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D. Hat @DMakesMoves East Oakland

#UCDavis alum #PhiBetaSigma #1914 #gomab 👮🏾‍♂️✊🏾🙏🏾💪🏾 I talk a lil shit... but I mean well

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Lmao’t confuse popularity with success. Life is not a popularity contest. Do your thing. Be who you are. Because you…
Retweeted by D. HatAmen much as I like ivy park in simply too fucken old fo all datDon’t y’all get tired of leading with just sex? @scoatnee36 Call me if you need to vent or just breathDon’t we all Germane and vodka it is then tonight. @R3b3lRevolution come have a drink with me fren. Im quarantine but you ca… SERVE.
Retweeted by D. HatI know the game. Even if most folks think I don’t.
First on CNN: GSA tells Biden that transition can formally begin’t let tryna stunt and keep up make you go broke or forget what’s importantI still crack up when I hear someone say Miss MamasWhy is @tarajiphenson hosting the #AMAs and when we gon find out how she got on that damn boat in #acrimony @ShaadTheeGod PossibilityI wish the clubs were open. I hate this covid shit @JLo been stealing everything @Beyonce for years @Chacarlo Lol im good. But I feel youEverybody wanna be the Heath department when they see you having fun with people. WeRe In A PaNdEmIcI really like Cynthia baileys wedding to Peter. That museum idea was niceLmao!!! @_kdot___ What’s the song tho??Lmaoooooooooooo find a way to add Moniques name in there smart fall harder and harder every day lol @Chacarlo Hahah so was IY’all leave @mulatto alone @Chacarlo Lmao why you crying so true
Yesss Med sKoo I wanna start some shit I text or call @BDMNRS. Talk me off the ledge please neowwwwwwwI had to google what a touch me not is lmao ok @theestallion which on of yo lesbian friends put you on!!??Nicki Minaj: The Barbz:
Retweeted by D. HatGod I’m old 🤦🏾‍♂️😔
Retweeted by D. Hat @ShaadTheeGod That’s not lame at all! And is something I’m gonna start incorporating into my weekends @cordellsimmons You got a friend in me buddy lol @ShaadTheeGod I agree. But when they all busy and I’m bored I be like damn! Who else wanna go to brunch. And it be crickets 🦗I have three gay guy friends... is that enough or do I need more? Lol idk If I want more or not.Being mean isn’t cute, attractive or something to brag about... it’s very ugly and make you ugly! @DLuxxx Niggas be in open relationships like it’s the thing to do now. Run Dannie You don’t need thatThank you!!!!!!!!! 🗣 @thepettypprint This is all I keep imagining @JustCallMe_EJ Hahaha true @JustCallMe_EJ Aaaaaaahahahahahahahahha you let me be that was and ain’t say nothing!He dead???? @BDMNRS your advice last night worked @DePHIn3Gravity I agree with that 100%Whew lord that seems to hit a lil deep. Are you ok??? Hahah is the lords day so ima rejoice and be gladWhew I was mean yesterday on here @DePHIn3Gravity Lol that’s what I’m talking about!!! @DePHIn3Gravity Ain’t it $5??? few things ima always have on: something Nike, these glasses, and I guess now a mask @THEEblacklady Thank. I’ll be fine @YogiDaB Glad you watched it..... I definitely couldn’t relate to it. But I love it so much because that’s how I wi… miss my grandparents and think about them every day. This time last year she was diagnosed with cancer. 8 months later she was goneThe best chicken wings come from gas stations in Atlanta lol.Tina snow fire!!! Fever fire!!! Suga fire!!! just wish Megan would’ve released this album earlier and didn’t release suga. I feel like suga was her first albu… could build a house with all these bricks I got @geektify So good right?Fuck it I’m fina re watch pvalley lol @geektify No keep him... it’s fine... joe fina get all they ass together. His cabinet picks will be revealed in the… that shit spoke to me haha you sound like me after 2 hours lol this shit come January“I tell him you’re not popping you just on the remix”Amen almost passed out @MariahCarey we in a pandemic and most Americans don’t have the money this season to add to your $60 million C… @AskArkane He went viral during the George Floyd protest for singing a really good song called “I just wanna live”… need stop making this boy sing these negro spiritual songs Mama Pressure 🔥
Retweeted by D. Hat @THEEblacklady @KevinHart4real 🤣🤣🤣🤣Y’all tweet hoe shit 310 days out the year then wanna settle down and bring somebody home for the holidaysWhen @IyanlaVanzant said to shays older brother “I’m the only doctor in here today” I would’ve walked smooth out th… mama don’t like her point blank period @IyanlaVanzantMy partner dies I’m not killing myself. I’m building empires in they legacy, making sure they family is taken care… fact that story had that typo made me question the validity of the whole damn story. The one about them two guys from AtlantaI’m a barb y’all relax please and thanksYour partner dies you honor them by living for them.True love is not killing yourself when your partner dies. If God calls you home when your partner dies that’s diffe… still don’t cuss out everybody’s auntie @IyanlaVanzant regardless of how wacked out she is @IyanlaVanzant will ask you what’s 1+1 and when you say 2... she acts like that’s such a surprise. Like you wasn’t supposed to know @NICKIMINAJ been quiet all these weeks and months but when Megan drop a banger she was make videos and shit on Ig.… @creatorjus Fasho! @creatorjus Ha!!! I see what you did there. They sold out so you dropped the link! Haha. Those are clean tho!! @creatorjus Well it’s the boots fah me. Sooooo drop the link hahaha @YogiDaB First on your list tho is love Simon @YogiDaB Mine too @SAWEETIEFAN1 I said if.... she paying you? If so keep this up.. if not go do something else with your time.This intro to #thecrown is giving me game of thrones vibesIf I don’t do anything right I pay attention“I am not nice and I don’t seek to be respectable.” 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️Oh that stand up was horrible. Omg @KevinHart4real why would you put this shit out.Ima put y’all on game real quick. If somebody sketchy adds to you Twitter. Block them the unblock them real quick a… @KevinHart4real is definitely right about men’s group chats hahaha my friends and I start off talking about somethi…🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