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set me free
Retweeted by nick
@notrxchel @bbylapras happy birthday homeboy
@an1megf @cwaudiia jesus :/ @juleevalo @jakeeVAL @intrsteIlars she’s weird try to ignore it @jakeeVAL @intrsteIlars odd humans lmao @jakeeVAL @intrsteIlars she constantly on my tl in beef it’s mad annoying not to mention she called someone a pedo…
@Slastt imo the new short hair looks better but this fire tooplaying video games all day, watching tiktok for 5 hours a night, not eating nutritious food, not drinking water, n… @foreswear77 squirtel!
@ignovercook i told u it shoots so straight and spraying with it feels like a phantom @ignovercook radiant gun buddy ruin vandal is my dreamback2back
Retweeted by nicksummer ends
Retweeted by nick @iuc43 no LMAO i barely even play now im ASS but i have good ping now @iuc43 random assignment but i could’ve chosen @iuc43 bro he not an edater LMAO @yaszuki bro i miss my parents and my dog dude it hit hard saying goodbye i always spent so much time with family @pikachuwithahat ye hes super chill @kxtieoh yes bro LMAOthis shit is so weird im just chillin a room with a dude i just met and i miss my parents
@gunnypriv ur STUPID @gunnypriv @Klamran bro he isn’t an edater dumbass @zekeiVAL i switch between like 30-70 ping and i think even a 10 ping difference can affect u
@Evs2x @notrxchel yes. @seshiriaa_ @notrxchel ong @Jaryobtw @notrxchel woooooo @sarachashrimpp @notrxchel she mine @RemValorant @notrxchel fr? u live in long island? and i might just order one i know they’re expensive and wouldn’t… @notrxchel i love the gift tho thank u so much @notrxchel bro delete i look like dogpoo @notrxchel u r gorgeous shutup @wunjii @notrxchel bro don’t get me anything @wunjii @notrxchel wdymthanks for the birthday gift ❤️ i missed you @RemValorant long island for college @wunjii what is it LMAOneed good mouse pad recs forgot to bring mine to college @notrxchel LMAOOO @AznFX thanks man LMAO @AznFX no clue LMAO @AznFX stony brook NY psych majorcollege 🙀
@atakeiwnl no i got a laptoplast night at home rip @turtlewurdle :(((see u in 5 months
@IiveelaughIove LMFAO use that roxanne @notrxchel @piedpincher every part of ur body sweats…
@notrxchel @jihoriyuh ur seoul @jihoriyuh up nextew
Retweeted by nick @CurryFPS this was so clean @veltqt SAME REACTION EVERY SINGLE CLIPew @wunjii nice 3kso we're posting 3ks now?
Retweeted by nickunnatural #valorant
Retweeted by nick @0Ktinaa @CyoxFPS @Takanasshi @aleksandarosa nah dude helping people is cringe in our self serving society 🙀
@Takanasshi @0Ktinaa @aleksandarosa or yk to help people @bbylapras yea didnt notice this until i started queueing with rachel its such a bad problem. dudes be chill then b… @notrxchel 😗😚😙 @ShiiroQt everything everywhere all at once. one of the best movies ive watched @veltqt ive watched that movie 5 times bro LMAO @veltqt valid?2 best movie scenes of all time @iamhcu tfIM UNWASHED WTF MY BEST VALORANT ACE RTRT
Retweeted by nick @wunjii we gon fuck @IiveelaughIove i hate them man i get them so much bro and i’ve never died in one but damn they stressful @overcookpriv happy for u man i love u u got this man taking a break from social media and constant screen time does a lot
@wolfyval clip machine @karraonlyfans felt sum similar when i was playing baseball and had to give up a ton. but idk at least that was out… @karraonlyfans WTFFFF @atakeiwnl u r def better than me now after my vaca @edatercentral goat @bbylapras bro my tl @notrxchel @yesitskayy bro
@JimmyJamTV @OvertimeGG LETS GO @veltqt @elladxy i don’t listen to anything anymore @gunnypriv hey me too bro but we just work on our insecurities one at a time @gunnypriv good shit bro @_scrolI @sevvn @sevvn LMAOO i think i look like a mix of my dad and my great grandpa on my moms side @notrxchel @karraof bro where tf have u had this shit i’ve never seen it in my life @karraof it’s in hawaii it’s so good bro @Benzival it’s actually fire @Evs2x hawaii food smacks
@wolfyval insane @sevvn ly bro appreciate it sexy fuck @vitaaIity ty goat @eqnxwandering ty homie no worries man im in hawaii 6 hours behind u LMAO u not late @roywo thank u king @jihoriyuh appreciate it homie lets run it once i’m back from trip @CurryFPS LETS GO @overcookpriv ur insane @shawno thanks man but i haven’t done much for u u accomplishing it all by urself homie @foreswear77 looking good king
@Agr0fps ly goat thank u