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@ClareBarry I've just spoken to my mum and unfortunately she's had to cancel the upcoming one due to Covid-19. But… to build a brand strategy from 0-1: a beginning guide // 🧵
Retweeted by Dhanum K. Nursigadoo @copytyper @VikkiRossWrites From what I understand he's a fairly toxic man in Manhattan who makes life difficult for some columnistThe only public proposal that's worth it @imteddybless Greatest reality show ever, these men are all idiots for the most part and I can only assume they're… @JaimePrimak Stealing money from a sex worker is what pimps doThe idea that it is idiotic or stupid to be cautious about coming forward for the vaccine if developed soon is a no…
Retweeted by Dhanum K. Nursigadoo @ClareBarry My mum runs one of these pretty much yearly now if you want details of the next one?
@_ElizabethMay Not an author but I imagine people emailing you that they disliked something you spent an age workin… @N_Sportelli Single greatest piece of advertising I've ever seen @bktchung Sure, but at the same time don't make that into a rod for your own back. Meaningless stuff is a part of life too. @HannahAlOthman You're basically a modern day hero @bktchung Also watch The Good Place - it discusses a lot of these ideas in a fun way...and the importance of doing… @bktchung We're so small that the big picture doesn't matter too much, it's better to focus on doing good things in… @redditships You obviously have no sympathy for your father either. What a toxic way to behave. @Ciara87C Hate following seems so exhausting @AdamWeinstein The police about to break out some heavy cavalry @imteddybless I thought everyone defaulted to thinking it was a toothbrush and the pervert thing was just a bit in bad comedies? @FinancialTimes Lol the property bubble in London will never burst until something's done about all the dirty money…'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.' @agirlcalledlina Sounds like it's been infiltrated by county lines gangs
@micsolana I've seen more tech people laud CCP than tech journos but this is an interesting take.Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places in the world and the scarring this could cause is unbelievable. If yo… sake. Mauritius isn't equipped to handle this and it will kill so much life. revenge film was redefined by John Wick so Upgrade is pretty meh for the most part, but oooh that ending totall… @AITA_reddit Divorce him, you'll get far more financial support from a courtPrequels are the worst type of story and need to be banned
Don't let #boohoo drown out their tag mentions with this form of marketing. Each time they do it, it's to help co…
Retweeted by Dhanum K. Nursigadoo @tristajaye Powerful and moving story of one woman's journey to get what she neededHeart stopping @bellykachman @iamcardib Sex education is so important @rshevlin @sammaule Also just generally interesting as there's a class of older Americans who have somehow ended up… @rshevlin @sammaule That's not really what I'm referring to, of course that difference makes sense. I mean more tha… @pteer @rshotton I think the sort of person who buys a Patek is the sort who's obsessed with legacy. And the taglin… @biancdee Today the sun blasts Shade is elusive and hot Summer's rain inside @HendinArts This is fantastic, please share your dumber piercing storiesAs someone who Writes Things™ professionally, I sometimes wonder what life would look like if noone wrote anything… @ClareBarry I equipped my mum with everything and she's so tech-phobic she asks me every single day how to do thing… @sammaule @rshevlin This is curious, and probably a strong argument on wage differentials being absolutely ridiculous @BeeBabs Jokes on them, my crushes never gave me attention. Also isn't a crush supposed to be sort of unattainable anyway?Taylor Swift as B2B software...a thread
Retweeted by Dhanum K. NursigadooLol and people think Trump won't win a second term to normal is a lie everyone tells themselves whenever anything changes. People pushing this narrative now… fact that Bon Appetit was publicly called out, had a massive part of their fan base hold them accountable, had…
Retweeted by Dhanum K. NursigadooSeriously, why does anyone follow me? I chat such shit.Given how bad the rollout of 2020 has gone I suggest that next year be 2020 v.2Be careful not to confuse percent with percentage point. A change from 10% to 13% is a rise of 3 percentage points.…
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@BeeBabs Your Kissing Booth 2 commentary has me tempted to watch it, do I need to watch the first one to understand… @kenklippenstein He seems to just be some hardcore misogynistic piece of shit. @fenity Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with you? @BeeBabs It looks like fake marble but the veining has gone wrong somehow. Feels ice cold. @fddlstx @fenity @KatrinaNation @thenation Hahaha omg you're 100% correct @fddlstx @fenity @KatrinaNation @thenation Obviously, but did you read the email? To him it is the same thing. @fenity @KatrinaNation @thenation Maybe don't try to bully Dana Schwartz or any other woman online in the future an…🧐 Who are the best Black-owned/run Marketing + PR companies and/or consultants out here? Plz RT for reach.
