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Brian Spar @DMBHealer Bilsborrow, England

A husband, father, son, veterinarian, former fat guy...and budding actor. The #hamilvet amongst other things...NYer born and raised, transplanted to the U.K.!

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@ava Seasons of Love - Rent. Virtually every single time I hear it.
Thanking @netflix @fullerhouse and @JohnStamos for making my children’s fav song “Forever” by Jesse and the Rippers
@katieharker 🙏🏼❤️ @katieharker Same @CrashBandicait Sloth love Chunk @ChuckWendig I’m willing to bet he has no idea how those words immediately signal Nazism to one of us Jews.... @Andrew_Fried Guaranteed the fucking idiot will have no idea why these words are so frightening...
@chrisrankin I think that was about 50% of the reason I couldn’t fall asleep too - I was worried I’d sleep through… @chrisrankin When we met at Porter’s, I got back to hotel at 1ish and had train back up north at 4:30 - and I was s…
@theCarlaMarie Yes, you do, as far as ventilation and other boring shit @kiki_caitlin @Lin_Manuel @hamlllton @jonnysun Yes, yes they are @Lin_Manuel @daphnerubinvega I think.....she just lit my candleeeeee @kiki_caitlin @Lin_Manuel @hamlllton @jonnysun To be fair my kids named them.... @Lin_Manuel @hamlllton @jonnysun YOURE ALL THE GREATEST (like my 3 chickens Sirius Black, Hedwig and Cruickshanks) @SnoopDogg - I’m a New Yorker living here in England and been a fan since Doggystyle came out back in the day.… @Lin_Manuel @jonnysun Whenever I’m feeling homesick, I listen to Heights and pick up GMGN and feel more at home. Th… @Sethrogen Bless you, sir @chrisrankin YAAAAAAASSSSS MY DUDE - 🇬🇧 misses ya @chrisrankin Uber dude @mirandaburgin @HootieTweets @dariusrucker It begged to Hold My HandGnight from me, @HootieTweets and @dariusrucker ‘s pick that I caught
@fcbsdukes @HootieTweets @dariusrucker That....was definitely the show I was at as well @Lin_Manuel Gnight sir, from me and Hootie and the Blowfish 🐡 3 week old Dogue de Bordeaux puppies, when grown up, are likely to collectively weigh between 200-300kg (440-… @Lin_Manuel Gmorning my friend. Very proud of you, today and all days. Here’s me with my mates, the 2 week old pupp… @chrisrankin @EllensStardust You’re killing me with homesickness dude 😥🙃
@Lin_Manuel @freestylelove @VAMNit Praise to Catherine de Medici for introducing the French to ice cream - thus all… CANT FIND MY HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH T-SHIRT FROM 1994 FOR THE @HootieTweets @dariusrucker SHOW TOMORROW NIGHT IN… MY CARPENTRY SKILLS ARE WORKING ITS HEALING WOOHOOOOOOOO @MiggstaC09 @KellyGC411 All our love from 🇬🇧 ❤️ @Lin_Manuel I mean, for me it might be “hey we need you at work for a c-section bro” - but, yeah, same 😉
@MiggstaC09 Bless you and Kelly, sir. Our hearts ache with yours. 💔 @yashar @RonanFarrow @mariamenounos I’m not sure why you tagged Maria in this tweet Yashar. Surely this will only b… YAAAAAAAAAS @Lin_Manuel
@Lin_Manuel Amen brother. Hugs.
Oh my god it’s a mirage/I’m telling y’all it’s sabotage (This JUST arrived and it’s a beaut and I LOVE ME SOME…
@LauraExplorer @Lin_Manuel Yes please @waynechrebet That was my freshman year at Hofstra. Loved watching you play then, then with the Jets the following…
Gnight, from my little lumpy bumpy babygirl who’s gonna live forever because she has to ❤️ @fvmero Girllllllll why you so fly tho @Lin_Manuel Gmorning/Gnight from me and mine (god I’m old) @Lin_Manuel @joshuahenry20 Oh, I saw him in a show about Washington Heights, ya know the one I mean? ❤️❤️🙏🏼
@grumpstress @Lin_Manuel This is for Microchip implantation!Hey @dariusrucker - remember me and my daughter jammin’ to your tunes? This NYer is coming to see you and… @steph_holmes113 @Lin_Manuel SHHHHHHUSH YOU @CrashBandicait Suuuuuure that’s the reason riiiiiiiight @CrashBandicait My dad sends a bag for each of my kids every year and I MAY eat most of it before they do because I MAY be a fat whale @jennysold326 @Lin_Manuel It is in a sharps container, lid removed for effect and re-placed after, not to worry @nesstaann @CrashBandicait Hi I’m super homesick can I fit in a suitcase of yours PLEASE @CrashBandicait WTF YO, candy corn is like tricoloured waxy sugar in a curvy pyramidal shape which is the quintesse… @K_bowes @Lin_Manuel YAAAAAAAS QUEEN @Lin_Manuel I throw away lots of, etc.
