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#DangerousExtremist, retired GP, author of "Bills of Health" and "In the Key of Blue", inventor of the BrambleHook. Past Green Party Speaker.

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@NikolovScience @transitionlouth This is not a discussion. It is one simple request: Admit that your prediction in… @NikolovScience @transitionlouth Admit your prediction was wrong, Ned @NikolovScience @transitionlouth Ned, your prediction was wrong. Admit it.Ned, your prediction was wrong. Erroneous. It does not match the facts. 2018 is NOT cooler than the 2002-7 mean. Ju… @NikolovScience @transitionlouth "Cooling is under way!" That's what you said in 2018. You got it wrong then, and you are not learning. @NikolovScience @transitionlouth Just admit that your prediction was wrong. @NikolovScience @transitionlouth Cherry pick as much as you like, your prediction was wrong. Admit you got it wrong. @NikolovScience @transitionlouth Your prediction was wrong. Admit it.Ned Nikolov is the main man for thousands of climate change deniers. His 2018 prediction of earth temperatures was… author of this study made a prediction in November 2018 saying that Earth temperature in July 2020 would be low… @transitionlouth @NikolovScience I see his interest has moved on to opposing the wearing of masks.Here we have a concrete prediction, 18 months ago, from the No 1 denier of the Earth's Greenhouse effect. His predi… Here is a screenshot of your failed prediction, together with the post 2007 temperature record… and Home Office managers should be required to re-apply for their jobs in order to remove the "bad apples" is epic. I’d light up at the sight of this each day, wouldn’t you?!
Retweeted by Richard Lawson.@elinoreusceptic To criticise Johnson and his ineffective administration for being responsible for 65,000 excess d… I specifically referred to "excess deaths" (not "excesuve"). Covid-19 is underreported on certifi… The main risk is indoors. Outdoors, there may be an issue in crowds only. Also, beach pictures are often long… @ElinorEusceptic Oh yes we have. 65,101 on June 23rd. Excess deaths. Our Covid registered deaths are 5 times more t… @ElinorEusceptic Haven't we?
Council leaders want Boris Johnson to correct his mistakes
Retweeted by Richard Lawson.@NikolovScience You made a prediction on 18/11/2018 that in May 2020 the UAH/RSS average temperature will be less… @JillMytton2 We are so lucky to have a Leader who rises above human limitationsSo if you live in #Leicester you need to stay home for 2 weeks from today, unless you have child care issues, in wh… @sloth_bristol I'm not sure. His main line as far as I can see is that politicians need to read a mass of obscure m…'ve been looking at Dominic Cummings' blog, searching for his thoughts on climate change.… are precisely the category of pundits who populate our political discussion and our Government. Plonkers,…"The worst forecasters were those with great self-confidence who stuck to their big ideas (‘hedgehogs’)...The most…
#GeorgeFloyd #Blacklivesmatter It's good that Colston's statue went in the docks, and it's good that racism is bein… @ttstwit So it seems. Though I was interested to read that Cummings does seem to be concerned that we could have a… @strandedatsea ex-CEO of Scottish Whisky Association. Liveryman of Distillers. Cheers. @ravensrod "Yes" is the correct answer. Probably."It is beyond doubt that politicians do not even take the question of accidental nuclear war seriously" - Dominic C… "Herd Immunity" the hidden agenda, the real aim of Cummings' management of the Covid pandemic in England? will be remembered for the 114 files in the #vipchildabuse dossier provided by Geoffrey Dickens MP whi… Sedwill ousted. Coming next the Cabinet Office will be disbanded, allowing any semblance of accountability to…
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As the old saying goes, people who don't like wearing masks are going to hate being intubated.
@Octagot And when we get a second wave ey will blame lockdown. Being Tory means you never have to say sorry.
65,000 excess deaths in Britain. 44% more than normal. Some EU countries are lower (despite counting methods) A G… is a mistake to give dates for relaxations. Much better to link relaxations to the R rate. @psud12 Interviews, naturally. And MCQs with smart design to crack people who are just parroting the right answers. @jonnylogsdon @Peston @ChildrensComm @Keir_Starmer @BorisJohnson One to add to this list @FrancisHayden1 That was John Reid. It's not just racism. The Home Office is wedded to the policy of incarceration,…
Maybe top Home Office Government officials should be obliged to reapply for their jobs. It's pretty clear from Wind… has done important fact check on @Keir_Starmer saying child poverty has risen in last few years and…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonDelighted to hear former @BankofEngland director Mark Carney calling for green investment especially for home retro…
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@trishgreenhalgh Thank you for all your work on this
Retweeted by Richard Lawson @trishgreenhalgh If people don't want to wear a mask they'll bloody hate having invasive ventilation. Just saying.
