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Fr. Dwight Longenecker @dlongenecker1 Greenville, South Carolina

Evangelical home, then Oxford and an Anglican priest, now Catholic priest, blogger, Author of Immortal Combat and eighteen other books - Husband, Dad

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@Cunningham1_ @kyleturman Using the Enneagram for any kind of spiritual direction or discernment is dangerous and d… @SeanWal33531685 @kyleturman If you haven't you might want to read my blog post today. @SeanWal33531685 @kyleturman It could be, but when I was growing up I remember some fundamentalist preachers tellin… @SeanWal33531685 @kyleturman Ok. Good. I wasn't to know that. @SeanWal33531685 @kyleturman Most commentators believe the Mark of the Beast refers to Nero whose name in Hebrew (i…"Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them" But those who DO learn from the suc… @kyleturman Yes. Enneagram 6.Sun, Storm and Solitude @fatherandrew Or I Timothy 5:23Conspiracy? What Conspiracy? - @fatherandrew I Timothy 4:8 - "Bodily exercise if of little value."The Lumbering Beast from the East @CraigOfCraigs Read my blog regularly. I write about this pretty often.Join me tonight for the first session of this six week online course at Avila Institute. We're looking at the Bened… Dreher and The Nostalgia Option What Conspiracy?
Rod Dreher and The Nostalgia Option - Dreher and The Nostalgia Option: Dreher and The Nostalgia Option
@CraigOfCraigs yes. That was to encourage early sign ups. You can still joinThere is still time to join me for "How St Benedict Changed the World" - a six week online real time course at Avil…, Storm and Solitude @frathermatt These dogs are barking!
The Price of Free Sex to Normalcy? I want to return to Normandy. Empty Inauguration of Joe Biden - and Martin: Two Prophets for Today
Dreher and Martin: Two Prophets for Today: and Martin: Two Prophets for Today Lumbering Beast from the East
A Monster and the Mask Lumbering Beast from the East
@jgraemec They loved her or they hated her.The Price of Free Sex @KateOHareWrites Dennis was always the loveable one.The latest series of The Crown portrayed Margaret Thatcher as the Wicked Witch of the West. Shallow propaganda.
Thank God for Ralph Martin who consistently and steadily debunks the pernicious teaching of universalism....that al… contribution for MLK Day: today's show: 2:15 Mike Howell-Biden Agenda 2:30 @EricScheidler @AbbyJohnson
Retweeted by Fr. Dwight LongeneckerStarting next Monday - Join me for a six week online course at Avila Institute: "How St Benedict Changed the World.… Return of Segregation? is important: because in prayer and worship we set up an external point of reference by which we can test o… that take place over decades are more effective than revolutions that happen in a week. Drip. Drip. Dri… prayer we align our will with God's will. Therefore answers to prayer are not so much God doing what we want, but us doing what he wants. @Longstreet625 "I thank you God that I am not judgemental like that miserable priest over there! Now you're being s…
@Longstreet625 You're being judgmental in calling me judgmental! 😄Pastors do not preach the full gospel because they do not fully believe the gospel. @BeHumbleWithGod They do not preach the gospel because they do not believe the gospel. @roddreher Two mad men chained together back to back. @padrebrendon It's a Beauty and the Beast story.In Huxley's futuristic novel "Brave New World" the terms "Mother" and "Father" are banned. @DNLMDY That works.Relativism is the earthquake far out in the sea of philosophy that sets off a tsunami of lies that sweeps in obliterating everything.I'm moving into a new phase w/ my writing. More time invested in my blog-website. Less writing for other outlets. L… is an intestinal worm gnawing away in the guts of the church.The left are totally convinced Donald Trump was planning a coup. The right are totally convinced that Joe Biden has…
In a few days time the second most famous Catholic in the world (after the pope) will be a man who condones abortio… @OldFarmer14 Lettuce pray @RicafortJong @peteharry23 I'm opposed to the death penalty. Thanks for asking rather than putting me your ready made pigeon hole! 😀
It has just been announced that this year's March for Life will be "virtual" event. new name for lapsed and cafeteria Catholics: "Roamin' Catholics."Mysterious Humans from Long Ago: @FatherLeoFeeds I win. I lost 2,100 !The Divided States of America Humans from Long Ago 15,000 troops, barriers, fences, razor wire and exclusion zones the optics for Biden's inauguration are hardly…
@ChrisStefanick I had two weeks in Italy last year with two of my boys. Terrific memories!Sacra di San Michele near Turin @ticiaverveer That's a really old pig!I have a great idea for a Lenten sacrifice: Only use your phone to make phone calls. @realtimaier I don't know. I just use it on my laptop. Trying to cut down phone screen time.Some people are jumping over to MeWe immediately. My move is gradual, and I may stay here on Twitter, but MeWe feel…
Choose metanoia not paranoia.I've been exploring Gab, Parler and MeWe. Parler was cumbersome and loaded with lots of disagreeable right wing con… just read an article that had a politician calling for "heeling"...would that be like the command you give your dog?The cloister at Mont St Michel've been accused of being a fence sitter. It takes a lot of balance to sit on a fence...even more to walk a tightr… my gradual move to consolidate social media at one place: MeWe. I'll be "tweeting" there, posting links,… are called to unity. Marvelous! I agree. Now what exactly is supposed to unite us? If not religion, then it must be the government.
Quarr Abbey and the Isle of Wight: @Bishopoftyler It will flame out like shining from shook foilJoin me starting January 25 for an online course "How St Benedict Changed the World". This is being taught at Avila… Abbey and the Isle of Wight too long I'll be combining Twitter and Facebook type posts, links, quotes etc. over at MeWe. Now more people… crumble into dust. Empires rise and fall. Kings and kingdoms pass away. Only Christ the King has lived an… @minihan8 Same with being a priest.MeWe is turning out to be good value. It has the friendship and connections that Facebook used to have before it go… I finished the final read through and polish of my new book "Beheading Hydra: A Radical Plan for Christians i… @fatherz It was beautiful to join in with the monks at Clear Creek to celebrate Mass in this way with them. Actuall…
@Trew1Trew @BruvverEccles It should make you love cheeses more @FatherLeoFeeds I've lost 2,700 so far! @markdotgooley I remember you going on a quest to find tripe in Caen. What an adventure!I went on a quest for the historical Jesus and discovered the earliest possible evidence-- documents based on eyew… @BrianKillian @Bishopoftyler You're reading your own agenda into it. @BrianKillian @Bishopoftyler Nah. You read your own bias into it.Since the weekend I've now lost 1600 Twitter followers but gained 1500 at MeWe...This is an interesting game. Want… @BrianKillian @Bishopoftyler Or you could read the article. @BruvverEccles You ARE awful...but I like you. @tweetmattingly @DavidAFrench Why can't these guys just make YouTube videos for me to watch?Catholic social teaching: The principle of solidarity: I am my brother's keeper. The principle of subsidiarity: my brother lives next door.