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Paratopic, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, REDACTED. Narrative Designer. Hired Gun. Shotgun scientist. My alt is @forgetamnesia. blog @stompsite.

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Mystery Flesh Pit nation park in Texas is one of my favorite national park locations. Did you know that it was the…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastThe Division 2 has been killing it when it comes to making the episodic content visually striking.
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @The_Rabbit42 Wow @The_Rabbit42 Diet for us diabetics?ベストフレンド
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastBloomberg Confirms He Used Prison Labor To Make 2020 Campaign Calls
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastWow. Just WOW. I didn’t think I could respect this absolute piece of moose excrement any less, but having lived in…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastmoment
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastWhy is this not a bigger story?
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastwhen your custom character appears in a cutscene
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Retweeted by doc @ pax eastI took down my Elizabeth Warren sign today. This video is about why.
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastI'm not sure how you would become full time but birthdays feel that wayThe only way I can see these being good is if they're for a children's birthday party @GaryJKings Astonishingly hilariousLAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF 🐀🐀🐀🐀
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Retweeted by doc @ pax eastthis is bloomberg's house in the hamptons vs bernie's house in vermont
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @AndrewElmore look at these LOOK AT THESE @ColinMcInerror @WritNelson No @WritNelson @docsquiddy
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @Niederquell @pidrosoft @locust9 Exceptional game imo, though not my usual thingFun thing about emulation now is that it's possible to directly improve older games. 8 and 16-bit era systems hit h…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastMy new PC should be here on Tuesday, hopefully. I'm excited not just to crank current and future games to max, but…
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @Niederquell @locust9 We tend to see it even more in 'story heavy' games, to be honest. I know people who work at s… hey but what if obscenely rich people paid taxes the way poor and middle class people do Obscenely rich pe…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastPete Buttigieg is doing all this solely for Pete Buttigieg
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @Niederquell @locust9 Video games suck at drama, the tension and release of good storytelling. The moment in Scrubs… @Niederquell @locust9 all storytelling is like a joke, basically. You have setup and you have punchline. In horror,… @Niederquell @locust9 It's writing, it's performance, and it's editing. Games struggle with editing because of a ne… @Niederquell @locust9 I played that scene earlier this summer and was like "ah she's gonna die during this" and the… @Cade_Onder i prefer blue to red but coral looks GREAT @locust9 @Dramido zack braff has made me cry the last of us has not HMM @spikyperilla did you succeed?🐦 🥾🥾 🌲🌲🌲 A Short Hike 🌲🌲🌲 is OUT NOW on PC, Mac, and Linux!🏞️ Explore the peaceful and quiet island of Hawk Peak…
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @Dramido @locust9 Most game stories I play are so nakedly copying from somewhere else without actually setting up t… @locust9 WORKING ON IT >:( @redneptonic i can archive but also what would be a time that would work best for you? I'm going to PAX this week b… a nice day cuz it’s Magic. 🤪
Retweeted by doc @ pax easthey, hey, I'm gonna post an ace combat article today, but uh, who wants to watch me stream, I don't know, NIER AUTO… @ActualGrandeur @tha_rami @Bungie *stares at Sleeper, a gun that only dominated excessively in gambit, and got repe…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastThe quote marks somehow lend this sign in a corner shop window an air of dark menace
