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gay cartoonist from oklahoma (he/him) don’t look at my posts just look at my art: @rasputindaily 🔞

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sum 1 bring me a pastryit’s an envelopeif i send you a package with a drawing on the envelope please don’t feel obligated to keep it..... i understanddopamine breeeaaaaakkkkkkk @fungalmatters it’s too much responsibility @collegedormenvy thanks breh @ratmothr seriously! that whole culture was a lot of fun @alaynyala roflmthi’m gonna need someone to step in and take over conditioning my hair i keep forgettingthat’s crazy <tags> don’t mean anything anymore. you could really fuck up your livejournal just by throwing a </head> in your posti’m the world’s first parasocial psycho-sexual horror and fantasy artist Okie
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @panicvolkushka thanks panic!! ♥︎ @fungalmatters mystery men (1999) have a full color comic in this !!!!! @bigger_trousers 🤘🏻oh i forgot my introduction to eartheater was thru bunny michaeloh i updated my app. u are right this is awful @mammothfactory yes(holding a big plastic bowl) ok now, i’ve written some curses down here, if you wanna pick one— let me know if you’…ō Matsumoto
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @marcorubio no one actually cares what you think @KOCODillon “satanic panic 2” for shorti have two sets of arms @matthewfennell triggers* @matthewfennell do it pull the triggerwow it's almost like we've been told the exact same thing every single day for 10 months
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯watching governments do nothing as bodies start to pile up gives us a fun preview of the climate crisis response
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯interseptal yellowy green inseparable plum purple unrealized terra cotta
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯weird the boney m rasputin dance is a tik tok trend now @vannotescomics *sigh* “Dear Duolingo,”pretty wild how every single civil rights activist you learned about in like third grade was actually a socialist. wonder what that’s about
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯in case god is reading my tweetsi would prefer if my hair just went all white/grey instead of brown with white/grey streaks
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯needed this today x the hotttest person in th grocery store has nothing to do w appearance its all vibes
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @SenatorLankford may you never know a moment of peace, traitor @shipcommander1 hahaha thank youimmunocompromised people: *struggling to live during a pandemic* everybody else: i would gladly kill you to eat my…
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @mammothfactory and the all consuming ball of fire for sec of state? yass queen! @corgzone thank you!! @atothe_d 😔 wrote about Noroi: The Curse, maybe the scariest movie I've seen, and how it uses landscapes of poverty and relat…
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Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @yoks38 piscesan actress struggles to leave behind her pop career no problemo narrator: but it was all problemo
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯i’m so relieved i don’t have to visit my family this week haha @tenmillionboys @scumbelievable i’m going to look for some extra copies tomorrow ! i’ll keep u posted(tearfully) She was geeked up @poolparty666 favorite part of the ponyboy remix is when it goes boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy… @atothe_d hahahaha loves it @doctopmary
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @panicvolkushka 100000000000000000% @doctopmary /
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @zachfmason me tooif the paper hasn’t yellowed since the last time you worked on your project, you AREN’T doing COMIX 💅🏻 @atothe_d i’m not your darling, i’m your son!! (descending honk, the sound of a toy piano falling down a flight of stairs) @atothe_d u are scaring the hoseDamn bitch, you live like this?
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @vannotescomics hahahaha it’s good!!did that thing where i took a nap and woke up and it’s dark 😔 @collegedormenvy their sodium levels got too high or something! sorry it’s been a long time. @bigsuction yes @collegedormenvy be careful my friend had to go to the ER after eating a jar of pickles in less than 24hrs or something @ShaneThomasFish oh ! one of my favorites :)
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what kind of pkmn does it look like i train huh @DestroyerBonnie electric or maybe fighting? @troughofluxury omg classic trish XDevery crew has: - the one who keeps getting banned for being rude to the mods - the one who types in proper senten… i can’t believe we sold out so quickly !! thanks so much everyone. i will be releasing more zines soon so keep an eye out :^) @matthewfennell @scumbelievable thanks matt !!describe yourself with two muppets @kharpys please do not swear on my pageretiring the world iconic. thanks for all your hard work over the years @Gay_Socialist_ a polite republican @RandallOtisTV josie and the pussycats (2001) @bigsuction came here 2 say thisi’m down to the last ten copies or so of this comic i made with @scumbelievable ! it’s unlikely there will be a rep…’m great at cooking and cleaning and am a pleasure to be around 🙂
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @scumbelievable @thorazos the hotness will remain @ElHotCheetah people loooooove their little deflections @michaelrmuller i know, and it’s one of my favorite foodsman i havent had a burger in like 8 monthsHaHAAAAAAA remember when black people didn’t follow curfews in defense of human lives and the police came out there…
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @J__Velasquez oh my god.....
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯i’m at brunch right now
Retweeted by Garrett Y. ✹ ☹︎ ₯ @ConfuciusOU @NormanNews @clarkfornorman what?if you are a young artist doing work for a company that is going to print several runs of the merchandise you have… @thorazos i’m afraid many of us are cursed with uninterrupted fuckability throughout the course of our lives 😔