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Doc McStuffins @doctuh_p Massachusetts, USA

MD | No H8 | 1906 | He/Him | #BlackLivesMatter

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@Be_inTIMidated Just say you want some stink lol @poeticpervert09 You wasn’t about to nun lil mama. @Be_inTIMidated So, in that case imma just let you know I’m finna have loaded scrambled eggs, ghirardelli chocolate… @ImStacked My fault throat goat! 😅 @poeticpervert09 Nawl, just water for you friend. @Be_inTIMidated Mmhhmm. I been closing my rings so chill on me. Lol. @ImStacked You know doggone well a drop is not your ministry. @NorryBLove EYE DEW @theKINGJshow Yeah, you got to now.I would like a drop of mimosa and a piece of biscuit. @D0wJ0nEs Look. I was just randomly thinking and tweeted that before work. Came back and it done took off. @ALEJANDRODa_Gr8 I can’t sleep so I might as well. @ALEJANDRODa_Gr8 Probably ain’t even done nun all day. @ALEJANDRODa_Gr8 Same. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.I don't need anything from Target but I'm about to go inside just to be sure
Retweeted by Doc McStuffins @iamquintenlamar Well then... @iamquintenlamar Yeah, get your lies out before Sunday rolls around. @TheCurtisJr_ @Rodiculous Just make sure you’re in the house. Hope you have a lovely evening in. 🙂 @Rodiculous @TheCurtisJr_ You beat me to it.
@poeticpervert09 I’m hurt tbh. @Certifiedd_ Not giving at all! @fuhtrue Who said I don’t need one?! @iDavey Ain’t lol @iBen_jam_in I had thangs to do though! @urban_elegance NONE.My parents really got me out here working for a living. No trust fund or nothing. @jussbeneathme That’s the best part sometimes. You tripping. @TweetsWithWin The d*vil is busy. @YSL_Ron I’m laughing hard as hell because I remember this episode. Giselle was low down for that. 😭 @YSL_Ron According to whom? @FitGeochem Go play with Chance, not me! 🗣 @imnotk3vin @Kormmodity Forget boffuh y’all lol @KareemRevived Let’s not do edgy no mo’ lol @RndyCarmichael I meeeeeaan... I could use a lil bit more lol. @KareemRevived Not the “c” word, pls. 😭 @Gus_JordM I had a joke, but imma leave it on the playground. #growthMe: I’m going to get up at 6 am and start my day. Me at 6 am: *ignores alarm and snoozes for 2 hours* @Gus_JordM You literally told me to lie to you again, I just followed the assignment. Tuh! @Gus_JordM I’m a dom t*p. @Gus_JordM It’s turkey meat doe. Sooooo, it’s healthy. 🌚 @blackjuandisimo @JustSomeLuhBoi It’s not my fault y’all ain’t do it right! Now gone awn somewhere. @JustSomeLuhBoi Did you wait until the animation was done and pop the ones that were left?I want someone to love me the way Halle Berry loves Van Hunt. She lets the whole world know every day that she's go…
Retweeted by Doc McStuffins @fuhtrue Chu been doing? 🌚 @imnotk3vin Come here. Let me holla at you for a second. Lol.“My world doesn’t matter to America. So why should I care about its mascot?” Come through Sarah!…
Retweeted by Doc McStuffins @DigbyDeej It’s nice though. 😬*manifests* @MR___MAAN I’m so into you x SWV...and now I’m having a 90s concert in my bedroom with a glass of wine. #tgif
me leaving the house without breakfast, dehydrated and on 4 hours of sleep
Retweeted by Doc McStuffins @domo_dabait @ktdunklin I definitely believe he’s putting it on you. 🌚 @SuspendedDr One can only wish. *sigh* @SuspendedDr Me either sis. I feel your pain. @SuspendedDr Not you almost missing your flight over some meat 🌚
@aventadorslim @rickyarcane Save ya breff. He don’t hear us. @aventadorslim @rickyarcane Umm, away? Tf. Hell, anywhere. 🤣 @rickyarcane @aventadorslim Most definitely in agreement with that. Because sometimes it’s FTJ, I need to go somewhere. @rickyarcane Ayyyee!!! Cash us out, too, good brother. @cpattonbkny @kenyonfarrow I don’t know if Outlook has an unsend feature, but you can create a delivery delay. I th… @JayBreeze__ Same damn thang happened to me. I’m actually on set 5 because i wanted the pros. 😅 @not_tayediggs It was both for me today, smh. @WideWorldofWes Well, you finna have fifty-leven pockets in those figs and white coat. Hopefully that helps... 😬 @JayBreeze__ I’m so glad I’ve been delivered from losing AirPods. I was on a streak for a minute. Lol. @JayeTiem It was definitely both today lol @DwainJr Sick of me.If I do nothing else I’m going to lose either a sock or chapstick... @KyriacosONYX You deserve @twilitaries I’m unfamiliar with this moon prism power knockoff. What’s the show? Lol
@JustSomeLuhBoi He looks good and tired too! He definitely going straight to bed when y’all go in the house lol. @pyrvmid_pvpi 🤧💕 @holdthemay00 I give it a week. @r0derb They almost got me though. @Gus_JordM As reckless as you’ve been, I get a pass. @Vick__Blaze Yeah, you gotta wait until the animation is over though. It’ll be six balloons left to pop. @fuhtrue Same lol @pyrvmid_pvpi Just here to report the facts. 😌 @AliAbabwa421 😬😬😬 @_arrogantgay It ain’t! @OmariMonroe I know you would. @kayrodrigo_ Mmhhmm. Exactly. @roseinharlem What you mean? 🌚 @kayrodrigo_ But facts, right? 🌚Lil mama got the hell up outta there just like the real physicians...🤭🤭
Retweeted by Doc McStuffins @YSL_Ron Sis double booked on all appointments, she got a schedule to keep. @bobbybitch216 Unt unt. Excuse all of this! @ThaRecklessKing Yup! Exactly. And I stress easily, and that’s reflected in my eating and sleeping habits. So, to a… @NWildrews My first gut reaction was like “oh nah” and I kinda shocked myself. @twilitaries Oh, Imma do that anyway. Imma do that anyway because that’s how I am. @GumbeauxStJames Listen. The way I already be drained...I never thought I’d choose quality of life & mental health over making more money. If I work a fifth day of the wee… @Kollinbenson_ Exactly why I’m good on that right now. It honestly gives me anxiety. @bobbybitch216 Okay, and whose fault is that? @32Smileyface Nah, but definitely not on a sausage dog. @bobbybitch216 Aht, aht. Gotta be today. @32Smileyface Ketchup? No sir. lol @AliAbabwa421 *sigh* 🤧 @_makaflaka Not you gon’ do what you want anyway. I know that’s right. @RoyalPrince01 Whoooaaa there, you got too much dip on ya chip.