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Computer Engineer. Gamer. Veteran. CTO @ARKH 145k on @YouTube b: Founder @CluCoin Tesla Giveaway 👉…

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@IceManIsaac That was so sick hahGood morning ☀️ ☕️ @AmericanDadLive Felt this. Rest up and see you soon brother. @Nacho_Pandaa @PowerGPU @KovaaKs Congrats man! @AtrophiedOne We'll be learning pythonSometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start. Together, we'll build a project and I'll prep the materi… truly believe anyone can make a great income through coding. I'm going to start hosting coding sessions in… @A1CAIII @amagicmantv @A1FOAM @Shade_TwT are you watching my stream right now?Choosing 2 $1,000 wheel spin winners right now and then playing bingo for $1,000. HAPPY MONDAY! @MiSSRENEENiCOLE I’m starting it in 5 minutes. @BebeRaine in 40 minutes
@opensea I’ve emailed, submitted tickets, DMd - what else can I do to get our cache reset for @GoobersNFT. A lot of… morning ☕️ - let’s get to work.Yarr congrats @Yo_TB5 🏴‍☠️
my man is following a small city and I'm proud to be in it @SanchoWest Welcome to Cena City 💪🏻 @ATeacherPlays @CluCoin Not at all. We’re putting in effort to make it even bigger. We had to write a custom payout… @VastGG @CluCoin 💙 @MattGoess @CluCoin Goobers are CLU. This will become more evident within the next few weeks. @MrNFTea @CluCoin Of course not.We’re going through quite a large transformation for @CluCoin with a focus to bring extra value to our holders. We’… @kerencarrion8 @Leogifters This is fake. You know what to do. @iiTrizz I’m from activision @JacqofHearts12 you won a new Litter Robot! Choosing a winner for my pinned Tesla giveaway soon. Go… @moonpayeth @Sharpp This is fake @ATeacherPlays Honest feedback is good. Toxicity is ☕️ - Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. @_DicksonOrmus_ @elonmusk @BillyM2k @GoobersNFT 😂 @elonmusk @BillyM2k Go get a @GoobersNFT Elon 🧪 @BrianDEvans @goldhuntgame YarrrI been silent about my newest #nft experience because it was different for a rookie like me. It has been exciting p…
Retweeted by DNP3 @cloakzy You did it. That box was hard AF to open lol @ItsDrMoose @goldhuntgame Good luck #GoldRush @andymilonakis Yee hawIf you want to learn more about the game join their discord’ll give a pirate from @goldhuntgame to a random person who retweets this within the next 24 hours. Currently wort…
@goldhuntgame 🏴‍☠️👏🏻 @TNG_Crypto @goldhuntgame Yarrr 🏴‍☠️Can’t make everyone happy in life. As someone who has a servant mentality, sometimes you need to step back and take… @AtrophiedOne Counts. Maintenance is important. I’ve sacrificed so much of my daily life working on CLU and Goobers… @KillaSarge Happy birthday 🎂 @AngelaParziale @GoobersNFT Have a great day, AngePange! Goober merch looks awesome 👏🏻🧪gm - do something nice for yourself today and don’t forget to drink water. @nayibbukele @andymilonakis How'd I do?'re getting close to choosing a Tesla winner from my pinned tweet. Just a few thousand entries left. Have a great weekend everyone.$1,000 NotiGang Wheel Spin - Come type !spin right now at (choosing random members from cha…
What a long week. TGIF. Let’s kick the weekend off with a nice stream in 2 hours. 💙 @nftwhalealert 🚀🏴‍☠️ @HaloFanatic87 It was a long night with the little one. 😅good morning ☀️☕️ @YaBoy77 Let’s go @goldhuntgame Yarr
@RatBotOne @Coinbase_NFT @GoobersNFT CLU is on the binance smart chain and Coinbase will 100% not partner with anyt… @ZLanerOFFICIAL Family time is great. Enjoy my man @Coinbase_NFT Hi coinbase, @GoobersNFT would like to partner with you. Please send me a DM. @OttoMatticBaby Never give up. @brockwayonline @Jesse_Way @GoobersNFT Welcome to the family @ItsDrMoose @SnoopDogg @TheSandboxGame Awwwww yeah @Kanaz3r @goldhuntgame @opensea fix the bugged floor please @lllustrations @OttoMatticBaby @CluCoin ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT @SneakyBroArt @BoredApeYC @GoobersNFT Your talent is insane$1,000 NotiGang Wheel Spin and Marbles for $ right now. Join and type !spin for your chance… in 30 minutes. $1,000 notigang wheel spin and marbles followed by a DJ party with @lllustrations
@aimseytv @TubboLive Probably by car and then you walked a bit to get on your plane. @JRNYcrypto @GoobersNFT @JRNYclub 🚀🚀 @GoobersNFT Goobers are awesome! Just so everyone knows, this isn't a paid position, @DNPthree joined @JRNYclub as…
Retweeted by DNP3Really happy to have Tony onboard. One of my favorite people in the space and a pleasure to work with. 🥂'll give a Litter Robot to a random person who retweets this within the next 72 hours! Winner must be following… to the awesome people and artist at @GoobersNFT for making there #NFT fun and bringing out the kid in me!…
Retweeted by DNP3Good morning. ☕️ One of my favorite gifts to giveaway starts today and will last 12 convective days. 😸 Any guesses? Happy WednesdayCongrats @PrimeNoscope67 you won $500! @davidgokhshtein @LazyLionsNFT Finally ready to become a Goober? @SSluginston @CluCoin @GoobersNFT @swapleonicorn That’s why it is called a recap90 minutes left - Happy TuesdayWe have some progress to share with you! $CLU has sold out of @GoobersNFT and has announced that our first play-t…
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@Twitch finally 👏I'll give $500 to a random person who retweets this within the next 6 hours and another $500 ($1,000 total) if you… @NFTLlama August will be a movie 🎬 @Combat_Vet_Iraq @GoobersNFT @ChuckLiddell Indeed it is not @GoobersNFT @ChuckLiddell 🥶💙 @StefanGreybeard @goldhuntgame People monitor tools like for newly freshed mints and jump o…'ve never understood sending people hate for spreading joy with giveaways.$ETH to 10k?I've been an advisor for @goldhuntgame since they launched and what they've been able to put together in a short ti… ☕️ @nftwhalealert @FaZeBizzle @goldhuntgame @ItsDrMoose @MANDYxTHEJUNGLE 🚀 @melanieEML Aw I’m sorry, Melanie. It was all love. Be safe on Twitter 💙Congrats @Janet_Squaad you won $1,000 🎉 Getting close to choosing a Tesla winner in my pinned tweet. 🚗Choosing a $1,000 right now. Good luck (3 minutes left to enter). Winner drawn live on stream for transparency but… @PowerGPU @beijingdou VouchChoosing a $1,000 winner in a couple hours and going live in 20 minutes. Let’s play some bingo and deal or no deal tonight. @MonsterDface Looking good, Arab.
@LudwigAhgren Congrats, Ludwig. Massive W @6Foot4Honda @cryptocomnft I'll be first in line. @Hantao Me @BuckeyeinFL13 Sent you $1k to help ya get back on your feet. Hope it helps.