@jackthorne @darkmaterials His memory and loyalty is unparalleled. A year after I gave him some advice about his do… @Fudgeadoodledoo @Lin_Manuel I wish he was still here ❤️💔My friendddddddddd @Lin_Manuel 🙏🏼❤️
@SonYAsbookshelf Wizarding World app! @theCarlaMarie She’s a cat - they are weird! (Seriously - it would have been something dietary - a treat or somethi… if I didn’t already know... @SonYAsbookshelf @fckinbee What a couple of GORGEOUS FOLK YOU ARE @TeeRico_LinMan @cafebusteloking QUEEN GG @theCarlaMarie I feel this, girl
@Lin_Manuel Hey how’s the Edchup? Sheerific?? @CrashBandicait My frustration levels are skyrocketing into ORBIT! I have to get that off my CHEST @CrashBandicait Did you see it advertised in a magazine or perhaps on a SINus? MANdible, not knowing is killing me! @CrashBandicait At least tell me if you had to drive your CARpus to get it? @CrashBandicait Listen, you don’t have to SHOULDER this secret anymore @CrashBandicait Could you at least give me a RADIUS in which you found my photo @CrashBandicait Very fun-knee @CrashBandicait Yo where’d you get that full body pic of me at @Lin_Manuel @K_bowes Depending on speed between 1.5-3 hours (I’ve done like 18 of em)Gmorning. Thankful. Grateful. 🙏🏼❤️ @Lin_Manuel @ChrisisSingin @jamesmiglehart @freestylelove @WayneBrady @offbookbeatbox @UTKtheINC @PDV Man, that man is NON STOP
@Lin_Manuel hey just checking in, wondering how this Edchup was, was it Sheerific? @chrisrankin PLEASE SAY IT AINT SO DUDE, my world is CRASHING AROUND MEEEEECaught singing Moana songs during surgery (for real, I have video evidence @Lin_Manuel ) @chrisrankin WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE NO say it ain’t so dude @Lin_Manuel THANK YOU for finally showing me how to pronounce Lyra 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️ @fvmero @CrashBandicait @Lin_Manuel Gurlllllll why you so fly lookin like a fucked up joker Ursula @Swami42 But still....all can fall apart verrrrrry easily! @Swami42 NOOOOOO just a chill dude @Swami42 Preliminary things!
@Lin_Manuel @freestylelove That there stache is just a fancy frame for them fancy words and BREAK ALL YO LEGS MY FRIENDOMG I CANNOT WAIT @SeanRobbins13 This is my Wolverine moment @dariusrucker YES PLEASEEEEE @Lin_Manuel @CollegeHumor Do you remember when you were animal Jesus? I do. I rechecked this kitty yesterday and he IS WALKING ON HIS REPAIRED LEG, I FIXED HIMMMMMMMM ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ are happening here in Blackburn, people....THINGS BE HAPPENING 🤩 🎥 🎞 @Lin_Manuel @freestylelove Break legs, my friend 🙏🏼❤️ @fckinbee @Lin_Manuel Bless the both of these beauties ❤️❤️❤️
@Lin_Manuel Pictures of a New York slice?! Are you TRYING TO KILL ME SIR @wrightmywayout You can now BE YOURSELF!! You WIN! ❤️❤️❤️ @fckinbee Welcome home ❤️🙏🏼 @ChuckWendig Maybe this’ll help a bit? A little guinea piggie who just had a bladder surgery who’s nose is BOOPWORT… @Lin_Manuel MY FRIENDDDDDDDDD did you ask Carson about TRL orrrrrrrMY FRIENDDDDDDDD(S)! @Swami42 ❤️❤️❤️THATS MY FRIENDDDDDD(S) @Lin_Manuel @ChrisisSingin *pic of me waiting for @TODAYshow to tweet clips of this so I can see it in 🇬🇧*
@Lin_Manuel @ChrisisSingin Happy birthday Mr President 🙏🏼❤️