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Alright I m out...✌️Nick Wright’s wet dream more before I goYea i am out. I’ll tap back in next week or next month. Congrats to every player getting their first title tonight.…. ... always open.
Retweeted by David MaiExcited to find out! 💩
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God is good, and he’ll be back STRONGER than ever. I FUCKING guarante3 IT. Let’s go @dak continue to walk by…
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Retweeted by David MaiMan that sucks🙏🏽 @dakThats awful4-0 shit Alex Smith is going to play...Bill Burr, a white guy, shows the main problem with why the NBA's ratings are in the tank. No matter the source, w…
Retweeted by David Mai👀 #BeforeEP
Retweeted by David MaiLOL look at that grifter Fertitta to make sure this was Draymond. but LOL shooting tear drop floaters from behind the line lol @nkwu don’t even remember doing this
Retweeted by David MaiI saw death threats to little Riley Curry during the 2015 Finals. Nothing surprises me from certain sections of Twi…
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@nkwu steroids is kicking his ass @nkwu lol had to watch off my phone cuz I wasn’t sure if the audio would play throughBruhhh ThanksgivingEvery one of these KD replies feels like the game 3 shot. the man have his peace m surprised Crowder's face didnt injury AD @JayRichardson99 These practice squad players talking like starters, I hate it
Retweeted by David MaiThis is still an amazing quote good ol famous ppl introducing themselves to you but you gotta act like you don’t know who they are.😁 didn’t grow up like me if you didn’t see this expression
Retweeted by David MaiRamona replaced Jason Lloyd as one of the wives nooo... on here won’t understand this CJ. @butterrace i have no clue lol I looked up game score for something close to the date. Even more confused... m even more confused now’ve been better off throwing a fastball off Green’s face. Ricochet to AD for win
Retweeted by David MaiLOL incredible around and it’ll be this is almost too perfect but with all due respect, Jimmy is doing it with way better efficiency #s’s as open as Draymond and Ben Simmons on every shot lololol BASKETBALL!!!! #BEATLADanny on a 2 year deal right?! lol Rich Paul is gonn make sure hes gone.LMAO!!!!SPOILER!!!! running right by the FT shooter thing is bullshit but the game is the game.LMAO what was Morris doingKCP KOBE ASSIST!thats a tough finish…my godlolol Danny came up a foot short on that 3Steph Curry made 98 in one postseason, for reference.
Retweeted by David Maiwhat happened bullshit propagandaThis is a FMVP worthy performance from LeBronHeat play like they listen to DMX on full blast
Retweeted by David MaiThe clock froze for a whole second during that last possession and Lakers got nothing from itLMAO Duncan Robinson talking shit to Kuzmawhat a gameAD at least once every game Green post ups will always be hilariousAndre’s hands still crazy lolWhat happened @justsomedude_ yes ✌️ out for a while if they win tonight lol. I m not tryna stick around to witness the slobfest for you know who.
Its not finished for the other team too right?!'re down because Klutchaganda and Silver treated the Dynasty Warriors like the Atlanta Hawks. It's okay we'll f…
Retweeted by David MaiYes but the talk about salted egg fishskin at the end. The most fire snack ever, you should get the legit stuff f… is great hit 2 of the biggest shots in the Finals for the Warriors…what bus driver is doing that. at Texas album held me down for like a whole month during the first month driving to workI miss Chester 🥺It’s a few years later but going to see you guys at SkyDome for Summer Sanitarium Tour. It was also my birthday, I…, EP, Demos, Reanimation, LPU anniversary for Hybrid Theory. Thats crazyY'all this bored? @fymroo Carolina boys
If the NFL want to punish the Titans. Just have them punt the season and gift every team on their schedule a W.That fanbase is so weird manif yall aint stopping so neither am! 10:59am EST Thursday 11:01am EST welll welllllll that was the most unproductive 30 mins everOUUUWEEEEE ITEMSSSS! manual gang lol like the chaos of hype Supreme drop. Its all fun though... @theDYNAMICS YESS!!!Lolololol#STOPKANYE2020😮 for smooth checkout at 11am est. @jayemkayem @nkwu"LeBron's gonna get some votes from people who know they need to vote for LeBron if they wanna be able to continue…
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