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@Mercury_Rising1 Pretty much over the salary cap on that one..... I really have a feeling DB won’t return. I could… @jus242 @united They should have some kind of box or something if your over a certain height! Sorry your stuck like that @KingJames Beautiful.@kingjames hooked up I Promise School students with over 800 pairs of sneakers:
Retweeted by michelle kingDo you know an LGBTQ+ youth ages 14-24 not in downtown Phoenix? one•n•ten has 7 satellite sites: Mesa, Prescott, S…
Retweeted by michelle kingCONGRATULATIONS to the @WashMystics on their @WNBA championship win!
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I will kneel with @Kaepernick7 before I ever stand with @realDonaldTrump ✊🏻#IsIt2020Yet? #ChangeStartsWithYou #GetOutAndVote
Retweeted by michelle king @NBA2KMobile I would truly enjoy the help with some coins! Thank you very much for your consideration.
@whitecastleaz @WhiteCastle Yup I will beOnly 10 days until @WhiteCastle opens in #Arizona on October 23, 2019. Will you be there on opening day to…
Retweeted by michelle kingFinal stats from @WNBL action this weekend: Leilani Mitchell: 21 pts, 6 rebs, 4 asts, 2 stl, 3-5 3FG in 81-72 win…
Retweeted by michelle king @WhiteCastle I’m soooooo excited I just can’t hide it I just can’t believe it! It’s here it’s outta control! Got 1 n 200 to preorder fresh WC here in the desert! Soo… yes yes #StormthecastleAz I’m so excited can’t flippin wait @98KUPD @WhiteCastle #WhiteCastleSliderHeadMascot I’m waiting for you already at AC just give me two seasons where you BUY TF IN - meaning telling ALL WNBA players' stories, making merch AVAILAB…
Retweeted by michelle kingConsistent, committed coverage is the key. Fans of women’s sports have to WORK to know when and where they can find…
Retweeted by michelle king @jasmined_brown Sending love and warm arms.
Have to pull out that ironing board. Got some new 👔 that require so... hopefully this will help keep tiny hair stra… @De11eDonne Sincere congratulations EDD! Merc fan over here! What an amzing year for you and the team! Is it better… Federal Judge just ruled Trump cannot use Emergency Funds to build “The Wall”. This day keeps getting better and…
Retweeted by michelle king @MSNBC Is that because Saudis are making our weapons now? Have to protect secrets and the country with most terrorists coming from SATrump campaign's unpaid security bills as of June 2019, according to a @NBCNews /Center for Public Integrity report…
Retweeted by michelle king @NdouraStou @TheWinsidr @HPS_Hospitales @coachmingodiaz @JorgeM_S What happened?? @WhiteCastle @WhiteCastle Yes, I mean I’m gonna try and be at Grand Opening in Scottsdale that morning. Me want burgers😉😂😎🥰 @MsPeters14 @lavidadelacy Kinda looks like ARIZONA Fountain Hills actually @MechelleV @ConnecticutSun @WNBA Nothing to be ashamed of!! What a season what a championship series! @ConnecticutSun @WNBA What a great year. Even though didn’t win ‘ship; you all played your hearts out. Gave everyth… @WhiteCastle But y’all still serving burgers at brekkie right????? @WhiteCastle Man I remember when there was no Brekkie on the menu @iamArielAtkins @WeGotGame2 What a series! Congratulations! From a Merc Fan over here.... well deservedTomorrow’s front page
Retweeted by michelle king @prince @william_pitts Sue him and his campaign @MarthaMcSally Your an idiot if you honestly believe that he does not need to be impeached? Your aiding and abettin… @AtlantaDream @WashMystics Hahahaha nice one! @WashMystics @TheWinsidr Congratulations Team! Well deserved great series!!POPPIN’ CHAMPAGNE LIKE WE WON A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 🍾
Retweeted by michelle kingCongratulations to my friend @De11eDonne on her ring. I am so proud of you, impressed with you and thankful our gam…
Retweeted by michelle king @RachGall @ayaabdeen__ She deserved it!! @EmmaMeesseman you deserve the MVP Way to go @WashMysticsIt’s gonna be @WashMystics for #Wnbafinals2019 @EmmaMeesseman should get MVP congratulations what a year!!!!! @wordiebyenature I think @WashMystics have it! 43 seconds leftHysterical but so true @Tyus_Jones_Stan @wordiebyenature Hahahahahahahahahaha @Catchin24 @EmmaMeesseman I think she deserves the Finals MVP! If they win the seriesNoted conservative legal expert Charles Fried says he believes US is in constitutional crisis: "If the President su…
Retweeted by michelle kingIf @WashMystics come away with championship—- @EmmaMeesseman should be MVP! @TheWinsidr @WNBA @RachGall group of 17 former Watergate prosecutors argued that Trump has committed multiple impeachable offenses.
