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Want to be able to help? Donate? Sign petitions for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This website has a lot of usefu… worth reading about.. #BlackLivesMatter probably lose followers, tbh I don’t care. Tired of being silenced because of the colour of my skin. Tired of…
Retweeted by Dan | Dj's AviationThere’s far more important things going on right now - So please use today to read, sign petitions, & educate yours… @FOHeming Always here for you mate, always !Aerial views at @Airbus Finkenwerder (XFW) today: @FlyANA_official's 3rd and final A380, @Juneyao_air's and…
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@Acxcve @aeroflot @flyLAXairport Nice capture mate!Switching scenes, the @AmericanAir Boeing 777 arriving into @HeathrowAirport back in February of 2019! 📸 @martinvega100 @Airbus @anthrsdo @airfrance @Delta @flyLAXairport Cheers! @angrycheapmeals @Airbus @anthrsdo @airfrance @Delta @flyLAXairport Agreed! @totallyaviation I’m all good how are you? I keep the streams either as private or unlisted, purely because it does… @Airbus for @anthrsdo - Of course now featuring the late @airfrance A380 and the @Delta A350 at… @anthrsdo @wilco737 @lufthansa @flyLAXairport Ah he’s gone with the non-controversial answer lol. I applaud you haha! @anthrsdo @wilco737 @lufthansa @flyLAXairport Oh my days 😂 Pretty sure it’s the other way around, Beauty and the Be… @wilco737 @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport He makes a valid point ^ haha @wilco737 @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport On second look I’d have to say that if anything that photo with the A… @wilco737 @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport Oh yes without a doubt! That’s a brilliant spot, enjoyed that probabl… @wilco737 @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport Would you look at that! 😂😂 @anthrsdo @wilco737 @lufthansa @flyLAXairport I agree, Clutters Park along Imperial Avenue is one of the best spott… @wilco737 @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport Hahah! Might need to photoshop the 747 in place, lol! @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport @wilco737 Just found this gem, thanks to my awesome dad who was manning the con… @wilco737 @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport Completely agree, it’s a fantastic spot! Really enjoyed it there. Fin… @wilco737 @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport What a fantastic shot! Love how from this spot you can often grab an… @totallyaviation Indeed haha! @anthrsdo @lufthansa @flyLAXairport @wilco737 NICEEEE! @IdoS24711727 Will check the email out tomorrow, thanks mate!Here’s the @lufthansa A380 at @flyLAXairport 🔥 A similar type of view to the Aeroflot A330 that you seemed to all l… @Sanay_Shah7 @aeroflot @flyLAXairport I was where the black dot is, the plane is around where the red one is. Of co… @anthrsdo It was youuu haha! Thanks so much! I freaked out when I saw the notification, lol. @LaTigresa787 @aeroflot @flyLAXairport Sent now @KFJ205 I just jumped around haha! @PlasmaUkt It never gets old even though some people might think it does haha! It’s so exciting @PlasmaUkt @aeroflot @flyLAXairport What lens do you have at the moment? Mine is a 150-600m so it’s quite BIG haha.… @Supersi1 Haha thanks, it’s an awesome feeling regardless lol! It’s so cool seeing an airline, airport or aircraft…, I’m having a full #avgeek nerd moment here! This is so so so exciting 🤩 @LaTigresa787 @aeroflot @flyLAXairport Of course :) @LaTigresa787 @aeroflot @flyLAXairport Of course, might I help you out though? Shoot me through an email (contactdj… @jackscruiseblog I like continuity nowadays lol, so try have most things the same if possible @jackscruiseblog @sean_gphoto Exactly haha! You’re just so right, hiding a reply in turn I just think brings way mo… a zoom lens can come in handy during spotting 📸! Here’s an @aeroflot A330 departing @flyLAXairport - Taken from… @michael_bys I get why it might scream Easyjet honestly. However, I’d have more an issue if Jetstar was European ba… @jackscruiseblog @sean_gphoto Exactly haha, I’ve never hidden a tweet. If anything it just makes it more noticeable you get me lol? @jackscruiseblog You have to pay but I think it’s really awesome. It’s sent within 5 minutes and looks super clean, good luck with it all!A Belavia 737 departing Stockholm. © Henrik Nilsson
