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nick @dogbackp6ck rachel ❥

18 | valorant content / editor

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@r9chl @gunnypriv @overcookpriv @nickstfupls love u ur amazing and im so proud of u. u have came so far since i met… @notrxchel proud of u @joshpwo @Toastedtw @lumafps this edit a crime in itself bro @Toastedtw mommu @vrofps how u been vro @r9chl dude delete what the heck @SeptFPS frrr @ignovercook guess what thats the perfect height for 🤤 @yslnai @notrxchel stfu + ratio @yslnai @notrxchel love ya penis @SelfiePvP @notrxchel LMFAOOO @keaIani @mistmie mentally ill @notrxchel 💀 what in the edaterCHRISTMAS
Retweeted by nick @Maxy_Val ly man i wish i could help u ur situation is so tough :/ i know u can get through this ur one of the strongest people ive met @notrxchel @xxelitism i meant it like ima learn korean but im not cheating @notrxchel @xxelitism i did not mean it like that @notrxchel @xxelitism ima learn korean one day @xxelitism LMFAO bilingualcan people reply to this tweet helping me to convince rachel to just watch one episode of AOT
@sidebabe3 @notrxchel nah u didnt we both gonna have a nice day today 👍 @sidebabe3 @notrxchel u spend ur entire day replying to pro's tweets LMFAOOO @sidebabe3 @notrxchel ya for sure man @sidebabe3 @notrxchel "bet your tearing up 😏" @chaz75 @Toastedtw @lumafps how to edit valorant mantage like favorite youtube ladiff and ruffls @sidebabe3 @notrxchel @ignovercook theres a difference between supporting someone coming out about a difficult expe… @chaz75 LMAO @etherealVAL_ warm inside. @Toastedtw @lumafps ye i saved it LMAO’ve watched this 30 times i need a christmas album from this man @turtlewurdle yahwhy did this tiktok make me so happy HAHA @AceFPS__ @JTayy_ @OMEGALUL2804 @FrostyValorant @FullSail apologize to the person u were offending with those tweets @AceFPS__ @JTayy_ @OMEGALUL2804 @FrostyValorant @FullSail like how do u know… why would u rather defend the person… @AceFPS__ @JTayy_ @OMEGALUL2804 @FrostyValorant @FullSaildude it is crazy how people are like “these girls are just trying to ruin their career!” no shit, these people don’t DESERVE a career ??
Retweeted by nick @ignovercook last shot mmINSANE 4K IN VALORANT RTRTRT
Retweeted by nick @sadIucas @zander_fps ur joking right @zander_fps holy shit @t1ffsny HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ilyval_ HAHA @ilyval_ this is the coolest thing ive ever seen @Toastedtw WWW @zyyVFX how did u not know this dawg @notrxchel this shit blew my mindbest VALORANT raze clutch - - quald for eFuse 10k finals tomorrow ^-^
Retweeted by nick @notrxchel @333dun @sarachashrimpp @Sarsarcha so good rachiepoopoo @333dun @notrxchel @sarachashrimpp @Sarsarcha W u guys r so good had fun watching :D
@Nighty10k i’m in diamond elo @ignovercook ur insane @notrxchel nice hoodie @fcktasyiu oh souljawhore or whatvere LMAO @fcktasyiu @KaedenVAL for waht LMAO @fcktasyiu @KaedenVAL no way @9zamm @mistmie @notrxchel @avalrr LMFAOO @mistmie @9zamm @notrxchel @avalrr she fell asleep 1 minute in i was reading to a brick wall for 10 minutes @9zamm @notrxchel @avalrr @mistmie arent u visiting mist soon LMAO @avalrr @notrxchel @9zamm @mistmie @Toastedtw can change that @avalrr @notrxchel @9zamm @mistmie dawg 😭 @9zamm @notrxchel @avalrr @mistmie dude i give her so much attention i read her a bedtime story @notrxchel @avalrr @9zamm @mistmie u took a 2 hour nap so i queued 1 game of valorant @avalrr @notrxchel @9zamm @mistmie dude the fuck does she mean i dont show her attention @notrxchel dude.
@6tsuu edit once every 3 weeksanother edit :o @DoLphinvalo @itsmarouS less kills than deaths @notrxchel @itsmarouS this fucked dropped 1 kill the next game HAHA @itsmarouS BRO WHEN TF DID I GO quintuple negative with u @hiimnateee yup @Cliptomaniak dawg isn’t it the other way around “don’t hate the player hate the game” @edatercentral @notrxchel yah nah it’s okay i need one too @etherealVAL_ @fIuffyzx @ignovercook it’s aight bro i’ve only hugged 1 girl LMFAO @fIuffyzx @etherealVAL_ @ignovercook u ever hugged a girl or nah @fIuffyzx @etherealVAL_ @ignovercook @etherealVAL_ @ignovercook bro u live in colorado that is literally desert mountains @notrxchel 4.0 😹 @notrxchel @ignovercook no chill chill @CrizFN at least get ur GED. covid fucked up so many people like they just slept in zoom class to play ranked all d… @ignovercook @wunjii u been that rank for 2 years 😹 @ignovercook @wunjii 6’0” and 0 girls to impress with it 😹 @ignovercook u ain’t got someone to miss 😹 @wunjii @ignovercook 6’0” and 0 girlfriend @wunjii @ignovercook still less kills 😹 @ignovercook @wunjii 11x immortal @wunjii @ignovercook y’all both bitchless and talking to me 😹 @wunjii @ignovercook bro got outfragged by me on skye 😭😹 @ignovercook ratio @ignovercook @wunjii stfu bitchass i’m a game off D3 now smd @ignovercook ratiooo @CrizFN they can’t just retire like professional as soon as their creator/pro career ends. you need a backup plan a… @CrizFN right like how long will ur pro gaming career last like. maybe 30 at most? and that’s if ur even good enoug… many people just fail school for the sake of queuing 10 ranked games a day and ur honestly just wasting ur time and ur futuredon’t give up school for videogames too early. it’s good to have a back up plan… @notrxchel @n0rmaIize idk how i pulled u tfym @notrxchel u do look better in it tho :) @notrxchel i used this song for an edit long asf ago HAHA i scrapped it tho @notrxchel i still remember 3rd of December you in my sweater i said it looked better @notrxchel what is tmrw