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I'm JoJo, 25 y/o queer biracial trans woman living in NC. I put stuff in my butt for money. Draw my fursona 💜 18+ she/her & they/them

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@LuisCam01107885 Is that because you're a vampire 🤔🤔 @notover9000 Vibe check @poonawave420 @pup2nogood This why I fucks with you you're genius @NicoleCKnight 😘😘😘Wow that's a long sword queen's fourth ability 🥵
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesCan't sleep, thinking about kissingI need something to drool all over 🥵
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @theNatalieMars Omg that does look like fun!!!Araki having stand battles that revolve around individuals shrinking to a very tiny size, which happens in parts 3,…
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesOk not really cuz I wanna go to bed soon BUT I'm GONNA MAKE PLANS laterrrrrMaking PLANS @modoublemy Yeah I used to do that lol I sometimes got emails, not very often, of authors i subscribed to in middle… @modoublemy I'm just feeling nostalgic:') @PriestessCrow I just wanted to kiss naruto n be hurt n edgy but true @PriestessCrow Oof yeah u riteI have not read naruto fanfic in years I feel like I should read sum just fer fun. One of my faves when I was young… have no idea of there's anything concrete in the seme/uke classifications but idk it was cuteJumped on the dog-weighing platform at the vet yesterday and I'm down 15 pounds in 5 months YA BISH I'll go…
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesMy fave trope of naruto fanfics was that Sasuke was always the bottom and would get teased cuz he had "uke" in his name. @LeafTilde Yeah same. It certainly was a way to explore things at first and idk I kinda hate that I only learned to… @a_alice_nsfw It's pretty good!!!! @LeafTilde This comic is what made me a girlSpeaking of queer furries I hope sonicfox is doing alright they seem to be but I just worryI hope I can appeal to the FCG and the furries with this postSomebody's getting FUUUUUUUCKED somebody's getting fuuuuuuuuuucked @pup2nogood And it's BEAUTIFULI'm edgy in that I'm always edging myselfSo I asked @Ediblestarflowr if it would hurt her cock if I punched my belly while she was inside of me, so we made…
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @ambrosialpeach1 @Ediblestarflowr I'm fucking crying this is so funny omg @ghouldom is such a good boy. He should be collared and living with me full-time. 💖
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @voidnosferatu VERY cute penis @LilFluffClouds Yeah me too @lilmooonie God fuckin blesstfw u became the futanari slut u always wanted to be :')
@_cumwife_ Big mood 😔😔How to feed and breed your fat puppy bitch.
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @ghouldom It's HOT. And it's READYIt's hot. And it's ready. @emuchaton I have my sad jams/driving music playlist that I can send u now tbh but it's uh very long 😏 @emuchaton Hey emu I'm gonna make u a playlist on spotify I'll send it 2 u l8r @emuchaton In case you're wondering, yes I always got laid @emuchaton Ok very embarrassing but like. I used to make mixtapes to give to crushes and thst song was always on th… @stilldeadman Thanks I was only half horny when i tweeted this so my funny engine was still running @emuchaton WHAT omgSmol bean Round ass
Retweeted by Deer-Noizeshey i finally made the shirts for my union org that i still haven't filled out the paperwork for it connects with…
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @BaileyBB_ Thank godSometimes things come out as horny and sexual but I promise I don't mean for it to be @ghouldom Good choice, they're a good boyDrippyyyyy
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesHere I am, trying to masturbate in peace in my room but I can't because I hear my roommate playing all the naruto o… these again bc they're some of my fav pics
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @NeurologNyx YAS slayyyyyなかよし赤鬼さんと青鬼さん(n‘∀‘)η兜合わせ♂
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @IcedTeak Sup babes 😘Sometimes I'm like. So confused on how to compliment people but I hope what I say is cute and people like it @isthatyourmain Look at that girl!!!! 😍😍😍Fucking apparently anytime
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @NastyPasty4 Yes but also I just like when more furries follow me :cDate idea: let's choke each other and see who passes out first
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesSo like, hot take coming from someone who stays soft during most sex I have but uhhhh getting ur dick sucked while…
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesPut a really hot clip on my onlyfans, be sure to check it out 😘daily sweat 💦💦💦
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesOr like. Texas in generalOh hey, who do I know in Houston 👀👀 @emilybluntsmoke You chose option C) Edge my cock Sadly, you edge me so much that I end up orgasming so hard I shoot your head offWanna make like. A weekly choose your own adventure type series of clips to put on my onlyfans @DNProtag Get to working on it 😤😤 I've been editing something down this morning so I can post it this week @kouheiren THIS IS A HARD THING TO VOTE FOR!! Both would look so good on you!!!! @SyIvanSeclusion Yeah. I'm embarrassed but thankful for how it helped me. Idk it's kinda selfish but I hope I can b… @DNProtag What the fuck lmao what a fool @SyIvanSeclusion Yeah thst was me for uhhhh years. Wow it's honestly wild how much time, in terms of years, I spent on thst site oof @SyIvanSeclusion I go in a crossdressing femboy and come out a woman 😔 the ol switcherooSee what I don't like about posting stuff on literotica is that the trans and crossdressing sections are combined into one smh @iamvore HahahahHa nice
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @BottomIrishboi Yea lmao there are many kinks I don't try out with people because ion trust em like that tho. Plus… also know there's imagery out there of Black kinky men playing together but it's not seen in the mainstream as mu…
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @TheKeeva Ur validLike fer sure, getting horny at ur trauma as a coping mechanism is valid but still oof that's weirdAs someone who has been stalked and harrassed multiple times it's weird that it's hot to think about. @PriestessCrow You can totes piss down my throat to wash it down too pls bro I got a cravingI'm gonna play halo today and not have sex which feels weird cuz i've been making a lot of jokes about boning while playing halo 3.Me, chained up in your basement: "so hold up were you serious about me only getting nourishment from your cum and p… holds your handHey, wanna see a picture of my cat? -WhiteClaw
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @anarchopupgirl I am wheezing this is really good contentShe's your girl huh? Then how come -I'm- chained up in her basement?
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @softgirlrobin Just a lil bump in challenge 👀👀 @softgirlrobin Yesssssi know i post a lot about rough sex, but i enjoy slow sensual fucking while holding a knife to someone's throat too, just like anybody else
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesFun video idea; being tied up while in this look & my girldick hitachi'd through the fabric of my suit until I cum…
Retweeted by Deer-Noizeswow gosh have you seen the new spring lookbook that every taint huffer is talking about? i wouldn't wanna be left…
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @Vannialll A lil dramatic but I dig it @leftistthot420 It's simple: he lives in a society @ErisGael Nice! @ErisGael Suh u can dm me if u want @softgirlrobin Mean!!Not to virtue signal or anything but I think you should suck as much girl dick as possible