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Ru @DJRuBot New York

He/Him. BLM. Recovering lawyer, dj & co-founder of @occupythedisco. I tweet about comics, Bollywood, music, & queer things. @RuBhatt is my professional account.

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Same, really @jakesullenhaal agreed. straight is boring! @runwithskizzers @skrishna Lol Roop Suhana was the first time I was asked to dance with the teenagers and adults at… @DJRuBot Love that you took the time to tweet this, which further contributed to your procrastination
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once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator, amirite? 😬JK Rowling unfollowing Stephen King and deleting her tweets in support of him because he said trans women are women…
Retweeted by Ru @appelbomb you know what else came out that summer, Goldfrapp's Head First and Monarchy's debut album, not to menti… @mCase513 @appelbomb lol Ke$ha released then too but Josh and I tried to ban her from our fire island house @appelbomb @PatSandora we had Kelly, too, that summer! @appelbomb Lol forgot about her cc: @PatSandora @ArmandoGJR Written by Jake Shears!Forgot to add that Scissor Sisters’ Night work was also key that summer. So wild that both Aphrodite and that album… the song of the summer: Alexis’ Jordan’s Happiness beat them all! @appelbomb yup if it's life imitating art or something else but I increasingly find myself (sub)consciously drawing from the t… @hjaycee @HeroesInColor00 Reposting.
Retweeted by Ru @appelbomb not yet but it's on my list. i loved her in chewing gum thoYUP YUP YUP! Singh's reflection on why he started wearing a rainbow turban as a gay Sikh man is eye-opening and powerfu…
Retweeted by Ru🤗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎🤗
Retweeted by RuSince Elihu Yale enslaved South Indians specifically, and not Black people or Native Americans, South Indians shoul…
Retweeted by RuWe have higher standards for the female VP, than we had for our male nominee.
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@abbygov Aman!!!!A friend just told me they didn't know they had to sign up to watch the NA reunion this Sunday. Thought I'd give y'…
Retweeted by RuHow Scissor Sisters’ Night Work became a cult classic
Retweeted by RuIt’s @katiweaver’s fault. We shared an office for years. is great.
Retweeted by Ru @NormTheMinotaur Hahahahahonestly wtf? @ivadixit @RajivKMenon Yes! It’s also Why Sri never wanted to go see a doctor again to get her nose fixed.The fact nearly every pivotal Supreme Court case that basically has to do with rights, progress, advancement of dem…
Retweeted by Ru‘An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that two people were arrested in the act of graffiting a police vehicle, and that p…
Retweeted by Ru @Philjimeneznyc It’s could be considered a battery. There’s legal precedent that blowing smoke on someone is the same.
Just in time for #Pride ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
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@akshatsharma She has her own Netflix show coming at least
twitter gays also think dua lipa is the second coming as if Stuart price’s entire discography isn’t right there ¯\_… is so stupid. jessie ware has been making incredible music 2010. Fags think bc they go to horse meat disco onc…
Retweeted by Ru @jonruizmota all of her albums have, boo. @bowenyang Uh she’s been making gay music since the onset. Her brother is gay and she wrote this song for him, from… @turnandstomp @appelbomb @appelbomb @turnandstomp Haha my audition for Bombay dreams is what brought me to NYC @trevorjab our first Instagram post as OXD: cc: @appelbomb @trevorjab My generation knows her but I also have shoved her down everyone’s throat since Running 😬My favourite @JessieWare 💖🔥💖🔥💖💥🎶👍
Retweeted by Rualso if you’re just discovering Jessie! Welcome but she’s been making insanely perfect music for a decade which imo…
Retweeted by RuIndian soap operas will never have a COVID-19 storyline because of all the Aunty Bodies.
