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internet rufio / twitch affiliate + aspiring partner / egirl Sasquatch researcher + reporter ✨🌴💕 ✨ 26k ig @DobbyCryptids

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Usually it’s people with lil kids who will run up + try grab it + usually the parents are super apologetic and nice… I go to the grocery store sometimes people try and touch my hair and I don’t like it 😬 but I feel rude saying noC y’all later tonite! @CumBong666 U ok cumbong?So excited ^_^ 17 hours 17 min from dis @mercurialmouse1 @pribyl1512 What ur point sis? 😛 that’s very on brand for meMy face hurts from smiling tonite!! Chat was cracking me up so much 😛💕 THANK U SO HARD TO THE ICONIC @GracieWaifu F… @miracletbs Pls stop tweeting me this is spookyLiveeee in 5 min 🌸✨ #twitch #twitchgirls
on my ig stories if u wanna ❤️✨ @SeraBrooks_ ❤️ thank u 😛I’ll be live on twitch later today ✨🌸 @OG_HattoriHamzo Is it for choking? like is it the heimlick? @kozykale Aww ty ily!! What is the astrological thing u mentioned in chat?!! I’m trying to explain it to my bf♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️
Retweeted by DobbyCryptids @AvaTheGlamazon Omg!! But how does it put the breath back in ur lung hole tho??Is this dog giving her cpr? Is this real? Can someone explain? Genuinely curious @Nasiim22 Anything drew monson makesliveeeee learned that the coronavirus can be super deadly to people with diabetes! I’m not diabetic but know some of u… in 1 hr 24 min ✨
Ick I hate when my landlord always drops by when my bf isn’t home 😷😂 also I just woke up so sorry I sound like tommy pickles @cat_falco Haiiiianime is real
Retweeted by DobbyCryptids @ILC_Atilla I wanna know when Gwen Paltrow vag smell like cus I’m watching contagion and googled her and saw this keep watching contagion !Can someone buy me the gwen Paltrow vagina scented goop candle I’m genuinely like so curious 😂Coworkers: Hey, there’s free food in the break room Me:
Retweeted by DobbyCryptidsget you a girl who can do it all
Retweeted by DobbyCryptidsif you're single and wanna go on the rajj patel show come type !join in the chat!!! :D
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I can’t breatheeeee 😂😂😂 lmaooo tarot horoscope for January 26th 2020! Old drama will be brought back up. However, thus time, the lie that s…
Retweeted by DobbyCryptidsOmg this made me laugh so hard I cannot stop watching it 😂 @RachelSmithoo Also tortoise @RachelSmithoo body spray, weed + fruit roll ups ✨Anyone awake watching contagion? 👀 @medievalgill This is my fave, she’s an underpaid journalist who specializes in long-form investigative pieces
Retweeted by DobbyCryptids @medievalgill Where is our gritty Romanov movie with Millie Bobby Brown as Anastasia
Retweeted by DobbyCryptidsAlexander the Great, really wants to win Love Island but not sure how to spell it
Retweeted by DobbyCryptidsI have come across a series of interpretations of famous figures as they would look today. Here’s Julius Caesar loo…
Retweeted by DobbyCryptids @BabieBee101 Omg ty ❤️ @ghouleish 🥺💕😭❤️If the apocalypse happens let’s all meet at bass pro shop @EllixFlowers Me 2Oof Third US case of coronavirus confirmed in California, health officials say✨🌸💕 ur friend gives u an egirl makeover + keeps fighting with her roommate, leaving u in an awkward + uncomfortabl… @xAshteria Yes! @ZaC_GAGA Yeah cus u rich ass motherfucker I’m picking nugs out my carpet @RissaRambles So excited for u 💕🌸 @Elix_9 Iil tiger ! @Zaytix_ Lmao wtf @Dylanstromo @PeteyPlastic @Spotify Not to add fuel to fire but they also silenced zheani’s song “the question” 👀 @ZaC_GAGA Dw only roof from now on damn wilderness animal not gonna turn me into a fucking 6 flags Dip n dot oh hell no
@SunnyBunny21E This made me chuckle @CDXX____ Lmaoooo my case is so cool but it so hard to hold !! @PeteyPlastic @Spotify Omg what happened?!One of y’all are shady affff Ayesha doesn’t want her music out there please respect that. Don’t upload under my na…
Retweeted by DobbyCryptidsMe: babe this zoo sucks My bf: we’re passing a golf coursesup SHOOK WHAT THE HELLI LIVE IN THE WOODSI WAS JUST ON PORCH SMOKING A BOWL CUS I DIDNT WANNA CLIMB ON MY ROOF AND I HAD A TWIG/STICK THROWN AT ME!!!!! WTF?… in like 20 min 💕✨
@KnightSinclair Thanks so much girl!! Oof my bad i assumed u drew it 😂💕 I still love it tho ty so much!! I know u d… @CDXX____ @KnightSinclair I think @Based_On_Air set it up for me!!Love this thank u so much for sharing 😍 @WSDOT_East Do Y’all have more context surrounding this? Looks like It may…’m dying 😂 @coffinxxxqueen It looks so real I love!!! @coffinxxxqueen I love the blonde so much!!! @CDXX____ @KnightSinclair Omg im so down to make it a emote!!! How do I do that?!Just woke up to @KnightSinclair sending me this that she made of me?!! Can we talk about how fuckin lg talented she… @nurse_topher Lemme at em who i gotta throw downIs it bad I kinda fuck with the Jeans chair Jenna marbles made? Like yo I kinda want that chair @Dev_Chillz This is so cool @n0tyourwaifu Yassss 🌸💕Ill be live in 29 min from dis 💕
I just got this in my ig dms and I’m so happy rn @ellektrikk Love the new hair so much !!! It looks so cute!! @virtualllypink Ayyyy wassup I grew up in IL!!! 😂😛 I feel u!!! @virtualllypink What is kratom?!! @virtualllypink For a second I read this as “fucking in Walmart” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @RageCreatine I’m sure he can fly someone from his lil “jet” @zjdubzz I love Chattanooga 😛 I love fairyland! @virtualllypink WHAT OMG ELABORATE !!! @ajteve Omg yes I’m so down! @Ecstacity They cool looking @ZaC_GAGA Like moldy pussyThinking of movin to SoCalPOV: ur sister’s friend that is always way nicer to u than ur sister #pov #pointofview saw this from my friend’s stories on ig and I’m laughing so hard popped 😌
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