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Meet the Mets Meet the Mets. Step right up. And kill yourself.
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @liliethhm Lmao I wasn’t talking about you @FourWitTheFive Sorry to hear man. Wishing your family the best.If you expected me to stop tweeting about Game of Thrones you might as well unfollow me now. I just started reading the books.Don’t trade ⁦@FrankLikina⁩ I want to tweet about Game of Thrones then I’m going to tweet about Game of Thrones lol. Tf
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @rxmeister28 That tweet was 21 hours agowhere were you the night Meyers Leonard demanded the ball from Damian Lillard for an iso
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeSuperhuman Christian McCaffrey *removed* chicken and fish — you know, the proteins nearly every meal plan suggests…
Retweeted by Kevin Cleganejon: "there's still a nights watch?" tyrion: "the world will always need a home for bastards and broken men" jon,…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeOne second from every episode of Game of Thrones.
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeThis good boy is going to be murdered tomorrow at noon if not adopted. I’ll take him in, but I cannot get to New Yo…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeYACK EM
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeMeyers Leonard all-time chest pound
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @_GJRx Shit was getting me so mad @dmo06 @JoeeReed It was good dude. The girlfriend of that firefighter is making me livid“THE WINDS OF WINTER is very late, I know, I know, but it will be done. I won’t say when, I’ve tried that before,… last night, the last show. After eight epic seasons, HBO’s GAME OF THRONES series has come to an end...follow…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeHe’s a fuckin lizard dude
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @SaltyGary It’s so bad dude. Legit horrifying @June__NYC Did you watch tonight?Chernobyl is fucking insane @DanielM2k2020 They drafted Lonzo over De’Aaron FoxThe back page: It's getting weird
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Retweeted by Kevin CleganeThis idiot is missing his hand and he’s oozing radiationKnicks, who can create cap room for a 30% max (Kyrie Irving) and 35% max (Kevin Durant) and were hoping to pair it…
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @JoeeReed It’s crazy man, you should check it out. Based on the true story of ChernobylSay what you will about the #GameOfThronesFinale, the John Hughes homage was a bold choice to end on.
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeFinally watching tonight’s ChernobylHBO is so good dudeCiti is empty
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @allinkid And your love for Daesean Hamilton has been one of my favorite things 😂 @allinkid I wouldn’t even touch Guice with a 15th rounder in seasonal leaguesBecause he’s a cunt Ntilikina’s new agent says he wants to be in New York amid report that he prefers to be traded:
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane😭😭😭😭 @AJTheManChild @fredodgawd7 Yeah it didn’t make sense that greyworm didn’t just kill Jon. He was literally slitting… guy is having a victory lap for the ages on twitter. French Knicks Pod is up 3-1 in the finals right now. @AJTheManChild @fredodgawd7 Greyworm should’ve had his head on a spike by the most powerful people in Westeros for… NIGGA BRAN TOLD GREYWORM THAT SINCE HE'S THE KING TYRION WASN'T GONNA GET PUNISHED BUT HE COULDN'T USE HIS KING…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeIf the Mets go after Cespedes' contract, I was told it's not out of the realm of possibility - depending on how the…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeBouna Ndiaye, the French agent, told me earlier today Frank Ntilikina had no - and still has no - interest in being…
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Future New England Patriot he was forced as a prisoner. I woulda had no issue if he did it of his own free will
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeI feel okay questioning the guy who claimed Porzingis was medically cleared to play only to find out a week later f…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeGreat. Can never have enough CB depth. Jesse Watters is so dumb he just unwittingly proposed Elizabeth Warren's plan to pay off student loan debt by ta…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganePSA @nyknicks - youth don’t matter if you can’t develop your picks
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeFizdale really drove out Frank because he wanted to get Mudiay right
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @AJ_Uhl @liliethhm Lmao I just saw this tweet before I texted her is a real picture
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeGod the Kelenic trade looks worse & worse the further we get away from it. There are pieces on this team you could…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeLol all the Jon and Arya scenes sucked this season
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeNYC wearing this all summer if KD doesn’t sign here
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane“Like most of Season 8, it felt like a Wikipedia summary more than a full story being told, with only Arya, Sansa,… #GameOfThronesFinale - 'The Iron Throne' is #Rotten at 56% on the #Tomatometer, with 72 reviews.
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeNot worried about the Mets. This is all just the beginning of the movie, the part before Yoenis comes back in Augus…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeNobody: Yoenis Cespedes on his ranch:
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeBREAKING: Yoenis Cespedes fractured his ankles during an accident on his ranch in Florida. He is in New York to se…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeBREAKING: Yoenis Cespedes fractured his ankle in an accident on his ranch in Florida. No more info for now.
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeThank you Kanye, very cool!
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeDany fan pages are fed up @liliethhm @liliethhm I haven’t stoppedThis announcement from the NFL and NFLPA sure sounds like a prelude to the NFL eventually removing marijuana from t…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeBruh the amount of disrespect in this question 😂😂😂😂 #Lakers @WorldWideWob
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeNahhh that’s fucked up lmao Momoa as Kratos please Beal said he saw Eli Manning staring down his WR before he jumped up, tipped the ball and Jabrill Peppers got t…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeGame of Thrones | The Cast Signs Off (HBO) via @YouTube I love the cast so much. I’m going… @RotoPat @Rotoworld_FB I’m all in on Kyler too @RotoPat @Rotoworld_FB Superflex? @Ben_Pickering4 Talking about fantasy. Zeke was arrested at a concert or something. No charges though.Saquon is the clear cut 1.01 just because Zeke is a fucking idiot#Westworld returns in 2020
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @_jperricelli @_jperricelli Yeah dude the trailer dropped last night, I just saw it.“So who should be king?” Edmure Tully:
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane" niggas never want to make any money" A NIGGA PISSED YOU NOT ABOUT TO GO THROUGH A SCAM WITH HIM
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeMood 👀🗣️ @CH14_
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeFirst day back in the gym since I had surgery. Feels good.Don’t you sit there all cocky Robin Arryn, like we don’t all remember your eating habits. #GameofThrones …
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeNobody else I’d rather have mentoring the junior CBs than Janoris Jenkins.Time to save HBO
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane#JonSnow and #Ghost 4ever 💘 #GameOfThrones
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeThis fucking guy Paul starring in westworld season 3????Jackrabbit Jenkins says he is embracing being a mentor to all the young cornerbacks on the team.
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeJackrabbit: I’m going to lead by example. Go out and work everyday. There’s a lot of young guys in the secondary so…
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeIsaac Hempstead-Wright on Bran Stark's #GameofThrones Fate: 'I Genuinely Thought It was a Joke Script'
Retweeted by Kevin Clegane @liliethhm I sleep @liliethhm welcoming Cersei and Jaime in the Gates of Hell
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeLavar Ball was right ALL ALONG about Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss. #nevalost
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeJamie's dick gotta be top notch for Brienne to be out here fixing his twitter bio
Retweeted by Kevin CleganeKevin Boyle, RJ Barrett’s HS coach, doesn’t think it should be a ‘foregone conclusion’ that Zion will be a better p…
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