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The K is so you don't get me confused with the other guy. Views my own - you can't have them

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@jeipi84991251 @stevemblackburn @AuschwitzMuseum It's him documenting the conversations he had with his father who… @stevemblackburn @AuschwitzMuseum Read Maus by Art Spiegelman. Personally my favourite communication of the Shoah a…
@ByGeoffW The longer I look at this the more it annoys me @paulg @moigottweets A lot of people confuse happiness for satisfaction. You can't be happy without suffering. But… @ninamohanty I have curly fries @GuardianJessica Ew Ew Ew @_EBANKS_ @IAMGGAMOUR Don't come to debate if you don't understand the subject. @DanielleDASH My favourite part of his bullshit is the notion that the royal family isn't mollycoddled.You're a wizard, Harry, you piece of shit.
@Glinner Is this a joke? It fails spectacularly at every level. Aren't you supposed to be professionally funny? @charlotte2153 He also sold his dad's house to pay for it @jaynooch World's first passable android @sytaylor I blame Pokémon @FUNTlMEZ I got yelled at by the headmaster in primary for not doing my spelling test homework because I already kn… zero
Retweeted by Dhanum K. Nursigadoo @DanaSchwartzzz You have to use your own laptop at work?
@ClareBarry How's your day going? @11FS Can I have a mug?...Tumbleweed... Not a single book sold today... £0.00... We think think this maybe the first time ever... We k…
Retweeted by Dhanum K. Nursigadoo @SamuelpWalton @PukeySpooky @libbycwatson FF 8 would have been great if it didn't have that stupid draw system. I w… @libbycwatson Final Fantasy 7Genuine question - why aren't mobile communications being disrupted by new tech and creating new competitive provid…
@traependergrast What's with all this shit dancing? @KateFlood Tbf this is sadly true. County lines gangs do some horrendous shit, I wouldn't be surprised if this was… tweet is a work of art @cgledhill Oh for sure the onus is going to be on gambling sites. @ninamohanty Visa also just bought Earthport. I wonder who they'll buy next
@KateFlood Absolute scenes in my office as two of my team give up sex and another gives up laughter.
@KateFlood Reminds me of the time I was nearly mugged by a flock of seagulls for my chips and this tiny 19 year old… @SJSchauer JohjThey taste good literally everywhere else in Europe!Why is the entirety of the UK okay with kebabs being shit unless you're smashed?Best take on crypto I've seen yet lol @Vitt2tsnoc Why is it always on a Sunday?The only time I use the word 'royally' is in the phrase 'royally fucked up' so I understand why someone wouldn't wa…
@MaryRobinette My name may as well be an advanced algebra problem for so many people. They are so bad at spelling and pronouncing it.
@DaneBaptweets Tell us who the racist comedian is?Sometimes I should use my Twitter for the reason I got it. Wrote this on 5AMLD - long story short, implementation i… @OfficialPLT @lauzyfaulks Don't suck, pay people for their content @AITA_reddit This is sad and horrific @TheUKDemocrat @afuahirsch @nytimes Then you're a blind man @craigcook3 This is what happens when you don't learn science in school. @sharonodea I guess it makes sense to only stay where there's high adoption. They were literally everywhere in Pari…
@ginnyhogan_ Hey, we also shower
@holly Because he's worth it. @spectatorindex Never seen a publication dismiss death so callously. @_ElizabethMay I always wonder how people like this react to their children's report cards? Do they just think teac… it now, finance story of the year:
@Digital_Magss @ninamohanty @embeddedfinance @LarsMarkull @BrettKing @matteorizzi Digital banks are so busy trying… @sharonodea @marxculture You're better off being a member of an airport lounge scheme than an airline @hoxbycollective @SianySianySiany All this tells me is that you don't believe in your platform's attractiveness @BAFTA @LauraDern @Florence_Pugh @MargotRobbie Did no WOC act in 2019? @TomBlenkinsop @campbellclaret Quite an outdated way of thinking.
