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Progressive, Political junkie, Writer, Skeptic, Atheist to all gods, Sci-fi nerd, Technology geek. Pronouns, just don’t call me Shirley.

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@DineshDSouza The expanding poor and shrinking middle class aren’t doing as well as you say. Trump would be if not for the 2018 mid terms. @RayneNGrace @JackPosobiec Trump spent more on one golf trip, moron @JackPosobiec Yep the fix is in @KTHopkins What a vile hate filled racist, just raw bile from you. @DonaldJTrumpJr Apple had a former Pepsi CEO as their CEO, what’s your point? @hughhewitt @POTUS Almost a good statement @PrisonPlanet So he’s an asshole, ok I see why you like him @MattWalshBlog Actually this comports to stories heard time and time from private religious schools, till you decid… @BreitbartNews This claims to be a news organization. @BjornLomborg Wondering the detail you omitted that shows this is full of crap. @hughhewitt @POTUS @realDonaldTrump The defense can just rest and call@for a vote, the @GOP and right wingers like… @1chericane @charliekirk11 I don’t care, why should we make laws based on your fiction? @Artistsupporter @charliekirk11 And? @MrAndyNgo It’s not polite but yeah it’s accurate @RedDragonInn13 @sofain Her is the simple answer. Making it for everyone going to a public college makes the entitl… @sofain Pretty sure if you dug in, he’d be against any public education, or any education funding, going with the r… @Hope_ZeroKelvin @DC_Draino @Cernovich This is spot on, history has no documentation on this, so yeah it’s as fake… @DC_Draino @DonaldJTrumpJr But it’s right wing paranoia and anti information campaign so it’s ok for most people. @BreitbartNews Wow and with news in the title they tweet like a high schooler. @amyob1234 @charliekirk11 Such naive thinking. @dnfoss1 @charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump You get the death penalty, we get abortion @jad1rad @charliekirk11 How, someone financially support a child that will cost 30,000 just to deliver? @chrismorgan503 @VoteTheBigotOut @dwhitakercb @DouggieJones @charliekirk11 That never worked, what’s next? @JenBrooks727 @charliekirk11 No we will not @clambert54 @ElPrem1 @charliekirk11 Not an answer. @sarah_fong_tho My cat also does thisFree speech warriors! @Undoomed @Tiamat951 That’s funny lol @Undoomed @Tiamat951 This will just go on forever, I’ll just keep pointing this out, your own tweets will just prove me right, take care. @Tiamat951 @Undoomed Yeah, there is this odd victim hood identity politics movement disguised as “free speech” ther… @Undoomed @Tiamat951 I’m not in the mood to point out how deceptive that tweet really is, but it’s a pointless dist… @Undoomed @Tiamat951 Ok why do you always agree with right wing cranks? @Undoomed @Tiamat951 ... @Tiamat951 @Undoomed I can too, but I was talking about the obsession with her every move is under the microscope o… @KorczDanny @Undoomed Undoomed is a minor right wing crank, but dude that trans women isn’t a child, you’re being stupid. @Undoomed @Tiamat951 I didn’t mention Trump, I just said you tend to tweet and make videos with the same conclusion… @Undoomed @Tiamat951 Oh you can deny it but I can match you topic for topic to those right wing grifters. @Tiamat951 @Undoomed Say lady, here’s a clue look at what I said. At no point do I defend with, agree with or think… @Undoomed @Tiamat951 Yeah you’re one of those “independent” guys who just always seems lock step with one side. I h… @JeremyDBoreing I’d rather less money go to killing living people the NRA is a terror organization @KurtSchlichter Teach fear early so they’ll grow ignorant and fearful so they buy right wing ideology @hughhewitt Criminality doesn’t get to rule because of a past election @hgpp_usa @charliekirk11 Based on what? @charliekirk11 Really have no interest in religious based laws @StefanMolyneux It’s quite rare for myths to seem like they are true @charliekirk11 First we were told Mexico will pay, promises to keep. Second, we destroyed all those places it is ou… @realDonaldTrump Might be one of the few things you got right @charliekirk11 Yeah crappy jobs, family leave paid by your retirement making you work later in life then ever, toil…
