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Tash LC @DJTashLC London, England

DJ/Writer/Host. @yekeclub @1xtra @worldwidefm @bokobokoldn @boilerroomtv @keephushuk @yanga_uk #ClubYeke Bookings: Music:

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This’m this old
Retweeted by Tash LCChatted with Clash about my current top 10 Afro influenced tunes I’m rinsing right now, ahead of tonight’s Normal N…🗣 my boiler room is up
Retweeted by Tash LC @RubyVision @adisass_ @adisass_🐊🐊Are you ready?🐊🐊 Thankyou for the invitation @residentadvisor🙏🏼 and huge love to everyone that's supported me on…
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"'This is how men were, they don't make them like this anymore'... it's being drilled into you to be this way." 24…
Retweeted by Tash LCyou know what's sad?? People taking more interest in the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama instead of THIS. Th…
Retweeted by Tash LCBeing consistently aired out by people who owe you shit is such a fun pastime 🎈 xxxxxxYour fave hostess with the mostess is heading to BEEEFA this Wednesday w/ @boilerroomtv for the IMS Opening Party!… @djharam973 @1Xtra 🌟❤️Your 2 favs on @NTSlive tonight live from 11pm GMT 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by Tash LCI hear Gafacci’s music in almost every club I play in around the world Inc China, South Korea, South Africa, Europe…
Retweeted by Tash LCI was lucky enough to have the incredible @djharam973 on my @1Xtra show a couple months back and she KILLED it 😍… follow @yekeclub for the latest Club Yeke buznessss! 👹 ☄️Best decision I made 4 years ago as a beat maker/music producer . is to let go my dreams of being relevant in Ghana…
Retweeted by Tash LCAll visa refusals are wrong but there’s something particularly depressing and bleak about denying artists and music…
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✨✨✨✨✨✨’ll make it happen 💪🏽 @minamusicuk 😞
My dad threw a whole chair across the hall at my dickhead head of year teacher at my secondary school graduation co…
Retweeted by Tash LCIf you see someone going into an accessible toilet who doesn’t appear to have a disability, it’s your civic duty to…
Retweeted by Tash LCtake a look. these are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America. Governor Kay Ivey...SHAME ON YOU!!!!
Retweeted by Tash LCimagine being a multi billionaire with the ability to do this everywhere and then... not
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EP is not out yet hehehehe😊😊😊. You go crazy on bandcamp . Thanks for supporting .Don't stop. You gonna receive you…
Retweeted by Tash LCThey’ve 100% executed him time having an EP named after me 😅 Tash Bought New Music by @Gafacci out now 💞 inspired by my ridiculous amou… back to the latest XTC show by myself & @iamsherelle. (my favourite show this year tbh) ft tracks by…
Retweeted by Tash LCmy man was 10 days away from graduating (which implies he was studying and going to school) and was just tryna make…
Retweeted by Tash LCSo happy and proud to announce the African tour we put together for #MirrorsTheShow, the multidisciplinary performa…
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This beautiful lineup at @TheJazzCafe tomorrow night 🥰 Peru 🇵🇪 to LDN 🇬🇧 vibes w/ @denguedengued + @onthecornerteam DID DAT 🌟🍒🌟 @yazzuss
Whose ready 😈’ve literally slashed mental health funding by £650m you wretched little bitch
Retweeted by Tash LC😱😱 song "Ice Cream" (prod. @minamusicuk & @CcTarquin) features in this PUMA RSX II video. Release details coming so…
Retweeted by Tash LC @cjgordonjemmott Why are they perpetually on kWhat we do on maternity leave.... Directed and Choreographed by North 🤠 @lilnasx
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TONIGHT! @fauzimoto has curated some of the UK's most exciting DJs for our studio session. First up @denhamaudio in…
Retweeted by Tash LCFree show in Manchester soon
Retweeted by Tash LC @shiriri us in male form, the laugh baby girl @yunganz_ !!me: gets paid on friday bank account on sunday: $3.67 me:
Retweeted by Tash LCTeaching the next gen the funky way next week with 2 of my favourites 🍒 @KarenNyameKG + @atbamz ♥️ @RedBullMusicUK're SO excited to announce #tryingtofindme a new show touring this summer which marries Bridget Jones’ Diary, Ins…
Retweeted by Tash LC @bradleyzero Yeah 100% recommend but just be prepared to COMMIT
Started working on the soundtrack for an exciting theatre project today! ☺️🌟 I love being the club but also loving… excited to be working as part of the creative team for this years @ukblackpride 💜✊🏾 they ain’t READY
Retweeted by Tash LCNah being on season 1 of GOT is mad stressful 😤😤 do you know how many tweets I have to scroll past mad quickly to avoid spoilersTHIS IS FIRE
Retweeted by Tash LCVery rarely do I see these types of videos feature a little girl with type 4 hair. Finally. She’s cute as a button.
