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@mkhokhar77 Thankyou my friend, you’ve always been one of my most loyal and supportive subs. Sorry to hear about th… @EliteKDBv3 Haven’t played yet lol, but let’s just say I’m not confident. 😂 @PVA_Chris #JusticeForVasilicWhen you’re trying to justify yet another trophyless season as not a complete failure. #FM20 @NFFCFUSSEY @YouTube 🤞🏻NEW VIDEO: After docks’ latest poor decision, only two games remain against Leicester and Manchester City in the b… Manager 2020 | #62 | The Final Games Of The Premier League Season via @YouTubeNEW VIDEO: Two big games for Forest against European rivals West Ham away and Arsenal at home. Plus a bit of a cha… 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #27 | Two New Signings! via @YouTube @mettenbrink_ @bayer04_en Bayer Docks 🤝 Conceding from set pieces
@_HarryAVFC @LeeJ____ It’s a sign of a good game when you’re still having loads of fun even when you’re struggling. @afcKweku Lol, one of my fave episodes too. Next one tomorrow evening 👍🏻 @LeeJ____ It is crazy man, can’t even think of an FM that comes close. 17 was difficult but mainly just because man… @CursorzEU It's tough man, we'll get there eventually 👍🏻 @NFFCFUSSEY Damn bro putting me to shame haha, seventh season and my only honour is the championship 😂 @NFFCFUSSEY I feel it's often the same for everyone; you consistently either play best at the start, middle or end… @swylieeeeee You've had more luck than me in one season than i've had in four saves! 😂 @LeoML33 Glad to hear it mate, it’s an absolutely fantastic game but don’t feel too bad if you struggle, it’s a dif… @miguel_muruaga Built up an immunity to it now.NEW VIDEO: As the Canaries close out the season, the chants from the away fans are loud, and the criticism is deaf… Manager 2020 | #61 | "It's Happened Again..." via @YouTubeFIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #26 | Manchester United In The Semi Final via @YouTubeNEW VIDEO: There’s three routes to Europe, and today we’ve got games in all three competitions! Wolves in the FA…
NEW VIDEO: Two years ago Liverpool ended our run, but today, we’ve got a chance to reach our first ever FA Cup Fi… Manager 2020 | #60 | FA Cup Semi Final v Spurs via @YouTubeNEW VIDEO: We’re officially halfway through our first ever Premier League season, and we’re dreaming of Europe! Th… 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #25 | January Transfer Window Opens via @YouTube @mcmalveiro Only this season tbfAbout bloody time. Mad that Rhian still hasn’t been called up yet… last season an obvious snub but every other year…
NEW VIDEO: No trophies in the save so far, but these are two winnable competitions! We’ve got the FA Cup Quarter F… Manager 2020 | #59 | Bamba Number Five via @YouTube @Osukid2811 Appreciate it mate glad you’re enjoying, and thankyou for the follow! 👍🏻 @Osukid2811 Legendary for most games, big teams is ultimate. 👍🏻NEW VIDEO: In one of the most bizarre episodes i’ve ever recorded, it seems someone snuck a magnet in the ball bef…
@afcRasmus No, next episode tomorrow morning mate 👍🏻 @davestevenson19 I mean I set the bar pretty low, I think you'd do alright 😂 @FMLobster AI manager reaches a Europa League Final before me… embarrassing! Let me know how you get on 👍🏻 @FannanJamie @FelixerTheWolf ❤️ @FelixerTheWolf Probably a bigger shock for me than when Brentford won the FA Cup in the first season of my save. M… VIDEO: Fresh off of our defeat to Manchester United in the EFL Cup Final, the Canaries have a chance for reven… Manager 2020 | #58 | Two Routes To The Champions League via @YouTubeJust doing some global transfer network scouting in my Career Mode, and erm, yeah… Have no idea how this happened… Watson is a fucking animal. Actually scratch that, he’s a rock. The Rock. Ollie & Barry were great fun in… VIDEO: Five huge games for Nottingham Forest today as we aim to reach the Quarter Finals of the EFL Cup, face… @LuisThePlug Legendary, default. Ultimate for big teams
Wow, what a long day, and a super busy week! Finally time to listen to the new 1975 album, hopefully it’s as good as people say it is! 😊 @DonDeGeaFC @YouTube Hopefully now it’ll stop people asking me why I don’t use their logo in my series haha! But ye… @NFFCFUSSEY @YouTube Streets won’t forget @NFFCFUSSEY @YouTube Seven 🙈NEW VIDEO: It’s our first domestic cup final of the save as we take on Manchester United in the Carabao Cup Final… Manager 2020 | #57 | Carabao Cup Final v Manchester United via @YouTubeNEW VIDEO: Marco Van Den Berg makes his debut today… and continues the trend of youth academy players impressing o… 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #22 | Youth Academy Stars via @YouTubeFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ck. 😭 #FM20 #OddsDrifting
