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Progressive, Political junkie, Writer, Skeptic, Atheist to all gods, Sci-fi nerd, Technology geek. King of Siam. Hated by the right wing.

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@BOT1101001011 @403_818 @MattWalshBlog Here is the guy you’re talking too @DannyBowen @403_818 @MattWalshBlog Sure all you need to do is prove where I said that asshole @DanCarrier11 @themountainstan @MattWalshBlog Nothing but what you’re told actually matters to you. I’ll just ignor… @bbbykess @benshapiro Or it was him like has been done in the past by the GOP @SRCC Selective applications of quotes doesn’t change this was passed in May and you did nothing, zero. @realDSteinberg @stillgray @IlhanMN Mmm racism @HLoveshaft few right wingers should be thrilled here. new Biden ad is outstanding. And horrifying.
Retweeted by David Lamont @benshapiro Or it’s as simple as it looks @RudyGiuliani I’m just wishing you go back to yours @ACTBrigitte New York is still there this is hyperbolic speech to get a fascist re elected @DanCarrier11 @themountainstan @MattWalshBlog You know a majority of the riot footage is from one square block in o… @403_818 @MattWalshBlog Sure thing after your party stops hating Americans @jimpeden @HilltopHaven36 @DebbieSVA @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr Cities in America are almost as dysfunctional a… you hear me now? I see I’m still your obsession on Twitter. @403_818 @MattWalshBlog No one expects right wingers to understand their hypocrisy, bye @themountainstan @MattWalshBlog No it isn’t, when TV only shows you a fire, you’d think fires are common @Timcast Tim will believe any video if it pretends it’s all the fault of the left. @Timcast There would likely be no riot but everything would not be fine. Things would be far from fine. @JohnCornyn Right winger posts right wing article written in right wing medi based on Fox a right wing media compan… @HStulsey @JMuellerKaler @AnnCoulter Wow it went from one governor to five, you really like to embellish @RyanAFournier They had to stop the Trump class, no one could learn his weird short circuiting @SeeSumting @stillgray Wow look at all the racists Matt fans. @stillgray No it’s not, these are unusual times. @MattWalshBlog Matt acts like this is the norm and that everything happens in a vacuum. @MattWalshBlog Matt doesn’t realize ther are in fact days and even years in the past when things can happen that aren’t happening right now. @realHyrumHarris @hotasatoaster @jtcope4 @benshapiro What? I’ve already said I think Biden and Trump are showing si… @patriciadye83 @turdhurdurr @stillgray Your projected emotions on me aren’t mine. @turdhurdurr @patriciadye83 @stillgray Nope that’s your projection @patriciadye83 @stillgray Your maturity isn’t the standard for everyone. Glad you knew what you were doing doesn’t mean anythingThis is objectively shallow and sexist. I don’t even think you can make that weak of a claim. Some of the most attr… @Gotthebendz @TheLaurenChen @MrAndyNgo I don’t even think you can make that weak of a claim. Some of the most attra… @FilthyPhilly20 @TheLaurenChen Yes actually he did. @hotasatoaster @jtcope4 @benshapiro I was being honest both Trump and Biden shows dementia signs. @MattWalshBlog Literally wants religion to indoctrinate kids @patriciadye83 @stillgray Are you 3.8 billion people? @jtcope4 @benshapiro By all outside appearances, Mr. Trump is suffering from early stage dementia or something simi… @Soonergirl_kp @jon2allen @bennyjohnson @realDonaldTrump Yes for the better @gaming_jacker @gender_is_spook @m4ntis92 @stillgray Sounds like a cop out. @realpecosbill @MikeBonasia @get_bikes @RyanAFournier @CNN Says who? @marcilef @CNN The article wasn’t about if anyone would do it but Trump asking if it could.
