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@Super70sSports It’s truly a Mad World that they aren’t more appreciated @Super70sSports @Super70sSports And he was banging Mariah Carey
@RickyRawls NCIS with DiNozzo and ZIVA was prime time gold @holdyourbunz @RickyRawls How I Met Your Mother was an awesome show @holdyourbunz @RickyRawls Six feet under @Super70sSports @IMDb @markwahlberg @Winston_Duke Spenser for Hire Reboit??? @IMDb Raul Julia in Gumball Rally @Mumchkin13 @IMDb Macho macho man!! @ThatEricAlper That Thing You Do Apollo 13 Godzilla movies @fairybunhun LA TO NYC to see @duranduran on Broadway @Super70sSports Slap
@KatCorbett You telling me we never Hole, Garbage, Breeders, Tori Amos, Alanis, and Frente back to back in the 90s? @BassicallyFunky @Chiefs Someone got fired @KamBrothers It’s entirely possible that the top 4 scorers all time ended their careers as a laker @Destrus76 @penny_damian @JustSayinAb @ThatEricAlper Kiss me kiss me kiss me Joshua Tree Music for the masses Nothi… @IMDb Earwax @arcana7609 @BoysMakeNoise Well yes I guess him too @SamSykesSwears @mekkalekkah I’m black so I die first. Short movie @Super70sSports Soap my hand, black soul man @MarthaKelly3 @IMDb Dammit. Original Hawaii 5-O Leverage There’s Company @IMDb MASH, How I Met Your Mother, Family Ties @JessiSheron @mekkalekkah Polonius “OH I AM SLAIN” @barelysarcasm @rodger @bykevinclark @ringer Lamar making 40 next year @ArsenioHall Man you drunk....that’s Cuba. You don’t recognize him from Coming To America?
@BassicallyFunky One of those moments you wish your dad was around @JasonStewart Oh no he’s turning into Collinsworth @IMDb If you can’t tell Zoe from Thandie..shame on you @BoysMakeNoise All you need is Nick and Dom for We Need You @BoysMakeNoise I’m assuming this is during Once Upon a Time in America. Movie came out in 84. Stars Bobby and Joe.… @BoysMakeNoise Shut da fuck up or you’re talking with no teeth @SammLevine Cars going fast. Girls in skimpy outfits. Techno/hip hop music. @TheRock kicks people’s asses @timaroosky @depechemode @rockhall @richardblade Anton @jemelehill Honest question, are guests on podcasts paid? Or are they offered perks, food, water @rem_most @Super70sSports Considering the women in Milwaukee, he’s Brad Pitt @Super70sSports He played in Milwaukee...he was probably a super model there. They had to play against the Royals i… @IMDb Godzilla vs Monster Zero @sexyfacts4u @timescanner Maybe because we laughed at Tommy in Under Siege. Or maybe Tommy was hoping to work with Robin Williams @donmoyn RUSH’ian @MadameKatja @IMDb At least you’re brave enough to admit it @IMDb Heists
@JosiahDJ @Super70sSports The Gonzaga of veggies. Strong contender year after year @JosiahDJ @Super70sSports Roasting with garlic? @AC830 @Super70sSports Asparagus is that college basketball team that beats one of the higher seeds in sweet 16 @IMDb Damn for once I thought the answer might be Alita @BoysMakeNoise The Kenny Rogers dance remix @BoysMakeNoise The Duplex is my favorite song @JensenKarp Just waiting for you to read The Giving Tree @BoysMakeNoise Who da fuck is dis guy? @ThatEricAlper Put together a door knob on my front door
@ringernba @ringer @DwyaneWade Gabrielle? Hi this is Dwyane. You busy Saturday night? @BoysMakeNoise Confounding or acid truffled induced? @ChipPope @mekkalekkah @sparkiepop @crevette32 @Super70sSports YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES!! @BarackObama @MichelleObama Before the dark times... @thekjohnston @mekkalekkah And we’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe.... @KimmyMonte Do you expect me to talk? No I expect you to die YPOS @VeniceMase @LAIreland why doesn’t the MLB commish suspend players? I know the union will fight it and go to court,… @BoysMakeNoise Andy was the white pimp in the bar (janitor in Breakfast Club, greasy bohunk in sixteen candles) @BoysMakeNoise Nick John Simon Warren...cmon John and Simon the self proclaimed ladies men @CynicVII @ThatEricAlper @LittleRaven131 Read the book. Didn’t totally freak me out. Then the movie...that scene wi… @mekkalekkah @sparkiepop @crevette32 Oh geez @johnboywest @ThatEricAlper I still refuse to look in a mirror and say the name. I know it’s only a movie but why chance it @ThatEricAlper The ending to Count Yorga @Super70sSports @Super70sSports @BoysMakeNoise Only came outside to watch the night fall with Lorraine @USC_Athletics @USCFootballNews @USC_FB @Kedonslovis @HufangaTalanoa @amonra_stbrown My bad...A BYE WEEK BETWEEN AR… @USC_Athletics @USCFootballNews @USC_FB @Kedonslovis @HufangaTalanoa @amonra_stbrown NO BYE WEEK??
@4ever80sGirl @MarthaQuinn @iHeart80sRadio But... Yaz or Erasure @HamillHimself That year Neal and Alex were considering a new lead singer @HamillHimself This wasn’t for Dynamite magazine @followMissak Maybe bust players 5 at a time for fifty games. I got nothing @followMissak Players unions look out for players @MarthaQuinn Kenny and Dolly Willie and Julio @MarthaQuinn No love for Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne? @BoysMakeNoise Simon Yaz John @TheRewatchables @ringer I wonder if Fish kept those people @followMissak I can only imagine what Big Joe would be saying this week @BronxBombers098 @ArielMiguel_24 @JeffPassan So he’s undefeated @JeffPassan @espn Safe to assume all players on that roster have a slim chance at coaching in the future @MarthaQuinn @iHeart80sRadio Michael Hutchence and Jimmy Barnes @4ever80sGirl @MarthaQuinn @iHeart80sRadio Erasure is underrated @KamBrothers Well AD hasn’t signed yet. Gonna miss him @Super70sSports @raunch23 @Super70sSports I am a Trojan grad and somewhat Raider fan and I always liked/respected/feared this guy @END2008 @Super70sSports Pop goes the weasel @Super70sSports I think I’ll take 7-up with lithium @followAdamA @Theoldp I got signed Menace 2 Society and Hard To Kill @ThatEricAlper My grandfather “keep your pecker in your pants” @TheRock big love and hugs @IMDb @IMDb
@RexChapman Obvious Vlade flopping @SupermanTweets And don’t take rocks from Richard Pryor @ajjax53 @NathanTew3 @ThatEricAlper Ed: 'Purple Rain'? Shaun: No. Ed: 'Sign o' the Times'? Shaun: Definitely not… @soapachu @ThatEricAlper I must kill the queen