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Transformational gift helps eliminate med school debt for Stanford students with financial need @Sarah_Mojarad It's not always about comparing! It's about educating that if you get flu you're much more vulnerabl… @randajarrar MashallahThis was in 2015. Under @GovPenceIN’s watch, about 200 people became infected with HIV in rural Indiana. TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE. #VPdebate
Retweeted by Thank you for pre-ordering #MUSLIMWOMENBecause of @GovPenceIN, Scott County went from seeing 5 ppl newly infected with HIV each year to TWENTY NEW CASES P…
Retweeted by Thank you for pre-ordering #MUSLIMWOMEN.@GovPenceIN hates Planned Parenthood with such passion that he was ok with shutting down the only place to get an…
Retweeted by Thank you for pre-ordering #MUSLIMWOMENAnd then factor in longterm health care costs since what the league offers post retirement is inadequate Francisco declares state of emergency over coronavirus your goatee CDC-approved? Health agency issues facial hair guide amid coronavirus outbreak @EpiElizJoCo @BenLocwin @mariasundaram We could see a range of CFRs that vary by geography, demographics etc @EpiElizJoCo @BenLocwin @mariasundaram CFR could be much lower if current denominator excludes many asymptomatic/subclinical cases @natalie_eilbert A family of them used to live next to my friend's house when I lived in Arizona. The whole family… @natalie_eilbert It's a javelina 😍I got in trouble for this thread back when I was a newspaper reporter because speaking truth to power isn't always allowedNever forget, Mike Pence started an HIV outbreak in Indiana a few years ago @MaruneBoy currently hypnotized by stars and stripes. when did you make theseNo one cares about viruses and public health until there's a crisis and then everyone's an expert including nutritional epidemiologists @mariasundaram @Milkipedia Thanks for sharing this, Maria. And yes, asthma and other preexisting conditions such as… may have its first case of #COVID2019 where the transmission was local. UC Davis says the person arrived there… @MaruneBoy stoppppppppppppAstagfirullah toba tobaGoddammit I said chips instead of crisps. Extremely disappointed in myself rnIt's a chips and reality TV kinda night @MauriceRuffin Sigh. The mask shortage in the UK means dentists are having to cancel appointments and cut back on regular proceduresStanford just recalled all our Stanford in Italy students and I'm wondering if @journalismfest is still going ahead… @terisasiagatonu You look super duper cute 💜I hate Alzheimer's disease
Staffers Say Sexism Runs Deep At The Washington Post There’s an "understated respectability" that is "secretly per… it what it is: pogroms. @DocSteveTaylor @BASHH_UK @BritishHIVAssoc @ProfJAnderson @DrNaomiSutton @profchloeorkin @drlaurajwaters You must wear this in clinic @BrandyLJensen ...I told the hospital system to change its leave policy so that workers were not incentivized to wo… @BrandyLJensen One time I investigated a whooping cough outbreak in a neonatal ICU. The poor preemies were infected… LOW DOCTOR
Retweeted by Thank you for pre-ordering #MUSLIMWOMEN @Blackamazon Especially with the "why is no one reporting on..." or "why isn't this a bigger story." When people AR… @Blackamazon Ppl love tellin on themselves @nevertoocurious @GidMK Yes! Varies from place to place, patient population, and can vary over time, too. @nevertoocurious As of now. I'm still thinking the denominator is way bigger than we currently know it to be @Blackamazon we know who he *doesn't* follow... @Blackamazon OMG I want to engage but I am fuming @MatthewKeysLive @WIRED Ha! @BlairImani Subhanallah 🙏🏽Thinking of writing something about how my expertise on epidemics was declined by a media outlet because I'm a woma…