Retweeted by Richard LawsonThe Tories are hurling dead cats on our table at high speed It’s an exhilarating mix of: 💰excessive spending 🐶 cut…
Retweeted by Richard Lawson @JohnWest_JAWS ...a lack of objective distance which seems to set aside the traditional values of journalism". So… @JohnWest_JAWS Clarification: the phrase "the media are lickspittles" should have read "some of those who work in t… @Quizbay No @JohnWest_JAWS Given that we don't have a written Constitution, and that Johnson has a majority of 80, and that the…
This is why all police officers need to re-apply for their jobs, going through a racism examination. At same time w…
We are paying 45 million pound to Serco for contact tracing. Serco’s 18000 call handlers contacted only 10,000 cont…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonThis story of the arrest of a nurse on #r4today strengthens the case for all police officers being required to re-a…
If the NHS will to support it, I could roll out the German Corona-Warn-App (privacy respecting, official diagnosis…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonYes please @jimmy_wales
We really should not have to be signing this petition. Really. Not after everything these nurses have done over the… one hand Johnson fails to #supportstudentnurses, and on the other hand he is about to spend £1,000,000 in tart… cannot stand @Conservatives @BorisJohnson #SupportStudentNurses @BBCNews @SkyNews @itvnews @channel4news
Retweeted by Richard Lawson#CorporateManslaughter is an interesting theme. Plenty of condensed and hard hitting informationTold to lockdown 26th Feb to save lives Given modelling 25th Feb over million deaths Cummings chose herd immunity…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonBoris Johnson under pressure after chief nurse dropped from briefings for refusal to back Cummings Hiding SAGE rep…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonUnelected official running country Nodding dogs Ministers all controlled centrally Refusing to use state services…
Retweeted by Richard Lawson @avaltd Thanks for that correction :) @avaltd Why 2m? Risk of infection is proportional to proximity. Risk maximal if someone is coughing or shouting 5cm… is making out that changing SD from 2m to 1m is complicated. It is not. If you change from 2m to 1m you w…
There is an enormous amount of work that needs to be done to heal and nurture our environment and society. Our trou… @51goats There is an enormous amount of work that needs to be done to heal and nurture our environment and society.…'s not just school holiday hunger. We have a failing system where families are not able to get enough money to fe… is a breakdown of Johnson's blunders. 22 of them. @richardhorton1 Resist and rebel, yes. But how? The Soviet system was ended when people demonstrated for days outs… don’t understand the passivity of my fellow countrymen and countrywomen. Why are you not more angry? Why are you…
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Jenrick. Desmond. #Corruption. #bananamonarchyNever forget
Retweeted by Richard LawsonWHO cautions against further lifting of lockdown in England Europe director cautioned that UK remained in a “very…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonI can't really explain how angry this makes me. I really can't.
Retweeted by Richard Lawson @10DowningStreet 3 years later, and 300 tower blocks are still covered in killer cladding. You simply do not give…
@PeterWillsher @ttstwit All police officers should be required to re-apply for their jobs. Take an equality attitude examination. @trishgreenhalgh @DocRichard @bbc5live As in no evidence that wearing a seat belt makes one a more reckless driver.…
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So #DidoHarding who gave the green light for Cheltenham and who had to step down as CEO of TalkTalk due to a massiv…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonPoignant statue of Johnson hiding in a fridge. Proud to be British today. 🇬🇧
Retweeted by Richard LawsonThis has been gnawing at me all day. It’s actually fucking outrageous.
Retweeted by Richard LawsonNo evidence that wearing face coverings makes people take more risks. Paper from Italy showing if you wear a standa…
Retweeted by Richard Lawson @TheNewDunciad Zackly. Johnson's "Government" and the Tories may well be leading us down the path that leads towar… tower blocks still have Grenfell killer cladding in place, 3 years after the fire. Truly we are a world-beating #bananamonarchy
@johnestevens @TiernanDouieb Bloody hell! The Tories always claimed to be the party of business. Only £12,000 for a…
Retweeted by Richard LawsonBillionaire property developer gave Tories £12,000 two weeks after Tory Jenrick gave his plans the go ahead.… are superspreaders. Here’s the proof: The coronavirus entered the UK again and again and again...
Retweeted by Richard LawsonBoris Johnson took the decision to avoid lockdown in pursuit of free market ideology. His decision cost more than 2…, we also went into lockdown two weeks early for the same reason. 2-metre rule. It's not difficult. If you can't do 2 metres, do 1 metre + face covering. #r4today @51goats Good points. On first, it need not be all at once, it could be an ongoing review, with say one officer in… @jamg3916 @outinthewilds Yes, this is a vulnerability. But psychological profiling questionnaires are structured to… @PeterWillsher @ttstwit "Inquest" is the organisation monitoring this. About 15-20 deaths in custody each year
@jamg3916 @outinthewilds I'm thinking that the best political response would be to make every police officer and ev… @JOMRTTE I'm thinking that the best political response would be to make every police officer and every Home Office… @51goats I'm thinking that the best political response would be to make every police officer and every Home Office… @jim_hunt @SelaineSaxby @peter_aldous @GreenPartyMolly @RegenCommun1ty Yes, it would be a small but important step.…