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artist, open for commissions. any pronouns will do.

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For #acetober comic strip day, we have Alex and Juabbes @blookwitch Just means it fits the Lisa Frank aesthetic even more @emunarum Same, except lately it's less around gender presentation (because how do I even do that) and more about h… to draw ✨long flowy hair✨ I discovered this neat trick in Clip Studio Paint recently!
Retweeted by dylan lockhartAbout to cut this damn hair off though, every strand is a bastardAround graduating high school vs now Over that time I've gained: 1. A deeper understanding of my identity 2. A de…
@emunarum I will cherish this card always#acetober Lisa Frank day, and wow is this kind of hard to look at or what? @ThatAceGal We could take it even further and do it with everything. Like "that's Keith, out boss. He's a real Hypnos" @ThatAceGal There was a real "nothing personnel, kid" vibe to pressing that reply button @ThatAceGal It's a hack of
Honestly wasn't sure if I was gonna say anything but fuck it, it needs to be said. CW: Racism If you're gonna rec…
Retweeted by dylan lockhartso close to 9k! who wants to push us over into the 5 digit mark?
Retweeted by dylan lockhartAt 135k I get to write"Romancing the Throne" Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Reina Malvada is throwing a ball to meet…
Retweeted by dylan lockhartImportant: the abortion laws in Poland basically just went to even more shit. If you can and want to support the or…
Retweeted by dylan lockhart @CriticalBitCast @boxcar_sarah I'm very tired and you'll understand why in 8 days @albinosoundguy We're always running around tirelessly from one goal to the next hoping to collect enough currency… @ThatAceGal I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but is there an Adventurer's League any% category where the objective i…✌️
I’m available for commissions for character art or icons for your socials. Here are some of my pieces if you need t…
Retweeted by dylan lockhart @BiggieKK I genuinely hope it's a good enjoyable experience for people, but it feels maybe a little dated @bgannin Would be cool if it could though. I'm sure the movie's gonna be fine for people that like musicals though… @ThatAceGal Not violently or with hate of course, she's against hate @ThatAceGal "we are all stardust", what does it take to revert someone to stardust stage
Retweeted by dylan lockhartHistorically I think towns that would ban queer kids from prom are unlikely to be convinced otherwise by a bunch of… summer job day, just a messy sketch of Alex in a corn dog mascot suit for Michael Douglas's a lot of pressure to find your pronouns when you're nonbinary, but if your pronouns don't matter to you per…
Retweeted by dylan lockhartHoping my mom happened to take a picture when my father left so I can get in on that appropriate interaction meme
relate on a spiritual level 😩
Retweeted by dylan lockhart'Let's Change The Subject,' Says Mother Proven Wrong:
Retweeted by dylan lockhartWe've decided to offer up a new hardship tier on the Perilous campaign. Times are tough right now. REALLY tough. Wh…
Retweeted by dylan lockhart#acetober family photo day (special thanks to artbreeder, google images, and the airbrush tool) I'm not really a p…
Anyone who is unsure about Perilous but backs for $1 anyways can claim a boon from me. Which I will put $1 worth of…
Retweeted by dylan lockhart @plentyofalcoves I really liked how much they were able to show how he's pathetic and struggling with himself and e… it started etc etc
Retweeted by dylan lockhartA shout-out to all GMs who have run a TTRPG campaign (or, hell, even a session) in 2020.
Retweeted by dylan lockhartOk hear me out: A game of Pasións de la Pasiones but everyone is a character from #HadesGame That’s gotta be something, right?
