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Kyrie looks like he's had enough of everyone tonight. The Spurs, the officials, but most troubling, the Celtics.
Retweeted by kevintilikinaBetween all these conflicting reports, all of these nonsense comments from Mara, Gettleman’s dumbassery: Why in th…
Retweeted by kevintilikina @DDuggan21 It was never unmanageable because Odell was selling tickets for the Mara’s. @jpgoeagles @jaydaagoat What if I told you one WR isn’t the reason the Giants suck?You know how much money Odell printed him? They are finished if it’s not turned around this season
Retweeted by kevintilikinaThe more they speak the dumber they sound. And fans still trust them with their blind loyalty lmao
Retweeted by kevintilikina @DDuggan21 Oh the irony. Sentiment is the only reason Eli is still here.Mara and Tisch emphasized how difficult it was to trade Odell. Here’s Mara:
Retweeted by kevintilikinaSometimes Curtis Riley looks like someone playing Madden for the first time
Retweeted by kevintilikinaImagine being so naive to hang on every word and support every decision your team makes regardless of the negative…
Retweeted by kevintilikina @Copizzle You got it, Copizzle. @allaboutNYG @WBG84 Between Shurmur’s poor coaching and Eli Manning’s inability to throw a football, Odell’s numbers suffered. @jimmy_coppa Probably one of the reasons they were so bad. They didn’t utilize their best weapon enough.Dysfunctional as they come.
Retweeted by kevintilikinaAlso, the Giants are lucky they have Saquon to pimp around because Odell was pretty much the only reason they had a… @jimmy_coppa The entire offense in 2016 was predicated on Odell breaking off big plays. They’re going to have to tr…’s going to be pure comedy when the Giants start 1-7 again. No Odell to bail them out taking slants to the house… that the WiFi password for the students?
Retweeted by kevintilikinaYou’re the owner. You get final say in these things.
Retweeted by kevintilikinajust a disgusting liar we gotta get mara metoo’d so he’s forced to sell
Retweeted by kevintilikina @DDuggan21 The good old Cincinnati Bengal model.Smart boy. He lost so many young future Giants fans trading Odell
Retweeted by kevintilikina
Retweeted by kevintilikinaGentleman’s legacy will be as the guy who traded Odell for a safety and the 17th pick 😭😭😭
Retweeted by kevintilikinaYou have just witnessed the most absurd NBA buzzer beater in a long time Jeremy Lamb keeps the Hornets in playoff…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaLooking at it, I can only find one player in my database to hit the minimum "star" threshold in the four stats I th…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaSubtracting a top 3 WR is definitely a step in the right direction question, is Mara happy with anything gettleman is doing? Cause these comments make me believe he’s not tbh
Retweeted by kevintilikinaThat’s the formula for going 6-10 and picking 10th every year.
Retweeted by kevintilikina @DDuggan21 No reason to get defensive if it’s not true @PLeonardNYDN The good old Cincinnati bengal modelMara likes idea of Kansas City Model of QB grooming but won’t force it. ‘I would like to come out if this draft with a QB.’ #giants
Retweeted by kevintilikina @PLeonardNYDN Literally everyone thinks Eli stinks except for him, Gettleman and some 50+ year old Giants fans, and…
Retweeted by kevintilikina4 year extension coming up for this Giants legend @PLeonardNYDN Yeah, Eli only needs a hall of fame OL, an all-pro RB, and I guess nothing at WR to succeed.Speaking to reporters at the owner meetings, #Giants owner John Mara says one of his grandchildren has not spoken t…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaBullshit.
