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@iSynvax Let’s goooo! @GoldCartGamer @GifZelda Agreed. I loved Majora’s Mask but damn @bankrobberTTV @JoshBarracks Somebody help this man snipe a stream 🤣
@SheldonWarstorm Tl;Dr: good for you. Never identify with either side, remain objective, and hold politicians accou… @SheldonWarstorm There’s a stigma associated with libertarianism. People believe it’s used to distance one from the… @GoldCartGamer I don’t feel any way about this one way or another. I do think, however, some lawyers are profession…
Retweeting for posterity and hilarity sake @TychoBrahe 2 for me. ‘He used x, yes - because x is his median’ & ‘I heard a gunshot then breaking porcelain’ 🤣Jesus don’t give your social security number to apps people ffs how dumb are you @Beowulf1426 It took me longer than I care to admit to come up with an example of something I nothing’d 🤣 @Beowulf1426 You don’t have to hate or love. You can nothing things. Like Caesar salad. I nothing it. It’s not my f… @Arslaantahir @WYRD_SPACE @HollyConrad @gregbilsland @NateWantsToBtl @AnnaProsser @ProJared @ChrisPerkinsDnD Same.… @Gandzel Then there was that one episode where a program in the holodeck gained sentience.. @Gandzel Have had this convo with my Trekkie buddy. We determined it’s likely the AI has enough complexity that you… @Careese_LaRoque @BestbeanN My wife lost a teacher coworker this year. She died the day she was supposed to retire.… after the End Times, what’s left of humanity will find & decrypt ubiquitous but cryptic references to ‘saving… @METALBEERS0LID @Eve6 Savage af get that tip booboo @lolumOKUR Naw @LIRIK Part of the reason people do donation streams is to reduce tax burden, specifically successfully public peop… @VickerySec Cant find any evidence - all the stories just link to your tweet. @Abyssmo1 @sprunkzy @slimyswampghost @Walmart isn’t there anything your mega corporation can do here? Take a stand.…
At one point in time, a whole life ago, gaming was an inclusive hobby. We all thought we were each alone, and when… @GoldCartGamer Yes pleaseFuckery at it’s finest. Only a coward misquotes, and generally because they don’t have the ability to win the argum… @Gladd We the same age. Let’s go Gladd. @xStellarOne @nmoose_ All it takes is one significant fuck up and you’re trying to avoid s… @xStellarOne @nmoose_ Based on my personal experience, and my experience with athletes post 30, deadlifts are known… @xStellarOne @nmoose_ However, if accidentally done improperly once, the consequences can be lifelong. Few excercis…
Fuckin Browns
Retweeted by |DMDrae| @nmoose_ Dead lifting is the worst excercise. Risk v reward is entirely skewed negatively. One wrong lift and your…’m seen @JoshBarracks s t r e t c h & h y d r a t e @ZacPPhillips @nuance_bot Holy shit careful champion you’re going to break Twitter ❤️This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
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Guys. This really happened. You know that crazy uncle you try to avoid? I engaged with one today. Figured this conv… @TimmypennW What makes you mad is I’m a white conservative who blatantly calls out your bullshit with facts. Using… @TimmypennW I’ll let me rebuttal speak for itself. @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Lol the fact you took fear out of that is wonderful, and telling. Equ… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Not at all. However you don’t make assumptions when citing data. As t… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean I am white. The real difference between us is I don’t view race as a… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Over policing areas traditionally ID’d as ‘high crime’ is known. Thos… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Wow. Show me that stat, or was that an assumption based on.. what cou… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Not at all. Because none of this is funny. I fear you’re jaded beyond redemption. @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean I look forward to that line being used on you and yours when you feel… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean However that isn’t established. Just the fact they are over-represent… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean For two I was present and charged accordingly. The third I wasn’t the… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Are they also 79% of perpetrators? @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Whataboutism I won’t engage in. You choose to focus on the fact they… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean I’ve been let go 3 times with a ticket for something all of 3 of my b… @MissSamanthaD1 🤣 @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean I’m not arguing established movements haven’t