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Brian Spar @DMBHealer Bilsborrow, England

A husband, father, son, veterinarian, former fat guy...and budding actor. The #hamilvet amongst other things...NYer born and raised, transplanted to the U.K.!

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We’re absolutely disgusted that Boris Johnson has put protecting Dominic Cummings above the health of this country…
Retweeted by Brian Spar @katieharker DAMMIT now I’m HUNGRY @katieharker HOLY SHIT you MADE THESE?!? 😍😍😍 @mariamenounos So much love for you all ❤️❤️❤️It’s been deleted but nothing to stop some more retweets...@jk_rowling @campbellclaret @soniasodha @PippaCrerar
Retweeted by Brian Spar @piersmorgan It’s feeling more and more like America here at the moment.... @ShutUpKaleena Indeed it is! = the definition of hypocrisy. Sickening. Disgusting. #dominiccummimgs should not only be fired but ARRESTED. @Vegalteno @TeeRico_LinMan @BCEFA Love to you all, from all the way across the Atlantic ❤️🙏🏼 @ShutUpKaleena I’ll confess right now.....I’ve got it on auto-adjust 🙊 @ShutUpKaleena home right now 💔 only Number 10 had acted as quickly and forcefully on the pandemic in March as it has to save Dominic Cummings.
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Who dat @CrashBandicait Well done kiddo 😍😍😍 @offbookbeatbox @dqDST1913 @K_bowes @freestylelove The best. Thanks for sharing Chris - I’ve heard this about 8,000…
@Lin_Manuel I hereby offer to donate a zoom session where I will personally walk the winner through a dog spay 🙏🏼😎 @Lin_Manuel @rjcutler The trailer itself had me in tears at work. I cannot wait to dehydrate myself from crying fro… @rjcutler @AppleTV @Lin_Manuel @SpikeLeeJoint @StevieWonder @Oprah @YaraShahidi @GloriaSteinem @BigBird
@Vegalteno Big hugs, sir 🙏🏼❤️Same jacket different year I could be, part of that worlddddd @Jenmidwife They did come and break it up by the time I got home from work @Jenmidwife We’ve had to call the police on them obstructing the road today
@chrisrankin (I’m not meaning to be vague about this AT ALL, I’ve been offered a possible proposal that is sensitiv… @baileybug1986 I analyze everything from every single angle. I try to look at the worst possible outcome and see if… @equusleather It’s HUGE though. @bohemiandani If it were me making decisions for myself, it would be a bit easier, but I don’t wanna risk burning o… @chrisrankin So many variables my friend - the potential for great things is HUGE. But the potential for burn out a… By its very nature, it scares me. How do you handle big risks? Follow the fire or play it safe? At… @brokeymcpoverty YES PLEASE - just need a TIME for all us overseas expats 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @Lin_Manuel @ShutUpKaleena @TeeRico_LinMan @Vegalteno @TheActorsFund @BCEFA @HispanicFed @HamiltonMusical @intheheights QUEEN 👑 @fckinbee TPLO’s for these guys are like their bread and butter - it’s like a cat spay for me. They do SO MANY of t… @Lin_Manuel @LacketyLac @Nevstein @WilliamFWells Oh hey, what time on July 3rd are we gonna all watch/tweet this? I… @fckinbee Do you know which op he is having? TPLO? TTA? I do the TTA rapid technique, they do amazingly well. The T… @Lin_Manuel @LacketyLac @Nevstein @WilliamFWells Hiiiiiii I JUST CANT WAIT DUDE @fckinbee Homie, your boy right here KNOWS this dude is gonna be right as rain. I do these ops all the time. All good things 🙏🏼❤️ @Lin_Manuel She really is a funny one that Belle! it's no wonder that her name means Beauty Her looks have got no parallel But behind that fair facade I'm afraid… @Lin_Manuel GMORNING
@johnkrasinski @somegoodnews So are you, dude. Bringing positivity to us all at this time = YOU’RE the good news! T… @IJasonAlexander I already communicate with animals 💁🏻‍♂️ hoes and clothes, all a player knows (circa 1994) @benjpasek My 13 year old daughter baked this in support of the NHS - and I fell in love all over again @Lin_Manuel Gmorning from me circa 1994 @GarstangAcademy It was as amazing at it looked!
