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Retired from IT. Still a P/T Irish musician, NY Rangers fan, husband, father, grandfather, sci-fi tv fan... not necessarily in that order. 😉

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@martybiron43 My understanding from @reporterchris is he signs an ATO agreement before going out. It expires the ne… @reporterchris Hey @NHL @PR_NHL @NHLPA & Gary Bettman, The LEAST you can do is change that ATO contract to allow so… @KennyAlbert Toss up.
@atrupar @gtconway3d Oh come on, Aaron. If you can't acknowledge by now (3+ years in) that Trump weaponizes anythin… @nbcsvu The Dun Dun has been my wife's text message alert sound for ages now. She's an avid fan of SVU. @waltshaub If the lust for power ends up destroying the object of that power, what is the point of the lust? @reedgalen @gtconway3d It's another bailout, pure and simple. Somebody should tell the farmers. @tedfrank @gtconway3d Add this to the collection, taken yesterday morning in Las Vegas. @RickCarpiniello What happened to him?
@samstein And we care what @SpeakerRyan thinks why? @realDonaldTrump YOU STILL DON'T GET IT! Tariffs don't 'come into' the USA. They're paid by American consumers, inc… @realDonaldTrump @TeamCavuto @FoxNews Ah, the continuing march towards state tv. @djrothkopf As much as I would deplore his vote decision, he may be right about Bernie. In 2016, one of the reasons… @djrothkopf The 'scare' tactics are Trump's stock-in-trade. As the incumbent, he's got the bully pulpit. So they're… @Lawrence In 2016, Sanders wanted to overcome the Hillary juggernaut, and many, including him, failed to see the Tr… Madison on the pardon power, 1788: “If the President be connected, in any suspicious manner, with any person…
Retweeted by Denis @TheLastWord @ewarren @Lawrence There are two choices here, really three. 1. Convince Republicans of Trump's real d… @SenateGOP @senatemajldr THIS IS ON YOU!!! From: The American people
@RepAdamSchiff @PreetBharara Corruption is Donald Trump’s second middle name. @gtconway3d He deserves more but will likely not even serve a day. Trump pardon in 3... 2... 1...Please, please, Democrats: take the fight to Trump. You do know he's the incumbent president and that we, the peop…
Retweeted by Denis @soledadobrien That will do nothing for this election cycle. In fact, it’ll take a generation of cycles to get most… @AOC That will do nothing for this election cycle. In fact, it’ll take a generation of cycles to get most voters to…
@TheLastWord @Lawrence @maddow I said from the beginning that Barr’s ABC interview was just a planned diversion. No… #ResignNowBarr #ResignNowBarr #ResignNowBarr #ResignNowBarr #ResignNowBarr #ResignNowBarr…
Retweeted by Denis @hqtrivia Ok, so if @hqtrivia is broke and now shut down, who the heck posted this tweet?
They had a little drink about an hour ago. #TheyOnlyHadOneDrink #cromwellvegas @ Cromwell Las Vegas, The the Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas. Everyone should try this once. #TipsyRobot #LasVegas #SexOnTheBeach @ Tipsy R…
Can this be fixed? When can I expect an updated app? I'm definitely not downgrading my phone. Thanks. @OmronHealthUS Last week, I bought a 10 Series BP7450 device from CVS. I downloaded the app and it worked fine the… @TonyDee07 .@Bmarch63 Lindgren will outlast you. @ddale8 @realDonaldTrump So the lesson here is: Parscale can & does lie as much as Trump, but unlike Trump, Parscal… @ddale8 Someone actually agreed to marry him? Ewww.
@ddale8 My wife & I are going to Vegas tomorrow. Thanks goodness we're coming back Thursday. @ColinSNewsday @sportswatch Enjoy the off-day. BTW, re: your column today, even if Igor & AG are effectively 1A & 1… @SethAbramson As much as I like the symbolism, it probably won't have any impact, given that Barr said he will not be bullied. @randimarshall If Saladino's history is any indicator, he'll opt for the caretaker role. He doesn't impress me as the visionary type. @lisamurkowski @USDOT @SecElaineChao Ah, that explains your violation of your oaths (as a Senator & impeachment jur… @JoyceWhiteVance @gtconway3d He's thought it all along. He's just saying out loud now. @wyshynski Normal MSG prices. @Jim_Jordan Reminder: Flynn and Papadapoulos actually pled guilty to making 'false statements.' Jim, how are those…
Hey @NHL While Evander & others should try to keep their elbows down, it happens, & he's right that major lack of c… @gtconway3d Why would ANYONE in the administration think that Trump would appreciate anything they're doing for him…
It's 5:30 p.m. The President attempted quid pro quo extortion on Twitter. The danger doesn't lie in overreacting, i…
Retweeted by Denis @Susan_Hennessey Not only that, but if too many career prosecutors leave DoJ, then it totally comes under political… @Lawrence @SenSanders Trump was still an unknown back then, from a governing & policy point of view. Will it make a… VIDEO: Telling The Truth - Lt. Col. Vindman upheld his oath. @realDonaldTrump has not. #CountryOverParty…
Retweeted by Denis.@JusticeOIG You must investigate AG Barr & the Justice Department's decision to revise the sentencing recommendati… @RachelBitecofer Barr is a master word parser, and any interview with him could be used as a master class in divers… @realDonaldTrump As @MichaelCohen212 has testified, you don't have to ask directly. You 'express' your wish and it…’re at Code Yellow, folks