been co-opted by powerf… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean You have drank so much koolaid you actually believe this don’t you? @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Second time you’ve provided cherry picked stats for a city with a dis… @Chef___k @in_my_feelinz @mvictoria422 They publish numbers for causes of mortality. All you have to do to disabuse… @in_my_feelinz @mvictoria422 Wrong. Sincerely, a previous contractor with the CDC. @lvcottager @JamieCBailey2 @joaltroll @Eve6 Respect. @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Then why use the more disproportionate numbers to make an argument? I… @JoshManMode @TheRaythh @MrBeastYT And money. How much was your instructors hourly? How much for one day worth of fuel? @mteufel0925 @3YearLetterman @MrBeastYT I have to believe it’s a troll. He said 100% beef fed beef. We try to avoid… @lordraider3 @1zzt_Akml @karlfranz @MrBeastYT @ImpossibleFoods Good god fuck the internet @JeremyECrawford I started running modules for the first time in 5e in 2015. Spent 5 years enjoying them. Looking f… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean You compare those numbers to say Madison, WI and I guarantee those st… yes @NabroJT Something I’ve seen from newer streamers, or people who have streamed to no one for a long time - they get… @MissSamanthaD1 My inner monologue is far more.. well, are you familiar with Voldemort? 😂 @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean My argument is due to the nature of population & culture dynamics, if… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Chicago is 33% white, 29% black, 18% Hispanic, and almost 7% Asian. W…, #BLM. tl;dr conservatives stop pretending there aren’t huge amounts of destitute people living in trailers… in mind conservatives, there are just as many conservative people living in trailers sucking money from the go… shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but we’ve let it turn in to one. Pretending everything is just fine indicates i… said all that to get here- despite my conservative leaning, I unequivocally support BLM. Because they do. Your li…’s our job as ‘The People’ to not be friends or friendly with our politicians. The reason we are in the boat we’r… forms of gate keeping and hatred are tribal, counter productive, and promoted by simpletons; or worse intellec… this being said, I still identify as the traditional ‘conservative’, despite what my right wing colleagues may… are absolutely allowed to make each candidate fight for your vote. Blindly voting one way or another removes al… liberal friends think I’m conservative. I’m not a fence sitter - my views genuinely encompass areas of both part…’s risky, but here it goes. A thread. I’ve spent the last 13 years identifying as a fiscal conservative with soc… @samgmcc @mina_pdx @JasmineDaria I was a little older :( @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Real quick there champ, go ahead and provide racial disparity informa… @TimmypennW @t_robic @shuboogie @helenprejean Did you just say a statistical analysis doesn’t require case by case… @Rocketmanblast1 @helenprejean How can you be this wrong and confident at the same time. @Shannon_Ryals @helenprejean Only poor criminals are executed. Rich ones pay to price to the machine & keep it moving. @JoshBarracks ONE DAY - WHEN THE TO TONGUIN IS DONE WE’LL TAKE OUR LEAVE AND GOOOCongrats to Swifty for winning the $20 Cash and Glytch Energy Starter kit Giveaway! Incredible night, thank you al…
Retweeted by |DMDrae| @Ky1eDriver Imo focus on sustainability & lifestyle. What products do you use in your rig? On your head? For your m… guy’s grind is unparalleled and, if I’m allowed to present an entirely unbiased & fair opinion, his teams pret… @JoshBarracks LIT .. I’ll see myself out @JohnnyWatson3 @ZachClanton @Where_am_I99 @jagsssssss @CesarVargas365 But still relevant to your proposed solutionPeople really don’t understand law. At all. @Senpaisensatio1 Need me some nuzlocke!
This dude just handing money out like that @xIndianOutlawx Mulan @uhmaayyze Been engaged to FF7 for almost 24 years now. Recently tried a make over. It’s different, but it has this wiggle I like. @agostoni_karen @SparkyWinnie @Baked_Mitten @fake_biden Objectively, it seems far more likely due to incompetence t… @are_actually @eboyharold @golikehellmachi The practice became commonplace in the 20’s after the depression. Guests… @SparkyWinnie @agostoni_karen @Baked_Mitten @fake_biden He also appealed to deep anti-establishment sentiment. Pret… proud of this, well done my guy. HR / JB Community Day Tonight - $30 Marbles Grand Prix (5pm EST) - $20 USD / Glytch Energy Starter Kit G…
Retweeted by |DMDrae| @randomfandom88 I’m sorry you’re in such a position. If it makes you feel any better, you’re one of my top 3 favori…