When you smile I am undone @marrtille Congratulations Nya! History has its eyes on you ❤️🙏🏼My kid is better than your kid (this is why I am fat)
@katieharker You should just do what I did - buy the place and never have a boss again 🙌🏼 @katieharker Maybe that will be your new normal? The world is gonna be a different place on the other side of this. @Swami42 COMFYYYYYYY 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️ @IJasonAlexander Home (New York) 💔 @Swami42 Pic or it didn’t happen - here’s mine: #lastnormalphoto ❤️❤️ @katieharker I kinda do miss Euston and the controller London chaos - but I only go for leisure rather than work, maybe that’s why 🙏🏼My queen @jk_rowling approves of my gerbil selfie @jk_rowling I’m having cuddles with a seizuring gerbil (don’t worry, he’s fine and I’m a vet) 🙏🏼 @AOC @LightsCameraPod Omg YES!! When that dude got hypothermia after falling in to the water - that haunts me to this day. 🥶
@Lin_Manuel Gnight! We love ya. @Lin_Manuel I removed a dog’s cancerous eyeball today - I think you’ve got the better gigAnd if this child Shares a fraction of your smile Or a fragment of your mind, look out world That would be enough… @CrashBandicait @CrashBandicait 👑 @VAMNit This article in particular has guided me on exactly how to re-open my vet practice safely. I will allow cli… @Lin_Manuel Good morning, I’d like to invite you to my Bar Mitzvah at Scotty’s in Rockville Centre on Long Island o…
@Lin_Manuel I love that Pa = “Luis Miranda” on your phone, my pops is just plain ol’ Dad - I think I’m gonna change… @Lin_Manuel @Vegalteno ❤️🙏🏼bless that man🙏🏼❤️ @Lin_Manuel @Vegalteno Best of luck Luis, can’t wait to hear that all is well ❤️Hi @Lin_Manuel we love you’ve got the best team, I don’t care what you say @chrisrankin DO IT DUDE @Lin_Manuel WHAT 🤯 Super Mario 3 was a trip, now this is a MEGA REVERSAL OF TIME TRIP @chrisrankin @MavenofHonor The only thing mundane about it was me 🤓 @chrisrankin @MavenofHonor Once I had a drink and a sing-along with Percy Weasley and Usnavi De La Vega @MavenofHonor I peed next to Jeff Goldblum at a broadway show once 🤷🏼‍♂️ @Vegalteno All the best Luis, speedy recovery and healing vibes from across the Atlantic 🙏🏼❤️
@mirandaburgin We made some cool kids, that’s for certain ❤️Hey @Lin_Manuel - in order to honor the #hamilfilm, Lucy designed some outdoor Olympic events like a potato sack ra… @johnkrasinski @somegoodnews @LimebackArt Here’s how I experienced it - holding a gaggle of puppies above your righ… @Lin_Manuel Not just you - I get into work and wanna play my music through the Bluetooth speaker but the speaker be… @Lin_Manuel @DominoDeCoco @CrespoX6 @SuperOTM @mamacita1126 @VAMNit 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼 Tom from MySpace says wazaaaaap like the Budweiser dudes
@espn @disneyplus @Lin_Manuel @UTKtheINC holy ish @leslieodomjr Let us raise a glass, my good sir 🙌🏼 🍻 @IJasonAlexander My grandparents/parents - I live in England now, trip back to the US was supposed to be first week… am loving that my entire timeline is #hamilfilm right now rather than #COVIDー19 - what pandemic? PRAISE YOU… @ChrisisSingin C-Jack, we GOTTA have a tweet-party on July 3rd ❤️ @DLeeStudio @mamacita1126 You will NOT be disappointed - it is the definition of magic. This is like a glorious tim… @Lin_Manuel I will legit take off work for this #hamilfilm watch-a-long @Lin_Manuel Yes - but - can we set a time?? @VAMNit I am SO PROUD ❤️’s only a matter of time... Our Hamilton film. THIS July 3rd. On Disney+. #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by Brian Spar @Lin_Manuel I was waiting for it...and look at where we are. Look at where we started. Thank you 🙏🏼❤️ @kokinaras It’s very reasonable to be afraid of this - the question I have is, truly, WHY would he even WANT to con… Broadway, @BCEFA and @TeeRico_LinMan @Lin_Manuel here in England - my swag finally arrived and IM NEVE…, if (hopefully WHEN) Trump loses in November, what if he just refuses to leave office? He’s shirking the rule of…, #TheLastDance is getting me through this pandemic right now. I literally smile for every second of it. O…
@ItsAlykazam Really not sure how long ago, I’d say roughly 5-6 years? Maybe more! @Lin_Manuel Is it weird that I am extending your words into names of aliens like “Borang” and Redxblep” @ItsAlykazam @Lin_Manuel He did!