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@HodaAndJenna Totally down for this
@HiddenCash Sweet cream and corn, blue cheese and honey, @ayaabdeen__ I’m ready for it, yet will have to see whether or not Japan has a hold on the Coronavirus. If not they… @Pr3pE have an interview Tues. for entry level in the solar industry! @SAUCEmag @HiPointeDriveIn @SugarFireSmoke @TheDelmarLoop But who’s doing the chicken???? Is it… @KellyRipa LEBANON, IL ????? Wait you lived there or Mark did??? What really wow @Outlook Thank you!Hey @Outlook I got an email saying your gonna close my email!!! Is this a scam???? Had this account maybe 20yrs @SAUCEmag Wow seeing that orange soda in the back makes me want one! @Pr3pE So enjoy watching you put in the work!
@RachGall @TheWinsidr @RachGall @TheWinsidr Ohhh hahahahahahahahaha ! Welp I was COMPLETELY wrong @womensbball247 @S10Bird @seattlestorm That would be great but as long as she feels healthy and can still keep up w… @womensbball247 @cgray209 @ecambage @Pr3pE Probably not Mercury with cap space stuff... but patiently waiting @womensbball247 @cgray209 @ecambage Also @Pr3pE nothing yet on her either...😔 @WeGotGame2 Hmmm, they would get a lil time off but would still have to train. Wonder if they could do something sp… @Mocurrie25 @CashApp @Myisha_022 Happy Happy Birthday Monique! Hope you have a fantastic day! @WeGotGame2 That’s a great question! Though if that scenario takes place... could it almost be impossible w/most ar… @RachGall @TheWinsidr I’m stupid, it’s a SUN player? Just don’t know whom.... I saw AU flag and jumped the gun... @RachGall @TheWinsidr Mitchell? @HanaJapanese I realize it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been in; though I know undoubtedly you deserve this 2x Gold. Brilliant!Congratulations @HanaJapanese Lori and Hana Team for your DOUBLE GOLD! @michellemalone House concert? Does that mean only those invited are welcome? Just in case if I wanted to drive down from PHX... curious
@12News @PaulGerke @womensbball247 The only way would be to let go of the reserves and or trade a few sophomores, like Cunningham or S… @womensbball247 Where’s the money? @12News @PaulGerke Pirahna?? @Mercury_Rising1 @KIA_VAUGHN ????? Where is this news? @BebeNeuwirth Hahahahaha @Pr3pE I felt that way on Xmas Eve about @WhiteCastle they closed early... hahaha sorry I do understand that wanti… Katherine! @Pr3pE Bucket!
@Marcell92137327 @ayaabdeen__ @Pr3pE We sure do! No matter what happens, I hope she is able to find a home and get… @ayaabdeen__ Waiting on E. Carson news😬👀 @VALENTINEtunes Hahahaha cute @Marcell92137327 @lizzo @BET @BrunoMars Hahahaha a follow then!I really need to get back on my regimen of food intake. These last 2wks have my body wrecked.... 😬 @Marcell92137327 @lizzo @BET @BrunoMars That is by far the best Halftime show I can remember! It was electric @BET @ImAngelaBassett She is amazing @Marcell92137327 @lizzo @BET @BrunoMars Yes, I enjoy his music as well! Takes me back to the 60’s & 70’s @Mercury_Rising1 Tummy expanded a lil too much. Hahahaha Yours look great @Marcell92137327 @lizzo @BET @BrunoMars True, but maybe he just needs a breather from the spotlight. A true many en… @BET Great production!! Your welcome @Marcell92137327 @lizzo @BET @BrunoMars Maybe working on a new material?! @BET GODCongratulations @lizzo for entertainer of the year! #51NAACPImageAwards @BETCongratulations to “Just Mercy” @BET #NAACPImageAwards powerful