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Spotted outside Casey’s Corner ⛄️😅📍A jolly Friday with Mary and Bert, in Front Lot @DisneylandParis, Friday January 24: @Toadkiri That’s all we have !Good morning and Happy Friday! 🏰 @Julianw99 One of the great DLP mysteries.If you’re attending the show tonight, here’s the official map of the best viewing areas and reserved zones for Gues… @marnello97 No one really knows but I think this has more to do with trying to get people to visit low season and/o…
❄️ Video: tests of the lights, fountains, fire effects and LED screens ahead of tomorrow premiere of “Magic Over La… there’s a few more up for grabs on our Insta - which just reached 3K! @EandJOnMainSt I don't think they are LE, they have been on sale for about 10 days so you should be fine ! @ammysin It’s Navy - but white dark!🛍️ Closer look at the new figurines set of the vocal quartet of Phantom Manor now on sale at Thunder Mesa Mercantil…🎁 Enter to win a set of new @DLPReport buttons celebrating “Frozen Celebration” and “Star Wars Legends of the Force… have new buttons 🥳⭐️ Time for Disney Stars on Parade!🛍 The new Disneyland Paris Spirit Jerseys are now also available at Main Street Motors, with plenty of stock. 🇫🇷 (€…📍Aladdin and Jasmine, on a magic scarf ride near Animagique Theater 😅📍Sulley, being cool on the Monsters Inc. Scare Floor @Lewis_1867 Yes, AP discount is applicable to pins, even Limited Edition ones. @RichyDisney Technically Frozen Celebration includes Musical Invitation (about the first movie) - but yeah, odd. @gekkerdjez Yep!Closer look at the Limited Edition (700) #Frozen Celebration Pins on sale this Saturday at the Pueblo Trading Post.…📍Maleficent, in Castle Courtyard today!📍Aurora and Philip, near Plaza Gardens 👑📍Clarice joined Chip and Dale near Colonel Hathi’s today: as you can see, scaffolding is going up on the Molly Brown.📍Captain Hook, terrorizing Adventureland thought storage lockers are in fact not available on the ground level 😅🚂 More audio tests for the Disneyland Railroad this morning under Main Street Station 🔈📍 The #1 Duck! At Casey’s Corner. Hatter’s Iced Tea Cups @DisneylandParis, Thursday January 23: morning in Thunder Mesa ❄️ morning, Main Street ☕️ up, let’s go! ❄️
@mattburggraeve @Pret @Mousesteps Brioche Dorée’s gonna be like:’s not a Limited Edition so hopefully it stays in stock long term. @MsKate78 They’re not limited edition but it depends how much they have in stock. @jeffgordonla @cusojackson It's sadly been since Nov 5, 2018. It closed (early) for the winter season, then the Fro… An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 8: The Music! This week, Kat discusses her favorite Disneyland Paris s… @msnguy90 Yes there will be some pyro.❄️ New flyer for “Magic Over Lake Disney, Frozen Edition”, January 24, 27 and 29 at 8:30p. The “Edition” stamp sug…🔧 Around Lake Disney, crews are blasting some Dire Straits to test the audio system for Friday’s “Magic Over Lake D…❄️ The “Enchanted Journey” rope carriers have really found their characters - so funny 😅 look at the back and front logos:🛍 NEW very French Disneyland Paris Sprit Jerseys have arrived in shops! 🇫🇷(€59.99)’ve got some new Sprit Jerseys! 🇫🇷 @TDRTweets @Mousesteps The only down side is that you'd have to exit then reenter the secure area if staying on sit…🔧 A Pret à Manger sandwich shop will soon open in the Disneyland Paris SNCF train station 🥪 new official video features Disneyland Paris Cast Members coming together for “Legends of the Force”. Don’t mis… excitement building for Disneyland Resort’s “Magic Happens” Parade, let’s go back to last summer’s D23 Parks &… @joshuasw93 No, just “summer” for now. @mandyandhollie You can catch Rey and Chewbacca 10am-4pm in Production Courtyard at Walt Disney Studios Park🚂 Disneyland Railroad trains are in testing today! So great to see them back on the tracks. Tests are planned until…🔧 At Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, scaffolding continues to appear for the refurbishment of the roof and external the…❄️ Morning in Fantasyland @DisneylandParis, Wednesday January 22: a bit of ice on the Rivers of the Far West ⛸🦇 Frosty Phantom Manor @DLPHelp Thank you Samantha, may the Force be with you! @Bnc13_ @DisneylandParis Ah good spot, will fix! @TVPaulDisney I love that you always get my lame jokes Paul 😅Well that’s not gonna start. view worth getting up for 🏰 sunrise on Central Plaza ☀️ Street awakens ✨ morning! It’s another frosty morning, let’s go take a look!
Stars Wars: A Galactic Celebration art for newly revealed floats in the upcoming "Magic Happens" Parade at the Disneyland Resort: - Cinderella… Parks shared a sneak peek at preparations for "Magic Happens" Parade at the Disneyland Resort which will fea… @DLPHelp If someone could find the Studio Theater light switch during Galactic Celebration that would be 👌🏻 has a bit of a neck issue today, but we still love her.“Straight on till the morning!” 🌙 @arontonora Dare I say it's more interesting than the show stop.Peeking at the monitors during the float’s entrance🎬 Impressive camera work for today’s filming of “Enchanted Journey” 🤓 the show rope duals as a mic for Sven 😅 @KrisfromBelgium I was hoping for more insight 😅📍Sulley, on the Monsters Inc. Scare Floor🎬 Checking out all the fun gear for today’s Enchanted Journey taping 🤓🗓 It’s Tuesday Warm Hugs Day! This week, Disneyland Paris welcomes: Olaf📍In Toon Studio: Minnie and Pluto 🦴📍Cheeky Chipmunks in Adventureland @KrisfromBelgium Amazing! I want to try itttt!! @ElliotJGMinto They use it🔧 Today’s performances of “Frozen 2: An Enchanted Journey” are being filmed. The footage is usually used for market… today is FUN!📍Aladdin and Jasmine, at Animagique Theater📍Goofy, rocking out in Frontierland📍Belle in her winter cape, near Chalet de la Marionnette📍Triple meet near Plaza Gardens with Snow White, her Prince and Dopey 🍎📍And ALSO at the Old Mill: Merida! 🏹📍Rapunzel and Flynn, at the Old Mill today! 🥰🔧 Equipment for “Magic Over Lake Disney: Frozen Edition” is arriving. The free show will be performed on Jan 24, 27…📍Rey is meeting Guests with Chewbacca in a different outfit today: Thunder Mesa this morning 🌵 Fantasyland 🎪 @DisneylandParis, Tuesday January 21: