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@fumeinsideout Haha man i wish. He earned all that money to build by himself. @DatzMyDJ Bad coachingAnthony Davis hasn’t had great rebounding games the last two nights but those last two offensive boards should coun…
Retweeted by GOODLOEThese refs suck and why is MPJ not inNah that was a foul he got away with itDang LBJ playing some good defenseHow is this not a AND 1 bruh ! SERIOUSLY ! How’s does a NBA ref miss call this like that ? CRUCIAL CALL
Retweeted by GOODLOEFree Bol BolLet’s go MPJI’m 100% convinced Rondo plays bad on purpose during the regular season so we can talk about playoff Rondo
Retweeted by GOODLOEThis is Kyrie, Rose, Strickland type stuff. Jamal Murray is so special. 🎥 @NBAonTNT
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We good fam keep it @_AshleyNikki I don’t blame you gJalen Rose yelling “it would be a great day TO ARREST THE COP THAT KILLED Breonna Taylor” before ESPN cuts to a com…
Retweeted by GOODLOEEverybody has an onlyfans bruh. Ppl must be making a crazy bag @_AshleyNikki Man i been thinking of switching tooA mountain lion in Pacifica, California appeared to have its eyes in a group of children. That's when Timothy Kerri…
Retweeted by GOODLOE @JGill1 Dude is absolutely nuts#BREAKING: Dallas City Council Votes To Cut Dallas Police Overtime Budget By $7M
Retweeted by GOODLOEHerro been nice but i didn’t expect this
Retweeted by GOODLOE @BKristian5 I’m ready for Spence to come back! I think in November @BKristian5 what you think about the Charlo brothers fighting this weekend bro? Should i tune in?Wow... why is time flying 😩😩
Retweeted by GOODLOEWhere did Kentucky find this coon of an attorney general?Brett Hankinson has already been fired & the charge only carries a 1-5 year sentence. He’ll probably get a year, ge…
Retweeted by GOODLOEEarly 2000s we really went through some wild and crazy trends 😂. Stuffing our pants in our socks. Wearing headbands… @FrankieVtotheD SameFinishing with both AD and Bron trying to stop you is tough
Retweeted by GOODLOEDwight OC @DatzMyDJ Facts @DatzMyDJ I feel that bro @WellsFargo clowns
Shorty on The New Power show is badHow is the London House hotel? Never been but thinking about staying there on my Chicago trip.Pyramid schemes have a lot of names. Some call them boards, blessing looms, sou sou. Regardless of what they are ca…
Retweeted by GOODLOEY’all going to hookah lounges during a respiratory infection pandemic with no vaccine?
Retweeted by GOODLOEGood morning to everybody except @Ummm_Carricakes lol 😂 @coldestwinters Tragic @coldestwinters I do! Lol 😂 @Sigma_Chris I wanna kick it too lolDid Atlanta get the vaccine and not tell anybody? Everybody been kicking it out there without a care in the worldI can’t wait until my house is finished. 7 months!🤬I clearly need to get a lifeBREAKING: The Dreadhead Cowboy is riding his horse on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago, Illinois! This is in sup…
Retweeted by GOODLOEHell yeah lolGonna fight my best friend lol not a team playerWhere does my son get all this energy from lol @Ummm_Carricakes been my g going on 18 years. That’s crazy
I need a pick me up 😓This is the perfect "screw you" to the owners of the Chatham strip mall on 87th street. The owners of Harold's just…
Retweeted by GOODLOEI think imma hit Vegas for a few days next monthRyan Pace a hoe for not getting Cam Newton to the BearsHow the hell did no other team offer Cam a contract?
Retweeted by GOODLOEWhat was Plumlee doing on that screen?!?!
Retweeted by GOODLOEAD is the Lakers best player lolOh my AD 🤦🏽‍♂️Nuggets make they free throw this game is tied smh
Retweeted by GOODLOERondo really got the Splikak now wow
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Sad news to report. Patriots' RB James White's father was in a car crash today and did not survive. His mother was …
Retweeted by GOODLOE @STIK_FIGA Aw man we may have to look into adoption 😂 @Ummm_Carricakes Lmao it’s facts 😂Just found out my 5 year old likes candy corn. I can no longer trust him.I’m so boredMy little mama is officially a cheerleader. Never seen her so happy found my bro Nick McKnight. Bro been in hiding for years lol
@JCowleyHoops @JaMorant What an idiotic statement @mdotbrown @JonesOnTheNBA I have to disagree with Rose. Best team in the league that year, despite half his team fi… HOOPINHate when i get sent offWelp Denver Stay ClassyWho in Chicago having a party Oct 10/11th i feel like djing when i come home. @ashleylouise__ LmaoThat dime by Rondo was filthy! 😤
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I’m djing a wedding in Central Park next year. That’s a great look 🙌🏾 @JustlOVEKATE I’m sick for them @realDonaldTrump Stop ✋🏾Man one or my contractors was hit by a drunk driver last week. His wife and 12 year old son died. He and his 8 year… not counting Boston out. But they absolutely can’t go down 3-0 or it’s a wrapMiami would match up with the Lakers well. LBJ would be the X factor though. He has good games they will win it all. @roymhdson Let’s get it!
Can’t wait to be home next month. I haven’t been to Chicago since March. This is the longest I’ve ever been awayI check on a lot of people who never check in on me. That’s about to change
@patbev21 I guess I should extend this Cancun invite since I haven’t made my arrangements yet 😂😂😂
Retweeted by GOODLOEI wonder if they packed before the game
Retweeted by GOODLOEIf they fly private they can get into Mexico for sure. Should probably get the big jet.
Retweeted by GOODLOE @damelillard gotta drop a diss record tonight lol @SakkiBomb_ Lmao my emails start at 4am and end at 11 pretty much everyday. I hate it here lolMan I’m a PG fan but this is terrible @SakkiBomb_ Every night for me. It’s insaneI need a quick 10 bands but not the SBA way lol. Had to put that disclaimer out there before the scammers hit me @_AshleyNikki Aw man lol that is still on thing 😂. I just seen it. But yeah #followfriday and everything else @_AshleyNikki That’s when Twitter was funWhat a block BamI like Denver but i really wanna see Kawhi vs Lebron
Will Bynum should be a trainer for some NBA team. He be putting in a lot of work.Anchorman top 5 @DJZeeti Man 🤦🏽‍♂️ @DJZeeti True fantasy heartbreak right here