Retweeted by Dhanum K. NursigadooJust take me to this magic bar with £6 Negronis @zachsilberberg Once got a rejection email over a year later. I genuinely don't know how that happens @haniruok Earlier generations were incentivised to stay at one company through things like final salary pensions, w…
@TaylorLorenz Ah the inability to realise that change happens gradually rather than all at once.I dunno guys, this doesn't seem that safe a thing to do. @imteddybless Writing a letter of what you're experiencing and being crystal clear about past medical experiences h… @kristen_agate Yeah I've seen people do builds for around 10-20k so it seems possible to spend like a year or so bu… @AITA_reddit I'm genuinely glad that all the important women in this man's life have left him. They all deserve better @AITA_reddit Why would you humiliate your child like this? @Lewyb96 Dogs are on the clock 24/7Seriously considering #vanlife at this stage. I'm sure people do it and maintain regular remote jobs, right? @imkialikethecar 'strong businesses have hype' @ninamohanty Aggregated transactional data is useless until someone makes a decent predictive/machine learning mode… @Mottel @TaylorLorenz
@N_Sportelli I'm feeling underhyped in my day-to-day life, how does one apply to this hyping scheme?Random explosions with no discernible cause happening in the world are why I follow people like @DanKaszeta who are… we do this again, Pizza Express isn't shutting restaurants just because of covid 19... Or because its pizza…
Retweeted by Dhanum K. NursigadooWake me up when I'm a beetle. @benz_thanachart @grumpwitch The power of boredom @Jason There are reports of nearly 40 million unemployed people in the USA right now...any temporary job creation i… @CharlotteBHC Wars were fought and nations colonised so that the British could have spices. And then there's Karl.Honestly just a great (and entertaining) bit of journalism
@ninamohanty No conference is worth dying for. Not a sentence I ever thought I'd ever have to utter, my 30s are goi… @fairycakes People tend to suck at identifying talent @AITA_reddit What an evil thing to do to someone you supposedly love @holly I've done it before by squeezing the sides to get a bend and then opening without tearing @ClareBarry Tiling is literally the one reason I haven't thrown my laptop off the roof. @thegoblinpoet I was a party dude but now I'm afraid I'm becoming cool but rude, it's such a letdown @Ad_Recruiter Absolutely fucked that someone thinks it's okay to behave so unprofessionally @amcnal Genuinely thought this said 'break the blue' on first reading1/ When I was 13 years old, I spent 3 days in the hold of a converted cargo ship, escaping a war zone with nothing…
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@DaneBaptweets @Lucy_Worsley What is with the BBC and it's campaign to use the N-word during daytime TV atm? @Ciara87C The headline makes me wonder why the marriage happened in the first place @sharonodea Rishi Sunak is a sockpuppet and literally noone in UK press seems to care. I do not understand it. @TheDuckMane We should all be so optimistic @AITA_reddit Sense of humour? Please explain the joke @redditships Please just stay a short king and buy a house instead. You'll be better off and you won't have what ca… @OscarWGrut Nice to see my annoyance with this show validated by a reviewer. Next up someone needs to do a takedown… @VaushV Some of these are just stolen from LGBT culture...yas/yas queen is straight from Paris is Burning. @redditships Isn't this a plotline from Scrubs?I just want to live in a world of 3-day weekends
@SocialPhantom @danhett That is a designer who has learned to work to client brief exactly and without feedback @Ciara87C Fucks sake he is not our friend! He got his job in the dodgiest fucking way possible and is literally a p… @SaarioBrandon @TaylorLorenz Imagine being a teenager who can't go to school, see friends or really go outside for…
@ispitonheteros All fandoms are toxic