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@MrRdgrsNghbrhd @Girl_wonderX @AlwaysWinning1 why would you even ponder passing? @somanybadtweets he got some pills from Jimmy Johnson @papafagioli lurking just under every tweet with more than 10,000 impressions is a fight about something incomprehensibly stupid @allahliker sure buddya tremendous website Rando: Glem makes his money by posting, he scours the internet for randos to fight so he can be freshly agg…
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRule @MrRdgrsNghbrhd @AlwaysWinning1 whichever coach you think isn't a dumbass so, NO i guess? @HaverOfOpinions @ComradeLuanne that's the Christian thing to doa fitting synopsis of perhaps the most tone deaf continuation of a film there is
@UHaul_Cares @DikembeDudes @uhaul suck my ass7 time super bowl champion tom brady
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRulethe most delusional man on twitter, quite an accomplishment thing they made that field goal
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRuleA lot of you are mad about a football game whereas I'm mad about more important things such as injustice but that's cool
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRuletom brady telling bill to go to hell and going to tampa to assemble a nonsense team and winning the super bowl in o… LaFleur rips off mask to reveal Mike McCarthy underneath
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRulebom trady @ComradeLuanne she was the hottest piece of ass a royal had seen since the middle ages and that's all that mattered @gaywonk @selina3sticks do not tease me @crookedroads770 holding out for $50?getting those good promoted tweets today @DagimWondafrash get therapy @OfficialPumpkns love making new friends @TepidButterASMR it's a cool piece of tech, it just should never ever have been marketed as a way to control videogames @Rob__Sly seems like an odd decision on your part7 time super bowl champion tom bradyi'm from earth and i think both of these options suck ass remember the Kinect and how silly and pointless it was and also how it was extremely shitty at its goal of b… @35mmPapi @_McPapadopoulos "Better With Kinect" lol @IanKarmel i don't believe so @crulge @Jezzerat "is it a god dam?" is still one of the best joke deliveries ever"I'm going to become Eli Manning."
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRule @MKupperman @PFTompkins that whole genre of internet person sucks so much @UweBollocks prescription drugs are cool as hellexpert level trolling or extremely delusional asshole? @MopUpReliever this scott guy seems like a real normal person @docnifkin_md almost all weird old movies are either on some website with a stupid name that sucks or nowhere @allahliker a nice sunday gabagoolanother occurrence of the weirdest thing twitter people do: a locked account i don't follow has replied to me @Minions @StreitBrokeDick @TomBrady what the fuckk @Captain_Kevin @crookedroads770 15 Million Merits @crookedroads770 i remember when the posting was done for the love of the gametwitter showed this to me under the topic Cult Classics @BWWings me, because once again i live another day without eating your garbage food @crookedroads770 how much you get for these? i've always wondered @allahliker this is the only hitman i want to hear about @Benoit_Ballss they're going to take it one play at a time and give 100% @itmejrc dean is quickly moving up the ranks of dumbest tweeters of all time @Mattomaha1 and he fucking spelled the name wrong in the tag!!! it was right in front of him and he still got it wr… @dukelarby @HaverOfOpinions why change the playbook now?imagine being republican and making yourself think guys like this are smart and worth listening to @RadioFreeTom i have also heard that getting shot in the back isn't that badamerican media will kill us all
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRuleThe Boba Fett show is ridiculous. First it’s about A boba fett whose not THE boba fett, then he meets more fake bob…
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRule @StuartScottsEye no one understands our painah, it seems that MLB simply used Delmon incorrectly @StreitBrokeDick give it to whoever has the best cleavageanyway, the real answer is below average tight end Visanthe Shiancoe proving that off the field he was actually abo…
not an athlete but this is the coolest any coach has ever looked long for death is absolutely cursed
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRule'a fully stuffed son' sounds like some weird porn thing that even i don't know about @fakeArian your main mistake is thinking that comic book writers are capable of thought @fakeArian buddy, there's more than one COMIC BOOOOOOOOOOKSfascinating day of twitter @CurtisWenis @evilroyslade420 that user has passed away @BAKKOOONN the famous baknoonHoly dog shit.
Retweeted by Dr Jorts at home: not endorsed by @JaRule @Mattomaha1 i love ayn rand and martin skreli and i don't care who knows itSumo is back on twitch, for those seeking a great sport to watch @UweBollocks a damn shame Coogan didn't become Hollywood's go to comedy guy. but he probably would have been wasted anyway @tiny_oranges @BirdLawDS @WAForeskins talk to Amos @Chigurh_Crash wow, reverse racism much??? @BirdLawDS @WAForeskins you can have 250K @WAForeskins thank u sirlol, cowards at least complaining works sometimes @WAForeskins can i have a million dollas? @Girl_wonderX @HotWeatherTake 365 inches of snow would be fun to see @InternetHippo i love you mr hippo @allahliker i like the alien @HamHock42 the GO Network baby! @PineyMcknuckle thank you for your kindness @UtzSnacks suck my assat last, the internet hippo comes for @eric_time @jonbernhardt love me some slightly browned pork shoulder @morningmoneyben sorry you have to work again
what about the kids at heart? @CHIDSPIN i had one with one of the stupid names like General Asshole's Bunghole Blasting Hot Sauce that was great… @ManginiNaBottle well, i can't say what he really needs because i like talking to you guys on here and i'm not sure… @ManginiNaBottle that guy needs to get laid and have a drinkwatched a mufo talk to an insane troll person for HOURS tonight. not sure how he didn't just tell the troll to fuck off like 2 tweets in @ManginiNaBottle @21_7_b what a normal human being @MedicatedWP and then kicks you square in the nutsack when the teacher give you an Fi'm actually glad that i don't follow current culture because i feel like my life is better not knowing what this m… @papafagioli we all have our faults