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Laboni das @dlaboni22 Tiruchirapalli, India

An explorer of truth and beauty of nature.

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" দেখা হবে তোমায় আমায় অন্য গানের ভোরে।" @bobbysings @SocraticFlesh Believe me,I am dumbfounded. @DevKumarB2 Yes. Will. Thanks. @iamroysunny @sanchita_kundu_ @iamadwoy @BharatiPramanik @ChandraTalking Here nothing of these things happened. The… have surprised me @SocraticFlesh . You have blocked me for such a small thing! I just hope you understand. @jhora__pata Bondhura WhatsApp e bolche,khub baji fhatacche. Obak kando! Adike kono Sara sobdo nei. Nirshobde suru ar sesh.Surprisingly it worked this time. Very few people around me, but I saw the lights of all the buildings, including m… @DebeshiGooptu Me too. A round round fry or with potato can bring back the taste after an illness.Light a candle, diya in your balcony if you wish. Don't run the streets with burning torches. You never know you may vex the Fire God. @twinitisha Ours is a small place. A govt concern and everything under its directives. @twinitisha I know. But it's from the govt itself, as I have heard. @hatefreeworldX @_NairFYI As you don't know me requesting you to stay away. @_NairFYI No. Fortunately , may be. @Rajeshsonusingh Normally I don't. But heard a no of + cases coming up here. So I think they were making an endeav… @greylanded @gormlessminmin Ayurvedic they said. They announced it too yesterday ,tamil we don't understand properl… @gormlessminmin they are doing it from our hospital actually, and there's someone from the hospital administration… @VarronAttrri they are coming to us, from the hospital itself. @bobbysings not even relief from cough or boosting immunity you say! Actually not that strong a person,so...thing about the other members. @KoushikMitra that relief from cough and boosting immunity too will do. suffering for long, husband fears neighbors…, in my area, they have started distributing some Ayurvedic medicine, a powder mixed in water,saying it gives r… @debjani1801 আমার আবার শনি রবি সোম সব গুলিয়ে যাচ্ছে। এই মাত্র খবর শুনে বুঝলাম আজ রবিবার। রবিবারের বাজার তো নেই,তাই… @debjani1801 এক্কেবারে ডিলিট করে দিলে হয়না!
@DebeshiGooptu Beautiful.These days.... @mona1961talks @dinelltk @VpNavanita @chandanaroy24 @imraghava @shazz_4 @chandpanjesha @kaatilana @TheHonestCon @_IamPrem_ @chandanaroy24 @dewali_de @DeeptaNagpal @Meenakshiiik @aaina_wordsy @Archana__AIR @swatikhatri_ @dinelltk @VpNavanita @chandanaroy24 @imraghava @shazz_4 @chandpanjesha @kaatilana @TheHonestCon @crazysailor_ @dinelltk @chaturvedi_upma Yes Dini. To the extent that he becomes irritated. @aneerban @Rennie_Mathews @mkoyel1 Mone ache amar aak South Indian( malayali) bondhu bolechilo, very slow. @Rennie_Mathews @mkoyel1 She is Monami Ghosh. An actress. Dances well too. @BeagleDaddyy @JugniGhumakad @thatfilmyladkii Where is this? @chaturvedi_upma @dinelltk In Pune where my son is battling it out. @KoushikMitra The last picture while completing my walk. It was in the garden below. Made me remember Ratnakor doss…
" পৃথিবী আবার সুস্থ হয়ে যাবে মনের মধ্যে এটাই প্রত্যয়।" @aaina_wordsy This year the Kolkata book fair saw a huge sell of books. @jhora__pata Chalkumro chinte ,ranna korte sasuri ma chikhiyechilen. Mone ache,onek din age, bhai ke bazare path… @dibz_mukherjee Ja bolbe. @arpita_dg Bhishon sundor.Not much veggies left,(not at all bothered though),but some potatoes for my daughter's "aloo kata".I boiled the alo…
@dinelltk Both have the healing touch. @ophelia11111 khub akta bhalo na. chole jascche kono mote ar ki. @ophelia11111 bhalo acho? chile na to!She stands in pride, Against the deep blue sky. Hello world, she says, I have come here to stay.