Retweeted by michelle king @TheWinsidr And with JJ out with 4; there is some fire coming from Wash @TheWinsidr And right now @ConnecticutSun has the pressure and @WashMystics isn’t playing organized as a team- lil dis shelved @TheWinsidr It’s gonna go down to whom can keep the pressure and consistency on all rebounds! Just great basketball @wordiebyenature It’s a great super close game @jeffmetcalfe It’s a game tonight!!! I don’t know whom@I want to win both deserve the championship!Game 5 @WNBA 2019 Finals @WashMystics vs @ConnecticutSun what a series..... here we go! I want either team to win—…
@RachGall @TheWinsidr And it always comes down to rebounding both defensively and offensively wins!
@ayaabdeen__ I wouldn’t want her anyway dirty playerTyler Perry's Atlanta studio to include a compound for displaced LGBTQ youth and trafficked women
Retweeted by michelle king @RachGall @TheWinsidr Maybe her back?Wow what a game! Going to game 5 @WNBA Finals 2019 Back to @WashMystics great game @ConnecticutSun and Wash! @LaChinaRobinson Yes I thought I even heard him yell that to his players @wordiebyenature Maybe try YouTube after @wordiebyenature That was an incredible quarter to watch. @wordiebyenature What a game @jeffmetcalfe What a gameWow @WashMystics what a 3rd quarter! This is a nail biter!!!! @WNBA Finals 2019 Game 4Game 4 @WNBA Finals 2019 @ConnecticutSun vs @WashMystics Mystics up 2games to 1 !
@Mercury_Rising1 Ummm shouldn’t they be paying you to find a place or provide Generators and gasoline etc I think t… @12News @VanessaROnAir Frasier @ESPNNBA Great ejected but what about fines and a suspension. He deserves a suspension. That was blatant he should be suspended.The WNBL Show returns for #WNBL20 tomorrow! This season we’re excited to be teaming up with @RSN927, the home of th…
Retweeted by michelle king @ayaabdeen__ AZ already has Suns Cards, yotes and I think I’ve seen a rising one but not sure.Generations of US leaders have understood that accepting – let alone seeking out – political favors from foreign co…
Retweeted by michelle king @ayaabdeen__ That’s awesome! I wish #ArizonaMotorVehicleDept #Arizona would do it. Every other team but Mercury @NBCNews Truth. @brahmresnik @SenatorSinema Excellent. Brahm, can you learn more about why Trump is pulling out of the Open Skies T…
Retweeted by michelle king @azcentral I guess she doesn’t remember the past history. Maybe it’s time she watches “Tricky Dick” especially part… to see what they've done with the Suns beat writers recognition ... time will come for something similar for…
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@ayaabdeen__ Went to a sitting shiva today @LaChinaRobinson For someone whom lives with back pain! All props to EDD
@RachelColeTV @12News Hahahahahahahahaha HahahahaIs anyone else watching “Tricky Dick”???? I’ve said it before—-history repeating with @realDonaldTrump just like… @_Breezy_Briii Where’s Leilani or Alanna??? Hahahah @_Breezy_Briii How is that going? Is it really that difficult to adjust? @Trackstar27806 3 was ago I reinjured back by coughing. 2weeks back brace and still very very tender and sore. Yes pain was severe @wordiebyenature @WeGotGame2 End of a very long long era for SS and for PBS @WeGotGame2 @wordiebyenature The fact that SS is so difficult to find and not on PBS @TheWinsidr Well almost 3 weeks ago blew my back out coughing @Mocurrie25 Family dollar or 99cent store
@PhoenixMercury @azstatefair @phoenixtedster @Mercury_Rising1 Wow @whitecastleaz @WhiteCastle Their mobile accts don’t seem@to be active anymore! @CraveMobile1 @CraveMobile2 they h… @whitecastleaz @WhiteCastle Are they in town Today as well@somewhere @whitecastleaz @WhiteCastle Damn it I missed them!
@Mercury_Rising1 MorningOfficial presser from Washington on Delle Donne injury and status. How do you see this affecting the rest of the s…
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@realDonaldTrump Hahahahaha you didn’t win California... you didn’t win the vote of the people-only electoral colle… @isaiahthomas @WNBA Even though they haven’t clarified or suggests “no one” there are physical aspects of… @ayaabdeen__ She is the grand Marshall! So she will be in the parade! Usually one of first cars in paradeA special gift from her boys - thank you Laila for being such an inspiration during our #StanleyCup run. #stlblues
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