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🌙 you soon 👋🏻⚠️Disneyland Paris is now temporarily closed. The Resort may reopen on Dec 19, 2020 depending on the situation in… last goodbye (and see you soon) from the Guest Flow team 👋🏻 and Disney Friends all clapping together as we wrap up this emotional day 🥰 @elcrevardo They are! I promise they’re not giving us free phones 😅Enjoying the beautiful lands like they’re closing tonight.. 🌙 Paris Ambassador Giona Prevete is touring the Park for the last hour of operations 🙏🏻 Magic in Disneyland Park ✨Just a couple hours to go. Disney Studios Park is now temporarily closed until February 12, 2021 with a possible opening window from Dece… out Plaza Gardens Restaurant 🍽😍 you to the cutest Mariachi for stopping by again this year! See you soon 🥰 the shorter days, we can now enjoy the new LED backlit meet and greet backgrounds in Toon Studio: Cast Member Pin featuring Genie, released today. and Diablo. Signing off 👋🏻 and Daisy are now packing up their fun harvest outfits until next year. It was so lovely to see them at the… @leavesonthelawn @RichyDisney It’s the filter from Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 1✨🏰✨ Paris President Natacha Rafalski is touring the Parks on this last day of operation before temporary clo… @IWillIlluminate I know 😆🛍 Christmas figurines (€49.99) and Days til’ Reopening calendar (€40) at Harrington’s the classics - it’s a small world 🌎🔧 Walls are down on the last remaining part of the Flora’s refurbishment, giving us a look at the repaired and repa… @RichyDisney Such a fun addition, this needs to become a Halloween tradition!Saying goodbye to the crazy pumpkin men and women. Please come back next year! 🎃👌🏻 Paris has updated its conditions in light of the new closure: - Annual Passes will be extended for the n… 2 it is ! But we’re not going anywhere. We’ve got a truck load of content to keep you entertained, so stay tu… Paris will be taking reservations from December 19 – January 3 and hope to be open based on prevailing c… Resort MAY open for a short time during the Christmas Holidays depending on the situation.⚠️ Breaking: Disneyland Paris is temporarily CLOSING again from Friday October 30 until FEBRUARY 12, 2021. @Murkrage Not yet. They have to legally brief Cast Members representatives first.Fun with Disney Friends all around Main Street 🥰🙏🏻 morning. And here we are: the last day of operation for a while.
Video: Projection testing tonight on Tower of Terror 😬 testing tonight on Tower of Terror: So we’re still gonna close our coverage tonight - here are more beautiful pictures of Disneyland Park🌙 Note…⚠️ French President Emmanuel Macron officially announced lockdown measures for the entire country starting this Fri… evening in Thunder Mesa 🦇, by night 🚀🎄The other Harrington’s Christmas window is still in progress but already cute:🎄Lovely new Christmas windows at Harrington’s:✨🏰✨🔧 In the Fantasia Gardens, another original planter is being removed as part of the Resort entrance and security te…🔧 Another painted billboard is in preparation on the Frontierland Theater facade: aboard! 🚂📍Disney Friends encounters this afternoon 🥰🎃 Cast and Disney Friends giving it all. Everyone have some fun, Vive la Vie!🔧 Paint touch-ups on the right hand side Hollywood Blvd. facades. They better still be tearing these down for #WDS2! Marvel to the Disney Villains, the teams have really done a great job using the existing equipment and budget… a visit to the Disney Villains, at Studio Theater 😈🔧 A lot of activity at Avengers Campus today with (potentially) groups of engineers visiting the site, and a number…’s a weird atmosphere today as the French Government is expected to announce tough lockdown measures at 8pm CET t…! ✨
🔧 The Planet Hollywood neon sign has been repaired: night 🌙 on Main Street 🎃 Magic ✨ @MikeyReads Pro!Of course one of the best spot for low-light shots: Phantom Manor the iPhone 12 night mode at Walt Disney Studios Park tonight 🎬🛍 Chip & Dale “Mickey Snowman” Christmas ornament (€13, Boutique du Chateau) Meet Mickey, the pumpkin props have been rearranged to ensure enough distance between Guests and Characters: announced yesterday, Standby Pass is back in operation at Crush’s Coaster and Big Thunder Mountain. Note that b… you brave enough.. for Illusion Manor? cutest 🥰📍The lovely Merida, on the Parade Route this afternoon 🏹 many moods of Ursula 🐚🎃 Closer look at the glowy animals details on the “Raise the Rafters” Halloween float 👌🏻 @Darren_btn Ah good you saw 😅🌱 New planters at “it’s a small world”. Interesting design: “Please do not feed the birds” sign in Fantasyland. Forget what you’ve learned at the movies 😅 @SlyCat I mean I would be too 😆🛍 Plenty of new “The Child” headbands in stock at Star Traders (€17):🎄 At Arcade Beta, a “Happy Holiday” mural is obscuring the windows as the space gets ready for Santa’s arrival next…🎄Christmas Season preparations have begun, with a snowy forest magically appearing at Videopolis!’s a pumpkin party 🎃🎉 mirror on the wall, who’s the bluest of them all.. fun in Town Square 😅, pals!
@NoNeedToDwell @xTardisChild @Chowcolatte Star Traders, Légendes d’Hollywood & Disney Store DV 😀✨🏰✨🎃A lot of Halloween merchandise is also on sale, up to 40% off, at Fora’s:📸 PhotoPass is on sale starting today and until November 1: €49.99 (down from €74.99) at Star Traders, Legends of Hollywood (Studio 1) and Disney Store (Disney Village), €17. @RichyDisney It’s a surprise.🛍 New “The Child” headband available at Disneyland Paris (sorry, the merchandise team never says where or how much).🛍 Glass Mickey Pumpkin (€29.99, Arribas locations) Pass will return tomorrow Tuesday October 27 at Crush’s Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain and soon Peter Pan’s… tricycles drivers are wearing shiny winter outfits today:🔧 At the North (original) bus station, work has started on removing and replacing the remaining old bays:’s the full set of 2020 Halloween snacks - last week to try them! “Wishes Come True Blue” Loungefly bag is currently sold out, but you can still grab the Spirit Jersey (€60) and…🛍 With just a few days until Halloween, a selection of seasonal merchandise is now on sale, up to 40% off at Thunde…’s this? Monday 😐
Good night, Main Street 🌙 Frontierland, by night 😍’re back tonight with night mode photos, at Star Tours!✨🏰✨ best way to spend a Sunday afternoon 🥰