Retweeted by Denis @RepAdamSchiff This whole episode is just another planned diversion by Trump/Barr. One lies and the other swears to… @djrothkopf @waltshaub Walt later says media is 2 steps behind. The media have to get up to speed and have to get l… @Lawrence Barr is a master word parser. He works hard at covering his ass. The media has to dig in to the stuff he… @waltshaub You've got to get the media up to speed. Without them, there's no hope of countering Trump. That's becau…'s 10:00 a.m. Trump tried to extort a state, solicited election interference and declared absolute power to defen…
Retweeted by DenisRoses are red; Diamonds have clarity. But federal law doesn't; We need mental health parity. #HealthPolicyValentines
Retweeted by Denis @ThePlumLineGS @Danjanison Well, Barr did say he will not be bullied. @TheLastWord @Lawrence That whole interview was a planned diversion from something else by Trump/Barr. Pure BS. The… @TheRickWilson @soledadobrien Is there any way for Collins, Murkowski, etc to change their votes? Asking for a friend... @TimOBrien True, but Trump's problem is the witch hunt outweighs democracy in his mind. In fact, he doesn't really… @Mimirocah1 @soledadobrien I said earlier in a different tweet that this was just a prearranged diversion from Trump/Barr. @ShimonPro @gtconway3d So what do they consider when one of the 'parties' issues two different submissions? @marghurley Enjoy it. I've often forgotten about the timing of that. It was 40 years ago this month I first started dating my wife. @marghurley LOL. you'll like some of my 'rant' tweets, if there is such a thing.Enter to see The Who in Dublin on March 18. Support a great cause! @HockeyRodent Smith in after 4 games out. Staal has the flu.
@realDonaldTrump Everything you do is political, and much of it is illegal. #TrumpCorruption #TrumpResign @ABC Barr is a master word parser, just like Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen. People need to read between the… @PreetBharara I'm betting this is a prearranged diversion concocted by Trump and Barr. As far as I can tell, Barr n… @CarolLeonnig @PhilipRucker Besides being WAY TOO LATE, Kelly didn't really tell us anything that a lot of us didn'… has found a way to fix reality so it's not so uncomfortably real.
Retweeted by Denis @Lawrence And NOT in real time. The damage is still done, and it could have been prevented. @realDonaldTrump Yes, WE DO. You can start with YOURSELF, and take your Cabinet with you too! #TrumpCorruption #TrumpResign @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @FoxNews Devin Nunes is hardly a bastion of honesty. He's like Trump in that way. @ianbremmer Is that Trump's real net worth, or just what he says it is? @stengel @djrothkopf Gotta wonder if he's angling for a book deal too. - we know many of the same people in NY. Behind your back they laugh at you & call you a carnival…
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Retweeted by Denisimpeachment for Barr must be on the table: He's turned DOJ inro a weapon to enact retribution against a president’…
Retweeted by Denis @waltshaub All the more reason to believe the 'selling' was the buyer's idea and the price is some sort of blackmail or coercion.Ok @ChuckGrassley At this stage of your career, this cannot be ideological. There absolutely must be something hidd… @maddow And nothing will be done about it until the Senate GOP decides that the country, and democracy itself, are…"Barr’s actions set a dangerous precedent and should alarm all Americans." @ProjectLincoln response on DOJ involve…
Retweeted by Denis @SenSherrodBrown Unfortunately Senator Brown, his 'tour' will continue whether the Senate say nothing or anything.…
@SpeakerPelosi All due respect, TOP priority now must go to hauling in AG Barr before the @HouseJudiciary to explai… @RepJerryNadler , cc: @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff From: The American People WHY IS THIS NOT THE FIRST THING… love this tweet. Yes, we can all do something. And it's only by each of us doing whatever we can to help that we…
Retweeted by Denis @waltshaub Call #DOJ Comment Line to demand Barr’s resignation 1-202-514-2000 (press 4) Call White House to demand…
Retweeted by DenisTo: @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @senrobportman @SenCoryGardner From: The American People THIS IS ON YOU!!! Stop… Congress it's time to call out Trump & Barr. @RepAdamSchiff @maskedscheduler C'mon Adam! You already know this is why Trump hired Barr. It's time for Congress,… just donated to @SaraGideon to help defeat that idiot toad Susan Collins in 2020.
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@KatiePhang @gtconway3d Agreed, but WHO is going to make that happen? Congress, or more pointedly, the House, need… @neal_katyal Who is the judge and what leeway does he/she have in sentencing? How much do you know of the judge's h… @RachelBitecofer Must disagree, Rachel. These are not mutually exclusive positions. Both are true IMHO. @RachelBitecofer The 'horserace' (I really dislike that term) is in danger of being ended before the quarter pole i… @tlcjoane @RachelBitecofer Americans are over-entertained and under-informed. @MelissaJPeltier All Barr... in the execution of Trump's wishes. Congress needs to get involved... immediately and forcefully. @DavidNir @soledadobrien Hey @SenatorCollins Most of us don't care any more what you think. But what should bother…