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kick ass pharmacist

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@greggrunberg Some guy snapped his finger and a bunch of us disappeared. Supposedly this sweet old lady named Ruth… @anelrivers @BillSimmons @TheRewatchables @anelrivers Or that yearly convention @perryfarrell @U2KROQ @RexChapman Who? @aimster_17 @uscpsycho Not buying out Clay’s contract? @riokitty Chris Jackson, Wayne Brady, Anthony Rapp, Chandra Wilson, BD Wong... @uscpsycho I will now occasionally tune to it for a good laugh @uscpsycho Who ever is hired...first thing to do is call DirecTV @uscpsycho Eric Bienemy @uscpsycho LARRY SCOTT IS GONE!!!!’ @AM570LASports Finally!!!YEEEEAAAAHHHHH @Super70sSports Cues Benny Hill theme @ed_solomon @corbinbernsen ask Arnie Becker @JohnyLovely_ Arnie Becker from LA LAW @VeniceMase
@jemelehill The post office closes at 5. Hurry up @jedthefish me waiting for Jed to arrive at The Red Onion on a Thursday night while the DJ is playing Top 40 @JensenKarp @IAmJericho list of 1001 moves @JensenKarp Local H? Screaming Trees? Jamiroqui? @anelrivers I have no reason to watch Fox News now. All they’re going to do is bitch @deannaraybourn @davek0m Bill Purell @SluggoDoug @richardblade me at The Palace waiting for Doug or Richard to show up on Friday night. Why is this DJ p… @TravisAllen02 @anelrivers “Kamala, can you get me off the hook? For old times sake?” “No can do Jerry.” @Super70sSports Was he too old to be Marvin in Pulp? @RSieroty @Super70sSports He wasn’t taking shit from Leah in that movie. @Super70sSports Larry B Scott...the only young black actor to appear in 80s movies @clydetombaugh Bernie a post office guy? @curiouser1920 @jaketapper @KamBrothers With the black captain yelling at the top of his voice @grooveparlortv @ElleDotKay Oh cmon, she always outshines him. He could be in the most expensive suit by… @rob_sheridan I don’t like these songs @ElleDotKay @grooveparlortv Is the guy next to her some “hired henchman” ala Scooby Doo? @bomani_jones @SpicyKoreanQ @anelrivers @SklarBrothers @bfg728 @RealMickFoley He also pardoned Droz for pushing Hawk off the Titantron @riffwithbiff @bfg728 That’s Kane!! 😜 @Super70sSports Tanner’s racist rant introduced a few words I had never heard before @skrasz @Super70sSports Bullshit @MuchCoffee @Super70sSports @ARTofCOOP Don’t ever say that word again @MicahNR @Acosta @CCfanessa Who? @ziplock_00 @thekevinryder @JoeBiden Please welcome Supreme Court justice Son-ia Sodamayet @anelrivers Went to Afroman Empire with @RalphGarman @anelrivers @mekkalekkah @U2ThreeChords @U2 Zoo Station @consequence She’s lump. She’s lump. She’s lump. She’s in my head @Super70sSports If you’re not saying George Clinton, then you’re wrong
@Ryan_n_Laguna Soy sauce packets @BillSimmons @TheRewatchables First Blood reboot. I like Jamie Foxx or Wesley Snipes as Trautman. Michael Madsen as Galt @ThatEricAlper Dave Navarro...Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers @ThatEricAlper Warren Cucurullo...Missing Persons, Frank Zappa, Duran Duran @bbcdoctorwho Call of Duty @aimster_17 Mark Hamill episodeAWESOME!!!!
@KianY7609 I thought we were friendsSo #TBS thinks that screening The Equalizer and Black Panther captures the spirit of MLK Day. @NicoleFAlvarez I have friends that call it Edwin. @Super70sSports Michael Keaton @robinnelee I found this big poster at my mom’s house (a friend of mine gave a bunch to me in1987). Would you like…
@BrahinHB The Touchback @nazmraz You went to Arizona. Of course you didn’t @AldisHodge your arms were looking mighty big in the movie. You’ve been at the gym @AldisHodge Best actor nomination for him. @Super70sSports Sneakers @DennisCasey87 @Super70sSports Watch your back Jack @CaseyFSanders @Super70sSports At the time the Fabulous Forum. Jack Kent Cooke knew what he wanted then. Hell he wa… @aerohogg @Super70sSports Gotta get the Fabulous Forum in the background.
@actorDanRoach @rose_bookie @flea333 One of my concert regrets @Super70sSports You two are detectives. Go out and detect. @DoumanianSam @Super70sSports thank you!!! @SportsGeniuss @Super70sSports Ipswich clams!! @SortaBad Threes Company.....well yeah in my pants @BigDfromCinci @bbcdoctorwho Hi @KPIZME @leahvalise @KPIZME @leahvalise I’m on a ride and I wanna get off But they won’t slow down the ROUNDABOUT @HilanderKW1981 @DanMcClinton1 @Super70sSports That’s what I meant...2 of 4 @RalphGarman @TheSteinLine And he has the rings to prove it
@ringer 1) the rock on that 70’s show @MaskedDancerFOX Patty Hearst next week? @IMDb Like Water for Chocolate @iHeart80sRadio @MarthaQuinn @MotleyCrue I refuse to acknowledge this. December 31, 2015 was their last show @DanMcClinton1 @Super70sSports The year they beat Miami, I thought Morton was QB @DanMcClinton1 @Super70sSports I remember Steelers Broncos Steelers run. Which one am I forgetting? @Super70sSports Just the best players out of the Los Angeles Unified School least baseball wise @Super70sSports Were they 1-3 in Super Bowls together? @Super70sSports My first @Super70sSports And mom notices sticky sheets for the next 8 years @HollyWest Happy birthday dad. Much love from LA