Retweeted by Dan | Dj's AviationA United 787 departing @Dulles_Airport. © Gautham Kurup
Retweeted by Dan | Dj's Aviation @ImMikeSchafer Of* @Sanay_Shah7 @Boeing @flyLAXairport I often alternated between photo and video, however, my awesome dad also helped… @ImMikeSchafer If course! @perfumeflower @JulieBalfour9 It’s oddly short indeed! That’s what I really like about it :) Would’ve been cool to… @Sanay_Shah7 @Boeing @flyLAXairport Just a week @gc_sow Haha @Sanay_Shah7 Cheers! Really pleased I found a site that did them finally @whophd That’s how all my intros are. I don’t have the ability to change it as the intro was created for me. That’s… @Tobias_Gudat @BigManChris9 Yes, however, that’s the Jaffa. Personally class that as a special livery and not their… @BigManChris9 Not the same tail Jetstar usually has at that tail! Hopefully it stays that way 🤩 @Aviationgeek747 I thought so as well! @whophd I’m confused? Nothing says DJ’s? It’s written as Dj’s with a lowercase j. @lines_aviation Ouch!! Hope it’s not too painful @angrycheapmeals Chelsea, yeh it’s been a little bit of a mess @jackscruiseblog @sean_gphoto He replied the same thing on two separate tweets then tried to claim I somehow delete… @jackscruiseblog Just found a website which makes them for you haha! I don’t have the skill to do it myself @Khalid99541892 They’re always in the description :) Also in regards to the Instagram handle I had a previous templ… an entrance at @manairport is this Dreamliner of @TUIUK back in April 2019 #avgeek #aviation #787 #boeing
Retweeted by Dan | Dj's Aviation @PlasmaUkt Haha it was just a mistake. Problem was I had one transition that was blue and the others that were blac… @angrycheapmeals Love football, London landmarks and the aviation scene in Europe which I haven’t had the chance to… @sean_gphoto If I hadn’t spoken on the matter you would’ve said something. I said something because I care and have… @sean_gphoto I’ve changed my logo to stand with people of a darker skin colour. Just because my logo will not stay… @sean_gphoto I’m sorry? The branding of these transitions can last a decade. My branding features blue throughout,… @sean_gphoto Didn’t delete your tweet at all mate. Still up there. @sean_gphoto I used a site that suited my needs @angrycheapmeals Because I had wanted to live in London since I was young and was in a place where I was able to move and live in London... @PhiziksYT Pretty much ahah - let’s pretend I totally didn’t waste my money because I forgot I had blacked out my logo and accidentally purc… @PhiziksYT Nah, I purchased them through a site. I have no skills with animation @PlasmaUkt Oh yes good shout it does! @PhiziksYT Indeed, they look great! @Atak904 Of course @InflightJames Hey James, check DM's @gc_sow Hardly haha, I used a website and ordered these, lol!Debuting in tonight’s video and to be present in all future ones! Finally my own animated prompts that fit better w… El Al 787 landing in San Jose, Costa Rica. © Rafael Fernandez Abarca [Corrected: photo…
Retweeted by Dan | Dj's AviationTim Clark: all bets are off
Retweeted by Dan | Dj's Aviation @jjskippy2 Stay safe mate
ARGH! Just came up with a killer series idea in the past two hours for the channel. Almost unlimited possibilities… @jackscruiseblog Thanks Jack! @mrdak78719486 @Boeing @flyLAXairport To be honest I quite like all 747 variants, this one just feels so sleek and… @planesonthenet @Boeing @flyLAXairport Thanks a lot! @rlundorff1960 I’m glad to hear :) @totallyaviation Here’s hoping we can all with some major attention finally make a change. @Sanay_Shah7 I’m truly hopingAbsolutely love the @Boeing 747-8F! So grateful I had the opportunity to capture the Air Bridge Cargo one at… @Auriga_ZA Hey, quite like this design not going to lie. Would love to see it in person haha!A stunning evening at @flyLAXairport - Here’s the @FlySWISS Boeing 777 heading to its gate after completing a fligh… @MAS Airbus A380 arriving into Melbourne Airport 📸. Quite the smokey 💨 landing indeed! @fabiotravailleu It looks great but also very odd haha! @harryjpinnock Thanks Harry, hope you’re well and I’ll get to that DM of yours shortly. Just had some stuff I had t… @nicoaw7 My post was more about just knowing I likely won’t have the opportunity to see one flying if that makes se… @patufra One day, one day :)