@KurtSchlichter Be afraid, as long as your afraid you’ll buy his bullshit. I’d never be able to function with your lever of fear @Undoomed The horror @Undoomed Yes fuck women’s rights, got it, predictable @MrAndyNgo You’d much rather the more fascist type. @YiminCindy @aborunda @MattWalshBlog Accurate comment, fixed it for you @MattWalshBlog You can’t talk about that boy! @hughhewitt @realDonaldTrump A paid Trump advertisement! No substance just a raw authoritarian power grab @jtcope4 @charliekirk11 Treaty of Tripoli @StefanMolyneux When corporations own government when you see something in your favor for once you dare to dream @RepDanCrenshaw This is just beating the drums of war @charliekirk11 I don’t believe you @Undoomed The whole idea of making a military branch for this vain man baby is disgusting. Wasting billions on it e… @KurtSchlichter Yes yes live in fear behind your guns, while us sane people just go about our lives, we just ask gu… @nedryun No evidence of this @IVerboten @Timcast No one would, but given his track record the way to cure one cancer patient is to kill another… @Timcast Shit up idiot, this is a stupid waste of money to stroke the ego of your man baby president @jTS42526881 @AlfredSchnittke @charliekirk11 Or learn the truth and not this religious propaganda @KurtSchlichter He taught nothing, the conservative movement has become a corrupt authoritarian fascist party, Trum… @KurtSchlichter At some point the texts, calls, pictures add up to a bit more, your ignorance aside @JackPosobiec Why are people on the right obsessed with people out of power doing the same as people in power? @stuart_caj @kaleidascope0 Back in slave days, this black friend thing was usually like a pet and owner to the owner. @kaleidascope0 Not hard to be white if you’re not racist, I’ve never had an issue. @realDonaldTrump Finally got one team willing to put up with you, grats. @JamesOKeefeIII Your right a republican doing this would have two things. 1. No one would be shocked by the video c… @KurtSchlichter Sad be cause he was right? @Timcast We can actually do that Tim, the government posts its CRs and budgets passed, now can we get back to companies paying their share? @Phvtephven1 @HitchensIraq @Bingo1005 @icallbulltrump @StefanMolyneux The stock market has been up since women got… @Bingo1005 @Phvtephven1 @icallbulltrump @StefanMolyneux The stock market has been up since women got the vote. The… @KurtSchlichter Even more anti science @ACTBrigitte So being an asshole is telling it like it is? @benshapiro Yeah that’s the take away, the weight of the document, people think you’re like a smart guy. @KurtSchlichter Well if you’re American, you’re likely to be deep in debt and one medical event from bankruptcy. @Debber66 @DineshDSouza Oh how funny promoting a conspiracy that a presidential candidate in the 21st century committed murder, classy @TedLBliss1 @revrrlewis @DiamondandSilk Not or needing therapy @KurtSchlichter Now do the church child sex rings? @ricosadao11 @StefanMolyneux Dude he made that up @StefanMolyneux Sounds like bullshit @TedLBliss1 @charliekirk11 For services they performed. @charliekirk11 Then why does any company get tax payer money? @momof3not4 @Eosh86 @USMC_USA1 @GarandThumb87 @Timcast He likely got 1-3 million, no one had to admit fault CNN set… @Timcast Wow got one right
@johnphiller @Jackjohnson4545 @ComfortablySmug @BarackObama @MichelleObama Wow you’re stupid @charliekirk11 Well if Hunter runs for office, you have a point @josedeynes @charliekirk11 Also the they you refer to aren’t elected, they aren’t in power, they were a glorified F… @josedeynes @charliekirk11 So what? The question is why and There were reason he should have been prosecuted before the election. @charliekirk11 I’m always happy when criminals are prosecuted. @BrittPettibone Forbes is right wing and I’d question their methodology to reach that conclusion. I 100% am certain… @snap1949 @hughhewitt @brianstelter Hugh tells them what to say and they believe him, they don’t do anything @hughhewitt @brianstelter The evidence is only a sham if you ignore it and declare it’s a sham @ConservaGrrl @rjbennett @tude_attie @brianstelter @hughhewitt He’d be centrist in a lot of Europe too, you’ve neve… @RepMattGaetz @POTUS Not it isn’t, it barely does anything to copyright, it doesn’t eliminate tariffs and does very…, only a small portion of the fires were possible not proven arson, those arrests occurred in the same area. Thi…