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AND EVAN "DOC" SHANER @DocShaner Halfway to Rann OH GOD HELP

Artist with DC Comics. STRANGE ADVENTURES • 2020 #letsgetstrange

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@katiecandraw Hahaha, Katie, that Adam!MXY. Getting ready for the day with this creep. @bully_thelsb Huh! Seems like such a strange format for an Art Of book now. This is awesome. Thank you for doing that!The reason I don't share anything from my side of #DCStrangeAdventures is because I feel like everything on my side… #StrangeWIP #LetsGetStrange @thedcnation STRANGE ADVENTURES
Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANER @jeremiahkpark @TomKingTK @MitchGerads I love the notion of Batman calling someone "Silly".Got let go today from WBBM Radio due to cutbacks from #COVID19 . If you enjoy word balloon would you consider subsc…
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@DamooseSeth Holy cow he does!My daddy was a humble man with a lyrical sound that captured the spirit of place--New Orleans, the Crescent City, T…
Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANEREllis Marsalis, 1934 - 2020 He went out the way he lived: embracing reality
Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANER @DamooseSeth GASP @SimoneDiMeo_ Absolutely, and thank you! Big fan of what you're doing.Love it! If you haven't seen Simone's work on TMNT/Power Rangers you're missing out. Really sharp stuff! @sandy_jarrell That's right! @joelcarroll JOEL, I love it! @TomTaylorMade So sorry, Tom.Ah man. Rest in peace, Ellis Marsalis Jr. The album of Vince Guaraldi’s music he recorded with Wynton was one of my…
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@mccreaman Ha! He’s going on the list! @erikburnham @EvrLvnBluIdThng Comics stop for some ones. @teaberryblue This is how I found out Captain America had a girlfriend named Betsy Ross. @Slicknickshady Doing alright! Hope you're well too! @TomKingTK Ah shit, dammit Toms. @TomKingTK Sorry Tom Taylor you don't write the book I work on @Joe_Quinones After THIS?! @Joe_Quinones Dammit Joooooe @EvrLvnBluIdThng Comics stops for no one @EricaFails Do it for MEEEEEEEEEEGood lord @andykuhn !!! @andykuhn Oh hoho, just now seeing what Blood-wulf is, oh man @KurtBusiek @TannerTrue You really put a hell of a finale on this tweet, Kurt. @FabianNicieza @BaybleCuber I probably would've exploded.DOC DOES DIG DUG, 2021 @jessnevins Well now I'm on board @BaybleCuber Man I love this @KurtBusiek @TannerTrue And I feel like Brubaker covered that alright with Marvels Project years back. @jessnevins "For OBVIOUS reasons..." @faizonmovies Oh haha, honestly no harm done. Sorry for overreacting. I am wildly soft-skinned about the golden age… @zacksoto Doomed from the start.No kidding, the last couple days I keep thinking about drawing Lobo in my (never happening) free time. @gmcalpin bless you @Spatialextensi1 @TannerTrue Sure. If New Frontier had been Jimmy telling the story from his pov then it'd be a closer comparison.I don't wanna draw golden age Marvel characters. I barely want to draw golden age DC characters. @TannerTrue I get the feeling some folks just don't know about it. Or haven't drawn the same conclusion. But I get… @TannerTrue get it. an April Fool’s Joke.
Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANEROnly if, like New Frontier, it's all the very well-known Marvel characters from 1945-1960.
@brihutch2021 woofMy desktop wallpaper is from Alberto Mielgo's work on Spider-Verse! The Prowler one -- @Fireinthedust @Behindthecomic Fair point. "Wandering aimlessly" in a pandemic. @NickDerington PFFFFFT, WHATEVER. Top of the heap! @NickDerington Hahaha @BatmanFiles IT IS @Behindthecomic Just April Fools’ Day in the middle of a pandemic. @seankmckeever I’m not going to pretend I’ll definitely have the will to ignore it the whole day but boy I hope I do.I can’t believe some of you are even considering checking Twitter tomorrow. @Charliestolz NO @taterpie I have an office I rent downtown, about a mile away.Upset that he can’t hang out with me during the day, he keeps bringing stuff in here and leaving it on the desk whe… Times setup. In the corner of my son’s room next to his Mario bed. @faizonmovies Sure thing! @faizonmovies Hey! The brush may have changed names since, I’m really not sure. I also don’t use it as often as I u… @World_Of_Hurt They were! It’s from an arc of Remender’s run and the whole thing is beautiful. @World_Of_Hurt I'm a big fan of his designs, they're very sharp.Jeez I mean wouldja lookit 29th! We can use that time to figure out new ways to get our stories in front of your eyes AND hopefully in y…
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Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANER @ohTHATsean Thank you! @Sinccolor Oh nice! That's awesome @bully_thelsb Whoooooaaaaaaa, wild.I immediately went looking to see if it had an ART OF book, because it should, to little result. So seeing this stuff is great.We just watched this one the other night as a family and damn it holds up. One of their best looking movies too, im… wait until I can go outside and play ... 🦇 🐈
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@travis_goodwin @jeffparker Jeez it's so goodThe original Strange Adventures featured Captain Comet who solves space mysteries. Adam Strange’s adventures on the…
Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANERThere will be no Quincy Jones blasphemy in this timeline. Forget all his film scores, Off The Wall and Thriller, if…
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@chris1noise @TalkingSuperman @MitchGerads thank you! @dtamblyn @TomKingTK @MitchGerads Thanks Diana!Don't worry, after I made that thing I threw a bible at my computer and it burst into flame rip computer"Hey doc how are you handling the quarantine?" took a family day yesterday, but just caught up on everything going on. My entire body is making a fist now. @TomKingTK Nope sorry you built this prison yourself. @gibsoncomics We all should have. That's my new advice to young folks from now on. @bradcandoit I have one. My mom framed it. It sits in a closet. @gibsoncomics That's what we get for coming up in this time, Jordan. @ZachAttackAllen Ha!Just realized this would cancel out Flash Gordon and a lot of my early published work but sitting here thinking abo… app that blasts everything you drew in your 20s from the internet, as if it never existed. Make it, someone. Please.
@IvanBrandon Happy birthday, man!
Had some time to draw a new #Batgirl #Supergirl comic.
Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANER calls this move "the seldom seen reverse-Goldfinger."
Retweeted by AND EVAN 'DOC' SHANER @calamityjon @thechrishaley @gibsoncomics @joelcarroll @Joe_Quinones @deantrippe This is AWESOME. And yes of course… @mikeyhatesit NICE! You gotta explain this ring now though.
@my2k *dog turns head to viewer quizzically*