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@MyBookishLife @NatalieDaodu @MyBookishLife well one thing I do with my blog is to only review what I’ve actually e… @MyBookishLife @NatalieDaodu @MyBookishLife it can be such a juggle sometimes to be honest! During furlough I’ve be… @mirandajewess @ViperBooks @mirandajewess I will be with you all in bookie spirit! You will kick butt, lady! I guarantee you will!🖤 @MyBookishLife @NatalieDaodu @MyBookishLife Oh I absolutely get some gorgeous items! And I’m always so grateful, an… @NatalieDaodu I would say being a bookseller has given me the basic tools to be able to be where I am now with publ… @NatalieDaodu @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan @NatalieDaodu haha 😅 Well in all hones… @mirandajewess @ViperBooks @mirandajewess don’t be scared darling! I was hoping to attend but I’m feeling rather gr… @janelesley @ViperBooks @mirandajewess 🖤🖤🖤 @SarcasticEnigma @ViperBooks @mirandajewess @SarcasticEnigma gotta love a good bookmark haha 🖤 @osborne_dean @DWRoss8 Just makes me think of Harlots, which would suit me fine as I LOVE THAT SERIES @TillyLovesBooks @Sophiemorme @wekesperos @ZaffreBooks 🙌🙌🙌 @amyperky @TinderPress @lissiethomas I’ve heard fabulous things about this and it’s great to see the paperback reta… @JenniTomalin @ViperBooks @mirandajewess @JenniTomalin isn’t it? People are far too kind to me haha 😅 @mirandajewess @ViperBooks 🖤🖤🖤 @SamHurcom @orionbooks @SamHurcom I have no doubt I’ll love it 👻🌟COMPETITION TIME!🌟 Guys, this is your chance to bag yourself a stunning proof of #LongLongAfternoon by @wekesperos @DoubledayUK Definitely Threadneedle by @Cari_Threads just absolutely incredible! I tag the gorgeous @RobynMWatts @jackiesreading @ViperBooks @mirandajewess @jackiesreading Viper are far too kind to me 🖤🌟PUBLISHER SHOUTOUT🌟 🖤Thank you to @ViperBooks for this gorgeous care package that just arrived! 🖤 🖤You’re far too… @AnyaLipska @gemlovesbooks My pleasure! ❤️ @gemlovesbooks @AnyaLipska I loved it! Really original!😀 @silvanhistorian @panmacmillan @UKTor @silvanhistorian As booksellers we are allowed 😜 @silvanhistorian @panmacmillan @UKTor She is rather stroke worthy, I agree! 🤩 @EKLeeWriter She’s so shiny!🤩 @DWRoss8 @EHawkes13 @HoZ_Books @KateMascarenhas It’s such a brilliant book!💜 @CharlieBonobo @Ben_garrod Apparently not! Oh well! @DWRoss8 True true @Ben_garrod I know. But are you that shocked?😅 @LollMcC @JJAHarwood @HarperInsider @HarperVoyagerUK @LollMcC she just sounds amazing! And thank you! I want to get in a frame 🤩 @AdamLloyd87 @roisinmurphy I’ve always thought she’s just fabulous and unique 🥰 @nucosi All I know is I’m back to work next week and everything is tier 3. Will people adhere to the rules? Probably not. @Ben_garrod We’re tier 3 😅 @AdamLloyd87 @roisinmurphy I adore this woman. She’s just amazing 😊 @nucosi Bristol is Tier 3, and I’m not even shocked 😂 @LollMcC @JJAHarwood @HarperInsider @HarperVoyagerUK 💚Isn’t she just EVERYTHING?!💚 @DWRoss8 That is just horrific. These people better enjoy your book 😉 @orionbooks @SamHurcom 🕯I adored his first one, so I’m really excited for this! 🕯 @teambkmrk @AliceOseman 💜So ready for this!💜 @emilygmoran @RosannaForte 🖤🖤🖤 @emilygmoran @RosannaForte @emilygmoran dream is the right word. It’s genuinely nearly all of my favourite authors,… @katiebowdy @Kiran_MH @katiebowdy SAME! It’s like they read my mind and said ‘girl, we got you’ @Kiran_MH 👻 I am DELIGHTED too! Such a fabulous surprise! 👻 @DWRoss8 How did you send them?! In a person horse drawn carriage?! Thats extortion!😅 @AliceOseman 💜Yay yay yay yay and yay!!!!💜 @Wendy_Holden 🤩Congratulations, my darling! They both sound fantastic!🤩 @MyBookishLife SAME HERE! @LittleBrownUK @Br1dgetCollins @mrsjaneymac @girlhermes @Kiran_MH @JessKiddHerself @esmacneal @natasha_pulley👻 I BEG YOUR SPOOKY PARDON?!?!👻 🕯 A book of basically some of the most gorgeous authors you could ever know?! 🕯 👏… @bookseller_jess @HarperInsider @CJessCooke @SamHurcom @lucefrederick @alexxlayt @orionbooks @GriffinBooksUK Congratulations!♥️ @Baggins_books @HarperInsider Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! 💚 @LBBigBookNews 👻 Yea yes yes and yes 👻 @spookypurcell My, oh my! @book_bint @jennysaint @Wildfirebks @headlinepg @LollMcC Wonderful! And I spy Madam!🙌 @jennysaint @Wildfirebks @headlinepg It most definitely is! And it’s such a treat! you lovely people! ❄️It’s a chilly one today❄️ So I’m getting all cosy with this gem! 🏺I started… @hayleylotusflo1 A must read! @bookseller_jess @HarperInsider @CJessCooke It’s so good!! And perfect for this time of year! @hayleylotusflo1 I loved this book so much! ❤️ @ReadsRina @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan @ReadsRina she is indeed a stunner!