Retweeted by kevintilikina @KimJonesSports but that’s the only reason he’s the QB so what’s he complaining aboutTisch dont ever speak. You know its some serious shit when he gets involved
Retweeted by kevintilikina @RVacchianoSNY Also one of the worst decisions“It’s not going to be easy,” John Mara on watching @obj play for Browns. “Toughest” part was telling his grandsons…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaLmaoo Shurmur and Gettleman will 100% be gone within the next 2 years
Retweeted by kevintilikina @Not___KC3 Hopefully @rydunleavy This guy is worse than the Wilpons
@HOLDTHATFORDATA 7 or 8His lack of feel for the game is glaring. He’s been able to get away with a lot of simple basketball issues that he…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaI know it’s against Twitter law to say anything nice about Mike Krzyzewski, but it was refreshing to hear him say D…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaWhat a game @SplashMelo I’m not crazy about Porter. I’d still take Barrett over him for sure. I’m not THAT low on Barrett.ZION WILLIAMSONreminder that tacko fall starred in one of the greatest vines ever
Retweeted by kevintilikinaTacko Fall definitely getting drafted somewhere.THIS GAME. #MarchMadness
Retweeted by kevintilikinaUpdated Knicks big board: 1. Zion 2. Culver 3. Morant 4. Clarke 5. Hunter 6. BarrettI’m not out on R.J. Barrett by any means but he’s going to be awful as a rookie in the NBA
Retweeted by kevintilikinaThe disrespect 😂😂😂 @WorldWideWob
Retweeted by kevintilikinaThis child swallowed a lighter & had surgery to get it out but Drs. were surprised by what they saw 😲
Retweeted by kevintilikinaBarrett and Reddish 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮Reddish has one shot attempt in 2nd half, 3 minutes left
Retweeted by kevintilikina*Mike Breen voice* BANG
Retweeted by kevintilikinajared cook better fucking not lmfao
Retweeted by kevintilikina @WannabeNfl @nfldraftscout OJ Howard didn’t even go top 10 and he was a better TE prospect. This guy is just talking.Odell would have rather sucked in NY and been patient than jump to a good team, and Gettleman traded this man for b…
Retweeted by kevintilikina @DanielM2k2020 He’s going to be great man.JUST IN: Lil Uzi Vert's label says he can release his new album 🚨
Retweeted by kevintilikinashrewd, clever, slick drive by Culver
Retweeted by kevintilikinaI can’t believe EJ Manuel was a first round pick
Retweeted by kevintilikinaStill crying because he looks like me
Retweeted by kevintilikinaGeorge Kittle must’ve retired too.
Retweeted by kevintilikinaI think we can all chalk up the Patriots drafting Hockenson or Fant. @JoeeReed No I know all that. I thought he was already in his thirties though.Gronk 3-Time champ Top-5 Patriot ever Best tight end I’ve ever seen Incredible big game guy One of the most lovabl…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaWhat a career for Gronk. @RealMarlinsFan I’m surprised, honestly. I thought Gronk was like 32 or 33. @KnicksGuy1 Been saying this. That’s why I wanted the Jets to trade for AB. @Ragulan_Vive @espn_macmahon @wojespn Wow, I can’t wait RagulanVivekananthan.Gronk isn’t even 30 yet??? What the hell#Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski announces his retirement. One of the best to ever do it.
Retweeted by kevintilikinaAh, yes. We can only compare black QBs to other black QBs., to @wyche, saying that Josh Rosen “understands it’s a business” sure sounds like a for sale sign.
Retweeted by kevintilikina @youngking013 @espn_macmahon @wojespn He’s 7’3 coming off a torn ACL and a history of lower leg injuries, but cool picture. @espn_macmahon @wojespn Guy won’t play more than 60 games in a season ever @usweekly @DavidDobrik @oliviajadee Thank god. I was so worried that Dave wasn’t checking on Olivia.knicks kyrie irving free agency pitch is just gonna be a group of black israelites steve mills found on 125th
Retweeted by kevintilikinaBeing gay isn’t a choice, it’s an involuntary thing that happens when J.K. Rowling decides it’s your time.
Retweeted by kevintilikinatacko is "die at 28" tall
Retweeted by kevintilikina 13 year old hypebeast on instagram: 🤘 ima real fucking sickö 🤘😈😤
Retweeted by kevintilikinaIf Boban can have an NBA career, I’m sure someone will take a flier on Tacko.If Tacko Fall's wingspan actually is 8-4, would be a half-FOOT longer than the longest wingspan recorded at NBA combine (Bamba) since 2000
Retweeted by kevintilikinaHe’s wearing Bron’s. He might break a backboard today.
Retweeted by kevintilikina @theshrillest Hate him "that much" is more apt. The hate is visceral for Bron. Harden has challenged this team more…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaGreatest team of all time is on their way to ring #4 and they're killing a 27-8-8 dude for not making the playoffs…
Retweeted by kevintilikinaI can’t wait to see ShazamYo uncle got spanked in the woods at 50 just so he could bark at parties
Retweeted by kevintilikina😂😂😂 the Krassenstein brothers having strokes yet benjamin running a fade
Retweeted by kevintilikinaOf course the Giants. 😂 The team that is building around a RB doesn’t want the rest of the NFL to convert 4th-and-1…
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