@afdozie Oh no! This makes me sad and mad 😟 @Milkipedia Asthma can increase risk, yes. I'll write up something about caregiving. @Rochelle @Helene0555 I knew what you meant :) @dana_rollin Yes, in general people with a compromised immune system are more vulnerable to infections @TaraZarry Great idea! @tayari Yes.Omg I must have been the muse for @veronicabeard's Miller Dickey jacket. It fits me like a dreeeeam and I must wear… @WndlB Ok, will cover that @ashleyn1cole I love living alone (wait, does my dog count?) and won't have it any other wayAppalled, sure. But not shocked. Politicians have consistently cut public health budgets at state and federal level… asked what I should cover in tomorrow's video about pandemics, and someone said guns. @dradambanks a story I wrote about Ebola is on my science journalism reading list this quarter. I felt icky about i… @Helene0555 I think we're making a separate video entirely about face masks - when to use, which to use. Any other… @WndlB We've already talked about including that! Anything else? @LewisPants @micahbazant I'm sure any rando in the airport would be happy to engage @NotYourNiqabae Oh man, none of those sound sustainable for me! What I need: a live-in language coach 🤩Doing a video for WIRED about pandemics. What do you want to know? @NotYourNiqabae All the time. I need a better plan or system.Be sensible with your planning. Resources are finite. A mask shortage in the UK is already derailing regular dental services.I think many of us here are close to people affected by the disruption. I have family who haven't been able to retu… is already in the US. There are probably a few hundred cases here, mostly undetected, many asymptomatic or… sure you're using good hand hygiene, cough hygiene, replace handshakes with fist bumps, clean hands after touc… you're panicking about coronavirus, don't. Panic won't help, pandemic preparedness will. That means getting rea… @aimeenez Plus, if people are being released from quarantine, it's because they went the period of incubation witho… @aimeenez Infection with SARS-CoV-2 is likely inevitable for most of us at some point and will not cause problems f… the border
Retweeted by Thank you for pre-ordering #MUSLIMWOMEN @Margari_Aziza ❤️💔 @TheKitchenista Do what you need to do, forget about judgment. Praying he returns to you safe and soon. @WonderLilly @fahmida_azim There's something to be learned from that part about the illusion of effectiveness... @KristiNBC5 Thank you! They're adorable 💕 @aurabogado Addressing both of these in a video for WIRED tomorrowClosing borders isn't as good for public health as you might thinkSince I'm dreaming about this and since ppl love to talk about "close the borders!" during epidemics, consider this… @_Zeets At Stanford they get a sabbaticalSecond professor I was being quarantined by the UK govt and was tweeting at them, angrily, about my human rights and their la… should never have been such a long, difficult and traumatic struggle to have this plaque with Chanel Miller's wo… I please have back the years of my life I spent chasing @Stanford to keep the promise it made in writing in 201…
Retweeted by Thank you for pre-ordering #MUSLIMWOMEN @EduardoCCorral Times I wish I was in NYCLet's go Ana!!!!Seconds left on the clock is when Kiana really plays omg @StanfordWBB is PLAAAAYYYIIINGGGGGG!!!!Get big, #bullyball!!!Run the break, Kiana!!!!!!!Stop allowing offensive rebounds 😭😭😭I'm not hungry but my neighbour dropped off lentils and I'm stress eating @terisasiagatonu Look at Francesca Belibi dunk! I love her!'s heart rate is at 132bpm cuz I'm screamingHad to call a friend in Rochester to watch the game "together" cuz I Am STRESSED Come onnnnnnnnn, Stanford!!!!3. Or it can be something as straightforward as higher rates of smoking in men compared to women, meaning weaker lu… I used to study a version of SARS that infects mice and in mice it seemed that estrogen might protect from sever… The ACE-2 receptors that both SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 bind are encoded for by a gene on the X chromosome. Bc men…'s too early to say from the one Chinese data set if there really are equal numbers of men and women infected, an… saw the same thing with MERS and SARS. MERS death rate - men: 32% MERS death rate - women: 26% In Hong Kong,… the analysis of 45,000 people with #COVID19, it looks like more men are dying from it, even though, in this da… @ashleyn1cole @Caissie queer AF! 😍
@PaisleyRekdal I think this happens a lot and is not a deal breaker. Being in a newsroom taught me that even if som… whiteness work; also, Shirley Chisholm; also, the disrespect to Indigenous peoples is disgusting; also also a…
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