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Garrett Y? ✹ horror comics from oklahoma ✹ follow my Professional Art Account @doctopmaru 〠 🤹🏻‍♂️ he/him

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if u instagram dm me about business matters instead of emailing i’m liable to totally forget you and your message e… @cenobitefg 😩🤌🏻 one feels love in his heart upon viewing itanother world for me(air horn) what’s your favorite track to cry to on The Crying Light (2009) ??? sound off in the comments and don’t… @slimyswampghost lol i know i’ve been thinking about this all day….(゜◇゜)Crank Yankers Eminem picture disc vinyl record for the 2005 single "Ass Like That"
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯Ghada Karmi and Ellen Siegel, in 1973, 1992 and 2011. Photos by Francis Khoo (1, 2) and Jean-Pascal Deillon (3)., you could say i got balls… 😏
@heyflops69 this is gonna be me. i have no idea where i put some of my shitOKC has a higher murder & non-negligent manslaughter rate than NYC, Portland, Seattle, Denver, MSP, Austin, Madison…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯does tweeting “your days are numbered, cum rag!!” at the governor violate the ToS @john_okcfop i know, you would have had to go without your annual excursion to the island of lost children to harve… @czarmitch yes fathers day, mothers day, when’s Childless Faguette day huh??
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯(straining on the toilet) James was always cool!not reallySisters, i am geekedhere’s me speaking french if you want to marry and financially support me ready for work @reliablespice even from a republican standpoint it’s really really dumb hahadoing a cover of charlotte sometimes in 2021 called “Breighlynnhe Sometimes”
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯sorry are so many names i’m glad are not mine… dennis, randy… no offenseThe Internet: Where Freaks and Psychos Thrive @Clasiter_76 @sf_hippie @GovStitt @Varneyco @canoo the “moving boxes” in question! Bring me the Axxanista @cleopatriia i do this but eames chairs on google imgs
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯comicsgate dudes could have just sat there and ate their food @mthing_ weasels and mongeese onlyEsther, 1983 #lucianfreud #expressionism
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯Juneteenth is a complicated holiday for me. Besides it being a platitude that allows those who perpetuate the opp…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯FaceTime My Hearthi i’m Dan. Dan Mark. you go home with them and they have pets. don’t fuck them @scumbelievable this is the best one @KylosSabers @lite_thespark @DAISYJEDIRIDLEY @scumbelievable i’m just saying “no one would be talking about this mo… i thought you all were talking about a graphic pic of batman eating pussy. how boring @lite_thespark @KylosSabers @DAISYJEDIRIDLEY @scumbelievable that’s not a very good comeback lol @reliablecomics not at all(sitting down at a group of strangers’ table at my job and eating fries off their plates) Sisters, I—- @Dr_Alex_Graham happy for them💖do it, coward
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @_____l____m__ happy bday!!!!Starting today, @EMBARKOK is starting up free transit trips every 3rd Friday through September. The program is part…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @housewaif i can’t talk i LOVE hoarding gold & scowling at ppl 😣😣 @reliablecomics question: will you post all entries on your tumblr? follow-up: do you have a long meandering video… of makes sense tho in light of how everything is so awfulevery once in awhile i remember this was a thing and can’t believe itit’s too bad jk rowling is dead. i would have loved to have been cast as a hook-nosed jew goblin 😣😞 @mippyofficial ya once i get off work 😓 and i gotta pick up Batty Dets 😓😓(baby voice) what’s up friday night party people?? @oafworld i liked miracle of the rose!
Youth activists dump wildfire ash on Democrats’ California mansions
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯every day, once a day, i give myself a present. like a $300 million tax incentive for a failing Tesla competitor to… @Toynbeef yes we can’tooIt’s finally done🥳 I poured my heart and soul into this article and I hope it teaches you somethin you didn’t alrea…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯learning russian on the clock anyone wants to draw a femdom manga based on my experience of getting bullied by the popular girls into drawing… you are
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯Israeli occupation forces attack Palestinian civil defense teams in the occupied West Bank village of Beita, today.…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯Why is Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt refusing to speak with Black news outlets in Oklahoma and allowing his spokesw…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @CharlieHannema @CharlieHannema @CarlyAtch @pitbull @puiupo gaspHere’s something I didn’t see in local media coverage of this announcement: Oklahoma is providing $300 million in t…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯lmao stitt gave that company $300 million in tax incentives. unbelievableribald terracota ungraced true green slap-up dark taupe
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @GovStitt @CarlyAtch @Varneyco @canoo @CarlyAtch @CalebJHull @CarlyAtch @TonyAquila8020 @GovStitt @CarlyAtch @ChaseHorn @GovStitt @CharlieHannema @kate_vesper @CarlyAtch @GovStitt @CharlieHannema @ChaseHorn @kate_vesper the world until the sky turns red: just signs of a robust economy Freeing animals from a factory farm: tha…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @rascalthecat666 they literally wouldn’t care if you could see her tits in the panel @heksenhaus of 👏🏻course 👏🏻they 👏🏻fucking 👏🏻do 👏🏻 @OKCPD How many of your officers searched for #StavianRodriguez? There was an active runaway report when yall shot…
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @OKCPD i have a crime to report @OKCPD 🥴 are you calling “bad guys” exactly?
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯honestly though i fully expect it to come out that they were being pressured by stitt to deny claims & we’ll get to… @Totally_Big_J they froze my card for “fraud” because my copies of ID got lost in the mail….🥴i mean it’s not like you just say you’re unemployed and they give you money. they make you jump through tons of hoo… @OESCnews ever released numbers on how many actual fraudulent claims they’ve caught? is it possible the very re…, security experts and environmentalists say the half-finished project has introduced more problems than it f…
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Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @jacobkornbluh why is anyone interviewing him? @ShrimpWonder literally no @Varneyco @CarlyAtch @JonathanHoenig @HeyTammyBruce @gen_jackkeane @GovStitt @TheGunzShow @SimonettiLauren oklahoma… @CarlyAtch @GovStitt @Varneyco @FoxBusiness @canoo 2,000 new jobs < 15,545 tax-paying oklahomans devastated by the… neighborhood is getting renamed by developers from "the mud patch behind the dollar tree" to "The Discovery and Innovation District"
Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @waxmittert you're an American who claims to be a human being please learn something about how deeply and routinely we are t…
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Retweeted by 𓅓a☈ ◢▀◞╱ ╪╯⍭ ⊤ ✹🪞₯ @GrandOldNoah @KaceyMusgraves she doesn’t want your unwashed ass @tulsaworld @CarlyAtch i don’t know if you can call 2,000 jobs dividends but ok @GovStitt @canoo