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Content Intern for @DarkZeroGG // Email - // Ex-Social Media for @DiendaEsports // @PlayValorant - Cypher Main // #GoingDark #OdinGang

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@VALORANTRecon I got fracture in ranked like 6 hours ago @DisownedByMom @DarkZeroGG @DarkZeroGG I can't wait to play @INTERROY6S4 New op leaked 🚨
Retweeted by Dan Norris @Nurfed @AmazonHelp @RealStrongLegs Try saying "Alexa" instead @DarkZeroGG days until 31 🥳 @hyjinxVAL Guess we didn't do the diary idea... @beandon7_ We 10-2'd defense. Shit felt easy breezy1st time getting fracture in comp - 13-8 with match MVP. Ok maybe I'm on #TeamFracture But damn did it feel defense sided @Unholykid3 That's my duo @Bankroft @Virtyyyy @Ange_AMIL @RESPAWNProducts Wait @RESPAWNProducts where's mine? @Virtyyyy @Virtyyyy Send em my guy, we need to arrest these peopleRanked is the wild west. Just had an obviously white dude drop the N word and when he was called out he said "It's…
@GrantTripple @BKN_DZ It should beHuge opportunity imo hit this man up @dcopGG Yo @dcopGG my mom uses this app. Pls stop 🥵 @crunchyyworld Literal World Champion right there @realfongg 69420 @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain Sorry Adam @AyeeTrain Wish my wife would fucking blow 😒 @902Creed @GhostGaming Aquire that talent @902Creed @Matt_IGL Still haven't played it outside of DM 😈 @EternalRGN @Dedmise You're good...I'll give you that @version1gg @jainormis2 @EternalRGN @Dedmise Ok @SoniqsEsports @kanzenkyari @RexenR6 @suprSeth @YetiiR6 @GryxrPR What's the overall record again vs. DZ? I keep forgetting? @realfongg Idk if I want to participate in this. @Guiiimond @effysgo @JoshNissan But how are low elo twitch viewers going to back seat game if you have chat off Josh? @hiyoval @DarkZeroGG @ScrewFaceVAL @TestyFPS_ @DarkZeroGG @hyjinxVAL Good idea. Put your down bad teenage thoughts in there and keep them off my TL @DarkZeroGG It's pretty nice. Not gonna lie... @GambitEsports Нет @marcosvelbyrne_ @DarkZeroGG @vellycasts He did in our hearts, but not in the overall outcome 🥲
@DarkZeroGG @mfmereu @nateschanker likes on this tweet and @nateschanker gets a fat raise 💵. Go.
Retweeted by Dan Norris @mfmereu @nateschanker Yo @DarkZeroGG when do I get a fat raise? @gg_frantic @GregoFPS Pretty sure this is Sleep Token lyrics lol @NotReduxx @nateschanker Thanks. @steeFPS @THQ_Shane @THQ_Shane @steeFPS Add some Cajun seasoning and/or hot sauce and throw blue cheese on the bad boy @steeFPS @THQ_Shane S and P that's the choice for me @THQ_Shane @steeFPS I'm actually working on a Caesar burger where I add some Caesar dressing in to my meat, use rom… @steeFPS @THQ_Shane You making burgers or meatloaf stee? @DarkZeroGG Did @VellyCasts make the right pick at least? @WedidOfficial @XSET Ratio-ing me is not an accomplishment idiot @XSET Where's @WedidOfficial @RealStrongLegs Wowed @zt0LVAL ns @Bjorlulu @neT_valorant @TorseFPS Hopefully dead @RESPAWNProducts 🪑 @Virtyyyy @Ban_Val @FrostyValorant @Virtyyyy @regan_travis @lucilfergf @The_Matador_X1 I know but I guess I've always seen people with more outward showing and always thought I must be b… is it so hard to even admit to myself my mental health is in a bad place? It feels like I am tanking myself whe…
@FrostyValorant @Virtyyyy @Virtyyyy @FrostyValorant @GFUELesports Cell Damage on the Gamecube @SPL_illume @SPL_illume Lol Noodles are definitely cooked with a homemade Pad Thai peanut sauce coating them but go on @zladamC Thanks and thanks. Valid on both @SPL_illume It's Cilantro you uncultured swineMade homemade Pad Thai @RiotXylese I see nothing wrong with this tweet. Proceed. @robw1z Do this @RiotEvrMoar then promote people to post clips of the jetts they encounter in their game accidently…'ll start - life is a straight mess 🙃RT if you hate Jett! Comment if you love Jett! Like if you don't feel either way for Jett! Do all 3 if you're life…
Retweeted by Dan NorrisRT if you hate Jett! Comment if you love Jett! Like if you don't feel either way for Jett! Do all 3 if you're life… @chloe_hime7 @realmocking She needs a flash. And maybe some sort of Molly. And let's make her smokes back to 8 seconds. I'm liking this Mock @koalanoob Yo @Nurfed what you think about this nifty clip dump? @NRG_Emin @NRGgg Yooooo congrats! Actually huge my man knew you were coming up
@MC_Lelicious @Guiiimond RIP in Peace G @MC_Lelicious If you dont look at @DnorValorant you're tossing a whole lot of bread! @SPL_illume 🤑My daughter is doing a fundraiser to help raise money for classroom supplies for her school and it'd be cool if any… @ohaaiii @RealStrongLegs Bummer lol at least you're not stuck in DTW for 5 hours lol @GambitEsports This the one, right @CarlosR @huuawcoach @DarkZeroGG Love you Zach ❤ if you're ever in Detroit hit me up and I'll buy you a drink @frostyZK Same - DMd it with an Odin and that's where my experience ends @Matt_IGL I have literally only DM'd on this map and I just run around with an Odin and take the zip lines. Ima nee… @GoldenboyFTW The hat itself costs $10, this part costs $390. @ohaaiii @RealStrongLegs You headed back to MI or leaving again lol? @GeorgeCGed Come chill in Detroit George @Weser2k @SPL_illume Tonyan caught 2 TDs in both games vs Detroit last year AND they are looking for a win after la… @SPL_illume @Weser2k It's close tho @SPL_illume @Weser2k Herbert and Barkley both underperformed once again....damn auto draft. @quinnleaf I haven't gone positive in over a week. Consistency is the key to a good relationship idk what you're talking about
@builtbygamers Doubt it
@AyeeTrain Omen main here @Vansilli @RedBullCanada +1 vouch for sugar free version (honestly sugar free versions of all flavors would be aces) @dephhgg I'm also pointing out that its not tenz calling crashies a scrawny fuck, but instead someone outside of th… @dephhgg No its not. I'm just saying an equivalent version of an insult. I've literally never heard a women referre… Cold War 2: Electric Boogaloo @Envy @GambitEsports