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @tha_rami @Bungie Ultimately, what I am saying is based on what Bungie has publicly said. What you are saying is "… @tha_rami @Bungie Considering that they think snipers and scouts both are picked "because they allow players to sta… @tha_rami @Bungie Gear lock means that you have to commit to one thing before going in--that means you have to comm… @tha_rami @Bungie basic game design should encourage varied play, but bungie actually punishes it. Boss stomps rend… @tha_rami @Bungie I did a test in that article where scouts had to shoot guys 2x as much to kill them. This is in a… @tha_rami @Bungie And their latest patch notes is nothing-but-nerfs in a game where everything else is the wrong ch… @tha_rami @Bungie because a bunch of stuff got nerfed, snipers became the only viable. The new raid, for instance,… it for her (i miss you every day, hung jury sr4) @tha_rami @Bungie seriously, I'd love to run some master nightfalls with you to see your strats. Scouts are my favo… @tha_rami @Bungie so like MG are very good at CC, but GL are very good at Boss, so if you're running a MG, you want… @tha_rami @Bungie See, what I want to see is like "oh, I am going to run X for CC, Y for Boss, and Z for shield bre… @tha_rami @Bungie A big problem is 'boss stomp' mechanics make shotguns nonviable, scouts have dramatically lower D… @tha_rami @Bungie I mean, a big issue here is encounter design. Bungie's rationale is 'players are trying to be saf… @tha_rami @Bungie and they're not changing the numbers so the things that are the wrong call right now are becoming… @tha_rami @Bungie We have got to master NF it up then. In fact, I'll run the same combo to see if that's possible. @tha_rami @Bungie What we're seeing is a fundamental disconnect between the actual level and encounter design of th… @tha_rami @Bungie Bungie also designed that encounter to have OHK ranged enemies that cannot be shot with any weapo… @tha_rami @Bungie bungie says "oh you are staying at range to be 'safe'" but we know in practice this is false. For… @tha_rami @Bungie This is like how Bungie brought in a change to scouts in D2 just before forsaken that broke all s… @tha_rami @Bungie More crucially, we have the objective facts: Bungie made nerfs to counteract auto-reloading, and… @tha_rami @Bungie fun fact, if you nerf a bunch of shit so that only one thing becomes viable, then people will flo… @tha_rami @Bungie their balancing notes rarely justify ANY CHANGE beyond "this was used too much." In fact, we saw… @tha_rami @Bungie Not only that, but bungie claims snipers are overused after they A) nerfed all the sniper alterna… @tha_rami @Bungie hey rami, they literally put that in most patch notes, and as far back as June 2016, they were sa… will Joe take responsibility for the toxicity of his supporters? 😜
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastOnline centrist Democrats having a normal one.
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastTom is having a very bad day.
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastah, u see, it's only uncivil if it happens to the people i support, it's totally fine if it's against people i don'… DON'T CAUSE MORTALITY! *shakes head* they are merely the harbinger of it. here is proof:
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastCentrists dont wanna call themselves Centrist anymore like Libertarians dont wanna call themselves Republicans
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastAce Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4) is $19.99 on Amazon GameStop (PS4/XBO)…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastGoing last year as a student who happened to have a job with other students who hadn't, we all noticed who talked t…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastI recommend this game wholeheartedly, though Switch and PC are my platforms of choice remembered this iconic moment in owning history
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastOh my God.
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @Hegelbon its hapening, i've been so busy making games that i let other responsibilities slip by the wayside and i… @ModernVintageG @docsquiddy The fact we got Xbox BC on Xbox One and didn't get JSRF should be a crime in a just uni…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastwhat if doc posted an article todayThird Way are the reason every milquetoast liberal thinks incremental changes and high-road moral victories are bet…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastDid a little more on the first puzzle for Nilas today, which includes this set piece :3 #indiedev #pixelart
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastthis game is a masterpiece. I wish we got a modern update
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @konypyon @KyleKulinski
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastWhile we're on the subject of electability 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastMy cat has been missing for two months, we just found him today! I just needed to share as I’m over the moon with h…
Retweeted by doc @ pax east @theomn It's not really
Finally got to try @adamgryu 's A Short Hike - what a great game for an afternoon, and just a chill, fun adventure.…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastExcuse the language, but what he said...
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastSpeaking as an artist that has seen the numbers behind AAA job applications... Please, please, please do not 100%…
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastSteve Irwin woulda been 58 today
Retweeted by doc @ pax eastCommunity Manager
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