@silvanhistorian @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian girl, you better be prepared for more photos! I’ll be reviewing th… @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian 🍁Isn’t she just EVERYTHING?!🍁 @msmansk @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan I am! ♈️ @amy_donegan @zakiya_harris Clever!🌟 @lcnicol Ok, this picture? Really? And also, as someone who knows his shoes( I used to be a shoe seller) patent DOES NOT STRETCH 😂 @MyBookishLife @MyBookishLife It’s one of those gifs you can just hear, I agree haha @MyBookishLife @JamieLeeNardone @janelesley @silvanhistorian @panmacmillan @Healey_Jane @HistoriaHWA @Healey_Jane do it do it do it! @Healey_Jane @HistoriaHWA @Healey_Jane I hope you have some bubbles to celebrate! 🎉 @Healey_Jane @HistoriaHWA CONGRATULATIONS!!! So well deserved!!! @janelesley @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan @janelesley thank you! 😀 @JamieLeeNardone @janelesley @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @panmacmillan @thebookrising @RobynMWatts @AmmaraIsa @HarperInsider @JJAHarwood @HarperVoyagerUK 🕰💚🕰🖤🕰💚🕰 @JenniTomalin @AmmaraIsa @HarperInsider @JJAHarwood @RobynMWatts @HarperVoyagerUK The colours are EVERYTHING @silvanhistorian @yaba_badoe @MyBookishLife @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan 🙌🙌🙌 @yaba_badoe @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan @yaba_badoe isn’t it gorgeous?!🤩 @silvanhistorian @MyBookishLife @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan @silvanhistorian I ALWAYS like to do videos for what… @MyBookishLife @gemlovesbooks What? Not my fault she’s easily combustible. @MyBookishLife Haha your secret shall remain safe 🤫 @SimonGuy64 @UKTor @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan @SimonGuy64 doesn’t it sound brilliant?! 🤩 @Bibliotreasures @AmmaraIsa @HarperInsider @JJAHarwood @RobynMWatts @HarperVoyagerUK @Bibliotreasures isn’t she jus…🔮My review is now live for brilliant Fortune Favours The Dead by @playwrightsteve 🔮 Thank you to @Bookywookydooda f… posted a photo @ Bristol, United Kingdom @TillyLovesBooks @MyBookishLife @panmacmillan Isn’t she PRETTY?!❤️ @TillyLovesBooks @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @JamieLeeNardone @panmacmillan @TillyLovesBooks SHE SO LOOKS LIKE… @gemlovesbooks @MyBookishLife @gemlovesbooks and the cheat in TR2 where you could explode her mid-jump @JamieLeeNardone @MyBookishLife @silvanhistorian @panmacmillan @JamieLeeNardone glad you liked it!❤️ @MyBookishLife @JamieLeeNardone @silvanhistorian @panmacmillan @MyBookishLife that’s fine. Totally fair @MyBookishLife You are indeed 😂 You’re such a gent for getting a copy to me at the speed faster than Hermes himsel… @gemlovesbooks @MyBookishLife @gemlovesbooks ALL. THE. TIME. Or, run her into a wall. Fun times @JJAHarwood ❤️Haha no time to chill!! GET EXCITED!!!❤️🍁 THE MOST INCREDIBLE AND STUNNING BOOKMAIL!🍁 Hey, @MyBookishLife you are a true gentleman, nay a God! #Sistersong @HarperInsider @AmmaraIsa @JJAHarwood @RobynMWatts @HarperVoyagerUK ❤️❤️❤️ @melanie05783871 It’s so good! Not long til my review 🤩 @JenniTomalin @AmmaraIsa @HarperInsider @JJAHarwood @RobynMWatts @HarperVoyagerUK @JenniTomalin isn’t she beautiful… @ReadsRina @AmmaraIsa @HarperInsider @JJAHarwood @RobynMWatts @HarperVoyagerUK @ReadsRina basically 😂 @RobynMWatts @AmmaraIsa @HarperInsider @JJAHarwood @HarperVoyagerUK @RobynMWatts SHE IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!! @AnaBooks I adore kitty snores