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@IMDb Pearl Harbor @RealKevinNash my son was going through my comic book collection. He found these. @thekevinryder @clydetombaugh When the monks mentioned knowing the Beastie Boys @MJMcKean I think U Thant is dead @KamBrothers Someone paid money to put Bernie there
@ksfphd Damn I have that whole miniseries. Thought it might be worth more @KamBrothers You may have to fire him. He likes gettin into fights @tearsforfears Can you please explain the hurting @IMDb @VeraFarmiga Godzilla: King of the Monsters @aimster_17 @MarcusAllenHOF @NFL @NFLPA @NFLFilms @NFLAlumni @nflnetwork @WMoon1 @TroyAikman @DanMarino @RealJoeNamath @ProFootballHOF Marcus of course @il0venostalgia Nick Rhodes and Alan Wilder @Ruth_A_Buzzi I thought a hard man was good to find @ckshortell @mumoftears I was always a Sterling guy. He pretty much taught them how to dance during Big Thing tour @rodger @ringer Cobra Kai
@mumoftears Roger is an ok drummer. @GaryandShannon The scene in Apollo 13 when they reestablish radio contact @IMDb LOG!! @timcates @Theoldp North Shore??
@TheRewatchables @BillSimmons @MalloryRubin @minakimes I went to high school with older Bennie. RIP Pablo @ProjectLincoln @Silkbrah Yo-se-mites??? @IMDb ER @ksfphd Might’ve been around X-Men 150 when the mutants took on Dr. Doom (turned out later it was a bot) @ksfphd Doom bots @greggrunberg Betsy Ross in 1750 @espn @JaValeMcGee @MicahNR Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee @SportsCenter @espn @Lakers Still miffed Pau didn’t get Finals mvp @Yester_World I truly believe he would’ve been Jack in Titanic and Jason Bourne @elgigantito @ComedianRonG Ron living in the Dons @ComedianRonG Is that your house? @BoysMakeNoise Is it available? @BoysMakeNoise The Duran Duran sweater John wore at Band Aid @BoysMakeNoise
@jamesglynn @MicahNR @Phil_Lewis_ Orange slices and Capri Sun afterwards @IMDb Inconseivable @ksfphd My son was going through my 15 year stash “DAD YOU HAVE SPIDER-MAN 300!!! THE FIRST VENOM!!” @ksfphd I regret not buying it way back when @ksfphd How much is that going for? @LAIreland All big time swimmers can do this @DanyGarciaCo @soshnick Anyone that has seen Dwayne’s movies and tv shows know that you are an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER @aimster_17 @Loungefly @BoysMakeNoise Drive By @CorriB18 @IMDb Ok I remember LA Law. @IMDb @CorriB18 @IMDb I thought Roseanne and Mariel Hemingway was the first @kingandybob @IMDb You’re making stuff up!! @NathanFrancis__ @IMDb There was a new class?? I just thought they went to college @uscpsycho They make good points. They’re being treated like athlete-students not student athletes. @ArenaRetro Is that a dumpling?
@ArenaRetro @funnybrad @CBSNews @TheRock even Frank had cheat days. @BoysMakeNoise How does one define that? @theforum @rushtheband I was there @ElawReads @WorldWideWob “This is why you never win Paul. This is why the clippers don’t win, Paul” @goldengateblond Be gay for him.... @MikesFj @goldengateblond Be gay when she gets home? @GoodEvilDade @MJMcKean I was thinking Red State @MJMcKean Gene Hackman for Superman Phil Silvers in Its a Mad Mad Mad World Harvey Korman in Blazing Saddles
I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS Florida man @aimster_17 @dazzleland @spittingkitty @jemelehill @RexChapman WHERES MY TWO DOLLARS?? @IMDb Original 60s cartoon. @WWEonFOX @ShawnMichaels @CMPunk @KairiSaneWWE When I first saw Randy stand on top of the turnbuckle and stretch I… @KamBrothers I know we will hear you soon @TheAcademy Maybe Amadeus @ArenaRetro Matter of Feeling led into The Chauffeur on Strange Behaviour Tour @BoysMakeNoise This will certainly lead to an international investigation @IMDb Wendy, girl, you’re in trouble @JJornac @JensenKarp ELCAÑON @slappysquirrel @IMDb Bill Murray in Quick Change? @IMDb Billy Zabka @BoysMakeNoise Love ain’t taking over @IMDb Get Out @USC_FB @pac12 I’m screwed if any games are on Pac 12 network
@VeniceMase But the Lakers only won by 2...without Sweet Lou @TheAcademy Bugsy Nalone @KamBrothers @ESPNLosAngeles @LZGranderson @RojGrobes I’m hoping for a sequel to Nice Guys @KamBrothers @ESPNLosAngeles @LZGranderson @RojGrobes Dammit you’re right!!! I keep remembering Britney, Xtina and… @KamBrothers @ESPNLosAngeles @LZGranderson @RojGrobes I hear ya. But most of his acting (theatrical) came after NSY… @ESPNLosAngeles @LZGranderson @RojGrobes @KamBrothers Justin because of his appearances on Saturday Night Live???… @BoysMakeNoise They could’ve played Land during Big Thing tour. Nick mentioned it’s a long song. So to quote Cerse… @bymichaeldunn @netw3rk @charliekirk11 Yeah yeah but THIS time he really really really REALLY means it
@AdamSchefter @HamillHimself @rob_sheridan He should’ve put the bunny back in the box @uscpsycho A bigger quake than Obama or Clinton had!!! @robinnelee I thought it was the dog @funnybrad you’re gonna outlive all of us @spittingkitty I’ve known you for roughly 25 years. We had a good run. @AmerIndependent @replouiegohmert @SportsNation “Gimme Vaughn!!”
@robinnelee He was in Blackish and currently Snowpiercer. And don’t forget Blindspotting @robinnelee Pics @IMDb @louisvirtel Salma Hayek causing car wrecks in Desperado @aimster_17 @Dex4Days @AdrienneQW