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@staybalanced_ Thank God you got thru cos that sounds like them man in William hillDancehall Crew 🔥 The HOTTEST Playlist on @Spotify Bashment Party, curated by me 😊 👉
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @axhleighlouise If i don’t have a headscarf I tie it up into 2 buns lool @DoctaCosmic Because you’re a real one
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @DoctaCosmic This is a black love story.
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerLike I ain’t got my own headscarf on too 😂
Martial is livid lool @YoungsTeflon Not the point loool @YoungsTeflon Shameless bruh. Never a pen @TheBiancaBre ❤️Can’t believe VAR didn’t intervene. That’s NEVER a pen. In fact it’s a Villa free kickSorry Cos 🤣👏🏿
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @mxmsworld 😊🤝 @TazerBlack 😅🤝 @_Abundant1 Broski 🤝Clean 🤝
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerMy girlfriend said you lot didn’t deserve this vid, but im in a giving mood’s been so long since I sat under the hair dryer. I’ve missed this heat 😂
THEY CANT KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN! #NS10v10’m at a loss at what to do. I’ve unfollowed, unsaved, don’t like but yet it’s still 90% girls lol - Liverpool have won 30 of their 34 Premier League games this season (D2 L2); this is the fastest any side has e…
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerKranium - Gal Policy ABSOLUTE banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @azzle94 @JohnEgan92 😂😂Top two and it ain’t two! @theresnosignall @WrayAndNephewUK #NS10v10’s not me *skepta voice* out ere to sir give the lesson..... we will never be done addressing this situation of institutional racism.... bril…
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerThe Government want to scrap free parking for NHS staff, which many thousands rely on. It also helps stop the sprea…
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NSG - Political Badness gives me proper Hey Arthur vibesNah man. Unless there’s an agreement of some sort there’s no obligation to tag. It’s a false sense of entitlement i… @DjNateUK Loooool
Who try sneak Ali into this conversation? 😂 news has become so unreliable since Whatsapp started letting people forward stuffYes because football fans are hypocrites. Now we can put our medals on the table nobody wants to mention trophies,…
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerOmo in this life have money for lie detector
“You got monzo?” you listen to or deal with scouse_tremz you support an abuser! He abused my little cousin & she has found the co…
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerI hope whoever played the keys on @NSG - Jorja has had a good day.Bad boy goal @JohnEgan92 🤝
@Miss_Kess 😂🤝 @_NOMICS Some man are really crazy innit @konanplaydirty 😭 ruined my whole listening experience
People are so eager to be outside that they are going to parks in this cold weather for silent disco parties. Litness is killing my peoplesOne day someone said August Alsina sounds like he’s crying when he sings. I haven’t been able to listen to him since.I really haven’t been to a party in 4 months. Longest it’s been since 2007 @mxmsworld Two virgils.Bless all the well wishes! I’ve got this! 🙏🏿 brb
We’ve done some mad things 😭 @smoothfuego1 Cheers bruh 🙏🏿Important day today! Prayers up please 🙏🏿You waiting round acting like you’re doing something?, TIME TO ACTUALLY ACT ON OUR WORDS. He had a pitch with @sainsburys on the 30th June, he finds out in a wee…
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @sterling7 Bruv 😂 why gotta do man like that?Teacher: How about you tell the whole class what’s funny Me: Spoke too soon., gonna carry my laptop on my head., we’re still drunk from winning the leagueFeeling very lucky today 🙏🏿
Antonio HAS to finish thatMerky Fest mood. Guess we’re all taking the L this year time last year I was getting dressed in Burberry up and down getting ready to have the time of my life at Merky FestWhat’s that? FACTS
Can RT this now 😁 The evil they had done was enough
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @LillzTrackLife Good riddance 🙏🏿Two virgils @PHRENOL0GY LoooooooooooolCertain man are getting Disunomics’ shape up willingly?
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerUK Gossip TV’s insta got deleted? God is good.Too smooth 3ish but I wouldn’t be mad at 4’s goal in the Copa Del Rey final vs Barca might be the funniest PNP goal ever. Man ran off and ran back on the pitch sksksk
Retweeted by Crowd ControllerCan I cash out for 10k? @TazerBlack @Graciouskisay @kojoanimlive @writewrongz @ashleybmarc @mrvybesj I’ve got the champions league winners version of this 🙏🏿The absolute disrespect., Jollof and Kenkey. The holy trinity. @SefKombo Send me off. I don’t care. I said what I said! @Comanda_x Leaf me @smoothfuego1 @DoctaCosmic Waakye definitely doesn’t slap. I’ve not eaten that meal for over 20 years to be honest. Trash meal.
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @ZeeHerMe Speaking my truth!Fufu can never be beaten.
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @naeemahpeace Facts @HolistiQueen HATE IT!!! @Pinero_Nana Lord have mercy on you for tweeting suchWaayke is the worst. Omutuo close to it.
What happens if the ref pulls a hammy mid game? Does he get subbed off? @DJSYFER Palace game is free on amazon prime fella @GabrielleBABYYY @M_______Kay 😂😂😂😂😂Look what’s you’ve done @LillzTrackLife smh asked me this 3 years ago the answer would have been. 1. 90% debt 2. Very Poor 3. Yes but it’s empty. you as…
Retweeted by Crowd Controller @axhleighlouise Happy birthday x
Jemeela coulda played Monster and she chose this? She doesn’t want to win lol #NS10v10 @LillzTrackLife Kmt kmt kmtLillian doesn’t listen 😭 my nigga remix???? KmftRich Gang were absolutely amazing #NS10v10Titty Boi 2 Chains ran rings round everyone on Ali Bomaye #NS10v10 @mxmsworld QC never winning but it’s knockouts so he needed to come with the best straight awayBola’s under pressure 😭 QC going out sad