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Jedi Knight, Senior Fellow at Modern @WarInstitute, Co-Founder/Board Member of @MilWritersGuild, Co-Founder of @DivergentOption. All-around nice guy.

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@infosec_james The verdict is in... It's #FloridaMan @willkepley I'd be surprised if we weren't doing those still. Better than a visit to the proctologist.Wow. Part of me thought Jim Lehrer would live forever. Saudi connection. The gift that just keeps on giving. @GraysonBurnette @thinkdefence "interagency." #DailyDM @76Keeper Boaty McBoatface @jameskgreer77 I learned a lot from that event, too. Like, find one person to coordinate everything and write a sin… @katyjohnson30 I have yet to find a situation where I can use the phrase, "ball spin matters."Looking back on transition. You just don't know what you don't know until you see it for yourself.’s a lot of Lego. @jameskgreer77 @us_sams So much to draw from here. When I went through @us_sams, everyone generally understood the… is not the look of a man concerned at all with succession planning. is untouchable. Just ask Epstein. Oh, yeah... nevermind. is like a playbook in football. Get it right, study it, and everybody knows what's happening when you call…"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." skills always seem to come in handy. random moment in the heat of battle is not when you want to find out that ABMS can't scale to the level necessary… don't see a problem with this. learn something new every day. In this case, why you see some of things you do in discussion threads. to REFORGER. It might not be REFORGER, but the idea is there — stress your ability to project power.’d be amazed how many otherwise great events crash and burn simply because no one remembers to lock down a venue.’ it real at Natick.
I was just about to make a joke about this when it occurred to me that this could be due to any number of “change”… @SgtStens I'm still upset that when I say we should add "Lederhosen Friday" to the calendar, no one takes me seriously. @Zarelepotec For an ex, you should always buy one of the Chinese knock-off sets that either has (1) missing pieces,… by "personality conflicts" they mean the typical staff knife fights that occur daily in the headquarters. million years from now, alien archaeologists will be wondering what ever happened to the mysterious species of hu…'s just something about that screaming eagle. @StanWiechnik If you could get that for the same price, it would be one hell of a deal. @ShaneMorgan_WF6 I use it whenever someone asks about how to improve their "X." It's like anything else. Put in the… @peterwsinger And by "kids day" you mean last weekend when I built two sets while binging reruns of Dexter. I'd a… @dohertytjp @Pruit_Igoe Well, no. I did surf Twitter last night, tho. That's probably bad enough. @Pruit_Igoe @dohertytjp happened. #DailyDM you do a double-take to make sure you're not posting a story from last year."One of the primary goals of Streetfighter is to identify capability gaps between ourselves and potential enemies a… a revolving door to the NSC is probably as bad as leaving an incompetent National Security Advisor in pl… is like throwing a football or barbecuing a perfect steak. You get there by mastering the fundamentals an… I hang this from the ceiling, I'll never hear the end of it."What makes you think she's a witch?" A final farewell to a member of the Flying Circus.'s the thing. Putin is a master propagandist. He doesn't have to be right. He just has to make people question…'m not sure I'd call a guy with a kill list an "asset... to our society." Probably why I'll never be an effective…$81 million will make a true believer out of anyone. but you have to have a culture that allows for failure so people can learn from it. doesn't stop at six months or a year. And the longer you're away from the flagpole, the more you learn., about the next Star Wars spinoff series...
Why We Write. Get a copy. Start writing. is my shocked face. last "Climb to Glory" before the sun sets on the 'Stan? years ago, I took off my boots for the last time. I thought I was prepared for the outside world, but most of… you’ve ever dropped a heater at the korengal outpost, this is what it’s like...
Retweeted by Doctrine Man"As the military leadership and returning veterans learned after the Vietnam War, public respect for the military w… knows those Nazis on the moon aren't going to fight themselves."Every online debate includes one person who has “the inside scoop” from an inside source: Uncle Jim’s second cousi… @EponymousBreeze One of the most "entertaining" things to experience these days is to have someone message you and… @Source_Persil Yeah. I wish I had posted the same thing in my TOC. @Jafari79 Weird. @GPatrick We do this with our own dogs. It's always fun. @intyhitm They exist largely because our talent pools aren't as open/inclusive as they should be.What to expect when you don't expect your boss to be fired. @Clark_IO @FTGNotebook This was a truly solid piece of writing. @trempy I was thinking about this last week. A story on BCAP highlighted someone running a sub-12-minute two miles.… @jessewalkersr The values discussions never end, and they're not at all limited to a military context. It goes to t… @Joel44537047 @JeepHokie23 My experience doesn't bear that out, either. Having a senior general or politician make… at time when we're saying our final farewells to most of the veterans of his time, He's just now getting around…"Optimism also makes the not so easy days a little less harsh, and over time, you will find yourself and your team…"The US military has a history of trying to impose its power on cities—in Saigon, Panama City, Mogadishu, Kabul, an… narcissism runs counter to our professional values, why do we seem to have so many narcissists?'s not mince wars. It's over when the Taliban say it's over. They're only negotiating a date for us to leave."Which is more important, character or competence?" Maybe it's not an either-or conversation.
@andykravetz @PatchBrettell @Source_Persil's a checklist for everything. #DailyDM @DoctorNoFI Here it comes... @james_micciche It was a great read!Clearly, the person writing this piece never had anyone try to ford the Euphrates with a HMMWV. Or someone ask for… @wh_dunbar That doesn't mean he's wrong, but context matters, too. @wh_dunbar Well, that would require actual work, possibly leaving the supply room, or seeing the sun. All of which are generally avoided. @Jafari79 ? It opens just fine... @jessewalkersr It took me about six months of checking out laptops from the G-6 to give up and just buy one. Every… @markmcclellan @DuffySends That, too. @katyjohnson30 You can be the WOAT, but at least you got on the show. That's not easy. And it's probably ironic tha… @katyjohnson30 "even with just their hooves." That is the best thing I've seen on Twitter today. @KPK312 Well, yeah.Talent management works best when the pool is open to the very best of us all, regardless of gender or anything els…'m sorry, but seeing a Raiders fan suffering through the Chiefs AFC championship win yesterday is one of the funni…"... most rational people would rather sit on a rusty cheese grater than be dragged into an irrational debate with…"I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough pl… now, to brighten your morning, I present dogs sleeping."But it is not enough to simply build the Space Force. Unless the Space Force is independent of the Air Force and g… you really want to read the story but can't help wondering about the guy in the front row who doesn't know lef…'s a parallel to this in our world. Think of the worst evaluation you ever wrote someone that didn't involve r… new normal? a prison in the classic sense of the term. More of a waypoint for attitude correction. think we all treasure those uncensored moments in war.'ll guarantee you that there are laptops in storage somewhere that still have Windows XP installed. launch of the future USS Cooperstown. Laser cannons not yet installed, unfortunately."GWOT raises questions about the validity of deterring non-state actors through punitive measures, the prospects of…