Next weeks will be less heavy and more chilled, promise 😂☺️Thanks to everyone who’s left a nice comment on my Patreon post tonight, just needed to rant. Thanks for listening/reading. ❤️ @andybrownphotoz @NorwichCityFC I think you’ll like it mate, so many amazing communities to explore and be a part o… me back to Premier League Years on Sky Sports, please. I miss those days. 😭 @andybrownphotoz @NorwichCityFC Tbh mate I haven’t owned a PC in my life so couldn’t really advise, I’d suggest goi… @andybrownphotoz @NorwichCityFC Graphically speaking i'd never recommend a Mac for gaming. Mine simply can't handle… @andybrownphotoz @NorwichCityFC That seems like an insane deal but be weary of second hand machines mate, if they'v… @andybrownphotoz @NorwichCityFC Haha yeah that's about right for a lot of us, it's a really detailed game! And not… @andybrownphotoz @NorwichCityFC Thanks mate! It depends really, sometimes it can be a week, others, two. Try to wra… don't misinterpret the title lol, if you read the post you'll understand what it means. It's been a tough fe… Or Complain? The NHS Manager 2020 | #56 | Cups, Clauses And Close Calls! via @YouTubeNEW VIDEO: Three games for Norwich and a chance for us to reach our first domestic cup final in the save! Manchest… VIDEO: Two big games for Nottingham Forest including a trip to Old Trafford to face Manchester United. Plus we… 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #21 | New Striker Signs On Transfer Deadline Day! via @YouTube
@sanderbergesen @Zettlin_ @NepentheZ @ZwebackHD @UniqueRiggers @MattHDGamer @EASPORTSFIFA @bateson87 @MGH The best… @FelixerTheWolf That's both mad and slightly sad. @FelixerTheWolf Yo thanks a lot man, still remember interacting with you & another guy a couple of months back, ver… VIDEO: Two big games for Norwich today as we face Arsenal away on Boxing Day then Chelsea at home, as we wrap… Manager 2020 | #55 | Chelsea & Arsenal... "CLASS!" via @YouTubeNEW VIDEO: After Saka’s arrival, our teenage star now heads back to The Emirates as we face Arsenal away and Bourn… 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #20 | We Need A New Striker! via @YouTube
NEW VIDEO: It was a huge decision to blow the team up & rebuild last season… but I think we made the right choice!… Manager 2020 | #54 | Loving This Team! via @YouTube @THargreaves5 in 2 mins @clameronchowder Yep. @LeeJ____ He just hasn’t really developed in the past couple of years and since we don’t use wingers now it’s hard… The Mic | #2 | Hair, Meds & Hope For The Future @JoshiPuspal I think he’s a bit out of our price range unfortunately, plus as much as i’d love him I did use him la… VIDEO: We play our first two games in the Premier League with Nottingham Forest, as we take on the other two n… 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #19 | Big New Signing Made By You + First Premier League Games via @YouTube @_TheAlpacalypse Yeah it’s a bit weird. I remember with Cardiff last year I won manager of the year before I won a… me seven seasons to win one 😂 Embarrassing. #FM20
@afcKweku Just bad luck... 🙈🤭Things you love to see. #FM20“I’ll take ‘things you knew would happen’ for 500, Alex." VIDEO: We’re back in the Europa League, and today the group stage gets drawn and we play our first match of th… Manager 2020 | #53 | Europa League Group Draw + Opening Night via @YouTube @AmazingAllan50 Not at all mate, I appreciate your understanding. You’ve always been a very grateful follower of mi… @AmazingAllan50 I think it’s not exclusive to CM but all over gaming on YouTube really. The age range is so massive… @AmazingAllan50 Lol not at all mate, no need to apologise; everyone is welcome to their opinions! Just saying it’s… @AmazingAllan50 Lol… bit passive aggressive. Realism is never important to me unless I actually make that clear ear… @AmazingAllan50 That’s cool but i’m not playing for realism, just having fun. Also it’s not up to me, it’s up to th… @AmazingAllan50 Can’t say fairer than letting viewers choose. 👍🏻NEW VIDEO: A brand new season of Career Mode begins today, and I need your help! £50,000,000 in the budget as we s… 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #18 | New Season, Club Record Signing! via @YouTube