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@joshtpm Does anyone else find it irritating to hear the host's audible prompts at the guests as their narratives s… @DMansini Snacks! Very cool. @senatemajldr @JuliaDavisNews #JaredoftheCorn has this thing under control. @Kris_Sacrebleu What's the over/under on the amount of time before orange maniac has a tantrum about this? The loud… @Acyn Sue away, jagoff. Discovery will be hella entertaining. @joshtpm #JaredoftheCorn @Acyn How is it even possible for Carlson (etal) to be this stupid and/or amoral? I can't wrap my head around it.… @PauletteParis1 @stillsotired Try them with raw almonds. The tastes blend. Trust me on this. I'm trying to muster… @kevin_jochens @PauletteParis1 @stillsotired Saltines in chili are The Bomb. @taradublinrocks I notice that the other Fredo was whining the same bullshit narrative earlier today. They probably… @MollyJongFast The White House has got you covered. Yeah, you'll need to make a drive, and get a press pass, but st… @PauletteParis1 @stillsotired Crackers! Sesame thins with raw almonds. The snacking ticket. I just ran out of ST,… @jackiewollner @AshaRangappa_ @BFAS_LA I've been looking for two black kitties, and (ideally) would like to adopt t… @pops1156S @sam_vinograd @AshaRangappa_ The movie holds up after all these years. It's brilliant. @joshtpm @TPM Good news. The sooner they have this commission up and running, the better off everyone will be. Nor… @jackiewollner @AshaRangappa_ @BFAS_LA Riverside. @DonaldJTrumpJr Because they're stupid, useless, and almost always misleading. Your meal-ticket daddy made a specio… @jackiewollner @AshaRangappa_ @BFAS_LA Thanks. I lost Diva and Maestro (19 and 18) a little over a year ago. I'm ab… @DavidTheNonBot @DavidTheNonBot #GrifterBarbie is utterly repugnant and grotesque. On a related note, she has introduced a new prod… @basementvegan @Acyn Don't tell me, let me guess: Regular consumer of "Fox News" and right-wing hate radio? @basementvegan @Acyn Wait, wut? @MysterySolvent To be fair, every question Chuck Todd asks is stupid, so... @PauletteParis1 Aerial shot of Barstow during a rainstorm. @B52Malmet They're thinking of renaming the daily pressers "Grovel-a-Thons." Jeff Zucker is 100% on-board with that title, natch. #TuneOut
@PauletteParis1 It doesn't count unless you eat one into the shape of Barstow. That just geography.Get back to work, America! @jackiewollner @AshaRangappa_ Will those baby kitties be up for adoption anytime soon? My DMs should be open. @Acyn @MsActiviss @Acyn @CaroleMoss5 What's the over/under on the total pairs of knee pads Mike Pence goes through in a week? Discuss. @Acyn Orange Dotard is such a whiny little bitch... @MalcolmNance Speaking of @BarackObama @MalcolmNance Hey Chief Nance: If building a few hospital ships is part of Infrastructure Week, it can be done a w… @jackiewollner @AshaRangappa_ Kitties! @NormOrnstein @AshaRangappa_ Big Gulp! @mortgageconsult @MalcolmNance "IS TRUMP THAT STUPID?" Assuming you're not asking one of those fancy "gotcha" tric… @PauletteParis1 How many fact-checker's heads explode before they're able to cover one presser? @CharlesPPierce But...what if it's part of Infrastructure Week? Probably then, right?Meanwhile, back to Mike Pence @CharlesPPierce She's my favorite...because comedy. I take the cheap laughs when I can get them. @pattmlatimes Fact check: Moooo... 