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Fun with Max and Goofy, near Plaza Gardens 😅📍Max is joining Goofy today at his new Selfie Spot in Plaza Gardens!🚂 Disneyland Railroad: Thunder Mesa to Frontierland Depot 2019 memories 🥺 the freshly reopened Frontierland Theater area - everything looks nice and fresh! In the “village”, some L… Disneyland Railroad train pulling into Frontierland Depot 🥰 works were carried on to finish the Frontierland Theater facade, but still no signs of that water wheel. station looks fantastic with renovated props, signage and lighting: morning from Frontierland Depot which has reopened today! @SeeShaunVlog Still waiting for them to confirm what they told travel agents as well. Hopefully in the next few days.
📍Good night from Pluto at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe! 🐶 The Lucky Nugget stage now closed, we can once again admire this fantastic Thunder Mesa mural:📍Meet Goofy at this new Selfie Spot in Plaza Gardens! @TheValarai @RienQueDyPenser📍Merida, on the Parade Route today!📱 Disneyland Paris in-app restaurant booking steps. If you’re having issues, log out of your Disney Account first.… Sleeping Beauty Castle squash (aka pumpkin) plants are doing great, with even a few flowers! They’re also near…📍It’s a flying Tigger! is a highway!🛍 A new Frozen II jewelry collection by Arribas featuring Bruni was released today:📍Today’s Royals (and friends): Snow White and Dopey at the Wishing Well, Aurora and Philip in their residence: update seems to have broken half the features for many people. Are. We. Surprised.📱The latest Disneyland Paris official app update allows in-app restaurant reservations/modifications in most market…🔧 On the restaurants front, both Silver Spur Steakhouse and Auberge de Cendrillon are now marked as closed until at…🔧 A refurbishment update: - Le Carrousel de Lancelot : from 7th September to 25th September 2020 - Peter Pan's Flig…✨🏰✨ 🥰 down Main Street USA ✨ @dracomaIfo Max’s got the moves! 🕺Welcome from your favorite Disney Friends! It’s time for Magic. Gardens is a bit of an endless maze in the mornings - all for everyone’s safety of course and it gets your… @TimWanders There’s hope this is temporary while we wait (possibly until eternity) for a proper remodel of the plaz… morning new security area! In a record turnaround time: - the additional tents were fitted with equipment, - t…
@Leonard_Meyer I think it’s definitely the right time to start building that Marvel “momentum” for a Summer opening… with Max, Goofy and Mickey! 😅📍Max stopped by Meet Mickey this afternoon 🥰 @emmahughes1991 @DLPFanBoy I also think this is a capacity and cost management measure. @CRJohnson87 No reopening date yet sorry.As always with developing stories, please wait for the official Disneyland Paris channels to lay out the options av… finally, Disney’s Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel would be set for grand opening on March 8, 2021. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge would not reopen until May 1, 2021. from travel agents: Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne is sadly set to close again from October 1, 2020 to March 1, 2021. to travel agents, the Disneyland Hotel reopening has been delayed. Originally planned for September 7, i… Interview with “Rhythms of the Pride Lands” Show Director Christophe Leclercq. Get a sneak peek at all the c… with Stitch and Disney Friends! 🌴✨🏰✨🛍 Limited Edition (3400) Mulan collectible doll (€119, Harrington’s)’s not just Rapunzel who gets to have braided hair 😅🐴 on the Parade Route: Rapunzel! afternoon in the Kingdom ☀️📍Daisy’s bow is doing a bit better: Monsters Inc Scare Floor photo location is inching a bit closer to “normal” as Guests can now stand on the gree…🔧 The Monsters Inc. CDA Agents have been furloughed for refurbishment: @withrazzmatazz Oh definitely but I like to think it’s a Taco 😆😆😆Ursula holding a taco 🤷🏻‍♂️🛍 Disney Villains rubber key chains are back in stock, with some new arrivals! (€6.99, World of Disney) @by_benji Sassy! 😆🛍 Half off caps on a large selection at Walt Disney Studios carts, World of Disney and several other locations. The… the higher attendance on some days, the Ratatouille socially distanced queue has been extended and Guests get… morning, Walt Disney Studios Park ☀️
@Hugo_zegt He’s been through the first half of 2020 I think 😆Wishing you a good evening from (just outside) the Disneyland Hotel, which is scheduled to reopen in just 4 weeks f… Beauty Castle Sunset 🥰 goodnight from the Disney Friends on Main Street Station: beautiful Sunmer evening in Frontierland 🌵 @souris_louis Nope! @DLPTownSquare @RichyDisney Yeah I’m not mad at it. Nice way to enjoy a table service dessert, drink, AC and the lovely decor. @RichyDisney I’ll have a glass of rosé for just a few cents more 🍷😅As expected, today The Lucky Nugget reverted to the menus (and prices) you know and love: pork spare ribs, cheesebu…🔧 The socially distanced queue for Frontierland Theater has been installed as the area is almost ready for showtime…🔧 An update on the lovely Fantasykand cobblestones project - it’s getting there! are starting to come down, time for a stroll in the Parks! 🌺 @koenxdisney Oh zero 😆 but something different might be built eventually. @ThemePark_Mike @bramdalf It feels so surreal these days that you could just “walk in”!This is what it looked like. RIP.🔧 In the Resort Hub, the last original 1992 entrance arch has been removed as part of the security area remodeling… @markdavidwaites It is !🎄 New visual for Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, Nov 7, 2020 to Jan 10, 2021 at Disneyland Paris! a reminder from previous years, some of the Christmas offerings may not start until a week later (Nov 14). Altho… Christmas will return at Disneyland Paris from November 7, 2020 to January 10, 2021 Disneyland Paris Halloween season officially confirmed from Sep 26 to Nov 1, 2020. There will not be any… @LostIn_TheMagic No, this was due to the heat. Characters were doing 10 min sets two by two.
And here’s the photo by itself for your zooming enjoyment: Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report for August 1-8, 2020. Santa Fe returns, Halloween park reservations, Mick… giant Mulan poster is gone from the Gaumont Cinema facade at Disney Village. Not a coincidence of course 😬 (wei…🔧 Let’s take a sneak peek at the main Avengers Campus throughway. The land is really coming together and starting…👋🏻 @souris_louis Special cameo 😅📍A goodnight kiss from Donald and Scrooge! nice cool down on this hot day! 🌦 storm 🌦🛍 New Little Mermaid Bubble Wand (€20) @Bnc13_ Oh wow that’s true 😆 @LeterribleY I think because the shop is too small to social distanceGuests now have to trek to Flora’s in Town Square to see their Pirates of the Caribbean ride photos.📍Snow White and her Prince living their best lives: I finally do what frozen things do summer!🛍 Marvel Season of Super Heroes would have had some fun t-shirts (Adults €22.99)’s been a fun few weeks. Thank you to the Cast and Crew! final performance of The Lucky Nugget show featuring Minnie and Goofy! The restaurant will revert back to th…