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@xtinaknutson give him a hug from all of us ❤️ @psaviousa thank you Imelda 🥺 @sms100 ❤️This is Max. He was born with a deformity of his paw, making his front right leg shorter than the rest. Surgery is… is Oliver. He was given a very little ice cream cone today, which is okay because he is also very little. 12/10
@joannaksoto that was also him yes @DPoem yea that was definitely him @davidebrady @jack omg it isThis is Bishop. He stops by occasionally to ask again if you’d like to invest in his craft brewery. He just needs a… @motherhvambsal @ellewoodsgolfs text 🐶 to 213-212-6731Texts from @dog_rates are my favorite texts.
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@the_luckyfin it's because you haven't answered whether you want a raspberry or not
@Puckywuckums @Andrea_Arden trust me it helps me keep mine as well @captainvirtue @Andrea_Arden IT'S SO OVERHWELMINGThis is Wallace and Charlie. They met today in puppy class. Both were nervous about making friends but not anymore.… is Henley. Her lucky hat keeps shrinking. It used to fit so well. If anybody knows what could be causing this…
he has no clue what he did to deserve this @benandjerrys 👀This is Millie. She was rescued a few months back, and I think it’s safe to say she’s grateful for her new home. 14… @pepperdogmom ❤️
@AnthonyBLSmith bro
This is Ginsburg. One night a few weeks ago she collapsed in pain. A herniated disc had paralyzed her back legs. Sh… @elonmusk sir i have a long list of rescue organizations and underfunded shelters if you’re interested
@lottmer i love it too
@kleiner_wolf3 @bcpupps well as long as they're not slightly moistened @Broke_pimp007 @bcpupps i didn’t know they were so upset that we don’t rate themWe only rate dogs. Please don’t send in slightly moistened Lawn Pandas. Thank you... 13/10
idk who needs to hear this but signing up for daily texts from @dog_rates is self care. 15/10 would recommend.
Retweeted by WeRateDogs® @Joanne331 you guys were too powerful today @ChrisDStedman tuna was first alternate we swear @dmoongirl ...omg
@HillaryCrosley that’s his name!! @SolveigSHR no we are not @lyssaryan2 brutalThis is Ace. He attempted stairs today. Did very well but still feels like there’s room for improvement. 13/10 (IG:…
@DirkTheDaring3 correct @brentyork omg @brynagrl i'm so sorryBumping this one last time for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet. Happy 2021 ❤️ you so much @dog_rates !!! Thank you to everyone for you care, help & support. 😀🐧🐾🐧
Retweeted by WeRateDogs®Tula and her friends at the Middle Island Penguin Project need our help! Due to COVID-19, they can no longer host t… @Maribellasmom if i had access to Albie i would keep him sorryThis is Albus. He’s only been around for a little bit of 2020, but you... you made it through the whole h*ckin thin…
The Dogs of 2020
Retweeted by WeRateDogs®I’m so glad you all are enjoying this. Bumping it for the afternoon crowd 🥰
it’s now up on YouTube if you’d like to watch it again 🥰 @iamnovoamor it was so perfectthe most wholesome way to end the year. Thanks for using my song @dog_rates ♥️
Retweeted by WeRateDogs®The Dogs of 2020’re posting our video in 10 minutes. This is the one time a year i’ll ask that, if you love it, you share it far… we will post “The Dogs of 2020.” If you’d like to mentally puppare for it, you can find our previous yearl…
@rmfickfack @MichaelPhelps race him you won'tThis is Savage. Whenever his legs are struggling in the snow, he simply activates his ears. 14/10
@haydenallie13 CORKYYY HELLO @haydenallie13 🥰🥰🥰 @bonnybedlam @Maedayrescue @AndrewsMcMeel oh don’t worry she still does @nestor_ovando @Maedayrescue @AndrewsMcMeel only an Instagram but it’s definitely worth checking out:… got to meet our 2021 calendar cover girl, Midge! Her ears are just as impressive in person and she even brought… @NBCSports @SNFonNBC 13/10 please provide more coverage of the blizzard pup
So my sister bought her dog a new ball for Christmas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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1 week
@tea_are_oh_why @Trupanion @melindaching are you calling Hank a liar? @IhmIhm5 @Trupanion @melindaching NO WAIT HOWARD I LOVE YOU @tine__christine @Trupanion @melindaching omg they do look like his bodyguardsThis is Hank. He was one of our favorite replies to the festive thread yesterday. Claims he tied the tie himself. E… Just... WOW! Thanks to @dog_rates and everyone who chimed in with an adorable festive photo yesterday. Thousan…
Retweeted by WeRateDogs®A round of a-paws to all of the festive pup participants! 👏👏👏 Thanks for sharing your pictures and making a diff…
Retweeted by WeRateDogs® @Trupanion @bestfriends 2/2 on those puns Trupanion great work @Cedric747 @bestfriends @Trupanion let's just say it was a team effort @NETZACHTEAPARTY ...not again @french0068 @bestfriends @Trupanion she recently found a home! don’t worry i congratulated herThis is Buffy. She surprised me when I dropped off the check at @bestfriends yesterday. In total, you all helped us… @andrewtothemoon @bestfriends @Trupanion HELLO BOOGIE @megweisy @bestfriends @Trupanion oh we're counting it for SURE
@StaciaTX @bestfriends @Trupanion i'm sure they'll appreciate that @jennifergardy @bestfriends @Trupanion @onetailatatime WINSTON HELLO @trmspencer @bestfriends @Trupanion wow so handsome Wembley @ElSatanico @bestfriends @Trupanion XMAS SHIBE @aaarellano25 @bestfriends @Trupanion OMG TINY HAT 🥺🥺🥺 @Brig_Supernova @bestfriends @Trupanion hello rocky earl nice to meet you ¨̮ @Kitsunenokuro @bestfriends @Trupanion these are delightful 🥺 @JackieTohn @bestfriends @Trupanion this is fabulous please let him know @RachelKamvar omg send this to the thread so we can count it! @colinpoche @bestfriends @Trupanion oh my goodness @jenrossa @bestfriends @Trupanion can you tell Hank i love him and his christmas penguin @jessicarcrash @bestfriends @Trupanion omg @jessicarcrash @bestfriends @Trupanion yes they clearly did their best @EstherThePig @bestfriends @Trupanion yes i’m pretty sure that’s in the fine print @MMarie @bestfriends @Trupanion omg hello izzy @Abbott77H @bestfriends @Trupanion unfortunately this is a handsome wide-stanced reindeer and we said dog pics :/ @schardang sounds like a perfect day in my opinion @chrisnickinson @bestfriends @Trupanion HE’S IN THE RIGHT PLACE EVERYBODY WELCOME DUKE @TheGoldenRatio4 @Trupanion @bestfriends how did you even... how did... nevermind i’ll just appreciate it @JohnRush32 @bestfriends @Trupanion bone seems a little suspicious 🧐 @2legit2dunk @bestfriends @Trupanion count it @donttrythis @bestfriends @Trupanion ABSOLUTELY! miss u Huxley ❤️ @bunsenbernerbmd @bestfriends @Trupanion Bunsen i have never seen a more dapper festive fella tbh @TheGoldenRatio4 @bestfriends @Trupanion’re joking @jowens510 @bestfriends @Trupanion ❤️❤️❤️ @Meena_Thiru @bestfriends @Trupanion hello Bucky from Chicago