Retweeted by RuI keep this photo of a young Connie Chung in my office (well, when offices were a thing) It’s a mood…
Retweeted by Ru @PatSandora seriously. she's showing the kids how it's done!!!!A full-on disco album by Jessie Ware​? Happy Pride Weekend, indeed! Definitely the best "pop" album I've heard all…👏OF👏THE👏YEAR👏
Retweeted by RuBeen thinking about this a lot lately, and how the work of dismantling has to fall on those who benefit from and pe…
Retweeted by RuHappy Pride Month to the LGBTQ+ community and allies!
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Normalize blocking gays that are thirsting over NC GOP nominee Madison Cawthorn on your timeline. Get that gross energy out of your space.
Retweeted by RuSo now let’s hear again how this is not a noose..........
Retweeted by RuHad the time of my life DJing the ACLU’s #Pride party just now. I can only imagine what it would have been like in person 💜💜💜Four decades have passed since this awful tragedy, but the climate in our country still remains the same. It's ter…
Retweeted by Ru @Peteyville My fellow Gemini! 💜 @Peteyville Happy birthday 🎉 @brightlightx2 @beealbz You can be in between (or over or under) us anytime, Rod 😈 @beealbz uhh I’m in my final year of my 30s... where the hell does that leave me? Ha! Regardless, happy birthday:) @katiweaver That makes sense. I would think it’s much harder with boobs lol @knifesystem It’s cheap and easy—highly recommend. The first month was a bit hard to get the swing of things but it… @knifesystem oh haha yeah my apt doesn’t have clearance so I do in on a pad on my roof. 🤓jumping rope is way more fun than any other cardio--why haven't I been doing this my whole life?
@Johnatron4000 It started this week23 year-old Elijah McClain was buying iced tea in a ski mask to stay warm because he has anemia. Some goddamn perso…
Retweeted by RuThis is not important, but I just found out that one of the officers who tortured Elijah McClain was on my high sch…
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#LoveIsLove 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by Ru“The system is a fraud. I am not.” - @angelicaross 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 via @ActToChangeOmg @angelicaross just pulled out the Takis while listening to Esera take down the Christian hypocrisy on thus…
y’all say Jubilee is the weakest x-man but y’alls personalities are also “the fireworks are ruining my life” so please pick a side
Retweeted by RuI'm a better retweeter than a tweeter
Retweeted by RuI think a lot about when Toni Morrison said “the function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It k…
Retweeted by RuGood on you Deepika Padukone 👏🏼
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@knifesystem Omg brilliantsailor saturn / kristen mcmenamy for thierry mugler haute couture f/w 1992
Retweeted by Rucatzi / thierry mugler haute couture f/w 1993
Retweeted by Ruchibiusa / kate moss for YSL’s signature fragrance “opium” campaign (1993), by satoshi saikusa
Retweeted by Ruso to start of, probably the most iconic reference of them all, setsuna or sailor pluto in chanel haute couture f/w…
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@Johnatron4000 @SRLP Lol thanks. Sunblock every day and this @mCase513 @SRLP Thanks boo 💜 @tylersunderland @SRLP Thank you! @elielcruz @SRLP Thank you! 💜 @Stose @SRLP Thank you!Lol this is gonna be me
@ricardobairos @SRLP Thanks, Ricardo! 💜 @jakesullenhaal Thanks grizz 🥰 @nehachheda @SRLP Thanks Neha!!!My venmo is @ nysocialbee Thank you 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Ru @appelbomb @alplicable No but isn’t everything an ad these days. The lines are blurred. Politicians trade on their… @TheUlloa2 @SRLP Thank you boo! 🥰 @appelbomb @alplicable Our boy Shaniyat did the same and it worked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Today is my 39th birthday! It’s an honor to share my birthday with such a monumental day in history. Please join m… see you guys calling for blind items to be banned and i understand your concerns but i NEED to know of all of thi…
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Retweet if you’d heard of Juneteenth.
Retweeted by Ru#Watchmen begins in Tulsa, 1921 and explores the legacy of systemic racism in America. We’re proud to announce @HBO
Retweeted by RuMen who don’t read are always the most opinionated. Truly fascinating.
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