Stood in my balcony this morning. The almond tree all green with young leaves,the neem tree with its tiny reddish b…
@Icarus_Reloaded bec of Bhim's vow. They did not want to break it. @mkoyel1 @Icarus_Reloaded killed all of Gandhari's sons. Jujutsu was from a different mother. @Ishcomic @In2867Muk @SoniaMinochka @kiranmartis9 @nuts2406 Mithu na. She looks different. @Ishcomic @In2867Muk @SoniaMinochka @kiranmartis9 @nuts2406 Anjana Bhowmick. @aneerban @dewali_de @Ishcomic @ngtweets1969 It was not of posting selfie though. But pic when you are bored. I am… #24 hrs #Bored I consider every women to be beautiful in her own way. Upload 1 picture of yourse… @dewali_de @atlas47 @Ishcomic @nuts2406 Thank you @dewali_de for tagging me. Let us be hopeful today. The mango tr… @granny_1857 Seen. @ngtweets1969 @mubiindia Baba r sathey boshe aaksomoy sob gulo dekhechi. Baba aktu bujhiye bujhiye dito. Sob masterpiece. @arindamaryan10 Ata dekhlam aaj. Khub bhalo laglo.
@apratimdotin @ngtweets1969 amar o, aranyodeb...khoborer kagoj hate pelei age pata ulte aronyodeb, jedin paper er c… @SocraticFlesh @DebeshiGooptu Don't think so. @DebeshiGooptu Lost my appetite. Shingara jilipi to aakdomi na. But I want to have some alooposto. @dibz_mukherjee My son used to love Shaktiman you know. We lived in Kanpur then. He used to imitate him and everyon… @MelindaTaub The Chronicles of Narnia for me. @KoushikMitra @RohanDasgupta @SuPriyoBabul I have heard this badshah remix, for some secs, and felt extremely bad.… @ngtweets1969 Jadukor Mandrake. Sunday Anandabazar e beroto mone hoy. Khub priyo chilo. day in pictures. 7\7 No words. No people. @AudreyTruschke Heard this. @aneerban I think I have said that only.Last night was watching Professor Shanku and El Dorado. In normal times would have said they killed my imagination…
@DebeshiGooptu Me too...if I am able to survive this. May be even increase the distance by few more miles. @sharmasupriya That too we will forget in a few days. Who remembers the poor! @PTI_News Why? Will no more fear death? Or face death bravely? @iamroysunny @saileenas @salimdotcomrade @Dibyend48970765 @mishra_surjya @Messi_is_love10 @BharatiPramanik day in pictures. 6\7 No words. No people.*try to....Whenever our child throws a tantrum over food, Whenever we try waste even a morsel, Let us remember them.
@KoushikMitra At first glance I thought it's real. @VisionHistory Not so little a thing.Only God can save this country now! @KunjuPareed @bobbysings No, Trichy.My day in pictures. 5\7 No words. No people. I nominate @jhora__pata @VpNavanita A very happy birthday to him.I'm sitting in the comfort of my home, having three meals a day and nearly dying of fear. Somewhere out there, some…
@JustPunforfun Same....nothing else to speak.These days the garden below and my terrace is covered with fallen leaves. It's March you see. Some other time I wo… @ansudatta @KoushikMitra @apratimdotin Sabdhane thakben bhai. Ar to kichu bolar nei. @jhora__pata @IamSameKalyan @ma_dutta123abc Ogulo badam ba chola bodhoy. @IamSameKalyan @jhora__pata @ma_dutta123abc Bah! Besh lagche dekhte to! Amar o to stock praye fhuriyei alo. Ar por sudhu dal bhat.My day in pictures. 4\7 No words. No people. I nominate @bobbysings fb.
#Lockdown. @JeelaniMuqeet @SidrahDP I just pray, I just hope everything comes back to normalcy. Everything will be okay frien… @greylanded Yes. @IbrAp1KAchU20 Mahabharata. Because of the complexity of its characters.Lockdown is not, but the news of people running out of food, money to buy food, everyday medicines, is depressing.… @IamSameKalyan @ma_dutta123abc @jhora__pata Ami lau er khojha bata khai. Akkebarei fheli na. Khub prio. @IamSameKalyan @ma_dutta123abc @jhora__pata Amon bhabe lov dekhate nei! Ata ki lau er khosha bhaja? @chukkukkapi @AparnaKarthi @mkoyel1 I think this is potol in Bengali.My day in pictures. 3\7 No words. No people. I nominate @KoushikMitra @KoushikMitra The Kerala cm for sure.
Have you seen "Sully: Miracle on the Hudson". Watching it for the 5th time today. Never tired of it. It's not about… @iamroysunny ঘর ছাড়াও তো করছে! @Meenakshiiik Love life.