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Yankee carpetbagger. I occasionally fire a couple words off into the internets. Follows =/= endorsements he/his

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@CortanaV I’d really like this to not fall on deaf ears
@Kahjahkins Some of us can’t afford to wait my man. I need to know what he has to say about that wasp NOW.I kinda miss the length. QT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be o… @CSchoolinLife I am afraid to.My gf’s dog has seen to it that I don’t finish a tube ever again. this tweet to remind you to stay hydrated, wear ya mask, and don’t text ya ex!
Retweeted by Openly Black Toast in the ShellMr Biden sir congratulations on becoming the guy who owes me $2000
Retweeted by Openly Black Toast in the Shell @KrystiPryde I pegged you as a silmarillion inaugurate tbh @KyleThatKyle It’s a little early for me to open the bottle but sure why notMalibu Stacy got a new hat. We’ve got to keep pushing for accountability and integrity. @JayGould13 Yup! I eventually grew into that head.I need the new administration to comment on these tiddy wasps in our neighborhoods. @AshleyEsqueda Aw no more “Ajit has internet if you have coin memes” 😔What’s their @ jk lol...unless at this nerd every other sentence. @agentbizzle Beats love laugh love any day of the week @SparkBibo We don’t deserve them they’re too pure 🥺 @lacesyourfriend I’ve yelled “I AM BUSY” at the door.If you need companionship* I recommend getting a dog. *someone who gets sad when you go to the bathroom with the door closedGood advice. The people you meet in life are gonna be in wildly different capacities. @erikaishii @executivegoth I love it!
@sairaspooks @Tortilla_Senpai If anything I’d be made at the costumes instead. @therealcliffyb I’m sorry he makes it impossible for you to have a healthy relationship with him 😔 @BloodyfasterTV @CheyenneTheGeek Any time news breaks and they’re involved I’m like “yea sure, okay”. @ty_grrrrrrrr Like that’s commendable all on its own. Props to you for taking care of yourself in a year where sel… @kstar1785 @DirtyEffinHippy She rocks! @ty_grrrrrrrr Congratulations! You picked a hell of a year too.Read this thread. teacher I worked with has just died of Covid. I am NOT OKAY! My face shield arrived today, which I purchased. I…
Retweeted by Openly Black Toast in the Shell @SamMaggs See that’s fair. My abs started to pop last year but idk when the last time I had a cinnamon bun was. @merrittk The libs never want to finish the fight @DirtyEffinHippy This is TOO wild
Where do you fall? real goopy @leighalexander I uh...huh @KrystiPryde What if committing misdemeanors is their kink 🤔Okay but how is this comfortable?? @carobini Still somehow not too late to delete thisIf you tried to romance Samara in Mass Effect 2, you tried to sleep with Billie Eilish’s mom. Anyway, happy Sunday! @SamMaggs @BlairBroon How about Overlord or Soul? Wildly different I know. @SamMaggs @BlairBroon Any new ones you’re looking for?? @Cute_Idiot Death defiance is the only way I’ve beaten them and that’s even without extreme measures. @KyleThatKyle Sir, do you have a CDL for that absolute dump truck of an ass?This some top-tier Ayn Rand Motherfuckery™️Folks are so concerned with getting their piece of the pie that they’ve decided that any financial hardship is a co… it safe to say there’s capitalist pick-me’s?yall when yall when fast Jeff Bezos food workers makes $13 get paid a billion dol…
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@soniagupta504 I feel like this is an insult to maggotsAnother not so lazy Sunday @SparkBibo I did work at the one off Colorado Blvd for a bit! I also did customer service at [BIG SATELLITE TELEVIS… can’t believe grocers and restaurant staff - the people who are risking their lives so we could keep eating durin…
Retweeted by Openly Black Toast in the Shell @TheBlackNerd @msdanifernandez Thank. God.Ok but I sincerely want these like interacting with customers who think they’re above you for 40+ hours a week to become spiritually drai… @Gameonysus I kinda like adds from social media because I can at least guess. Codes make it that much harder.Update: @BlackKrystel Whoops. I saw it for the first time last monthThis is basically my quarantine drip. Google your name + shirt, then pants, hat, and shoes. @soniagupta504 Calling out bs quite frankly @SarahTheRebel @ConanOBrien @KatyScar Mr. FischoederSomething just feels nice hearing about people living their best lives.This is why I’m a dumbass first, a big ol’ geek second, and after many other things, a software consultant 🧐 @OldManKaidan @hmwsgx She’s out here doing God’s work. That show is solid. Enjoy! @IfyNwadiwe We’ve already decided to commit to viewing after the first few minutes of the first episode 👍🏾I really did that 🥺 I really organized and installed a community fridge and pantry in Sacramento by myself 😭 check…
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@desireekay_ @ImPrinceMaurice @DecaturDane That’s PRECISELY why we argue minimum wage is too low. @KrystiPryde @ty_grrrrrrrr @pettycommajared Happy Birthday!!! @allisonlodato DO matter! I know there isn’t much we can say on the matter, but it’s true.Brave.
Can confirm 💪🏾 @ty_grrrrrrrr I picked Samara but after reloading a save where I romanced Morinth. I figured me, the protagonist, would *surely* be immune. @ty_grrrrrrrr Sounds like we’ve got a good idea of who joined your crew 😱Kahlief "Openly Black" Adams
Retweeted by Openly Black Toast in the Shell @tokyo_bat Aw dang I got got 😔I can’t tell if I’m tired because I’ve been up late every night this week or because I did weights AND cardio befor… @FlemilyEming I’ll have to show this to my gf! We always know we’re going to enjoy the episode when you’re making an appearance.There’s probably worse ways to go out? @mistermegative I hate it when an artist has such crappy stances that I can’t separate them as a person from their art 🙃 @jacquicollins_ @geoffkeene @tokyo_bat I assumed that’s her legal name until proven otherwise @jacquicollins_ But also feel free to look up tips and tricks as there’s maneuvers and stuff that the game only tea… @jacquicollins_ It’s pretty fun! I’d say if you enjoyed Squadron mode in BF2, you’ll enjoy some of what squadrons h… @Cor7ana That first part is awesome. I hope they hold space for you on the second! @xpatriciah Welcome to the club. Idk how much of it is because I’m up between 4:45 and 6 five days a week, but my g…’all ain’t shit, Dems. @jacquicollins_ You sweet summer child.Props to whomever made this @stevenspohn You give yourself too little credit!how do you de-program half a nation?
Retweeted by Openly Black Toast in the Shell @Tortilla_Senpai Oh it IS @Tortilla_Senpai pitching 1400 instead of 2000 because we already got 600 is a nice summation of what they think of us.
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