hell most wish they could achieve her post-prime vocal ability!One of my voice professors in college used to call Whitney THE textbook vocalist— as in her voice was “singing” per…’s voice was CRYSTAL CLEAR.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @unCHELLtered @juss_DJ4ever THISSSSSS!!!!! Cece and Natalie were the ONLY two female vocalists that I’ve seen share…
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Great blog in understanding the energies.
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡Being rich & not having to abide by the ruling class' respectability politics ≠ challenging professionalism
Retweeted by Clay10® 🔎🏡 @threaltiffanyba @lyvonnep Asé! ✨🙏🏾