2020 Reminder: @tonyschwartz I have no idea how (or if) he's managing to navigate the domestic front these days, but I'm about 75%… @GottaLaff @CharlesPPierce "The Covid19 pandemic has been a great challen...We need to deal with those cartels!" -- Team Whit… @MtnMD And he's not the only one. The people in the White House (and Congressional enablers) have long-since crosse… @bader_diedrich The minimalist art can be quite thought-provoking. Carry on... @CharlesPPierce "We must not allow a mineshaft gap!" @TheRickWilson @DevinNunes Appreciate the clarification. Also...Mooooo.... @JohnJHarwood Of course he's pivoting. The (perceived) "somber tone" of yesterday was F-List performance art, and a… @BayAreaWolf_ @MollyJongFast @carole_braswell @michelleinbklyn Oh yeah... @MollyJongFast It's part of the White House's "Throw sh*t against the wall and see if it sticks" strategy. "The Co… @PauletteParis1 #JaredoftheCorn and vapid #GrifterBarbie are doing everything in their power to monetize the… @adamdavidson @ColleenHolt20 Straight gangsters, all polished up with tax-exempt, crackpot religiosity. Hey Invest… @RockyMntnMike The country needs #AngryJody in this day and hour. @PauletteParis1 Needz moar #BeBest crap. @chrislhayes Whacking the guy out for articulating health concerns in this environment? Seriously? Straight-up dick… @jackiegontarek @Acyn Appreciate the clarification.😎 @FrankConniff Underrated tweet. @FrankConniff "Confess, or it's three months in lock-down detention." Wait, that's what I'm doing right now. Dammi… @FrankConniff Good one! You almost got me. Wait... That wasn't a joke? Dammit, now I'm all screwed up. @michelleinbklyn #JaredoftheCorn for Supermax - 2020 @goldengateblond They're not hanging with that social distancing BS. Give them extra treats. It's the Law. @Acyn Here's the list of reasons: 1. He's an idiot. End of list. @DMansini Can people who don't do the #FaceBorg watch it? @weavebe @TheRickWilson Right? @TheRickWilson Appreciate the update.Don't let these clips fall into the memory hole. Republicans own this catastrophe. They must be removed from office… @TiaBarracini Maybe a Cat-5 will stall over Palm Beach for a few weeks. Silver linings, right? @GeraldoRivera @RepAdamSchiff @realDonaldTrump @POTUS You're asserting that your orange godhead/meal ticket is too… @fromthebunkerjr #AngryJody @michelleinbklyn #JaredoftheCorn for ADX Florence - 2020 @4lisaguerrero DeSantis ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. Type thing... @CIAspygirl Yup... @breezely1462 @MollyJongFast These are the kinds of technical questions that keep me up at night. @sam_vinograd @AshaRangappa_ "We must not allow a mineshaft gap!" @FrankConniff Millie/Barney - 2020 The best choice for America. Extra treats in every basket! @pattmlatimes Will do. Thanks. @chrislhayes The White House is trying to gear public and media expectations toward a disaster scenario. My take:… @EricBoehlert Meanwhile, he obstinately stays in the race, presumably because he's stupid and short-sighted. Sorry, not sorry. @krystalball Maria Schneider. Most people won't get it. Sorry, not sorry. @jess_mc @darth Sorting documents is an important pup responsibility. More treats are definitely indicated. @PauletteParis1 @CharlesPPierce April will be worse, but we'll make it up in volume, right? No, wait... @lauriecrosswell @BradleyWhitford And he was a great cook! @smc429 @DharmaBumKing This dude for Secretary of State! @Amy_Siskind @stevenmnuchin1 Poor Mnuchin: Still bitter about that missing vowel. #Scumbag @EricBoehlert It's not "almost like contributory negligence." It IS contributory negligence. Some people need to go… @RockyMntnMike "He didn't shit himself on camera. This is the day he became president." -- Beltway Press Corp Whe… @pattmlatimes Yup... @TrueFactsStated And those 28 passed it along to 40-leventeen bazillion other people. @MollyJongFast This president* (and his enablers) should be in the Hague. Not kidding. @JohnJHarwood "He didn't shit himself on camera. This is the day he became president." FFS... @CharlesPPierce How does it feel? I'm still stuck in the March time warp. @EricLiptonNYT He's an amoral psychopath; any change in tone that you may be perceiving is nothing more than an act… @FrankConniff MIllie! @JoyAnnReid Meanwhile, in the search for more ventilators... @lindarchilders @TheRealStanRay TrumpTime bends the spacetime continuum. That's just science.