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Alert, stable, decent and all around respectable individual. No atypical perceptions or beliefs. Well-adapted to industrial society and its future.

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ok now do math @jaccinthenet @made_in_cosmos I think this can be true at the same time as "being abnormal is good". specifically t…
@TWakalix but also admit to not being very knowledgeable about relevant data, my doubt is based almost entirely on… @TWakalix yeah for sure, 100% agreed. I'm not sure about the 50% figure given the relatively recent steep increase… de-aged
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation army @TWakalix per child then I suppose? because the two groups are very likely not equally largehappy birfday corona-chan! ^_^
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation army @cIass_man @del0ser
2020 here we go, my chart for November! favorites? what do you suspect I may be missing? behaves like milk when boiled @fabgenovese uggggh 😨 @monoscient blocked and reported @gtbtommy fucking FINALLY @fabgenovese oh and please contribute your own too:)))all Internet connections are 512 kbpsyou always have Crazy Frog stuck in your headJava EE instead of Rustit's 2164 and Mark Fisher and Francis Fukuyama are the new Jules VernesFlash won the OS wars and Macromedia has replaced Apple @fabgenovese haha thank you, but only a third of these are mine, the rest are from @milenius and @dbrockCraig Wright recently became the president of MENSA after proving that he's Satoshievery battery powered device shuts down at 53%every day you would have to eat burritos that are always cold on the inside no longer how long you microwave themthere is no way to exit vim anymoreall chips are salt and vinegar flavoredchecksums still work but all file transfers are corruptedRichard Stallman is no longer cancelled but you have to follow all his instructions to the letter (and he's your roommate)all text has bad kerningAyn Rand took the place of Martin Heideggeryour job is to rewrite NPM in continuation passing style to optimize for multithreadingthis reminds me of this beautiful prompt by @dbrock "You've been put in charge of running "heck," the afterlife f… @sexwithsunra well I mean art isn't 1-to-1 exchangeable (or it wouldn't be art) so if there's something I happen to… @sexwithsunra this is true! lots of good art made by fascists though @Glbp6 well I got shivers just by reading the review so I won't care about the obvjectively false score and will ju… @sexwithsunra I mean I get you but I am of the opinion that their music is immensely beautiful and life-affirming p… @sexwithsunra huh, sketchy? oh maybe you mean that they covered Barry Manilow but later regretted it because they… @darkmusick_ yessss 🥰 @darkmusick_ if it even is @darkmusick_ think this may be the only example @sexwithsunra you don't happen to be into Woods of Infinity or Joyless too btw? @sexwithsunra still remember hearing them for the first time, it was I Love (To Hurt) You and I really hated the vo… @sexwithsunra ah I never really hung out on Myspace other than when I wanted to preview a couple of tracks from a b… @sexwithsunra yesssss! glad I'm not alone. @sexwithsunra I think yours is really good "despite" that though. popular alternative music is popular for a reason @sexwithsunra same here tbh :| @MetteBundvad @katemond "egga" in Swedish as well :) I never realized anglophones didn't realize the difference @LSD_Spinoza @kgorilla5 personally I'm undecided (or rather, I suspect humans are rather many steps removed from fr…
@745godstar @The_Pequod_ nice I made the exact same association <3 even 12 years after actually listening to them… @milenius @meekaale for sure, I'm getting better and better at it!nice, music twitter has apparently started merging with postrat twitter I don't care if you're talking albums or h… @meekaale @milenius but I think your perspective is actually very helpful in avoiding that @meekaale @milenius hmmmm I really like this perspective and there's actually a lot of truth to that but there's al… @milenius I mean I can technically see plenty of reasons but they can't tell me what to dofeeling like shit today so I'm eating a bunch of shit so I can continue feeling like shit tomorrow too 🙂 @circum_centrist lots of Wolfgang Voigt (especially his different projects with Jörg Burger) and as always a bunch of Coil and Autechreare guitar chords mudras
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation armysince both "modern architecrure is lifeless and inhuman" and "modern architecture is efficient and functional" are… @kaptenynkrygg missat tillfälle att använda 4'33" :( @DividuatedFlux edging sure is fun @ultrac00led @The_Pequod_ probably The Ape of Naples or see this flowchart @darkmusick_ @The_Pequod_ @ultrac00led Coil
ben shapiro: imagine, we're friends, we fish. we go fishing at a river near my house, alright? heraclitis: sure b…
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation armythough to be fair I always found the EPs superior so maybe it is to be expected that I won't be super fond of a new albumI would love having a lil meme altar in my house a lil shrine to all my most beloved memes and I would sit in fron…
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation armyor Silver for that matternew Jesu is good but tbh I don't think he will ever reach the heights of the Sun Down/Sun Rise EP again @nanobii I mean you would have to buy like 25 jars at a time otherwise? @nanobii s-s-so do you sometimes *not* buy with the intention of eating it within six months..? how much do you buy… do you store your peanut butter? | which kind do you prefer?
@Ichbins8 @corruga3hexL @kgorilla5 scratch this, I was right @Ichbins8 @corruga3hexL @kgorilla5 or ah well no? the subsequence 11 does repeat a bunch. realizing I'm unclear on the definition @Ichbins8 @corruga3hexL @kgorilla5 as a very simple example I guess 12112111211112111112111111211111112... is infinite and nonrepeating? @Ichbins8 @corruga3hexL @kgorilla5 speaking in numeric representations, one counterexample would be to just leave o… @Vauung nice
@meta_nomad @K__l__a__r ok just thought I would check, thanks anyway. :) I suspect it's because they just recently launched here @meta_nomad @K__l__a__r I can order from UK or DE but shipping costs more there @meta_nomad @K__l__a__r any chance of getting it on Swedish Amazon? @GlitchesRoux yes, an album that is not ready to be shared but is coming along very nicely even though the process… much prefer when people use "queer" in a derogatory than a non-derogatory way like regardless of what you happen…
@nicholatian @ollybot_redux very radical, I like it @A_Rain_Dog good stuff though @A_Rain_Dog >tfw TG = GP-Oimagine twitter mods replied to your posts like "please use the search function next time to avoid repeating thread…
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation army @rikardhjort wtf @Astral_Zed @anosognosically @TheAugoosetus @jaxdellosso I'm not saying they're the same? @Astral_Zed @anosognosically @TheAugoosetus @jaxdellosso I mean if we first do very overtly sexual parades maybe we…
imagine there's no apps it isn't hard to do nowhere you need to sign up and no subscriptions too
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation armyjust remembered that The Higher Intelligence Agency exists and hope I never forget again
Once we eliminate whiteness we will enter into a post racial utopia
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation armyme like how beats do thing
Retweeted by Deepfake liberation army @androt verkligen! så jävla utmattad men ändå så nöjd och himlen bidrar helt klart
trees are such strange beings @wtfmecagaron @Vauung thank you! :) iff you know you know @rikardhjort @liminal_warmth so you agree that my initial reply actually is an example where these hypothetical "di… @rikardhjort @liminal_warmth I know but that's the point? like if you're doing 5 === (5 || 2) you would intuitively… @rikardhjort @liminal_warmth I know but shouldn't it be expected true in the case proposed here? @darkmusick_ sorry I mean being used by @darkmusick_ this is true, I retract my statement and will continue using this hellsite