@beachmamax2 @Cathygraphics1 @GOP Long term Illness and death are a bigger disadvantage @GOP Children 1 and older spread the disease equal to adults, that’s 3rd grade up. This party is morally vacuous @marcilef @CNN CNN is reporting on a NYT article and it’s credible @YupItsMeElaine @dv_devain @nessie1036 @MrAndyNgo Hmm maybe the bigotry of the right drives Muslims to the Democrats @BrianJames1066 @RealDeanCain @Johnny_Joey Ahh @ACTBrigitte It has the same terms of service @SilenceGoodDoer @Johnny_Joey She hasn’t had it for 20 years, that’s the point moron @BrianJames1066 @RealDeanCain @Johnny_Joey Breathing in your own CO2? @SenatorCollins Please Maine vote this liar out of office @RepMattGaetz Did you hire a Twitter guy? @TheLaurenChen Joe Biden isn’t rioting @Bierce61464104 Ahh but I don't without verifying it, and Veritas doesn't that's a lie. @YupItsMeElaine @dv_devain @nessie1036 @MrAndyNgo That's a funny narrative @GeneCorvo @lorge_son @LeftwardSwing @DMS_Dawnie Awesome you do quite well @dv_devain @nessie1036 @MrAndyNgo Does she drink the blood of her victims and hate garlic too? @sofain Andy ngo looks like someone has been filling him with cream cheese while he sleeps
Retweeted by David Lamont @MattWalshBlog People tweet their thoughts Matt. Just like your little dig at another woman. First you have little… @Bierce61464104 Video isn’t reality, it’s an attempt at it. They have edited and doctored footage before as well as… @Aella_Girl @lou_markie We have a term for that, it’s called anecdotal evidence @DineshDSouza Not wrong all the time, he just seems to lie a lot too. @nobody_geek Excellent message of a white guy burning a flag of a civil rights movement. Perfection in right wing lunacy achieved @nobody_geek @Joedorowsky Anyone can say anything here @ACTBrigitte LikelyThis EO is political propaganda. Thread by @BharatRamamurti: Let's take a look at the actual text of these executiv… @GeneCorvo @lorge_son @LeftwardSwing @DMS_Dawnie Twitter is exactly why this happens, it promotes the bar room brawl style of arguments @Bierce61464104 Oh you fell for Veritas nonsense. Ok @n00b54uc3 @Timcast FICA is a payroll taxConservatives want to kill other Americans. This was in a tweet about “ANTIFA” showing up at a motorcycle rally. M… @DonaldJTrumpJr Is anyone buying this political stunt? @ArthurSchwartz You because this didn’t happen @MrAndyNgo They need a bigger sign @LibertyHangout @bendavidson25 The actual woman involved, the awake alive and aware woman you want to enslave knows @LibertyHangout Why not execute them, the male partner and the doctor and staff, kill more then the abortions, exce… @TheLaurenChen @MrAndyNgo Wow what a super subjective and shallow measurement. Way to lift that intellectual bar.He’s been at this for days. Cults protect any flaws in their leader and this is Dinesh drinking the kool aid. What… @Timcast Tim doesn’t know how Social security is funded @DanielleMuscato @kroger What the fuck is wrong with you?
@charliekirk11 Charlie doesn’t understand going from A to B @realDonaldTrump Your White House staff literally walked out of negotiations because you wanted $200/week for unemp… Can I get coronavirus? Government: “May” I get coronavirus?
Retweeted by David LamontDon’t let the occupant of the White House distract you. He just unilaterally cut Social Security and your unemploy…
Retweeted by David Lamont @LeftwardSwing @HillcrestCardCo @DMS_Dawnie Fake-Left Twitter trolls are the ultiamte Karens, demanding that realit…
Retweeted by David Lamont @GeneCorvo @LeftwardSwing Yeah I just got full barrels from that one too @TheLaurenChen Lol taxing the hell out of billionaires, he’ll yeah @TheLaurenChen BothRight wingers like to think I won’t call out lunatic left wingers, don’t pay attention. @LeftwardSwing You’re a fucking lunatic @LeftwardSwing @Donut_Destoyer @olivia_bab0 So will Trump do better? @LeftwardSwing I stand by it. You’re a lunatic I’ve agreed with every policy, I have no intent to vote for Biden, b… @Donut_Destoyer Ok you’re nuts @LeftwardSwing I have no intent to vote for Biden I’ve said that @Donut_Destoyer And you actually can’t even put those words together from my tweets. @LeftwardSwing @Donut_Destoyer @olivia_bab0 I guess if that’s how you want to see it. You won’t be able to say anyt… @Donut_Destoyer @LeftwardSwing @olivia_bab0 Yes I would have voted for FDR @Donut_Destoyer @LeftwardSwing @olivia_bab0 Not sure how I can say I don’t support him again and convince you I don’t because I don’t. @LeftwardSwing @Donut_Destoyer @olivia_bab0 You’re right but you can’t run a country that way @LeftwardSwing @Donut_Destoyer @olivia_bab0 Ok I stand corrected, but he wasn’t in the Farmers of America party @Donut_Destoyer @LeftwardSwing @olivia_bab0 Yeah maybe but I know for fact Trump won’t even pretend to talk and one…