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Jedi Knight, Senior Fellow at Modern @WarInstitute, Co-Founder/Board Member of @MilWritersGuild, Co-Founder of @DivergentOption. All-around nice guy.

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@henrycobb Even a "minimal" problem is still a problem. That was way too dismissive a statement.Speaking FO/GO. #DailyDM @11Z5U5WF7B4 That's always going to be a challenge. There are enough financial predators with their sights on junio… @yeti6actual @Zarelepotec Is there another kind? @StinkenderKase There should be a "Top Ten" list for people considering coups, starting with that one.WWHD? recent events, a really good read to start your week. deployments DO offer an advantage, but there are limitations there that necessitate a mix of options. @EP_Actual There are worse places to embrace the suck, although that one was pretty bad.Oof. Next time, invest in a planner. lot to unpack here. No one in the ranks should face this issue. Understanding why they do is important. your swag on. 25% off EVERYTHING in the Lair of Mystery. Today only!!, it's a thing, alright. @BobSkylstad That's a real trick for some people.What would we have done if we hadn't found him? Probably not called him AWOL... at least not without a clear sign that he had done so. (2/2)Personal experience -- as a company commander, had one of my troops commit suicide after leaving for work one morni… are no easy answers. Troops who go missing are not weapons--"We know it was left somewhere in Training Area 1… @Charles8Fraser3 It's hard to say anything new about this. Just wish it was happening under better conditions. The… "Uncle Carl smells like after shave." Me:, he died years ago. And he drank the Old Spice.I'm sorry. Asking for honesty from China is like asking my uncle not to drink when the family gets together. On a g… can't fix stupid. No matter how much training you do, someone will always violate OPSEC. @Charles8Fraser3 So much to this... and it's all been said. @DuffySends Probably...Huh. Who knew this was even possible? was going to make a joke about missing mail from OIF I, but it's really not funny. Those cookies are going to be… @ColinRo48115326 Surely. @GaryCecchine I know one of them was. Something like "retreat, retrench... run away." @CWOB_Ancient Funny how that happens.Everything is fine. article like this brings so many things to mind. We used to keep the "Five Rs of Air Defense" posted in the SCIF… @CWOB_Ancient He's good people. If the panel reveals anything, I suspect it's that there can be more done at lower… @bolingerj2004 I wish I had thought of that. Genius."Empowered by Target Acquisition Companies that employed Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Electronic Warfare, the Russ…
Not unexpected.’s past time, but would like to have seen this occur under better circumstances. a new argument, but one that never seems to get resolved. @TradocDCG You just described every post office in America on a Saturday. @tjm585 It's four paragraphs long. Hardly meets the "TL:DR" criteria. @ronaldeorosz If you can manage it safely for both the teachers and students. If not, think twice.If you don't ask the right questions, you have no one to blame but yourself. stories. #DailyDM a little satellite intelligence have provided early warning of COVID-19?, yet, someone will always tell you Sun Tzu is out of date. an otherwise slow news day, things like this are worth the time. most brutally sobering thing I've read in a while. grown up in a part of the country where bears were just part of the landscape, I thoroughly enjoyed this art… S-6's job is never done., it's much easier to manage a single contract than 900, but who's really going to be the bill payer here?
“The iron law of history is that people will do dumb things.” I didn’t need a pandemic to figure that out. stunned by the level of destruction. @LorenRaeDeJ I just want to meet the editor who thought that was clever. @josephmlapointe @AgileLDR I’d say the same thing. My second battalion commander was deeply flawed in many ways, bu… example is that Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty does not define “armed attack.”
Retweeted by Doctrine Man @ChrisCh26774667 @canuckacorn I like that...Somewhere between #FloridaMan and #NewJerseyDude, there’s #NakedBerlinMan. an amazing life.
@KenLetcher I live by this one. @FOB_Haiku @MilWritersGuild I used A Bridge Too Far to talk to cognitive biases in planning. Generation Kill for th… alternative viewpoint... unnecessary. Unless you want to prevent a Soviet occupation of the Japanese islands. is important when discussing the dawn of the atomic bomb. How many more would have died without Fat Man and… @BrettBardo I used to work for that guy...Little Green Men. #DailyDM if I had written “burn pit” in my appeal it might not have been denied? @PhilCollinsFeed never gets old., you could delete "in Afghanistan" from the title and it's still true. @EP_Actual @G130J @PatDonahoeArmy @TradocDCG @OrdnanceCSM @Last2ndFleetCMC @kristina_wong @DavidLarter studying my own sleep patterns, I've learned that sleeping with a dog that effluviates frequently will disrupt y…"By 2035, Brig. Gen. @Ross_Coffman said, the Army wants 'one human controlling 12 robots.' Today, it takes two – a… could use some of these come Halloween. forget sometimes how deeply ingrained these are in my speech patterns. terrific read on as a solemn an event in human history as you'll find. #FloridaManFriday, #FloridaMan does not disappoint. @Andrew__Ocean Knowledge of chemistry proves important from time to time.The last B-29 shot down during WWII tells a story worth remembering.“... when you add spark—or a firework—the molecules realize that their very atoms can get a little friskier and con…
@LindyKyzer My sister teaches medicine. Most conversations with her involve weird medical acronyms that mean nothin… @chrisgingram it time for a new "Makers of Modern Strategy" you speak interagency? I crack myself up. #DailyDM much for sharks, I guess. #whatcouldhavebeen @rsnbrgr @marcgarlasco @GeorgeTakei I just watched this the other day. Great movie. Sentimental send off. Still rem… @ZaknafeinDC This one time in Saudi Arabia, an F-16 dropped one near our base camp near Rafha. No need to look for… @GetMoreGrit What's important is that you're still learning. I mean, we all are, but some like yourself are more op… Xenu help you if you're talking trash to one of our robot overlords. I see stories like this, they bring to mind the scene from Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. Sulu: "Come… @GetMoreGrit This speaks volumes. Knowing something is one thing. Teaching it is another, especially with a class f… @yeti6actual The same thing when I saw pictures of a new model of a Chinese ship... "Hey, I've seen that before."In some ways, PME is a spectrum with training on one end and education on the other. At lower levels, PME is clearl…"The Pentagon has previously said that this weapon would allow the Army and Navy to 'strike targets hundreds and ev… @Rightturn_only If only they understood how important freedom of navigation was to them. And there isn't a lot of f… leaders know how to ask the right questions. for the stories, stay for the weird comments from people who shouldn't be allowed on the internet. the forest for the trees. We spend so much time looking at the trees (individual plane intercepts) that we s…'ll admit that two paragraphs into a great story, I was lost in the fact that Willie Nelson now works for…, in the G-8... @FAO_Chris @BobSkylstad Go figure.A solemn anniversary. Today marks 75 years since Hiroshima.