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Robin James @doctaj Windsor CT & Boston MA & CLT NC

professor. author of Resilience & Melancholy + The Sonic Episteme; co-editor Journal of Popular Music Studies + Oxford HB of Electronic Dance Music. she/they

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Cincinnati people, I'll have more specifics later but I'll be giving a talk at Miami on March 17th. Super excited t… @Dave_Parisi lol(seeing all these book pics it's interesting to see The Sonic Episteme categorized as a music book's the mo…!!!!! @immanenceftw wow thanks!!OMG the first bookstore pic of The Sonic Episteme I've seen! thx for sharing! @cedarshims No, but I can imagine 😬
I mean I shouldn’t be surprised that this treats voice as purely physiological and not shaped by things like, you k… @drewmillard Lol I read your tweet and was like “Oh, he’s talking about Charlotte”I have tried this many times but I can’t even get the UNCC music department to answer my emails. Which is ironic si… have been at this for over an hour @jneuf Yepppp that’s exactly where I am rn.Omg now I have to install a whole updated Mac OS 🤦🏻‍♀️Hey I was looking for a reason to procrastinate on grading but having to install a personal copy of Office bc my in… @maura all these colleges in western MA I’m a short drive/train away.Doing logistics for upcoming talks and just putting out there that it’s exceptionally easy to convince me to go to:…“Mike will get it done” plz compare to “Get Brexit done” plz no to bothSocrates is like our first written example of this dude? can’t wait Unpayable Debt – Sternberg Press, the hair industry seems to know (think?) that IG & YT drive the recent trend for creative hair color...but this… @jjoque It was more like "your project has some fundamental flaws that lead straight to Auschwitz, here let me fix them for you" @jjoque I mean, isn't this what Levinas does? (fwiw i don't read heidegger bc all the people teaching grad seminars…
Tomorrow! should link to this tweet in the directions for the assignment in my intro-level music appreciation class where s…
@ethanhein Omg small world! I thought you might be a good local person to talk about sampling.I just got one review off my desk, and I still have another peer review and then a book review of a 400+ page book… @incommensurati this piece might help you decide: @IsaacSchutz 🤬This is horrible @anoctave Thank you
@zaranosaur Thanks :) @Bobcluness thank you!so if/when she does experience more aggressive tumor growth we know to start with the next-most-powerful chemo drug… went to the vet today to see how her chemo was working, and we learned that while this chemo drug isn't reall… @adamkotsko agree with the premise but those figures are for luxury cars. My Subaru was new at around $300/month for a 60-month loan. @BarryShank that's a great idea; i just wish my learning outcomes didn't have to be "measurable"... @johnborell Thanks for reading!Boston, I’m giving a talk this Thursday at 3 at Northeastern, literally like 150 yards from Ruggles station. prob touch on this album in my talk Thursday...there’s something going on here in the framing of EBM’s Fordist… @AthMusicJunkie ahhhh @AthMusicJunkie Wait are PopCon acceptances going out? Bc that’s when it is.
@m_hrnndz technically it can't be made into a learning objective bc it's not measurable.The main thing I hate about learning objectives is that I feel like I do my best work as a teacher when students go… @pch9857 my former student wrote this:
So the idea of privacy as ownership that cannot be breached wo consent has been on its way out since the 90s; priva… @garrt The America’s Test Kitchen laminated biscuits are amazing. A bit of work but flaky af. I made them for thanksgiving.For the “Who cleans up is more important than who governs” file @IsaacSchutz mean, I would never get one of those Alexas or whatever bc they are awful surveillance devices but if you could g… reminded me of the existence of this song, which we played the hell out of in 2005: is going well this morning cf: "The rise of “Smells” in 1992 represents a broader “distracted boyfriend” mo… @majortominor congrats! @badcoverversion that's a great sweater though!
Fire him Ministry Guitarist Sin Quirin Accused of Underage Sexual Relationships by Two Women's all the info for my talk on Thursday at @NU_CAMD @AOC @DA_Banks My pup Juno and I also ride Amtrak every week for work travel! to think I don’t write good books, but messy ones that bc of their mess allow ppl to do things w them.To watch this weekend cc @cedarshims solutions that make music less accessible have disproportionately negative effects on ppl who aren't… if, instead of musicians that stopped touring, we had musicians and music festivals that put direct pressure o… is almost 2 so we are trying to have him sleep in his bed in the bedroom rather than in a crate in another roo…
@amywilson @cedarshims Not sure. But Chicago is home for these bands. @cedarshims @amywilson Already have tix for the Chicago show! @lportwoodstacer In my field conference papers are always 3k words. I have a good sense of what I can accomplish in… Tigre, and the first Strokes album that was incessantly played in the grad office, Dandy Warhols, that godawful… @industrial_book @as_well i also think the gesture toward hip hop is white feminists' attempts to be intersectional… @npseaver If you rephrased your point as “straight white people didn’t get it” I would agree :) @as_well I’m not saying they didn’t exist, but the opposite: they existed but don’t make it on scholarly or press l… suspect that the main reason for this is then as now pop feminism focuses almost exclusively on lyrics, and edm i… @banumim @badcoverversion DJ Irene easily comes to mindI'm prepping @badcoverversion 's article "If Liz Phair Made You A Feminist, What Kind of Feminist Are You?" & in lo…! I forgot the racist jokes he told. He regularly told racist jokes.Check out AOC’s insta stories for Pressley and Tlaib meeting her puppy. Way better than debate bs. @cedarshims Like on the phone?!?!??? JfcMy high school band director made fun of me, the field commander, for using words to address the band that he didn’… @katisjewell google drive/docs/slides @npseaver @mel_hogan I just keep hearing Screamo-nome, or Skreem-nome (the British dubstep do) @Komaniecki_R At some level the issue is presses who don’t like links, which are unstable, variable, etc. at JPMS w…
@AB_Wesner @allergyPhD At that size, short assignments thru the term and an online, objective final w one short ans…'m going through the Broadcasting & Cable Yearbooks for some WOXY research and in the 90s theres an xtian radio st… for reading and engaging!, like, I know we're not that far away from "using your 23 and me results we have generated a playlist for your…'s a direct line from the "Pet Owners for Obama" banner ads I was getting in 08 to this. @SportIsARight Yeah I think if Juno was a person she'd be like a Charli XCX avant-pop fan.i did one for juno and it is LOOOOL, what? @Bobcluness thanks for reading! @SaraNAhmed @DrChloeVitry Thank you! Your work is likewise helpful to me :) @devjpow looks like I'll do my international connections thru CLT or LGA rather than PHL from now on...It's telling that Depeche Mode & NIN get into the Rock Hall before Kraftwerk will (and they were on the same ballot this year) @meganlavengood In Charlotte it's something like "Abba-marle" - swallow the first syllable as much as you can. @devinzshaw @shianna_mc @jenterysayers Zakiyyah Iman Jackson and Diana Leong have solid feminist of color critiques… @LMGM Totally @cedarshims devo-lution @BruceTennant Thanks!Hey librarians, how might I access a recently filed (last year) dissertation at another institution on the west coast?