movieThe legend It’s God @MorganFreeman #NAACPImageAwards @BET @michaelb4jordan is an amazing actor! @BET #NAACPImageAwards @SohrabAhmari @MeghanMcCain For the first time in 30yrs I have no clue who I want to vote for @BET @rihanna Thank you @rihanna absolutely everything you just said! @BET @rihanna Absolutely Together is the way! @Mercury_Rising1 PO mans tuna casserole tonight for me @Mocurrie25 😜 @Mocurrie25 Their mushroom burger is awesome ! How was your ham sandwich today??? I got my poor mans tuna casse… @tamronhall you look so beautiful! #NAACPImageAwardsOhhhh @JanelleMonae Ohhh goodness @BET #51NAACPImageAwards @AngelaBassett stunning in Emerald #51NAACPAWARDS @BET @12News Gee locking everyone up on a ship, where germs run rampant anyway was never a good idea anyway. Food, conta…
@Mocurrie25 How bout a poor mans Tuna casserole! blue box Mac n cheese, can of tuna and small can of peas! Think th… @SteveKornacki @MSNBC It’s only 3pm not 5p @RecordingAcad Hill Street Blues theme song on 45 by Mike Post @Pr3pE here are a few more from@a few years ago...mostly smaller ones! Hope you find them calming @Pr3pE Don’t make me go down that rabbit hole of Carbs & mmmm’ tasty sweetness.... an amazing rainfall! Soooo needed this! Yessss @NBCNews What about #TwitterTrump @lwproductions4 I do too! I feel like my skin can’t breathe. Hahahahaha and I live in the 🌵 @NylaTheMusical @wordiebyenature I just want to know if it’s Teaspoons or tablespoons. Yes beautiful penmanship. Ve…
@darcangel21 @ayaabdeen__ @Pr3pE Truth! March on Soldier! @Pr3pE Yes calming @divaminor @jimmyfallon I’d have to say yes Atleast on the left one! Hahahah @Mocurrie25 Ummmmm what @michele_timms This story broke my heart @WomensHoopz After the first few days, I had to take some time from even commenting cuz it’s all so crazy. Still am… @Pr3pE This one is not the one I will be doing for you, yours will be grand. But just a Lil’ 👀 into what I am gonna… heart breaks for this young man and his family @womensbball247 I’ve basically just stayed quiet after first blows were thrown, it’s wild and just sitting back and… @jeffmetcalfe @MechelleV @minnesotalynx @WNBA @Cardinals
@ReggieMillerTNT @LaChinaRobinson Welp it is your sister!Chills @HBODocs @WNBANationPod Chills!!! @MSNBC @NBCNews @oneunderscore__ So does that means 95% will be underneath @realDonaldTrump @IrelandinLA if I wanted to migrate to Ireland in say 5yrs and I have an heavy equipment certification would that b… @TheWinsidr @gabe_ibrahim Agreed on so many levels!!!!! @ayaabdeen__ That no matter how@much you give to your team, players etc.. that it’s never taken into consideration.… @ayaabdeen__ Aya, what I’m thinking is very similar to what Merc did with Leilani last year. But Courtney deserves…
Resurrect #McDonnellDouglas @ayaabdeen__ Meaning we have more $ @ayaabdeen__ Wonder what this will bring, will she sit with team and get paid, or will they be nullifying her contr… @GilpinPeri Was reading a bit. Even though Fred Trump was mentioned about The KKK arrest, failed to mention that he… @jeffmetcalfe @azcentral Atleast Bonner & January will be together @ThatEricAlper Chuck D, Aimee Mann, Melissa Etheridge, Ozzie Smith, Rob Halford, Dido, Linda Perry, Richie Sambora(… @Mercury_Rising1 @PhoenixMercury @Mercury_Rising1 @PhoenixMercury Sweet @MsPeters14 What got you into collecting lighters???? @MsPeters14 ZIPPO’S @ayaabdeen__ Happy Birthday Aya
@HuffPost One criminal helping another criminal!