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David Lamont @DMLamont Human Earth

Progressive, Political junkie, Writer, Skeptic, Atheist to all gods, Sci-fi nerd, Technology geek. Conspiracies will be blocked.

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@Chief3412 @DineshDSouza Ruin lol @Chief3412 @DineshDSouza California and New York are still growing. And no there are enough conservatives to move around @WilloughbyWatts @ViceroyChicken @scrowder Bye @nitemare3fart @scrowder Conservatives are pointless @RickRiccardi6 @laurenboebert @5MilesHigher @JenaGriswold Fuck you nut @RickRiccardi6 @laurenboebert @5MilesHigher @JenaGriswold So you don’t know what communism is @AlbusDlx @scrowder That’s a myth @johne4377 @scrowder That’s just nonsense @nitemare3fart @scrowder Well not on planet earth @Bryan77409855 @scrowder Oh they suck, oddball centrists with stupid pet projects, but they are leagues better than… @WilloughbyWatts @ViceroyChicken @scrowder So morons like you don’t make stupid assumptions, the big failure in thi… @BearDaddy069 @Jazz89705328 @KprodiG @jacktorrance182 @scrowder I don’t think it was you I was referring too @Chief3412 @DineshDSouza Rich people are and the employees follow to keep jobs and that migration is over rated. Th… @kyrstensinema @PhxSalArmy Here is an idea. A bill that fights climate change. @BretWeinstein Lab leak as you wish to call it, even if 100% right, not a single conspiracy freak including you got… @DineshDSouza Conservatives are literally the dumbest people. @RealCandaceO Yep Candace is an idiot @JACKLINCOLN @Interloper_X @DineshDSouza @Jim_Jordan It is true, but he kisses your God’s hand and lies @Heritage The hardest shift to the right would be silence or cheering, a slight shift left and it’s radical. You’re the radicals @Jazz89705328 @BearDaddy069 @KprodiG @jacktorrance182 @scrowder Sex is binary in definition because of how a zygote is formed. @scrowder Does he say this in 2021? So let’s use your logic. In 1983 I thought republicans were good and I was wrong about that @Cooksey__ So? @StephenMoore What I find funny is this scientist hasn’t show the peer reviewed paper out.inning this and demonstra… @michaeljknowles Did they say child sex rings were good? @vgkdude @amber_athey Yes conservative democrats did this against the liberal republicans in the north. @casey1167 @michaeljknowles He also said no raping kids. @michaeljknowles How dare you defend a sex trafficking organization and try to shame others into following your rapist “religion” @michaeljknowles “Moral” Catholics @MrAndyNgo @CentennialCCU @ElijahSchaffer So nothing @michaeljknowles To think how anyone can stand to be associated with serial child rapists in 2021 it’s sick @RyanAFournier At this point you’re looking for anything to deflect who did this terrorist act.
@charliekirk11 Literally not happening @Kai93151330 @KarlROffensive @JDLuckenbach @laurenboebert Oh my apologies @RickRiccardi6 @laurenboebert @5MilesHigher @JenaGriswold I don’t do conspiracies @RealCandaceO When will people stop falling for your grift @RickRiccardi6 @laurenboebert @5MilesHigher @JenaGriswold Nothing is wrong with a legal, professional and experienc… @Choi__Jr @daveMunkiwho @scrowder I am no expert on it, I've never seen a conservative freak out like this actually be true. @Choi__Jr @daveMunkiwho @scrowder Only if it’s flawed, but conservatives haven’t proven that outside of conservatives @Kai93151330 @KarlROffensive @JDLuckenbach @laurenboebert Yes he was @KarlROffensive @JDLuckenbach @laurenboebert Like many but not all democrats opposed freeing slaves. @RickRiccardi6 @laurenboebert @5MilesHigher @JenaGriswold You’re confusing an audit for who conducts it. Audits ca… @porcelainthron @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam If I’m playing dumb I’d be agreeing with you. @RickRiccardi6 @laurenboebert @5MilesHigher @JenaGriswold Federal law prohibits handling of ballots by non state or… @KarlROffensive @JDLuckenbach @laurenboebert Not all republicans supported freeing slaves and some democrats wanted… @KarlROffensive @JDLuckenbach @laurenboebert Yep he’s a shitty conservative democrat @Choi__Jr @daveMunkiwho @scrowder Yeah here is the thing, it’s in academia it’s not mandated in schools @Choi__Jr @daveMunkiwho @scrowder That would be nice but conservatives have attacked it to the point that when it’s… @charliekirk11 But you are Charlie @RealCandaceO Candace is un American @TheLaurenChen What a petty pointless thing, conservatives are such babies @scrowder 27 states under republicans want to ban CRT, conservatives want free speech as long as they get to pick it. @RyanAFournier