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Jedi Knight, Senior Fellow at Modern @WarInstitute, Co-Founder/Board Member of @MilWritersGuild, Co-Founder of @DivergentOption. All-around nice guy.

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A piece of history. @gunner_schmulke Wise words. @katyjohnson30 It's amazing how, no matter how much you preach the gospel, people still like to learn the same lessons again and again. @slewisimpson Yeah. @GalensGhost It will ship anywhere... @SteveMcmullan39 Prime Video.#WhyWeWrite is No. 1 Kindle e-book in "New Releases about Historiography"! Pre-order here:
Retweeted by Doctrine ManBy 5 Dec, 90% of Japan's entire naval fleet is underway, steaming silently across the north Pacific toward Oahu; so…
Retweeted by Doctrine ManThe joys of turning 50. #DailyDM a break from the audiobook to remember the beheading described in Episode 1. You know, this might be the new… see what you did there."The Report" is a good watch, and as maddening to see as "The Looming Tower" was to read. final "all clear" at Pearl was tragic. Three dead -- including the shooter -- and one wounded. endings are the spice of life. easy, paratrooper. We've got the watch. 2020 calendar is up! Get yours for 50% off if you order now... and don't forget to stock up on other swag!! are heating up in Yemen.“Goodwill has the best treasures for $9.99.” And no annoying wait times, too! Cold War looming over the Indo-Pacific? Signs point to "Yes." the holidays sneaking up on us, and overseas shipment deadlines looming, it’s time to shore up your shopping l…"We learn more from failure than we do success. Failure has a way of exposing the little things that, when combined… is about the best writing I’ve ever seen from Task & Purpose. Well done, Paul Szoldra. 2020 calendar is alive and kicking. And, if you act quick, it's on sale for 50% off.
Our newest members were sponsored by a MWG member and approved by our Board of Directors: @chrisgingram,…
Retweeted by Doctrine Man @loufreshwater @hoyawolf I have been looking at WWI trench watches for years... @LumpyAsia's a good reason why NCOs supervise training. wrote an entire book about the strategy of Star Wars. It's probably a good thing we avoided tactics., you'll be getting a double-dose of human trafficking training next year. @TheNavaronegun @maniacblitz @wargamehq @katyjohnson30 I'm still more than a little curious about why licensing was even necessary, unless logos were invol… season is coming. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the rules. @katyjohnson30 If the backstory to this is accurate -- that the Army licensed the company to produce them -- then M… @TheStroBro @Ranger_Up Have a holiday party. Invite the Wiccan chaplain to bless a tree. Have at least one person s… @TheStroBro Oh, yes... so true. @Rower41 That guy is such a bonehead. @katyjohnson30 @Rightturn_only Have you been tapping my YouTube feed again? @DavidKubat1 I've heard the backstory is an exercise in stupidity. It's not in the article, though. @Rightturn_only Brain candy. @rich_outlaw Well, there is that.“What captivated Maclean to dedicate most of his life to studying the 1949 Mann Gulch fire was the same drive that…
Retweeted by Doctrine Man @JWVizzard "Probably not, Dottie"Fixed versus Rotary Wing. #DailyDM"He called on commanding officers throughout the department to arrange for informal meetings among officers, held a… call them fundamentals for a reason., hopefully this won't affect our support for Vermin Supreme 2020. I really want a pony. @Wreaths Across America. It's that time of year again. you're a watch aficionado -- like me -- then you can appreciate the beauty of these venerable timepieces. love it when someone who's sold six books takes a shot at an author like Tom Clancy as not being "high art." Let… @Rightturn_only Fuckin' A, Bubba. @5StarLeadership @ClearanceJobs Thanks for sharing!I don't care if you wear a St. Christopher medal, a Star of David, or even a Pentagram under their uniform. Your be… first, I read this and mistakenly thought that people were having biblical verses overstamped on their actual do…'s just a bit dusty in here... made it all the way to #9. I'm sorry if my swearing bothers you, but it's part of my plan to live to 100. can we learn from failure? As it turns out, a lot... if we can keep from repeating the same mistakes. @CaboWaboRanger @SpaceSGM @HoosierHayFarm @StratScouts Not just the installations, but the entire three-star comman… you were a fan of TOS then you know Fontana’s work. She was a trailblazer. @realHeathSmith So, yeah... it makes the article kind of silly, doesn't it?
@BombGuy83 @ndkirschmann That is too close to true. I used to have a backpack printer/scanner that I carried with m… likes a slumlord. legend. @redlegtigger Umm... yes? @fche I don't have beef. I'm strictly a bird man.Yeah... I have anger issues. #DailyDM sounds like a teaser for a sequel to Trading Places. And it is getting close to the holidays... All we need to… formula for stability isn't particularly complicated, but it takes time, effort, and people. Lots of people. An… intense for a 4-year old girl? Asking for a friend. first glance, I thought this said "pole dancing." Let me tell you, that's kind of a scary thought around this cr… all homecomings are celebrations. honestly don't think anyone is ever ready for the next war, even those who start them. It's far more likely that… like a little bit of Stockholm syndrome set in during his captivity. grandmaster of stoicism on getting your ass out of bed in the morning."Low pay, fewer advancement opportunities and an excessive workload rank as the top reasons the military services f… knew Idiocracy was actually a documentary?"You won’t always agree with others but be open to the idea that they might be right, have a better idea, or see th… @gunner_schmulke @ZaknafienDC @BradTrefz It would be less work to count the ones not doing it. @WTFIOGuy @robert_delano @J_Thomas2003!!
Indiana authorities issue BOLO on at-large suspect... headed to Florida, no doubt. Just wow. And I'm still stuck on how you overdraw your bank account 1,100 times in six years. @gunner_schmulke I think it's a topic in need of fresh exploration, and believe that this is as good a treatment as… you wonder why nobody takes you seriously. by other memes. A truly solid piece of writing on a very timely subject. for a decent #CyberMonday sale? Every mug in the Lair of Mystery is 60% off today! wants unicorns. #DailyDM, if Association of the United States Army - AUSA National likes it, I must have done something right. @poundpj And that Fred Flintstone was real.Good advice from the alt-write (they hate to be called 'grammar Nazis". you're curious about public reaction but the only comments are from scammers... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯'s almost 2020 and we're still arguing over uniforms. talks or no peace talks, don't expect the Taliban to change their position.'s that time of year again. Put down the eggnog, forget about decorating the tree... and let's talk Die Hard. good a time as any to blow the dust off some of those old Tom Clancy books. war stories are truer than others. Claus is coming..."Writing those stories down ensures that our thoughts, our ideas, live beyond our short time in this life. Those st…