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You can’t teach someone who’s unwilling to learn...
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦if y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦3 months ago there weren’t enough masks. We were desperately sourcing them from all over the globe. Now there are…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Serious question for the men: why yall can’t just take a no and go? Why after a woman rejects you she a bitch or a…
Akademiks look like a thumb thumb from Spy Kids and yall take this nigga serious. PUHLEASELol niggas be watching but not doing anything to change they circumstancesTerry Crews told Gabrielle Union she was in the wrong. He told his black daughters that it isn't his job to protect…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Wow I’ve been here upset and crying over this nigga bc he obviously don’t care about me and still saving him food,… @iLove_CC I’m only nice to girls idk lolWhen everyone and everything is pissing you off 🙃🙃Deadass tired of crying over a nigga who is arguing with me about giving me head ...Me to me: i cannot believe you allowed yourself to care for someone and their happiness more than they cared for you ... A G A I N !!! @MsNovaVee This shit is so wild to me like i hate it hereMe & my heart need to have a reall ass discussion bc i could have any nigga and it chise the nigga who don’t eat pu…!!!!!! All day THIS!!!! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Also niggas are emotional terrorists so yea @KwesB He fell asleep so I’m blocking him🙃 @jazzlandia_ YesLike the fact that i give him anything without hesitation on the first ask and we’re arguing about him not giving m… problem is when i actually gaf i give my all and would be willing to do almost anything to see my partner happy… this nigga fell asleep I’m peeling his muffin cap back blueIt never happened If the dick wasn’t snapping 😌
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦
i don’t ever try to convince people who are motivated by playing devils advocate. argue with yourself dickhead.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @DaDudeEmu We as Beyonce fans aint addressing yall lmao we are her fans so duhhhhWhen your so confident in GOD’s plan, nothing else really matters anymore.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @DaDudeEmu We do just not the way yall doing it. I aint see. Think piece yet on Kim K or KanyeTo say that a victim is not to be believed bc they are asking for monetary compensation from someone who took WAY M…’m also never expending that much energy teaching any nigga anything anymore everMen are just shit when it comes to rapists and standing with victims and thats all i have to say but i pray yall do…💕💕 keep two virgils with ya, that Pop Smoke album cover is trash. Somebody please get Fiddy on the phone
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦King Combs sounding like mase and loon on Teyana Taylor album ☹️
@DaDudeEmu Lmfao gtf..."ur so quiet" thanks i do not want to speak to you
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦CAMERON WTF ARE YOU DOING
@Scamron_Giles Like your face @Scamron_Giles Funny looking*NEW ANTHEMMMMM !!’ Y’all ready. !!
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Protect Beyoncé at all costs ⚠️
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦I swear I be wanting to comment on shit then i be thinking they don’t care what I have to say so I’ll just keep scrolling
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Us: pls stop killing us White ppl: in light of recent events, we have decided to name our avocado toast brunch sp…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Anthony Mackie slams Marvel Studios for 'racist' practices behind the scenes of MCU films 'It really bothered me t…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦“The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and real justice”…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Your package has shipped emails >>> @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦
I miss tumblr bc i could lett out all@my depression in the tags
When your fitness challenge geoup keeps you up til 11:30 to announce the winner and its not you another black body everyday on the TL is exhausting and I’m just ready to fuck it all up, burn it all down a… boyfriends’s birthday is really your birthday in disguise. i don’t make the rules
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦
Slavery lasted until the end of the 1960’s in places, we’ve been coddled from reality and aren’t as far removed as…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦The FBI is absolutely lying about that noose, but whatever. I'm over it. It's NASCAR.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @MsNovaVee I’m finna take a childish ass walk later then 😭😭 @MsNovaVee I was like a mature walk ???? Maybe she growing up?? Lmfao
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @DaDudeEmu I was young dumb and full of fun lmfao @DaDudeEmu Surprisingly only 2 @iLove_CC I took the crab cracker and the desheller for when i get my crablegs to go 😎if yall wanna be real, this is really what panama looks like 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦In New York City everybody should be NETTING at least $80K. Yes even the people working at McDonald's I said what I said and I'll block you.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @creamofwheatz I never even had that?!? My doctor never swabbed my ass Glo lmao for anything @creamofwheatz I have a daughter💕 @creamofwheatz Lmao no??“I bEeN WaNteD YoU”... STFU 💀
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Who wanna buy me waist beads?the way bpd robs you of having any sort of healthy relationship 🤨
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @creamofwheatz @creamofwheatz Lmfaoo sis
I thought about this earlier is not ignorance. its violence.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Read this. All of it. This is Milwaukee, today.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Nfs @MeekMill got more pregnancy mood swings the MilanoMy Uncle Gustavo opened a chicken restaurant and because of Covid-19 he is about to lose all his assets. Could you…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦It always bothers me seing the same people never claiming blackness bc they “puerto rican” or “hispanic” but steadi… gotta get our own justice cuz the cops never cared anyway.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦My work email actin up looks like its time to go nap til i gotta clock offWhere you’re “from” is NOT where you “live”!
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Niggas love a real bitch until she tell you everything about yourself that them other bitches was scared to speak up on 😭😭😭
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @RudyGiuliani Yes we fuckin do whats ya point dickheadSlave owners were paid $300 for every slave they had to free the 2019 equivalent to that is $9000 per slave. I want…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Parents need to understand just because your child doesn’t agree w you or they voice their opinions, that isn’t disrespect.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦We need that new Outkast album!
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦so anyways, I generally do not like men. everyday many of you willingly choose misogyny every opportunity you can.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Crazy how they put together an anti fireworks squad before they started a full investigation of the BLACK MAN THAT WAS HUNG A FEW DAYS AGO
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦Once I say “like I said” I’m finna get real disrespectful in a minute bitch 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @DapperDablo nigga just told me Future is his idol and I’m supposed to take him seriously @creamofwheatz Gloria PLEATHE @DapperDablo It was just so creative and fun and the fashion and i had a huhe crush on the girl like jesus she was bad @DapperDablo @Scamron_Giles I love that show has done more to support Bubba Wallace in the last 48 hours than the NFL has done to support Colin Kaepernick in 4 years
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦
Yall Needa watch this .. @Chardz0824 Sean Miller, Will Wade, Rick Patino JUST TO NAME A FEW and the man who took the fall - Christian Dawkins @NCAA PAY YOUR FUCKING PLAYERS THAT YOU MAKE BILLIONS OFF OF AND STOP EXPLOITING THEMBruh yall fav NCAA coaches paying players and a black man took the fall on the FBI entrapment. @DaDudeEmu 😭😭😭Why would police ever be the ones used for wellness checks?
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦 @wheresX @DaDudeEmu See i told youFellas, Cash App A Black Queen $50 Today And Say For PERIOD.
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦#VanessaGuillen is only 20. She had told her mom that a Sargeant on base was harassing her. All her keys, ID, and w…
Retweeted by La Chapa Bruja🥵🇵🇦