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Fr. Dwight Longenecker @dlongenecker1 Greenville, South Carolina

Evangelical home, then Oxford and an Anglican priest, now Catholic priest, blogger, Author of The Mystery of the Magi and fifteen other books - Husband, Dad

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By investing in a film celebrating the life & work of British musician Sir Elton John, the Church has continued her…
@BradBradsweet Perhaps it was a rhetorical flourish for the sake of alliterationSt Catherine Laboure and St Bernadette are both incorrupt because they were witnesses to the Immaculate Conception… @JayClar34281320 Judas was one of the twelve, and there have always been Judas priests. But one Judas does not nega… pope showing off Vatican treasures: "You see, unlike St Peter, we no longer say, 'Silver and gold I have none..… @JayClar34281320 What about the first pope: Acts 3:6?I wish the Vatican had no investments at all. Anywhere. Instead that they lived by faith and within their means. Th… @chuck34120 One needs to consider the optics. @langley_karine The best compliments are factual. The worst are flattery. @DecentFilms Perhaps you meant to say the converse is true rather than the reverse. @PetriOP This is so beautiful I wept.I had a delightful compliment today. "Father, you have a gift for cutting through all the nonsense." 😀A pol at the BBC has been puzzling over the question "How do you define a woman?" Easy. A woman is a mother or pote… investment in Elton John film? I know investing is complicated and it's difficult to be certain where one… I Came to Believe in the Immaculate Conception
@ErikMojicaMPS @ElijahElishaRap @CSLewis That book had something to offend everyone... @PegEbert Generalizations are true and false at the same time. @sophianictract Through the family of the church
Listening to “Dry Salvages” @Melody4sythe The idea comes from this article: @whoawhoa19 Then they're not liberals.The liberal says the basic unit of society is the individual. The conservative insists that it is the family.The Rise of Birth Control & the Decline of Civilization excellent review of an excellent novel: Day of Reckoning: Glenn Arbery’s “Bearings and Distances”
I hesitate to tiptoe through the minefield of politics, but I predict that Joe Biden calling the elderly Iowan farm… Humility of Laughter @PaulRebuked Did you just accuse me of being Satan's agent? the delay of Fulton Sheen's beatification will fuel conservative American Catholics' unrest with the…
Does anybody else think it weird that all the panic is about man made global warming and there is silence about man… @JZmirak @BigPulpit Yep. I still get mileage out of Apthorpe and his thunder box. @DjHeartofjesus I take the priesthood very seriously. I do not take myself that seriously. Whenever I read Jesus' w… soft answer turns away wrath, and a gentle joke turns it on its head.Good Lord, Deliver me from the temptation to take myself seriously... was created not only as the summit of the created order, but to cultivate, refine and improve the created o… would be far more serious if I were a bit more ridiculous...The Humility of Laughter's favorite hiding place is the church.Satan never laughs at himself. Never.Is the Eucharist a Magic Pill? @salgal71 There once was a boy named Dwight Who read books under blankets at night. He never thought it scary To bu…
@EdmundPAdamus I have a book called "The Bad Popes". He is a major character in it. If I remember correctly his mot… Martyr and the Magi: @DouthatNYT @nwlaguy C'mon. We have plenty of royalty in the USA: Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Queen Latifah, Princ… folks! I'll be in the area weekend of December 28. Why not invite me to speak to your parish/group about th… asked for a limerick instead of a Clerihew: There once was a pol named Kamala Who nobody wanted to folla Her… @msproule1 It was a clerihew not a limerickJustin Martyr and the Magi - sang this at OLR on Sunday. Sadly. Few Catholics knew it. Learn more about this great hymn! Lo! He Comes with Cl… @fore_bee Margaret and I got to know one another through my book on the Magi which she greatly admired.A reminder: help me use social media to evangelize by re-tweeting if you appreciate a tweet or link to a blog post @VeracityQuest vote approval with a re-tweet! @LouisGambetta please vote your approval with a re-tweet!The Eucharist is only "medicine for the sick" who have been to the doctor's office of the confessional first. the Eucharist a Magic Pill? Martyr and the Magi Magi: Liberal Myth and Midrash via @dlongenecker1Getting Inside the Modernist Mind @McNamee_Patrick Outside the Box: Celebrating C.S. Lewis #NCRegister @ManCreatedGod1 @NCRegister The fool mocks what he does not understand.
@chr8r Harris, Tried to embarrass, President Trump on Twitter, But now she's a quitter.Today's news has prompted me to read more Fulton Sheen, write more like him, listen to him and quote him. @FatherLeon LOL"The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception falls on a Sunday, but the Second Sunday of Advent takes precedence so… @SOMD_STEM Good writers borrow. Great writers steal.What exactly is resentment? Have you ever heard of a "resentment loop"? @dlongenecker1 spoke with us and shared his…
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight LongeneckerOn Human Composting: A Modest Proposal | The Stream Catholics Deny Communion to Gay People? | The Stream Inside the Modernist Mind @EdmundPAdamus Make mine British racing greenDo Catholics Deny Communion to Gay People? | The Stream
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@MariStar333 sure.A Catholic making their own version of the sacrament of marriage is like celebrating the Eucharist with Coca-Cola and potato chips. @carleolson @Fiona_C_A Whoever writes his tweets should get a job at a Christian greeting card company. @SimpleMe1970 I feel obliged to answer him because he has a huge online presence. Mine is small in comparison, but… @frmattfish @JamesMartinSJ There is an added dimension. A "same sex marriage" by its very nature obliterates and de… Fr James Martin SJ,,,Yet Again Fr James Martin SJ @frmattfish @JamesMartinSJ Category error. Judge Smolenski is not banned because she's gay or even because she had… Fr James Martin SJ
@DeanOuellette He’s a religious—not answerable to a bishop @Janine88050111 You didn’t miss muchReading Catholic who attempts a same sex marriage formally and publicly repudiates the Catholic teaching on marriage. The… @EricRee84778243 The same logic does apply, but we must continue to make distinctions. A divorced and re-married pe… same sex "wedding" is a public, formal and irremediable repudiation of a Catholic sacrament, and therefore a publ… reader in Grand Rapids emails writes to say that Wed Nov 27 weekday mass at St. Stephen's parish was stand…
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight Longenecker @Boomingbox I don't know Mr Painter and have not seen his tweets. @EricRee84778243 In fact the "same sex" thing is really a red herring. In one sense it is an invalid marriage like… @EricRee84778243 If you are in a sexually active relationship outside of valid marriage you should not present your… @benedict_kiely It is certainly the only place I have seen a statue of St EdmundJudge Smolenski in Grand Rapids was not asked to refrain from communion because she is gay, and not even because s… Same-Sex 'Marriage' Is Impossible for Catholics #NCRegister @benedict_kiely I got mine on a visit to Walsingham with Joseph Pearce @benedict_kiely
The Myth of the Magi - Myth of the Magi love the first Sunday in Advent. It's the one time we can tell everyone in the congregation to wake up. @IbnKhaldune Re-read Matthew 27:53-54. The text does not demand that he saw the temple veil being torn. @LoveAsILoveYou Yes, but this helps one visualize what was there two thousand years ago and why the church is constructed the way it is.