Retweeted by dylan lockhartPerilous looks really cool! Check it out! @emunarum You might think that it's because there's no full face but there is text, but it was actually Dio @bgannin I think that's nothing a little super sentai smackdown can't fix @hashtagsubtext Here at Critical Bits Fan Art we only serve the finest nuance @CriticalBitCast If you want to keep in in PBTA then Glitter Hearts has optional rules for making it more like rang…'all ready to back this game on Kickstarter tomorrow? #ttrpg
Retweeted by dylan lockhart @magicalgirlkyra Thank you! I'm pretty proud of this one. It's based on one of the rangers comic covers, and obviou… magical girl day - the best type of magical girl is the Power Ranger, it's a fact. I hadn't done the whol… your cyberpunk isn't trans friendly, it's not cyberpunk
Retweeted by dylan lockhart
Maybe 2? Max of up to 4 if we met in person because I'm kinda big but I would be surprised if anyone has ever been… - Craigory Move over, Daniel Day-Lewis
@Arnivold I guess so! The anti DANIEL movement has really changed people like us @Koltreg You're one weird event away from being Spider-UK, so that's a plusY did they do this to me I'm still surprised when I see folks on my feed being excited to buy/play Cyberpunk, after all of CDPR's transp…
Retweeted by dylan lockhart @shelpylee @joelwruiz @LoanWolfKevin If he's not a crime prude then he's a law slut and I'm not sure I like either option @CriticalBitCast You shouldn't but you could @CriticalBitCast You could turn Critical Bits into a sort of Evangelion series that's just retellings of the same s… @CriticalBitCast It would be funny if I just redid /everything/ though I won't, that sounds awful, but it would be funny @ThatAceGal Maybe I'll offer you a special 2 year "artist doesn't like it anymore" warrantyMaybe I shouldn't do commissions because a year later I see them, hate them, and think I should offer to redo it for free @chrysopoetics
Retweeted by dylan lockhart#Acetober noir day, here Alex is a hard boiled detective who is also really lucky with poker I guess @PurpleGorilla1 I'm learning form this thread that I need to expand my knowledge of jrpgs. Looks like a good one though
@CriticalBitCast I've got one more that I need to fix up soon so keep an eye out @CriticalBitCast Here they are on their own too, if you want them! @BiggieKK Not to quote Donkers too much in one week but did I do that?uh idk who needs to hear this but you dont need to forgive your parents lol
Retweeted by dylan lockhart#acetober otter dress up day with Juabe trying out Ace looks we've seen in the great Critical Bits fanart people ma… @jerskann Oh now that's a good point @InanimateGames That's a fair point, I'd have to actually play a couple to get to know it but it could lend to the… @AmazingGamePro Do you have any proof that Maria here gets money for people donating to the okra project? I'd give… @bleongambetta I'm not ashamed to say I want to do a DreamWorks version of Kingdom Hearts though I've never pinned…
Retweeted by dylan lockhartno matter how hard i try, nothing will be able to top this none of us can compete. it's the perfect review
Retweeted by dylan lockharthate color, going to draw everything in b&w forever
Retweeted by dylan lockhart#acetober game show day, they're gonna buy so many small hats later
@emunarum Thank you, maybe I should try out creepy art more often!#Acetober spooky day. What if Alex became Pennywise for some reason? I don't know, I just like how some of the pain…
I’ve been crying at this for 15 minutes straight LMFAOOOOOO
Retweeted by dylan lockhart @hashtagsubtext I don't know what I'm doing @hashtagsubtext Episodes 22 & 24 of a ~48 episode series, now that's what I call a sports center @RebsParks Thank you! ❤️Thank you to everyone that helped out with this! @bibliophage413 Thank you, I wasn't always this way. It all started when I was bitten by the entire sport of baseball on a full moon @hashtagsubtext Being hunted for sport for a couple episodes counted, right?Only 80 minutes left! Get in on this while you can!
Retweeted by dylan lockhartThinking about one day doing another six fanarts thing except it's nine and it's the lawful/chaotic/good/evil align… Need Goals, live for the first time ever. 1st May 2021. The best news? For fans who are unable to make it i…
Retweeted by dylan lockhart#Acetober sports day! Did you know that I'm baseball, the ace is the best starting pitcher on the team? So of cours…
@ThatAceGal It's you... You're the wizard of the coast! @albinosoundguy Gotta spend money to lose money Nate @PepitoAstrnomo IncorrectThis thing with making heroes with pride flag color schemes has been a lot of fun and I'd like to make more sometim… couldn't stay away from my love of Sentai/Tokusatsu for long so I let that have some influence. Also thought abou… Too: Super Edition has been fully funded and is on its last day for any extra funding. Sounds like a good time…! You have ONE DAY LEFT to back HERO TOO: SUPER EDITION on Kickstarter! And if you’re trans, you can DM me, a…
Retweeted by dylan lockhartI saw someone blaming voter suppression on mercury retrograde and it seemed serious, maybe not but if it is’d be calling for a coup if this was any other country
Retweeted by dylan lockhartHey y’all! It’s the final 24 hours of Hero Too: Super Edition on Kickstarter, so if you wanna support a kickass tea…
Retweeted by dylan lockhartNeed something easy going to pass time, maybe doing some art! 🧠 : Nope! Okay, time to listen to podcasts then? 🧠 :… 36 HOURS LEFT TO BACK HERO TOO! This is a wonderful game, and I still have 3-4 slots for…
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