Retweeted by Tash LCA sexual predator is no longer the most subscribed YouTuber but a racist horse that calls people nigger is, wow so…
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@cjgordonjemmott ❤️❤️ @jubamusicldn I’m sure they were returned after
Codename: Burnt Orange 🍊😍😍😍😍😍😍 thread of Caribbean, African and Indian VEGAN recipes for those of you who can’t seem to fathom what meals could…
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Only just deeped the effectiveness of utilising rekordbox and acc preparing a set technically beforehand, wowA bop tbh child wasn’t even introduced to Orange Juice before racism.
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Put a lil mix together for @KISSFresh filled with some of my favourite tunes at the moment. you should listen if yo…
Retweeted by Tash LCAttention the La Créole x Boiler Room session with @hddldn @lazyflow & Poté is airing tomorrow night at 8 CET, you…
Retweeted by Tash LC @mbootyspoon Yaaaas!
Nahhh @badsista011 is goin all the WAY INNNNNNN 😦 @1Xtra* @avalon_emerson @DJTashLC @bbc1xtra @badsista011 @yunganz_ @pedrodalinha @djd_lish @errorsmith @avalon9000 badsista <3
Retweeted by Tash LC @DJTashLC @1Xtra @bbc1xtra @badsista011 @yunganz_ @pedrodalinha @djd_lish @errorsmith @avalon9000 Locked innnn 💘
Retweeted by Tash LC💘 on @1Xtra with bad gyal @DJTashLC in a minute! 9pm - 11pm get locked in - this time I’m providing a passport t…
Retweeted by Tash LCThe @bbc1xtra residency Tash LC Style-eee 2nite feat king Kelman Duran in 3 tracks 👑 @badsista011 in the g mix and… has moved to London! He’s here on a tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, it’s available to those comsidered except…
Retweeted by Tash LC🗓 NEW FESTIVAL ANNOUNCEMENTS 🗓 ➡️ @GlastoFest in June for @WhoCaresbristol on the Friday and Silver Hayes on Sunda…
Retweeted by Tash LC @cjgordonjemmott Hella rudeI remember my therapist ask me “who are you” and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “a mother, wife”. S…
Retweeted by Tash LC @femaledave MeeeeAyyyyyyyyy ❤️
⏰ Who's ready for this Friday? Lisbon kuduro energy in a SE LDN warehouse. 👉🏾 More Time Records 2nd Birthday with…
Retweeted by Tash LC😍😍🔥I'll be playing @WirelessFest Sunday July 7th 2019 with my @foundation_fm bad gyals!😍😍🔥 💣💣VIP TAKEOVER💣💣
Retweeted by Tash LC @DJTashLC @iamsherelle @boilerroomtv @fauzimoto @lucyproducti0n @yazzuss You were the most perfect host, thank you…
Retweeted by Tash LC @Dobbyx3 @iamsherelle @boilerroomtv @fauzimoto @lucyproducti0n @yazzuss Thank you babe! You smashed it 👑 @fauzimoto 😍Sunday was special ❣️ to have so many powerful women bossing up a space + absolutely shelling down the function mad… 😍 it upppp #MetGala
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Can’t wait for this one!! Next week @DjPlead plays @fivemileslondon with @Wallworkuk @Aya_Azma @Dobbyx3 & myself 🔥…
Retweeted by Tash LCWhy do aunties get those braids that start halfway down their forehead like some kind of hair beanie pulled down really far
Retweeted by Tash LCTONIGHT 💅🏾6 FIGURE GANG💅🏾 alll damn nite long🚨 ARRIVE EARLY TO SECURE UR TICKET ON THE DOOR!!!! 🔥🔥💫🔥💫💫🔥💫🔥…
Retweeted by Tash LCit’s always someone’s daughter when it’s sex work but never when it’s rape and sexual assault
Retweeted by Tash LCI don’t know what it is but this kills me everytime🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Tash LCTHIS is what Chris Brown did to Rihanna. don’t EVER ever call it a mistake. abusing women is not a fuck!ng “mistake…
Retweeted by Tash LCYesterday marked the end of my 10-year plan. 10 years ago I was a single teenage mum who had just escaped rape & a…
Retweeted by Tash LCAnd @lucyproducti0n ♥️♥️So I’m hosting this one tonight 😈 6 Figure Gang for @boilerroomtv spicing up ya bludclarrrrrt Sunday 🥳😍 too many qu…
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