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Fr. Dwight Longenecker @dlongenecker1 Greenville, South Carolina

Evangelical home, then Oxford and an Anglican priest, now Catholic priest, blogger, Author of Immortal Combat and eighteen other books - Husband, Dad

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Ten Reasons Why Liberal Catholicism Will Fade Away @patrickmadrid yep
Excited to be speaking at Immortal Combat Men’s Conference! Check it out at RT if you thi… me and a great line up of speakers for A Catholic Men's Conference: Immortal Combat - Living the Victory: Go…“The Decadent Society” & the Summer of Our Discontent Universal Church, Bible History, Walker Percy and Women Priests and Pip: The Tale of Two Orphans"Tenderness leads to the gas chambers." Walker Percy in "The Thanatos Syndrome" @JZmirak You have such a way with words...a good illustration of what the layman can say but the priest cannot.
Check out this short video in which I explain why I wrote "Immortal Combat" and why it's important: @chuck34120 @RealAndrewDaub A more accurate analogy would be comparing abortion to euthanasia. A leg is not a living soul. @LaDolceVipera Are you Catholic? @LaDolceVipera So instead, in public, you disrespect my priesthood and call me an insane, unstable, insecure, jealo… Combat Online Catholic Men's Conference. July 7-9. Go here for full information and sign up… Roberts and Kermit Gosnell. Pro-choice bedfellows: @LaDolceVipera Or you could engage with the points I make.The Universal Church, Bible History, Walker Percy and Women Priests All the Confusion Fear and Despair? Catholic Witch Hunt? Answering Fr James Martin SJ @mattboulter Not on Twitter—I’m blogging about it today: very important book“The Decadent Society” & the Summer of Our Discontent to enlighten, entertain, inspire and annoy.Sts. Peter and Paul: Two Pillars, Two Ways #NCRegister‘the ethos of the Catholic Church is what it was of old time, and whatever and whoever quarrels with Catholicism no…
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight LongeneckerHow is it that conservative Catholics are so often branded as hypocrites, but the Catholic politicians who promote… Grump: "I'm not going to your church Father. It's full of hypocrites." Young priest, "Well, come along anyway.… @DeaconGregK I've met some of those folks too and found them very rigid, hypocritical, discriminatory and irrelevan…
@FranciscanPoet We're saying the same thing in a different way @RyanGilles1 We're saying the same thing in a different wayThe "Catholic Resistance"? I'd rather be in the Barque of Peter -- even if it's leaky-- than to be in a rowboat with the mutineers. @ARaised_Eyebrow The wind will drive away the chaff've started a YouTube channel dedicated to the war on Moralistic Therapeutic Deism...Go here to watch episode 1 an… people leave the Catholic Church because it has stopped being a religion and has become a club for aging activists.Racism is systemic. It's part of the complicated and perverse system called original sin. @mbitz1 yesGreat Review of "Immortal Combat" by Louis Markos - The Roots and Dangers of Pride and Envy's Time to Re-Mythologize the Gospel - Crisis Magazine Fisherman’s Tomb“The story of Satan’s fall is the legacy of the war which has, for four thousand years, been the foundation of the… on Twitter is like chewing with your mouth open.Go here for the first episode of my new YouTube channel: Myths, Monsters and the Mysteries. last I've got my YouTube channel really up and running. Go here to watch the first episode of Myths Monsters and… @dlongenecker1 I am amazed at how timely your new book is. It’s a fantastic and much needed read. THANK YOU 🙏.
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight Longenecker @RandyC65054106 Thanks! A review at the book's Amazon page helps!Movies, Masks, Baroque, the Bonfire of Vanities and Papal Infallibility. Fisherman’s Tomb"For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they w… @CatholicSat @Englishpapist Paul criticized Peter.“The Decadent Society” & the Summer of Our Discontent
Why All the Confusion Fear and Despair? Prepared for the Sifting | The Stream true GEM, must-read from @dlongenecker1 from 2015. #Catholic #CatholicTwitter #CatholicChurch
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight LongeneckerThe Rise of the Victim Bully:
American Catholics prefer their liturgy to be a banal family meal where they sing happy songs about making the worl… @AussantLouise Yes. My latest "Immortal Combat" Rise of the Victim Bully is always wiser to attack bad behaviors than bad people. The bad people might bite back."She was the sort of woman who lived for others, and you could tell the others by their hunted look." C.S.LewisThe self righteous never negotiate. @AmishCatholic You are awful...but I like you
The adolescent and the revolutionary always eradicates the known past in favor of an unknown future.It is always easier to tear something down than build something up. @gavinashenden In Westminster Abbey the Protestants tore down the statues of saints and replaced them with statues of statesmen. @dlongenecker1 Finished Immortal Combat last night! Excellent read, a small, but not so silent call to arms
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight LongeneckerWhy is everybody saying we don't know what Jesus looked like? Of course we do. We've got a photograph of him... bullies is like feeding wolves...they will come back for more and be meaner next time. @dlongenecker1 Bought and read the book and incredible accuracy about what is happening in the world RIGHT NOW. Fr'…
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight Longenecker#6 on Amazon's Catholic best seller lists. Get your copy today!
@1776not1619 Whoops! I wish you had been my proof reader! We'll look at that and try to correct in future editions. @jenniehartline I know another character who is subtle to start with, then when his lies are believed he becomes mo… @ccpecknold To become an Episcopalian is to go up in the world but down in the next world.Like the Terminator, Fr James Martin is back. Back with the same old subtle deceptions, twisting church teaching an… James Martin is at it again with his subtle deceptions. This is an old answer but since he repeats the same lies… @JamesMartinSJ @JamesMartinSJ @JamesMartinSJ @JamesMartinSJ the images of #AuntJemima and #UncleBens gone, where does it stop? Racism goes far deeper — into human nature.…
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight Longenecker @1776not1619 Didn't intend to list the seven deadly sins as such...Go here to view my free monthly newsletter FaithWorks! x @1776not1619 Maybe. What mistake?This book: Rene Girard, Max Scheler and Scott Peck synthesized and illustrated by myth, popular culture and the Cat… arrived
Sign up for our online Catholic Men's Conference "Immortal Combat - Living the Victory". Early bird registration of… @markdotgooley yes. @BruvverEccles @capitalisttrev1 but I don't like himI recently spoke with @dlongenecker1 about his new @SophiaPress book "Immortal Combat" on my podcast…
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight LongeneckerGod is like a waterfall--always moving, always fresh, always terrifying and always the same.Why All the Confusion Fear and Despair? @Tyler54121 The tweet would have been clearer with the word "Some" at the beginning.Nativity of St John the Baptist @Tyler54121 Sometimes my tweets are ambiguous to get people thinking or shock them into a new perspective.“We will be princes of the kingdom disguised as paupers—God’s secret agents in the world. This is how we will fit i… is one of the masks of pride. Pride is "I am right. I am always right. I am never wrong or bad. It is the ot…
If you prioritize good works over faith you will end up with neither faith nor good works. @allybear29 Yes. It's a question of priorities. Many of the things are very worthy. Some are driven by worthy motiv… the Signs of the Times's Time to Re-Mythologize the Gospel - Crisis Magazine