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I'm JoJo, 24 y/o queer trans woman living in the Dirty South. I put stuff in my butt for money. Draw my fursona 💜 18+

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One of the best parts of watching people's premium snapchats is finding new music lolOh, I think today is gonna suck the big one :/Going to the cuck zoneHi new followers. I make a stream of conscious horror webcomic called Disorder. You can read it online here:…
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesMy roommate and I got a nice lil steak and I'm super excited to cook it 🤤🤤in awe of the size of this lad. absolute unit
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Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @queerfull I'm not really crying but I do really like it @queerfull I'm crying this is so great @queerfull Okie :3 uwuUgh it feels weird being alone3am ultimate horny hours caged deathmatchYall its 3am I'm so tiredBy this I mean. I do not have child. I have. Cat :3 nyaFor a weird bitch with a cat and a fear of having children I sure do call myself a milf a lot @queerfull I love this simile @queerfull Queer full of peeMe and the rest of the taint musk crew on the right
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @queerfull Tag yourself I'm the one getting peed onI played fallout 4 today for the first time in months and uhhh its 3am. This is why I made myself stop playing that gamemy tattoos have made me so much more confident in my breasts tbh!!
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @HORSETRAUMA If I can't fetishize a girl's shenis then what's the point??Just found out this chick is cis??deer noises
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @Deer_ebooks That's me!! @kaibaileyxxx The lightest form of cbt lmaoOh I guess I like it when people who aren't girls say this lol @evangeIainy Oh my fucking godMy fave line girls tell me when they're flirting is "I'm gonna push you up against a wall and fuck you" it's legit fucked I can count on one hand all the people ive had good sex with lmao like. I'm so easy idk how you could fuck that upSix official Gundam sneakers released.
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@mothlewds Oh, neat!! @mothlewds Don't think I feel comfortable doing that so ill have to hit up a friend to do it for me. I'll be sure t… @HORSETRAUMA You 0: @HORSETRAUMA Oh ok fer sure @AhangingChad I spit the glass out at the security guards ;) @AhangingChad Nah I love kombucha. I sip it all off the floor before security arrives to detain me @isthatyourmain You got sum art or can write down some details? Here's a pic of me girl @mothlewds I already know @isthatyourmain Let's do it @SoftieSuccubus Yo I love thatNo but for realLast night they were like "hey, if you're ever feeling boy crazy just come in for a hug, smell ya a boy, and get i… love my roommate they're my best friend. They're not gonna be here for a few days so i'm gonna be lonely :(Hey lemme draw ur fursona @HORSETRAUMA Are you trying to say boomers can't be gay?? That's a little uhhh,,,, ageist I think :/ canceled you boomer :/ @Baph_Omay me when I'm trying to open a bag of chips but it's really hardrly just want a quickie b4 class pls
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesMe smashing every bottle of kombucha at the local whole foods is how I fight against gentrification @mothlewds You're a wonderful creature, thaaaat would be so funny if that happened lmao @mothlewds Also I do like a foamy mouth look. Rabies pride @mothlewds Just like. A quick lil brush, you don't gotta do the full two minutes lmaoa good boy
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @NinoTheWolf2 Cuz you busy all the time 😤😤 @sillygaymiria Valid!! I like listening to em all while I wash the dishes @RedshiftGoesAD Oh fer sure it's true in my experience that a lot of furries are part of the LGBTQ community and queer. Is p dope! @l4dyb0ners If you've ever been called a fur fag you're part of the queer community lmaoThis is my last hot takeFurries are now part of the queer community /sIf you don't think "The Devil Had a Hold of Me" is a jam then you can fuck off @mothlewds @l4dyb0ners I'm glad I'm not alone lmao @mothlewds @l4dyb0ners There was a scene where latex goo domme Inque like. Splorched her goo body into Batman's bod… queer southern woman mood is spending a significant portion of the day listening to Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch @sapphictran Maybe they're just not in my area :( @HymnalOrphic You're totally fine, it happens. I do appreciate the comment you made tho!! @HymnalOrphic (Is joke)Oh so we still talking about polyamory todayThere aren't any girls on grindr??「これで、まんぞくか…?」
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesIf she breeds she's a thot
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesHeyyyyy guess what..... Follow this account if yall havent yet
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @scrappps1 @cherubelly You're so pretty 😍😍This is an appreciation post for my tits thank y’all for coming
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesMorpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the femboy in the short skirt? Neo: I was... Morp…
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesI would like to make a story with robotic elements but I'm not sure if I have the stamina to draw that.
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes#MondayMotivation ☄️ Deer #Twitterland 🦌😉 Wishing you a stress free Monday and week ahead ! 🤗🌼 #Deer #Fallow…
Retweeted by Deer-NoizesI know I've said this before but trap literally is such an ugly word like. idc too much if u use it but cmon. You r… she breeds she's a thot"Google, how do I pronounce futanari?" @pup2nogood Wow big mood @followyourideal Multiple people?? @followyourideal So, queerness to me is defined by one's disconnect to being cisgender and/or heterosexual. Polyamo… @followyourideal Well, then I don't get ace stuff. I'll look at stuff n try to get a better opinion but I'm not gon… by Dragan Bibin
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @followyourideal Well! Guess I don't understand ace/aro stuff because I don't understand how ive could be het as well as ace. @followyourideal tbh I don't "get" asexuality but I'm cool with it being included cuz idk it just feels right. But… @followyourideal So deffo polyamory is something big in the queer community but, like you said, it's not inherently… my god I hate their boyfriend omfgTo be clear, this friend's boyfriend sucks and they're not happy with them lol @ral_bearded_one Nah, ain't trying to break people up to fuck em or w/e I just want people to not be in unhappy relationships lolMy fave thing is hanging with friends and listening to them shit talk their partners and just telling them to break upHey, break up with your partnerPlease brush your teeth before you spit in my mouth lolI just wanna cuddle a girl. While my dick is inside her. And while choking or suffocating her. Just comfy in bed do…
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Hey so there's a naked anime girl in my VR headset but I don't have a hole to fuck, can you do me a favour? Just tr…
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes @SymetricalGay @kouheiren What babes 😍Beach bitches @kouheiren
Retweeted by Deer-Noizes自然写真家・佐藤和斗 DEER LAND 2019年6月17日 鹿苑・子鹿公開場所にて いつもお世話になっている愛護会のiさんが鹿たちにドングリをあげてくれて面白い光景が撮れました。 毎年のことながら、いつもiさんに感謝です!
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