She hasn’t refused to do her job @DanCrenshawTX And yet your party alone hates it @Choi__Jr @daveMunkiwho @scrowder My issue is none of these people engage with the actual people who developed this… @Choi__Jr @daveMunkiwho @scrowder Sure but conservatives are asserting this as true and enacting laws. It’s the ver… @KarlROffensive @JDLuckenbach @laurenboebert Yes liberal republicans freed slaves from conservative democrats. No one is arguing this. @laurenboebert Whenever someone flies the confederate flag we know what party. @RacerX41 @Rogerwa80331466 @laurenboebert @gregkellyusa The funny thing is this line wasn’t spoken. Even if true yo… @stillgray Yeah but he’s a quack @BreitbartNews I think you need to ask Florida about this. The federal government doesn’t enforce traffic laws. @DineshDSouza Not many people will say they are the problem. @laurenboebert @5MilesHigher @JenaGriswold You have no basis for these illegal “audits” @RealCandaceO Ahh the “model immigrant” a classic racist trope @RacerX41 @Rogerwa80331466 @laurenboebert @gregkellyusa “Then in 2021 the policies of this administration is causin… @RacerX41 @Rogerwa80331466 @laurenboebert @gregkellyusa I’ve looked up several charts of this, the trend has spiked… @LibertyHangout Nope sex is not a contract or consent to have children. @RacerX41 @Rogerwa80331466 @laurenboebert @gregkellyusa Post COVID seasonal migration, it’s not hard if you aren’t… @laurenboebert @gregkellyusa You aren’t smart enough to figure out what lunch is. @LiberalNoMo @isurvivedtrump @michaeljknowles @charliekirk11 @RealCandaceO A fifth grader who is smarter than you @michaeljknowles @charliekirk11 @RealCandaceO Yes the people calling out those two are right. @Choi__Jr @daveMunkiwho @scrowder Not really but it looks at America thus the 1619. And in that frame, yes it’s about white and black. @MichaelTrip30s @daveMunkiwho @scrowder @bennyjohnson No do you have a credible and knowledgeable source? @Heidi5Red @DandomMenace @FailuresArt @Skeptique @stillgray At 18 you are automatically registered, you get a mail… @porcelainthron @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam You feel like,lol I love how that’s enough for conservatives to enact laws to cancel it. @RealCandaceO Stable is the word. Twitter is more stable without Trump
@SenatorSinema You are a useless senator @lavern_spicer This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam You aren’t making a credible argument, I am not obligated to grant you a fucking thin… @Charmingman93 @porcelainthron @DrRandomercam All you’re doing is following me to troll me and I’m going to block y… @porcelainthron @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam I’m not an expert on communism but I know enough to be able to see th… @Heidi5Red @DandomMenace @FailuresArt @Skeptique @stillgray There are infinite points where it’s easy to verify cit… @DandomMenace @FailuresArt @Skeptique @stillgray You want millions of people bringing sensitive difficult to get do… @Charmingman93 @porcelainthron @DrRandomercam The guy who doesn’t know what communism is @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam Not lying, just calling out you haven’t a clue what communism is. @porcelainthron @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam By definition it’s not. @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam The way you right wingers portray it yes, absolutely a conspiracy @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam No you aren’t presenting a rational argument, you just lump everything you don’t like as communism @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam That shows me you don’t know what any of that means @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam No I don’t need anymore conspiracies @Charmingman93 @DrRandomercam Because you don’t know what communism is @stanek_david @RepThomasMassie No virus has every gone away by natural immunity @RepThomasMassie @mattgaetz A masters of science lol. Can read data lol. You’re an ignorant anti vaxxer @ben48982283 @David49816440 @catman_jason @MattWalshBlog On the street huh? Do you really think that’s realistic? N… @adriancw153 @TheLaurenChen No it’s not, but you go on and indulge your fantasy. @DrRandomercam That sounds more like you don’t know what Critical race, Intersectionality, social justice or communism is. @PrisonPlanet No this is a cult, that was TV. @RealCandaceO This is just speculation @DrRandomercam I mean this is literally speculation, does any conservative know how evidence works? @StanleyMore4 @JiveBowman @kendall6699 @ConceptualJames You are delusional @ACTBrigitte A functionality stupid opinion