@RoylePin Where is this place? I need to eat thisWhy are dentists allowed to be mad at you? No other profession do I go and pay someone to make me feel guilty.Absolutely cannot wait to watch this batshit insane faux-science at play. @CupcakesHr Terrifying @CupcakesHr How, pray tell, do you use your commute to unwind? And can you teach me this magic?
This is so sinister. It may as well be the Wickerman. @DanaSchwartzzz @NobleBloodTales Gilles de Rais (sorry this one was so slow - still never going to stop suggesting it) @AITA_reddit To anyone reading this post and feeling like they shouldn't go to the gym because of assholes like thi… @mutualouie But who doesn't love a yum yum? #ClimateChange emergency now unfolding in #Jakarta, where officials say ‘this is not ordinary rain’. 21…
Retweeted by Dhanum K. Nursigadoo @MadhviMavadiya I think she's taken the approach of various fitness challenges to get those numbers. 'Add 5 more si… like Ellen Scott but if you can afford to save a grand in December then you should just do that every month. Mov… @Natasha_Rossiya @Vitt2tsnoc Just like how things worked out in Iraq and Syria, right? @nooosman Why is "don't touch strangers" such a hard rule for people to follow?
@EllenCScott No Candace? She had him nailed to the wall! @eiffeltyler Why do online recipe videos never have any veggies? Do people not like to eat vegetables with their meals? @MsJCurrie I'd love to talk to whoever wrote this JD @ByGeoffW Tbf it wholly depends on the type of map you're looking at. Mercantile maps became the most common and th… @ByGeoffW But was the intent to use old media to go viral on social? If it was then its a great play, just like what Deadpool did
@DavidB45212563 @francesweetman To be fair this seems to be in-line with what a lot of US politicians are saying to… is the real hero of the story and noone seems to respect that. @ninamohanty @nigelwalsh @ByGeoffW @YieldersUK Co-founders there are a few I think across tech in general in the UK… @ByGeoffW @ninamohanty Ismail Ahmed at WorldRemit is a co-founder but not CEO. @ninamohanty @sohear A real pity. Trussle was one of the few fintech startups in the UK with a BAME founder and CEO… @charlesraustin Homer managed to land a job he was woefully unqualified for after protesting the nuclear plant. I t…
@tomfgoodwin Do a pop-up and test the market? @coff33detective @SoozUK Macavity is a public nuisance @SoozUK This is why I never post on social media when I'm catching up on a show. There's always some dickhead @AITA_reddit So grim. All he had to say was city break in the UK. Or hell, just say we're not leaving the country a… anyone knows any books that will rip out my heart and smash it on the ground please DM me. #BookRecommendations @RoylePin I'd rather set my tree on fire @holly @waitbutwhy No, we need to be as boring as possible this decade so we don't suffer from the "Ahh oh god my arm, my fucking arm!" 30s. @andizeisler I'm a fully qualified calenderologist and I worked as a timeologist for 5 years. The new decade begins…
I hate when news sites partially gate content without giving me a single sign in option and force registration. Wha… @redditships People are so weird. And don't understand the importance of consent @Ciara87C People love outing themselves as paedophilic on here. I think Japanese law operates at state and federal… @DanaSchwartzzz Beetlejuice is so majestic, who's his handler?
@_ElizabethMay It's what we all deserve for calling our loved ones by cute names that show our care and respect the… @JohnnyBerchtold How are you not more famous!? @NitashaKaul What a casual approach to pure evil @_ElizabethMay Using the words 'empire' and 'decent people' in. The same sentence is an oxymoron, no? @chrissy_kreme10 @DanielleDASH So many people seen to misunderstand what an unreliable narrator is. People are too…
@sometimesnike @francesweetman Tbf brands have been doing this for ages. @ninamohanty Collaboration between fintechs and banks is great to see but after the Loot x RBS relationship I'd be… @kibblesmith LeBlanc is the perfect rogue @forexposure_txt Super weird way to tell people to make sure they watermark their workBrilliant marketing strategy by @bumble